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PF cadres match to state house to demand the removal of Wynter Kabimba

General News PF cadres match to state house to demand the removal of Wynter...

Patrotic Front cadres in front of the State House main gate
Patrotic Front cadres in front of the State House main gate

Scores of Lusaka District Patriotic Front (PF) cadres yesterday marched to State House to present a petition to President Michael Sata in which they outlined a number of demands.

The cadres drawn from all the constituencies in Lusaka district and from Kafue marched from their Lusaka District offices in the town centre to State House.

The cadres were however blocked from reaching State House at the junction of President’s Lane and Independence Avenue where they were addressed by Home Affairs Deputy minister Steven Kampyongo who was accompanied by party deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga.

Lusaka District Interim secretary Julius Komaki who led the over 300 cadres said in an interview that among the demands was that party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba should step down.

“Our action today is to reinforce our earlier demand by adding voice and gravity to it, for Mr Kabimba to step down from the party, for failing to run the affairs in a proper manner,” he said.

He said the cadres were also outraged by the recent remarks attributed to Mr Kabimba who referred to them as hired strict kids.

Mr Komoki said they were not street kids but genuine members of the party from seven constituencies and 33 wards in Lusaka district.

“We have not been hired by anyone to rise against Mr Kabimba. We are genuine members of the PF from seven constituencies in Lusaka and 33 wards, we want him to step down because he is not managing the affairs of the party in a proper manner,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo advised them to disperse and assured them that their demands would be tabled in the Cabinet and Central Committee meeting which was going on and chaired by the party president.

“The members of the Central Committee are currently holding a meeting and your issue will be tabled and you will be informed of the outcome.

For now return to your various places and you will be informed of the outcome,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Chinsali PF cadres carried out a peaceful demonstration in support of Mr Sata’s endorsement for 2016 and the removal of Mr Kabimba.


    • if a party has no card membership, how then do you claim that they belong to your party. Alas all those who march on the streets look to me that they have nothing to do in the country. Let us not use the disadvantage souls for our Mafia operations. Sad in deed to see these sorts of boys.

      Whoever is behind this. STOP.
      But police shoot to kill UNZA students why not now?????????

  1. No wonder people’s productivity levels are so low in Zambia. Taking to the streets on a working day to petition over an issue that will not add to their livelihood at all.

    Why not petition the president for more jobs instead?

    • These youths are very small minded. Wyinter is too big to be dismissed just like that. He can potentially bring down the government. Sata knows why he has kept quiet and even his ministers. Wynter knows too much about their dirty dealings. All of them and remove him and you will see how PF will collapse like a deck of cards. The best way out is like Sata has said, dissolving parliament and even himself and call for a fresh mandate and that will send PF into oblivion as the few MP’s that would make it would soon defect.

  2. This is double standards. Some can match without Police permits, and some need Police permits in the same Country?. Not good at all. This speaks volumes about our Police service.

  3. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    ? George Orwell, Animal Farm
    2 years and its impossible to tell if they in opposition or government

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