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Son kills father during quarrel

General News Son kills father during quarrel

Police in Luanshya have arrested a 20-year old Grade eleven pupil of Mpatamatu for the alleged murder of his father.
Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Joyce Kasosa, confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Luanshya, saying Rabson Mwelwa, of house number 280/25 Mpatamatu, caused the death of his father, James Mwelwa, a miner aged 52, after hitting him with a sharp object on the head.

Ms Kasosa said the incident happened Thursday around 16:00 hours when Mwelwa engaged in a quarrel with his son who later hit him on the head with a bottle.

She said Mwelwa sustained a deep cut in the head which led to severe bleeding resulting in his death.

Ms Kasosa said the suspect was arrested and is being held at Mpatamato Police Station, while the body of the deceased is lying in Roan General Hospital awaiting post mortem.

She has since appealed to members of the public to desist from resorting to violence as a means of resolving disputes.


  1. When pangs of poverty, disease and worthlessness take their toll on humans, they easily blow off their tops under slightest of provocation.

    Sad that his family has been destroyed

  2. Children of today they can do anything,they re lazy, they don’t want to be corrected ,they don’t want to study all they want re exam leakages its a time bomb.

  3. Chipwiti you are right. These children are exactly what you have said. Nomba lets just commit them to God in prayer. I feel so sad that it had to come to this. May the good lord comfort this family in his infinite wisdom. Lord Jesus Come Now.

    • Therefore, ye shall reap what ye soweth… this harvest started after independence. The fruit is coming to bear… and your generations and their generations shall be visited by this wrath. It is time to cut the generational curse! Renew your mindsets, your leadership, and your resolve!

  4. Don’t blame the children. Blame the parents because they taught the children. I would’nt be surprised to hear that the son was also a victim of physical abuse by his father. Of course that does not justify the homicide, but violence begets violence.

  5. Very Sad state of affairs. Much as we want to apportion blame, which i think we should not as that wont change anything, let as reflect, learn and take heed lest we be found in a similar predicament.

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