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Luanshya Municipal council installs solar street lights


The Luanshya City Council has embarked on a project to install solar street lights in the city.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda explained that the council has decided to install solar street lights in order to reduce its electricity bills.

ZANIS reports from Ndola that the Luanshya Mayo said this in an interview in Luanshya yesterday.

He said that with the Zambia Electricity Supply corporation (ZESCO) installing pre-paid meters, it will be difficult for his council to maintain its street lights.

Mr. Chanda said the Luanshya city council has identified certain roads in the city on which the solar street lights will be installed.

“The project on the solar street lights in Luanshya will start soon which will be a big help to the city to have light in the roads at all times,” he said.

Mr. Chanda further said the installation of street lights is among many other projects that the council has embarked on in the city.



  1. Imwe ba LT since when did Luanshya become a city. What kind of ignorant jounalists are you? In Zambia we have only four cities namely: Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone. Luanshya is a municipality and not a city!

  2. The heading and the first line are at odds with each other. This is some shoddy piece of work – like most of the reports I attempt to read. I usually drop out by the third paragraph in most cases.

  3. Some Zambian Journalists are quiet embarrassing, how do they publish such wacky articles. Mulesebanya abanenu mu industry

  4. This is good progressive news indeed from Luanshya council. Solar technology is now the way to go and is most ideal in a tropical Country like Zambia with plenty of sunshine. I live in a village here in UK and solar street lights have taken root. I wish the report could could shade more light:- is this is a donation or who is sponsoring it. And above all, it would be helpful to the Country if Luanshya is treated as a pilot project i.e. do a cost analysis to see the cost savings in the long run (Fixed costs= Solar panels, inverters and accessories, a very tall stand to minimize thefts and vandalism, etc… and Running costs = Tube replacements, ‘occasional’ repairs due to vandalism and thefts. What is the life expectancy of these units, so what is projected replacement costs? etc etc).

  5. So ZESCO installed pre-paid meters in a commercial establishment? That is not cost effective for the council, Luanshya should just raise more funding elsewhere and install solar panels on all its buildings and do away with ZESCO or only use it as a backup.

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