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Monday, February 24, 2020

UNZA shopping mall to cost K248m

Economy UNZA shopping mall to cost K248m

The construction of a shopping mall to be the property of the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road campus will cost K248 million.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education David Mabumba told parliament today that the prime land in question would be leased for a period of 25 years to Gradual Properties, a contractor that won the tender and currently working as a developer.

Mr Mabumba said UNZA would benefit five percent profit of annual returns from the shopping mall building project being constructed in its vicinity by the private firm.

The Deputy Minister said the shopping mall project will among others have restaurants, furniture stores and boutiques.

He was responding to a question raised by UPND Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa who wanted to find out from the government the nature of the contract signed by UNZA and the developer, concerning the prime land belonging to the institution and whether the land was advertised in the media prior to signing the contract, what the estimated cost of the project is and what the benefits to the university are.

And, Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Dr John Phiri stated that the lease agreement after expiring would be handed over to the University of Zambia.

Dr Phiri also disclosed that six companies had applied and bided for the project that was started by the previous MMD government in 2007.

The education minister said government takes pleasure in developing the country through the private sector using the private public partnership arrangement.


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  1. All good, as long as you take care of everyone living below a dollar pe day…. i have no problem what so ever. Just make sure that everything is balanced as you take on the task of modernising Zambia.

    • 5% on profits for 25%. If there are no profits there is no income. Someone got paid to take such a bad deal. The University Council should have converted its land into equity, demanded a seat on the board and a larger than 5% share in the profits. What was Sherry Thole thinking?

    • Good Question

      Its like a naked man opting for a pair of shoes instead of choosing a trousers

      To be honest UNZA is not that great, I got 23 points and was awarded a place in the Natural sciences but refused it and decided to migrate here to Europe, who can blame me?

    • And are they approving plans for a shopping mall, 500 meters from Arcades and 1000 meters from Manda Hill! where is the logic in that. Furthermore, your students are struggling to find accommodation and other issues………………

    • @mushota… you’re such a dummy. 23 points love? And u say it with confidence lol.
      It’s no wonder u brag a lot..seems you try to make yourself feel better by talking down on others.

    • @Mushota

      UNZA has really gone to the dogs. During my time UNZA would only accept upto 14 points in five subjects including English.

  2. Bad idea.Let the university be just a learning institution.This is what contributes to prostitution amongst students just to afford all the trappings of high end consumerism found in malls.

  3. 2 points:

    1. since when did Mulusa join UPND without being expelled and byes held?

    2. That mall will have expensive items due to high insurance costs, if riots are to be covered, else, there will be less demand for space due to the ever present threat of looting, etc.

  4. @KBM, UNZA should have put a condition in the lease agreement that tenants (lessees) shall create part time jobs for undergraduates . Students will get busy, productive and more responsible.

  5. With all the riots and confusion that go on at UNZA these guys will have a hard time finding businesses to occupy the shops at this mall. Build the mall somewhere more strategic and still have UNZA own 5% or whatever it is.

  6. A shopping mall at a dilapidated university?

    Why not encourage private sector to partner with the University and build research and development facilities at the site.
    Anyway, what do you expect from PF retards!

  7. Great idea. But I would love to see coffee shops and bookstores around there, that can be useful to students and the surrounding community, not furniture stores. You need a place where you can relax and read a good book, do some research with free wifi. We should promote a reading culture among Zambians, not just eating and TV.

  8. misplaced priorities! why have a another shopping more when we have arcades and manda hill within walking distance from unza. you bustards**** should be investing in new student residences and upgrading unza main library which is in a dilapidated state. Shame on you Chimbwis no plan!

    • Exactly,they should be investing in research,in facities upgrade and in learning material.Leave consumerism and profiteering to business entities.






  10. This is not a PF product. It is MMD hangover. These proposals started long way before it was even known that PF would form Government.

    The MMD government had given the institution to find ways of paying its debts. So the UNZA management and COUNCIL came up this idea. if it were not for that this SAGA would not have taken place. Whether PF likes it or not they have to go on.

    There are contractual obligations to consider here if the PF government were to reverse this. Anyway other universities world over are doing this.

    • Jealousy done its all about how you finish sir that matters MMD failed imagine 20 years failed to create any district, construct any University or 8000 road net work cheers PF no wonder the international community is ready to invest in our lovely country Zambia .

  11. @ Mushota: what! 23 points and you are proud about it….good you have come out in the public and confirmed just how an average a student you. We have better brains, i now understand why you keep yapping about your educational achievements

    • What is your point a while ago you were saying PF needed to start working now they are working you are still saying negative things frankly speaking there has never been in infrastructure development in the recent past lets us all commend PF Govt. for this.Remember MMD took part of UNZA land for individuals to build houses.We salute you PF Govt.

    • We want infrastructure first that what will create jobs then research later what has UNZA achieved in terms of research nothing we can show.We need to demand from all graduates to contribute to the development of this country.We have operatives and apprentice in UK and USA developing software yet our graduates have done none shame on us.

  12. What is your point a while ago you were saying PF needed to start working now they are working you say negative things frankly speaking there has never been any infrastructure development in the recent past lets us all commend PF Govt. for this.Remember MMD took part of UNZA land for individuals to build houses.We salute PF Govt.

  13. Where is the GVT building more student hostels to curb the squatting currently going on? this is dumbest idea I have come across! why don’t they seek public opinion before launching such things, what makes these politicians think their ideas cannot be challenged?

  14. World over Universities have their own shopping malls. That land where the mall is being built was idle for decades. The same dull bloggers condeming the building of the mall will be the first one to be there. UNZA has still plenty of land. PF has uplifted the status of UNZA since zone 6 games. MMD was there for 20 years and did nothing. PF is really modernising the country. You think the owners of the mall don’t know that UNZA do riot. They have already put measures to curb any riots. Besides UNZA will have 5 percent from the profits and it will be theres after 25 years. What more do you want you dull chaps?

  15. Shopping mall at UNZA, not a brilliant idea. We need hostels to be constructed and not malls. We have enough of that from Arcades & Manda Hill shopping malls. it seems like our representatives and decision makers have little of us in mind when making university decisions which is very sad. This is a learning institution and if any project or decision is to be made it has to be mainly for the well-being of the students in every dimension, especially academically. And what security measures are they going to put in place when the mall officially opens? Already UNZA is poorly secured, every Jim and Jack flocks in & out for whatever reasons including theft, rape and our so-called security guards care less. We need many academic and recreational facilities to be constructed not a mall please!

  16. Mushota what are you busy bragging about? failure indeed.What a disappointed pupil you are indeed! you bribed your way into Natural Sciences but could not stay come here because you knew that your stay here at UNZA is independent of your money but BRAINS which you got too little to be called UNZA student for a while, you would have been kicked faster than you even bribed for a place, even before any assessment my dear. So you just spared yourself a great deal of embarrassment & shame. Apart from that your face would have been crowned with guilt knowing that you were the only failure accepted to study in NS because UNZA never picks candidates with such pathetic results. You were sleeping in grade twelve whilst your friends were making distinctions for UNZA standard & now you are frustrated

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