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The Law Makers of Zambia must give the Diaspora Zambian his country back!

Columns The Law Makers of Zambia must give the Diaspora Zambian his country...

File:Zambians in Atlanta
File:Zambians in Atlanta

There is no place like home

The relevance of having Dual citizenship in Zambia, far outweighs the downside to the enforcement of that statute. One of the most fundamental purposes of governance- every kind of governance, but more so, a democracy, is to serve the given democratic country’s citizens through the upholding of the basic human rights that form the emblem of that political ideology.

If the government of any nation finds itself in a shameful plight of failing to meet the demands of the basic needs of its citizens- healthcare, employment and education- just to name a few of those human rights, the citizens of that particular nation have an unquestionable right to flee from the oppressive environment of their own nation and seek their desired socioeconomic benefits in another country- if the opportunity allows. That survival instinct in those types of citizens; that application of common sense, should not only be admired and applauded, but be given the due respect, the standing ovation it deserves from the leaders of their country.

“There is no place like home”- English proverb; that being said, I do not believe that any level headed human being would leave his home country, leave everything and everyone he has known- his family and friends, to go and live in another country, if it were not for his socioeconomic benefits. In foreign countries, immigrant men and women literally find their lives in a state tantamount to that of a fugitive mainly because of their illegal alien statuses and so, they are given to chose between having to always run from the law in that foreign country by holding on to their country’s passport or having to go through the legal process of naturalization, which calls for relinquishing the passports of their country of birth and taking on the passports of the foreign country. The logical thing for them usually consists in giving up their country’s passport.

If the legislative body of our country can be honest enough, they will inevitably come to terms with an undeniable fact that the Zambian citizens who seek dual citizenship have no other motive but to feel at home in both their home country and the foreign country in which they have chosen to live- and only with one view- bettering their lives and that of their families. The argument that seems to be the cornerstone of our government’s reasoning behind their delay in the passing of this law, is that the ‘would-be holders of Dual citizenship’ statuses might create a security glitch in our country once that law is passed. This argument does not hold any water. I personally, refuse to believe there is any type of authenticity in the insinuations of our legislatures regarding their reason for not enshrining this long-overdue constitutional clause in the laws of our nation.

Out of 15million people in Zambia only 350000 formally employed

Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, once said, “To deny a man the opportunity of having a job, is in essence, saying to this man, that he has no right to exist”.

The Zambian government, through a perpetual pattern of irresponsible governance, regime after regime, have neglected to put in place the checks and balances that can assure the average Zambian of the opportunity to have basic employment. Therefore, our own government constantly says to at least 95% of the very citizens they govern everyday, that they do not have a right to exist.

Out of a pupation of 15 million people in our country, only 350,000 Zambians are in formal employment. Why should people be ridiculed for looking to other countries in order to survive and provide for their children? Do these law makers even have a clue of what is involved here or do they think this is a joke? Do they know that life in the western countries only supports people up to a certain age and after that, mostly due to the stresses of that life, eventually, the immigrant is left wanting to go back home? Why should any Zambian be made to pay millions just to renew their stay duration in their own country in old age, simply because they chose to help themselves?

My personal view is that it is criminal for the law makers of Zambia not to pass the Dual Citizenship law; it is unfair for them not to make it constitutional. There would be no direct progressive benefits to our country by punishing the well intending Zambians, who found themselves as victims of the situation, displaced from their own country and living abroad as economic refugees in search of Greener pastures.

A refusal to warrant this constitutional right to the Zambian citizens who demand for its infusion into the laws of our country is not only retrogressive to national development but also unpatriotic and a threat to the democratic freedoms that should be enjoyed by every Zambian both at home and abroad.

The Dual Citizenship laws must be passed in Zambia, not only because The UK, The USA, France, Germany, Italy etc, have these laws in their constitution, but just because it must be seen as a legal right of the concerned citizens of Zambia, especially the ones living abroad.

By H. Malimba USA


    • The article is good, good points. On the other side you have those like me who are against dual citizenship. To me if a man wants to have it, then they are not patriotic and as my current President once said; “You want to be SDA and Catholic at the same time”. That is just my view.

    • @Saulosi naiwe as if you read the article, summarize for what that Malimba is complaining about, I know Zambians just complain complain complain complain, that’s why I don’t read their articles.

    • I don’t agree with this article. He should not generalize that all Zambians living abroad want dual citizenship. I now have an American passport and I careless about the Zambian one.

  1. Good point. It’s about time. These guys are scared of being challenged period. Very fossil-like way of thinking!!

  2. Look to GOD sir.Jehova has all the answers.God will allow this at an appropriate time ,Amen,no worries for me I live in Europe

    • Some of you people even God wonders why he made you. You can’t possibly help yourselves. God helps those who help themselves. Get up and do something! That’s how God works, through YOU! Sicko.

    • The God jehova as you read him in the bible is not real,the bible is an astronomy book. It is just telling us the times based on the heavnely bodies (stars). If you follow the descendants of adam to date and add their years to gain a bearing of when actually adam was born,you will see that,when compared to historical facts and data,the egyptians had already built the first pyramids. how then is it possible that the bible says adam is the first man on earth when there were people already,with trhriving civilisations. Christianity is killing the african, it has numbed our thoughts and creativity. fyonse ati God will answer. thats why we are failing and lagging behind in development yet we are the most beieving people in christainity. why is that? ninshi lesa alitemwafye abasungu olo shani?

    • @Hola,and who told you that he is coming. Mathews 16:28; Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.
      And he allegedly said these words some 2000 years ago and all those people that lived then have already died.
      Conclusion: it is either the son of man has already come back or some of those people to whom he was speaking these words are still living among us, immortals so to say.
      But if you look at these words he was speaking astronomically as i have said already,then it seems he is talking about the passing of the age from pisces to aquarius. he is talking about the heavenly bodies. this is confirmed in Luke 22:10.

    • Luke 22:10 And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in. But in those days,men never carried water,it was the duty of the women. so why did he say this,and what did he mean. well,if you look at the signs of the zodiac, the man with a pitcher of water is Aquarius. so he meant the earth was going to move from one age to another. to be precise,from pisces to aquarius.It is generally believed that the Aquarian Age started in the year 2000, 2160 years roughly being the Age of a Sign. The Piscean age started at around 200 BCE ( Before Common Era ). And for sure those people then lived to go through the change of age,the sun of man coming.

    • @ZP, Either you are quoting this saying completely out of context, or are you implying that USA, UK, France etc.. and all the Countries that have embraced dual citizenship for decades are going to die due to that?

  3. if there wIll be no dual citizenship i will just give this passport back from where it came from. life is too short not enjoy. We want to invest back home but without citizenship how can u do that. Some these of countries require citizenship to make starch ( cash) i mean a lot of cash.Zambia tapaba nefyo twakwata but we want to make some funny stiff laws. If i come home my wife will get citizenship in 21 yrs. WTF.

    • Be give it back. Those of us who are proud to just be Zambians will gladly receive it. Each country has its own laws and that has to be respected. If you already have U.S. citizenship why are you clamouring for Zambian citizenship too. You can always reapply for your Zambian identity, when dual citizenship becomes law. No one will stop you then.

  4. How does someone put zambia same level with france. The way you monitor human movement in developed countries is different system from Zambia.

    • Atleast they have a mentor, just what everyone needs to achieve something, might not even be a mentor but competition a mirror to look at to check whether things are moving or not, they might not even mean it literally. Go back to European history after the great depression, you will understand that even the so called “economic power houses” of the world were once as poor as African nations, with hard work and determination, there are now our “Mirrors”.

  5. Most firsf world countries allow dual citizenship, why should it be a problem for a third world country. It only means that first world countries have already experienced it and they understand the benefits of the arrangements. The fact is that citizenship is rarely granted to people who cannot contribute to any countrys economy. So we are talking about people who have succeeded wherever they have been forced to go to just to get employment. In first world countries people go and come back openly why should that be a big fuss. People from the diaspora have big roles that they play in terms of looking after thier families in Zambia. In retirement they are saying that they want to spend the money they have worked for in Zambia. From the economic point of view that should increase cash flow.

  6. Zambians in the diaspora must not feel less Zambian simply because they stashed away the Zed passport or NRC. Just keep the NRC safely somewhere & come with it whenever u travel home. And when u get tired of the diaspora just come with the NRC & you have no problems starting a new life in Zed. ZAMBIA is YOUR COUNTRY! The worry is mostly do with undesirable immigrants (associated with organised crime, terrorism & simple export of excess populations) from Asia & parts of Africa. Zambia doesnt have the capacity to deal with these national security threats if it opened up dual citizenship to the entire world. Thats why its only “informally reserved” for those that are truly Zambian. Suggestions on how to circumvent threats outlined above would help the lawmakers though. DONT JUST CRY;…

    • @ Theoretician, you have made a point. I don’t see any Diasporan with a Zambian NRC they have kept safely for 20 years or so being chased away when they come back to their motherland. I can’t undrstand the cry. If one gets tired of the so called diaspora they once disappeared to, they should just come back, we shall receive them with both hands, after all they are our relatives. Us who remained behind have not died. We are educated. Have manged to build houses, bought farms. someone tell me. Is it even easy for the so called diasporans to even buy a plot or a farm land in the foregn countries. Come on zambians, think twice, remain in Zambia and let us help develop Zambia. I have once lived in a foreign country for two years, it is not easy.

    • @ Theoretician,
      In as much as i agree with you, i would like to let everyone know that, one has to make a grave decision in before change “homes” especially after building a life in a different world for a long time, mentally and physically is not a voyage one can embark on as if they are drinking water, there are alot of reasons that make this worthy sleeping on before hitting the road that i cant go in to details, but am sure you are able to read between the lines. As for now, right step in to the right direction.

    • cindy
      you are right!!but remeber you are in Holland and these guys who are crying are in atlanta, Georgia in USA,, life in USA is tougher than in Holland. i have not been to atlanta, Georgia but i have visited Oregon, tennesse what i saw, sivintu! Generally Europe is better except for a few cases

      However i 100% agree with you,, going for short holidays, malilo, wedding and other special meeting ,, no problem any time. But moving back!!! awe shuwa… my roots are presently in Sweden and my history in Zambia and lets leave there

    • @ Ndobo,
      I know… Usa is for a few some of us, i love my Europe regardless of it’s small shortfalls which one can easily live with, what we watch here about the states, is heart breaking, i watch documentaries every week on the USA, Hollywood, gives a vague picture dear, reality…. kuti walila, nowonder Obama has gone so greyyyyyyy it hurts, dude used to be sooo handsome still is, but fighting hard for his people has taken a lot from him understandably, even Zambia is better anyway, i cant judge though the image we get is such a sorry sight!

    • @Cindy & for that matter all those that are doing well in the Diaspora think that resettling in Zed will amount to taking a big gamble with your livelihoods then stay put wherever you are BUT continue to make visits when u can. Buy a piece of land or property or attempt a project before making a final move to relocate to Zed. Relocating is something u cannot do overnight. It is not Dual citizenship that matters but an individual’s circumstances/opportunities and mind-set. Getting to the Diaspora is only a step of a usually hard, lonely and sometimes a desperate journey to survive and make it. It usually just ends in survival which is okay if the situation in Zed could have been worse.

    • CONTINUED:However, I ve seen some sad cases e.g. an accounting technician giving up a job in Zed & only end up as a petrol attendant in Atlanta picking up bad habits in the states and becoming an adult dependant on return. Relatives/colleagues in UK in such deep debt, they cant even afford to look after themselves well when they visit Zed, let alone support their aging parents. And these are cases of the Zambian educated it obviously worse for the less educated or educated but foolish. Even in nearby SA the average middle class Zambian (friends I know) merely get by surviving on debt and will never retire comfortably despite living wealthy areas of Johannesburg and driving hire purchase BMWs.

    • CONTINUED:They will need to work till death in order to survive and I doubt that their companies will keep them beyond the age of 55 or 60 at the most. Australia is even worse due to extreme cost of living & racism for school going kids, wise Zedians make a U-turns from Aussie within months. Things were bad in the early 90s in Zed but every year the country is getting better. It is easier to make it in Zed (and sub sahara Africa) than to immigrate to Europe & USA but again the role of the mind-set (not dual citizenship) must not be overlooked. I wish u well.

    • @ Theoretician,
      i agree with your last posts, i just have to say that regulations relating to work and retirement laws differ from country to country, besides Aussie is another country which is bad when it comes to immigrants, they forget they are children of forced immigrants who were shipped from England to be exiled because they were criminals, nowonder! Otherwise you are so right, why settle for less when you can achieve even much more? but then again, everyone have there own reasons for what they deem best for themself.

    • @Theoretician
      Dual citizen is not as important as people are making it… you can have any other passport and stay anywhere, nothing should stop you from returning home if you so wish…

      Relocating back to zambia is not an ease thing,, people have returned to zambia only to die of depression… serious planing is need before one returns, buying land and afew properties alone is still not enough,,, you need to get grips of the systems.. proper connections if possible,, otherwise kaya..

  7. Atase! what quality of life is there in Zambia for them to put such prohibitive laws? I put in 10 years here where I am and ain’t throwing it away,with the little I have here back home I would be called a rich man and have a lot of hanger’s on

  8. Bamumbwe mu diaspora what money do you have to invest in Zambia. You chaps are broke and you want cheat that you have money.

    • Am not in Zambia but am a proud Zambian. Not imwe mwabutuka pazed mwachinja na citizenship. Palya utufi twamu diaspora twamipesha ati nomba dual citizenship. You have no money evidence by your lifestyles. Staying kwati ninkoko ishaloni then you want to cheat ati you are investors. Those in Botswana South Africa are investing big time in Zambia. Don’t cheat. Just go back to Zambia. No one will chase you. Even building if you have money you can build. You don’t need dual citizenship to make it. You were Zambians first.

  9. Taking on another nations citizenship is a choice an individual makes.You can not blame anyone else for your decision.Let the indigenous Zambians say what is best for them.
    I made a decision to immigrate to Canada and later took up Canadian citizenship.Even though my family is settled in Canada,that does not stop me from giving back to my country.I still contribute towards my family’s well being.I also occasionally visit home.

    If the Zambian people see the benefits of Dual Citizenship,then they will accept it.But you can’t force it on them.

    The best thing for Zambians in the diaspora to first ask for smaller things like a “special visa if one still holds a NRC”.The visa can grant you a longer stay or multiple entry.For now,that would suffice.

  10. The question is… does the diasporian want his country back? if yes what guarantee is there that he will be accepted and proper conditions for a healthy working and living environment will be provided and adhered to? These and many more questions might help solve this equation, otherwise, a good step towards channeling the development of Zambia, more like killing a bird with two stones.

    • Cindy so good to see you didn’t cower in the face of some bullies on this blog! You are still here! You go girl! Tepakuleka.

    • @ Zambian Namayo,
      Cyber bulling teti inchinge girl friend, after all dude aint got nothing on me! Otherwise, i liked your stance in pulling your shirt up for your fellow woman, am here to stay and ready to take the punches.

    • @ Buchi,
      Everyone have the right to express their opnion, apart from commending the theoretician, whats your take on the issue?

    • cindy..
      kekekek!!! no cyber bullying for my girl, Ndobo is here as your sheild!,, trying very hard to be your hero, and win your heart..lol!!

      coming back to the topic! for dual citizenship to effected will take alot from the government. Cindy do you know that at the moment the is no accurate record of how many Zambians are in the diaspora..,.. most of the time when you fly out at KK international airport, once you are clearned by the airline the immigration officers just stumps your passport exit and dont even enter your details in their computers,,, their computer are not reliable.(Try enter or exit USA or UK even Sweden all your details are captured accurately)… worst of all there are alot congoes and other nationalites i have personally met having the Zambian passports and NRCs!!

    • @ Ndobo,
      My hero…… in my response to the theoretician, i have btwn the lines attempted to outline some of the reasons it wouldnt be an easy step to take in packing your back and heading back home within a blink of an eye, imagine after living in an environment where everything is systematically outlined, no tom and jerry what so ever and landing in a circus were just even picking up a glass of water is not straight forward, imagine the stress? Alot as to change in Zambia, not just our government (which i know they are trying thankx for even making such an attempt) but also the people, the mentality is way beyond my expectations, sorry to say but its true, am not impressed with the manners of most zedians. Yes for me everything has to be crystal clear, i have faith though.

    • cindy
      you are right!!but remeber you are in Holland and these guys who are crying are in atlanta, Georgia in USA,, life in USA is tougher than in Holland. i have not been to atlanta, Georgia but i have visited Oregon and tennesse what i saw, sivintu! Generally Europe is better except for a few cases

      However i 100% agree with you,, going for short holidays, malilo, wedding and other special meeting ,, no problem any time. But moving back!!! awe shuwa… my roots are presently in Sweden and my history in Zambia and lets leave there

    • My 2 cents…

      Give me the US any day. I’m speaking as someone with decades in Europe and now a decade in the US. There is a freedom and opportunity here that you have to experience to understand.

      As an immigrant (and black), you fit in much better in the US as opposed to Europe.

    • High speed Black mama,
      Am not talking about just immigrants as i speak about the USA, but about life for all Americans beyond colour, as for other issues concerning fitting in, i agree with you, in Europe depends where you are, yourself, what you do and sometimes it just doesnt matter, i can say the Netherlands has the best warmest people i have ever known in Europe, it my home so much that i miss it terribly when am away, i guess the States has a share of its own problems in sorting out its Economy which has led to a lot of people living like vagabonds, Europe takes care of its own citizens very well. I can tell you have done well for yourself, but some indigenous Americans, original Afro Americans, poor caucasians speak of a different story when it comes to real life.

  11. Some of these chaps are just suffering there. Let them stay. We are happy without them.
    Just NRC is enough for them to come and settle in Zambia. The problem we have is to think every one there is well and have got a lot to invest in Zambia. Some of them are living in povert.

    They have material love at heart than their country.

    • you are right,, diaspora is not always as rosy as it sound,, some people are bankrupt and in deep debts with bank loans trying very hard to con their way back to Zed as investors.. diaspora is not ease.. i met a malawian man who has been all over europe since 1990 has no papers and he is afraid to go back home

  12. Once again another English composition paper 2. only 350,000 Zambians are formally employed? could be true but what is the source of this data. And by the way not all Zambian citizens are illegal immigrants, one does not always have to give up their citizenship to live abroad legally. This is a very emotional and poorly written article. Grade 7 from Lundazi

  13. There are so many similarities between (A):- what the first generation indigenous people to leave the rural areas (villages) and go and work and live in Urban centres (Towns) were told / implored to do and not do by those who remained behind and (B):- what the first generation Zambians to leave and go and work and live abroad are being told / implored to do and not by those who have remained in Zambia. For both (A) and (B) the general message was/is:- How can you even think of investing in a foreign land? Where is your patriotism? You must come back to your roots and invest in your place of origin. Roots are important…etc.
    What the general message did not address in (A) and still does not address now in (B) is settling down in the new lands, raising up your family, your children……

  14. Cont’d ….your children inter-marrying, investing in property…etc, (e.g. that’s how the copperbelt came about and has progressed over time). In some cases, those who stayed behind later travelling to visit those they denounced, and seek better healthcare.
    Who says History does not repeat itself?

  15. guys lets be realistic. the only reason we want dual citizenship is the benefits weve left home. i was in the so called diaspora in the land of milk and honey somewer in the north, the problem is everytime you thought of coming home you have to have an encylopidia of successes you hav achievd abroad. This was a dificult task. Three quaterz of the guys i hangd wit wished to come hom bt nt much to show for. Il tell you it was a bitter decision to cum home bt one i can never regret. The truth is acquiring assets and going beyond a certain hieracy at your work place and society, is hard in the diaspora.

  16. To those saying one cannot serve two gods.
    Fine, tell me why one can have two cars, two
    Houses etc & that’s ok with you, then why
    can’t one have dual citizenship?

  17. Its tuff in Atlanta, US working at walmart making minimum wage. Some of this zambians should just go home and develope zambia.
    I met a zambian working at walmart with a degree in accounting from CBU.
    Go back home amd stop singing the Dual Citizenship song.

    • @ john lungu
      ba lungu..hahahahahahah mwati ni mboza, you are right, life in the diaspora is not alway what it seems.

      And these people who are sing about this dual citizenship forget that it comes negatives as well as postives… one of the negatives i dont like is that,, if you belong to dual counties then technically you must pay taxes on your earns to both your countries.

    • I am told things are tough for zambians in europe, most people work at hotels, restourants, and warehouses “ati ku wa zungu”
      Please people, zambia need your skills. Fred Membe is recruiting

    • It is not true that if you have dual citizenship, then you have to pay tax in two countries. You only pay tax in a country in which you are domiciled, for tax purposes, whether you are a citizen of that country or not. Moreover, most countries have double taxation arrangements in place to help people not to pay double tax in two or more countries.. in short, there are no tax implications for having d/citizenship

  18. folks stop singing the Dual Citizen song , save and invest in zambia, don’t be ” a phiri anabwela”
    Dual citizenship is of no use if you don’t have a house in your native country.
    folks in Atlanta working at walmart, naimwe ma CNAs working at old people’s houses save and invest in zambia and avoid being ” a phiri”.
    Lets stop this Daul citizenship song and think about the after life in diaspora, “Kwanu ni Kwanu”


  20. like serious, we have more “important” problem here in zambia than this your dual chakuti chakuti n bla bla bla. at the moment we r only allowing single citizenship. so the best u can do is relinquish you zambian citizenship and wait until we think on the dual part… then u can apply and stop living in denial. grow up naimwe



  22. I like article. Good points. Borders are limitations imposed on MAN and are not natural. The basic instinct in any human is to survive and that includes moving to greener pastures. BUT that should not mean the person has severed all ties with his past. Ba Sata sure ati being SDA and Catholic at the same time!!Sure are they both not Christians?????

  23. Just a point of correction on Australia. It is actually one of the best countries to live in. I lived in Europe before, and it is far much better than most European countries. As for racism, it is better than the UK..the country has come a long way and surpassed other countries in Europe in terms of racism..Not sure where some of that info came from. I don’t know of any Zambian who is working in Ausie, and not generally happy. Also kids go to schools with no issues at all. Definitely, one of the best places to live in

  24. Never trust a zambian who left their home to develop other people z countries,zambian are not patriotic like nigerians who make money outside and send it back to their homeland.zambians will make the money in zed and spend in europe or wherever they are.

  25. Dual citizenship has advantages for those directly affected as well as Zambia. Think before you oppose for the sake of opposing. You will lose nothing while your brothers and sisters in the diaspora and those who will find themselves in future whether by intent or circumstances will benefit. After all those out there have left jobs and other opportunities for us. The jobs are few here even with our brethren away.

  26. I am a Zambian British and I intend to stay that way. I love Zambia to bits but I love my new country too and have pledged allegiance to serve Queen and country. This is my heritage and no mortal being will ever take this from me. On my other half’s side it even gets more complicated – dual citizen of two major EU countries including the UK and you can imagine what heritage the kids are! No constitution, or narrow minded Zambian will ever take that away from us. I respect the ones with single citizenship and are willing to stay that way. I would like to maintaining and no one has the right to deny me my right too. Mine works perfectly well and if being a bona fide Zambia then keep your right.

  27. Analogy of diaspora:
    You have a child and your household experiences poverty for some reason. Child abandons you for neighbour who is better off. Neighbour provides basic needs and treats child as outsider and worker to do odd jobs-next to slavery. Thing start to improve start to improve in your household and child that ran away begins to say they are still part of the family and deserve to be recognised as such. They will bring money earned from neighbour to help better your home! After all its their birth right to be called your children. But since they are not too sure if they will be accepted back, they want to have the identity of the neighbour as well so that they continue to enjoy some benefits of living with them since they are still better off than you.

  28. contd……
    What do you tell that Child?”You are still my son and I welcome you anytime!! Leave wherever your soul pleases! If you choose to still remain my son keep my identity. If you abandon that identity and take up the neighbour’s, you become the neighbours child and you shall be known as such. Since parentage can not be surrendered I will still consider you my son forever and when you choose to come back, I will gladly welcome you like the Biblical prodigal son (my household is christian). You cannot say you are my son as well as my neighbours. I am not worried about where you stay as long as you are well! All I ask for is for you to choose your identity. You are welcome to visit anytime you feel like and can have a share of anything in this household, provided you follow our…

  29. I respect the rights of those who never would like any of their clansmen to adopt another nationality and I also expect people who are against this view based on their personal circumstances are opposed to a dual nationality to respect my view as having embraced my new found land.
    (1215) Magna Carta, wrung from the unwilling King John by his rebellious barons, is signed. It will later be regarded as the cornerstone of liberty in England. Mark my words the new Zambian constitution is bound to allow for dual nationality whether your villages object to it or not.

  30. People should feel free to live anywhere on this planet. These territorial boundaries were created by greedy people who have set themselves up as governments and ruling and lording it over other humans. The whole planet of earth is our home not just Zambia. So this ‘roots, patriotism’ song is all plain hogwash.

    • Agreed, Wantanshi. Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) itself was a territory created by a foreign power (whose citizens enjoy living nearly everywhere in World). Meanwhile, you they “created” limit and continue to enslave YOURSELVES. Liberate yourselves… and see the World as you home, too!

    • Agreed too….. We should just stay happy were we are and worry less about boundaries, passports and citizenship. We belong to one World. If you restrict your boundaries to Zambia or UK or USA, you are doomed. Dual citizenship will not change your circumstances. Its what you do wherever you are and not how many or which passport you have. Simply belong to the global village..

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