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Namugala will remain expelled until she openly admits her wrongs- Nevers Mumba


Catherine Namugala
Catherine Namugala

MMD president Nevers Mumba says Mafinga Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala will remain expelled from the party not until she openly admits her wrongs.

Ms Namugla played a pivotal role in the MMD victory in the recent Thendere ward by-election in Mafinga where she campaigned hard for the ruling party.

Dr Mumba says it is imperative for Ms Namugala to admit her wrongs and ask for forgiveness before being considered for admission back into the party fold.

He says calls for Ms Namugala to be re-integrated in the party will not be considered until she is repentant.

Dr. Mumba says if the MMD National Executive Committee is approached and Ms Namugala is repentant, the party will consider lifting her expulsion.

In January, MMD president Nevers Mumba expelled Namugala from the party for gross misconduct.

But Namugala rubbished her expulsion from MMD, saying it was illegal. She has since challenged her expulsion from the party in the courts of law.


  1. Nevers ,just swallow your pride.namugala has a very big following infact she is the voice of muchinga.she will just cross over to haleisa haleisa and we’ll see who the big loser will be.

    • Please be civil in your language.It’s vital that Immoral Namugala realises of the bad things she did.That’s the way forward.Let’s have leaders of integrity.I don’t think UPND just accepts anything that comes for the sake of numbers.Zambia has to have changed Leadership of sober character.0therwise,the Sata and Munkombwe caliber will continue.I pray HH won’t allow certain characters in his Party in the name of the party being attractive.Some pipo will damage the reputation of the UPND Party.

    • A doomed person is the one without Jesus Christ.So Namugala without Jesus whereever she will go whether PF or UNDP,she will still be doomed.She should change her moral behaviour,especially that she considers herself as a leader and mother.

    • It’s a high time morality was brought into politics.Otherwise if the likes of Namugala comntinue on this path,then indeed politics will contionue to be labelled dirt.Politics are not dirt,but the pipo are dirty.Let Namugala join Kabimba who doesn’t believe in politics of morality.There,she will fit in perfectly welll.

    • Dr Nevers Mumba amuses me. When dealing with politics he uses words that he would use in church, repent etc.
      which church did he run and is he still a member? Hasn’t he started another church near Helen Kaunda or Kalingalinga?

    • no,, no…no! thats not principed leadership,, thats emotional leadership!! Namugala has already shown submittion and willingnes to come back home… Dr Mumba as father and leader must show love not emotional hate,,, this hardline stance is for Sata not Dr mumba a born again christian

  2. Ba Mumba, if you were a clever politician, you should have called her in private, talked through issues and then appeared in front of the cameras for the apology. In politics, you need everyone including those who may have crossed paths with you in the past. Look at the way Mr. Sata has embraced Masebo and Mangani? These are the folks who at one time publicly ridiculed.

    • Please the meaning of Politics comes from a Greek word-‘Politik’ meaning: “Human Governance”.The bad politics are encouraged by immoral and unprincipled pipo.Plz let’s not encourage prosititution in politics.Pipo with good morals and character should now be encouraged to enter politics to properly govern human life(Human beings).Have the Wisdom of God,like Solomon in the Bible asked God as he presided over God’s pipo.Zambia now deserves good Leadership.Not just winning votes,as we have now with PF.You think pipo like Masumba can Govern God’s pipo properly?

  3. when you insult your father openly, your father has the right to rebuke you openly and you must apologise openly and privately. Nevers is right.


    • There is nothing to aplogise to this chancer,she should just cross over to haleisa haleisa.chapwa.mmd with nevers mumba at the helm must forget about bouncing back

  5. Come on Nevers, stop being childish and readmit Namugala without any conditions. She is too important to MMD than you will ever be. You are becoming a dictator before you even get tyo plot 1!! Very scarely indeed. VIVA HH!!

  6. namugala just join hh the man of moment.i know how sharp u are coz u can turn muchinga 2 b hh stronghold.very few pipo trust this dagga smoker here in muchinga apart frm maybe mpika.join the winning team for 2016 wen cnp will be clobbered by the genius hh.hh is forming govt in 2016 for yo own imformation pretty girl so join him

  7. Dr Mumba swallow yo pride and accept Namugala back in the party she has shown u that she stil keeps the party together in tendere ward by-elections in mafinga constituency by beating PF pats down. Dr. Mumba if you put arrogance in front u are doomed for failure, stop listening to those stooges of yours who tells you what u want to hear, people like Mrs Fostina Sinyangwe, Jane Mukalipi, Muhabi Lungu and Dora Siliya are wrong people to advise u those are the chaps who made RB lose election bcoz of arrogance and lies against other leaders in the party. NAMUGALA is a factor in MUCHINGA province, politics is about numbers. Dr. Mumba stop being vengeful u are suppose to be a man of GOD but for now everyone is doubting yo Christianity bcoz u are promoting hate amongst yo pipo u are dividing…

    • You’re’s the likes of Immoral Namugala and Traitor Kachinngwe who made RB lose,and also Mutati who campaigned for Sata and for himself as MP.

  8. Nevers Mumba is correct on this on !!
    She has to come to her senses and apologies for stabbing her own. Its no secrete that she accepted K250m from PF to destabilize MMD. Even RB her closet ally has been extremely disappointed with Namugala
    Namugala had seriously undermined MMD by whispering lies to the cartel such as Kabimba to finish MMD and its entire leadership.  
    Mafinga is a pro MMD area. Its where Thandiwe Chilongo Banda comes from and the people of that area still love Thandiwe, RB and MMD as a whole. It has other intelligent sons and daughters that has can stand on MMD ticket and win. It’s the only Munchinga area that PF failed fatally to grab, even after sending Bob Sichinga and Panji Kaunda to heavily campaign in area.


    • what do you expect from a woman who has children outside marriage! Your private life speaks volumes and that is why we have all this confusion in Zambian politics. MS fathered children everywhere and so have most of his party members. Private lives impinge on public lives and the two go hand in hand. So those of you who claim they don’t are mistaken.

  9. Ba Neva Mumba,what does the bible teach on forgiveness? Anyway ba Neva is a former pastor or pastor by name only.I forgive you, do likewise to Namugala,nima politics chabe aya! One day uzakalila!

    • God does not forgive you for your Salvation if you’re not repentant.Admit your wrong and God will forgive you.Read your Bible properly.I will rather please God than man.Let not the person of Namugala be ruined.Let Namugala change for the better as a person.Let her not continue doing so-called politics ss Immoral Namugala.She needs help.Dr Mumba,I trust can help her.Just as Masebo needs help.The Bible says:A good name(character) is better than riches.If you want a good name is better than being a good politician.

  10. Mafinga is NOT a pro-Bemba area. It’s Nyika. And Tumbuka area, which is mostly spoken and aligned with Chama, Lundazi in Eastern Area.  
    That said any political party has the right to contest in that area without using tribal marginalisation. Politics is about numbers
    If anything, Nevers Mumba has been a gentleman in this episode. If he really wanted he could have disclosed all the bad and satanic deeds Namugala committed against MMD Executive Team. Especially undermining Nevers Mumba who was duly and fairly elected as President of MMD.
    Namungla – if you are reading this, just humble yourself……….. !!!!!

  11. Look. Has Namugala expressed interest to return to MMD? If so has the MMD given her the terms to secure her return?

    If none of the above has happened then it is all idle talk in the press.

  12. Beautful Namugala go to Pf!Mumba never had constituency not evn a ward.And so is Hichidisabled has jst resurected frm busines & wants state hse.

    • Dada,the Sata disciple.Good Leadership does not come from the Ward or Consistituency.A good Leadership is from God.Zambia now needs a Leader and not the so-called experienced ward/consitituency Politician.

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