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The Opposition is weak – Sata

Headlines The Opposition is weak - Sata

File:President Sata with his Vice Dr Guy Scott at Statehouse
File:President Sata with his Vice Dr Guy Scott at Statehouse

Republican President Michael Sata has said that the opposition in the country is weak.

President Sata said this is the reason why PF Members of Parliament and Ministers are relaxed and are not telling the Zambian people the successes the PF has scored during its two years in power.

He said if the opposition in the country was as strong as the PF was during the MMD’s rule, PF MPs would have been more responsive and proactive in explaining to the people what the government has achieved so far in improving the welfare of the nation.

The Head of State expressed disappointment with Patriotic Front Members of Parliament and Ministers for failing to tell the nation the successes the PF government has recorded do far.

President Sata wondered why, despite having the required mode of transport,communication tools and offices, PF MPs and Ministers have remained silent on the achievements of the Patriotic Front government.

The President was speaking this morning at State House when he sworn-in Mwansa Kapeya and Harry Kalaba as Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Lands Minister respectively.

Speaking after being sworn in, Mr. Kapeya told journalists that his primary goal will be to ensure the enactment of the Access to Information Bill into law and see to it that the establishment of provincial television stations is pursued to the conclusive end.

Mr. Kapeya, who however could not tell when the Access to Information Bill would be tabled in Parliament, has said the Bill is currently being polished by the Ministry of Justice.

And Mr. Kalaba said he will ensure that circular No. 1 of 1985 is adhered to as the basis for allocation of land during his tenure at the ministry of lands.

Mr. Kalaba stated that the time for political cadres allocating land has come to an end saying as Minister in charge, he will ensure that sanity is restored in the allocation of land in the country.



    • for the first time,the president is wearing a suit that fits him well,not the usual jackets with sleeves longer than his hands. kwashala nomba ba scott,bena bachili with the extra long sleeved jackets.

    • My brother(The Engineer-Australia) a clown of a president with deep sense of humour is better than a wrinkled serious looking no jokes rich type or bald-headed-shouting know-it-all reverend type of a president. Laughter heals and spices life.

    • HH is absolutely 100 % right when he says SATA is flip floper. Today he says this tomorrow he opposes himself. What a lunatic of a President we have in Zambia. God hear our cries.
      Iwe HH nizeeee, just watch the madness unfold in PF to your advantage. Already some GBM camp are disappointed and thinking of joining other parties. In sata ‘s brain HH the only opposition leader that matters.Hate or like him Haleisa Haleisa.

    • HH is absolutely 100 % right when he says SATA is flip flopper. Today he says this tomorrow he opposes himself. What a lunatic of a President we have in Zambia. God hear our cries.
      Iwe HH nizeeee, just watch the madness unfold in PF to your advantage. Already some GBM camp are disappointed and thinking of joining other parties. In sata ‘s brain HH the only opposition leader that matters.Hate or like him Haleisa Haleisa.

    • During MMD REIGN Mr.Sata could address public meetings without hindrance.PF is now in government but does not allow opposition parties to hold public meetings even when court orders have been issued.How can Sata boast that the opposition is weak when he is busy making it impossible for them to organize their parties legally.The consolation is that in spite of this poor playing field PF is losing elections to the same weak opposition parties.

    • I thought the President complained yesterday that the opposition is pounding them left right and centre. lelo ati ba opposition is weak mamamamamamama. Finshi fyachinja in 24 hours?

    • A very difficult read to digest, are you saying that:
      1) The president can understand why the PF MP’s are not selling the tales of what they have implemented because the Opposition is weak.
      2) Or is he saying he is ‘disappointed’ that the MP’s are not advocating the propaganda of what they have done in PF
      Either this is terrible reporting, or the president has no idea what he talking about.
      Furthermore , could someone tell this Minister that a Lands Minister is not only supposed to be concerned on distribution of lands as stated from his preamble?

      LT please improve your contents quality of your articles, a little frustrating if you look at the contracts when I have just been reading a BBC article and contributed to it

      To be honest the contributors here can incoherent, it is not…

    • What has this got to do with the development of the country? Is this so called ” weakness” of the opposition hindered the government in any way or form achieving your objectives and goals?
      I dont find this funny or worthy of discussing, more pressing issues at hand to be debated, am just so clobbered emotionally after reading Field Ruwes Article so mush that reality has sank in, sometimes LT bring to our attention such articles so that we can play the opposition to the GRZ by blogging our hearts out over real pressing issues, i know somehow they read our comments, we are indirectly the stronger opposition. Zambia… what a sad nation!

    • Sata has now ordered Chibesakunda to nullify Mulusa(MMD) and Kakoma (UPND)’s seats. That’s two more bye elections. He dreams of a one party state.

  1. Ati The Opposition is weak when you have been losing by-elections and you dream HH talk HH and what to disolve parliament over HH – Viva Halaise Halaise

  2. of course they are weak sata baby, thats why u’re winning by a landslide in 2016. u see people love paying more for fuel, food and everything else coz it got so boring being able to afford stuff! I love your reverse psychology man, big UP!!

    • Just start working hard you lazy hypocrite. Go back for work. You just want free things. Lazy creeps like dudelove will continue suffering while hard workers will prosper.

  3. ok you just need to laugh, clap and shake your head in exasperation when you try to assimilate that these two dudes in the picture are running the nation. I mean c’mon!

  4. Yes it is an open secret that we have a weak and non issues based opposition.PF was indeed a very strong opposition party.This is the sad and hard reality.

    • Saulosi
      I thought the PF is a DONT KUBEBA party. Why should they talk. Maybe it is better we send them back into the opposition where they belong. Where they see development in 90 days. Where they see public order act as brutal and now they dont see it that way. Where they see cheap fuel. More money in the peoples pocket.

    • Just the way the MMD wrote-off the PF until they were left shell shocked. The 2016 elections will tell who is weak and whose is not.

    • Indeed, the opposition is as weak as delele. HH is only strong in Southern Province, MMD, has no stronghold. What about the places that put Presidents in state house? This is the difference with PF. It commanded respect in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces as opposition party. 2016, awe Nipabwatooooooo fye

    • @Saulosi, you are forgetting that PF was able to move around freely and express their disatifaction with things without being impeded. Can we say the same about PF letting the opposition assemble and challenge their doings by allowing the opposition reach out to the masses? A resounding NO! What is the PF afraid of? If the opposition were given the same leeway PF had while in opposition, this government tenure would be on very shakey grounds. The Police and POA are the instruments that are preserving PF’s hold on power and preventing the masses knowing what an inempt government we have. @The Engineer in Australia, your observations are spot on! We have a circus clown at Plot 1. He lacks seriousness and understanding of global issues and dynamics.

  5. The only to test the opposition is to call 4 fresh elections and will judge,HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH would defeat you

  6. THE SAME TONGUE: that the opposition in the country is weak and this is the reason why PF Members of Parliament and Ministers are relaxed and are not telling the Zambian people the successes the PF has scored during its two years in power, at the same time expressed disappointment with Patriotic Front Members of Parliament and Ministers for failing to tell the nation the successes the PF government has recorded do far.

    • Sata is daily getting confused. Father Bwalya said it that the Sata we voted for is long gone, died after swearing ceremony. What we have is a zombie.

    • Look the man is a lunatic. He is emotional. Yesterday he was speaking his true mind. After the meeting, his handlers advised him that what he had just said was suicidal and would further alienate him from his lieutenants. He was instructed to issue another statement to counter the first hence his flip-flopping. In chewa we say, “Nchenzi inamva mau oyamba” translates to, ones initial statements convey ones true sentiments.

    • @Mfumu: Tayamikila, PF Leadership ichita Monga Galu wachiwewe (Like a mad Dog). Imagine How this man changes?? He is a shrouded dirty politician, who twists his tongue and vomits anything that comes in his head. Just watch!! No Minister will cough a word as they are dead scared of the Man. Big thumbs up to Easterners. They know PF is not a party to trust. It is a one term Party that will disintegrate after Cobra’s retirement. He is not standing in 2016, This is why they are building his retirement House.

  7. To an extent he is right. It’s time the opposition mobilized themselves, put their selfish agendas aside, if they are truly interested in transforming Zambia. For PF government, Your Ministers and MPs are silent because they have neither vision nor clear Strategies for their Constituencies, let alone Ministries. They seem lost and still not seem to believe they are in Power. They don’t have any direction. Give then targets SATA, if they cannot deliver, Fire them. Opposition Leaders, this is a slap in your faces. Sata is challenging you all. Show us you are serious by forming a tangible Alliance.

  8. Only yesterday he was reported saying that the government was ‘being hit left right and center’ while his ministers/mp were at each other’s throats. Is this a sign of temporary or permanent amnesia?

    • Spot on?? That’s Sata for you. Not sure of his moods. He spits anything from his mouth. But in a way let the Opposition now show him they are stronger than what he thinks. I can see that his real danger is HH, that’s why he attacks him more. HH, Gen Miyanda, Chipimo, Nevers. Nawakwi and Red Card (Father Bwalya)? Should all come together to finish PF.

  9. Good morning Mr. President, it appears you have just awoken from some deep slumber, talk about a dream within a dream! The truth is that the opposition was weak right before you slept, please ask your fellow PF men just how many by- elections you have lost?

  10. Can anyone make sense of this statement? The opposition is weak? Isn’t this the same man who was saying HH is pounding them left and right and center? If he has nothing to talk about he is much better off being quiet. He has not held a press conference since coming to power and he never holds cabinet meetings, how does he hope his ministers to know government policy when they don’t meet? This is a government without a head. It’s the PF which is weak. The man is a kadansa, a clown, Gule wamkulu.

  11. Sata, you would not be pushing your ministers to explain the development if there was any. They people of Zambia can testify if there’s any. You would only be forced to do so, unless you know deep down your heart there was no productivity and you had to be seen busy .

  12. hahahahahahaha……………………….back, forth, back, forth its a yoyo, talk about the development you claim to have brought, not the opposition. people elected you to bring development and all resources and power are vested in you why then talk about the opposition’s strength? ebu chimbwi no plan ubu. come 2016 we shall see if the opposition is weak. continue hibernating in statehouse as if you are in the tundra region

  13. Sir when you were in opposition you were allowed to insult the ruling president,hold rallies and meetings unhindered.That is the reason you were strong.Today the Police have become an armed wing of the your party who are on the look out of opposition members than your cadres who are the root cause of chaos and violence on the streets.Your cadres are thieves .robbers,rapists and satanists nkonko.

  14. So these blind followers of i’gombe illede cannot see the massive development taking place Zambia. Literraly everywhere you go, you see bull dozers, tipper trucks, graders, concrete mixer trucks doing roads etc. Yaba. ubukopo abanensu bwachila.

    • You yourself have demonstrated ubukopo.
      Before we even get to the content, the spelling and grammar tells us a lot about you. Who the Fcuk writes “Literraly”? Huh?

      And what numbskull sees bull dozers and tippers and uses that as a measure of the economic and social development of the country?

      Just sit the Fcuk back down and watch quietly.

    • The Emperor’s new clothes . . . . hahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!! Come on, which development? People building their own houses?

  15. Ever since i have never seen a road being constructed like what is happening on the kafue road they seriously constructing a road or what .

  16. Circus and comedian. Yesterday the president lambasted his cabinet & MCC for not responding to HH’s attacks today its the opposite. There is a problem at plot 1

  17. This is a rare picture of president Sata with a clear urinal bag on his left thigh leg.
    Its still hard to make sense out of Mr Sata’s un coordinated statements and dis jointed subjects he makes each time he is facing people. Lets be careful as Zambians lest Sata makes an impression as a representative characteristic of a Zambian to the outside world. Zambians are sane and sober people who are respected out here, unlike the current president who are close friends with Mugabe.

  18. Lelo ati I will dissolve the parliament for not talking, Mailo ati we don’t dont talk because opposition is weak. Sata I give up because its hard to follow you.

  19. The ministers are very right, there is nothing to report as the pf Ministers know, they did nothing in the last two years.. this is a bunch of thievies…!! zambians must epect unexpected with this president of yours…what a shame..dogs are fighting for the bornes,, exactly what HH was telling us about PF members…!! remain with your poverty…!!

  20. Well, well, well! When is the nation’s No:1 mental patient checking into Chainama? A Bipolar condition can be extremely dangerous. Zambians what did you do to yourselves in 2011? Do you hate yourselves so much or is it the Muchingans loving themselves so much that they had to have their own whatever mental state he was in ? People can be selfish!

  21. Arousing the opposition..Rule by ten commandments,The public order act, used,Acting CJ,Judge Chikopa,Jobs for the youths,budget overrun.farming implements. If he was in opposition he would addressed these issues by not waiting to be issued a police permit… but as the new infomation PS said on muvi tv sunday interview Mr.Sata was every where on community radio stations airing his views against the ruling party.This is what the current opposition are not doing they are still waiting to be issued a police permit.why cant they use the same formular?

    • @yangu, there is so much police brutality and the party cadres are even beating the opposition leaders in studios. So where will they stand and talk. Cadres that beat each other even at state house are given permits, but for the opposition to hold a rally, the police get there first to block them. This country is rappidly being wasted

  22. Mulimpofu bangwele. Ndola Kitwe Dual carriage way balipanga, Chingola kitwe fyani, Kalulushi Sabina 70%. Chingola Solwezi dual carrriage way underway. mwempofu mwe. Tamwakaipule kano fye n’gombe shila vota.

    • chabwera bufoontini. people do not eat plans. infrastructure that only exist on paper, districts on paper, universities on paper except those in muchinga. milie meal from K48 to K85, fuel from K7.10n to K10/litre, transport costs up, cost of living up and l want to believe you are a blind supporter stupid bemba

  23. We don’t need to have MPs telling us about PF success, let the work speak for itself. If you mowed my lawn overnight, I should be able to see a nicely manicured lawn when I step out of the house without you telling me! Try again Mr. President, this is lame!

  24. Spare us the insults please? we can only do so much in the awake of the implementation of primitive laws (public order act) against the opposition. With partisan police and perhaps the army what would you expect the opposition to do? infact they have shown character. in the wake of detention after detention for no civilized cases.

  25. I ask again, bushe mulimpofu or are you blind in the Queen’s language? Anyway most of you are illegal settlers and cannot leave those countries. I was in Zambia few weeks ago and there was a programme show casing the link Zambia 8000. machinery for the Pave Zambia 2000 is in the country too. Some parts of Lusaka will never have Ulukungu, ni tarmac, pavement no tolunkoto chabe. If you are in Zambia and cannot see then you must be a witch.

    • we are in zambia you 1diot tatulepipa amafi yabasungu like you. so we know what we are talking about unlike you who is reading development in newspapers which us living in the country are not seeing. to start with you ran away from poverty to go and do “sebana wikute jobs”. do not mislead people, l for one has been to school perhaps better than you but l chose to contribute to the country even under these riffraffs. l will remain with honour as a zambian

  26. Weak opposition indeed. They are tender in age, stature, political experience and stamina, devoid of robust alternative policies to spur development, bereft of inspirational charisma, imbued with sour desires for political power which masses can not swallow, directionless in dealing with peoples well being, full of deceit, self praising, specializing in pandering to the whims of fellow weak souls who mistake them for great people. They will never rule. Leadership of this country will always be bequeathed to the humble ones and those with peoples’ interests at heart.

  27. U think HH has politcal clout?Wht HH is exhbitng is not politcal vision at all its the anger,biterness,vengeance & regret he has aganst Sata.His mind ws far imagining Sata wining an election.He is troubled teribly by ths turn of events.He is in pain & disbelief.Under ths condition u cant make sound decision tht cary vision.The chap cant wait has impatient hence cant visiolise [email protected] & Engineer muli ba fi.colour.

  28. Chabwera, walasa nga mu kela. Some of those criticizing do not have normal eyes to see development which the government is bringing. They are blind to the normal situations. Their discernment works only in the evil, under world.

  29. I don’t know what’s more disappointing (1) the presidents inability to make sense or (2) his vile nature, its grossly shocking to see such behaviour go unchecked, so many blind followers still rendering support is something beyond the chagrin to all well meaning Zambians. I never voted for PF and thankly so I don’t feel short changed but for those that did and realise their mistake…my heart goes out to you.

  30. i m confused today opposition is weak yesterday his ministers were weak tomorrow he will confirm he is weak come on lets be serious we have become laughing stalks in the world

  31. @ iwe chi Saulosi
    this presdo is confusing himself yesterday was HH is hammering his govt left, right, center and today, he says that they are weak opposition. now who is weak PF or UPND

  32. Those that claim that anyone will never be president are just hiding behind their fear, anyone can be president from the two main opposition parties, all that causes any government to change is circumstance.

    • @bwalya, don’t incite hatred when you’re not even bemba. The Tongas are intelligent and mature and will see through your stupidity.

  33. The President is a paradox and tragedy of logic. Can we trust what he says?

    He told GBM to stop the endorsement campaign, but now we know he didn’t meant it.

    He’s in now in ‘season’ having been in heavy slumber. He’s warming up for Friday’s opening of Parliament. Expect all demons to leave hell’s back alleys to the Zambian Parliament. His best friend Bob Gabriel Mugabe opened his today. We are in trouble! Shame!

  34. Stop telling lies u id iots!U insult him day and night just becoz of yo crookerdness nd lazyness.Actually de opposite is de case. Ba Sata just cut off the teils of those unperforming fo ols who dink dey have arrived. Can u bring in new c/ministers.

  35. All those insulting the President are demons . To hell with u! fi cabinet Ministers u are a let down and u must be replaced.If u hate Sata why can’t you be open and show him that u are displeased? The so called educated hear are actually useless.

    • If cabinet ministers are useless what does that make the man who has made his sole purpose of existence swearing them in day in and day out? I mean what is HH who put the likes of the great bag of manure and Sylvia Manda Manda Murambiwa into cabinet?

  36. By 2016, pf will be paper weight. It will an easy win for HH. Moreover most of its members will have deteriorated in age and ailment.

  37. Learn also never to judge your President by his ‘unpresidential’ statements, remember that in Africa politics is played differently, and judge him by how better or worse he makes your life after his tenure.

  38. Wanzelu or is it Wanzelu Zayekha those are wishful thinking. You will end up suffering from high blood presure when you see sata succeeding and HH coming number 4 in 2016

  39. 24 hrs after waking up from his slumber he relies that he mouth had put him in trouble!
    This president is not fit for purpose!!

  40. 24 hrs after waking up from his slumber he relies that his mouth had put him in trouble!
    This president is not fit for purpose!!

  41. We were constantly told that Sata shall never rule. So when I hear the same now being said to HH, I dont get surprised. But what needs to told to whoever keeps saying that HH can never rule is that things happen like they did to Sata n remember that Sata is not delivering the promises he made in time. So watch until its 2016. It actually happened to RB n MMD

  42. Sata thought by getting rid of Mazoka when he was national secretary MMD it would be easy to destroy UPND, now Mazokas ghost is back and tormenting him through HH. come 2016 we are getting rid of you and your sorry government..

  43. unless you the president is telling the MPs to go round cheating us. if there is development as proclaimed do we have to be told by MP or we shall see for ourselves? we are not dull Mr Presido sir

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