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Still no passports for Sunzu, Sinkala & Kalaba

Sports Still no passports for Sunzu, Sinkala & Kalaba

The Immigration Department is still holding on to Stopilla Sunzu, Rainford Kalaba and Nathan Sinkala’s passports four days after confiscating them.

And the department on Monday continued interviewing and recording statements from the TP Mazembe trio in Ndola.

Sunzu, Sinkala and Kalaba are accused of secretly leaving Zambia illegally after failing to undergo laid down immigration formalities.

This is believed to have occured on October 12 after talks in Lusaka to try and secure their release from Mazembe prior to Zambia’s friendly against Brazil.

“Lusaka (Immigration) office will make a decision. They will communicate to us by Wednesday,” the lawyer for the trio Derrick Mulenga said on Monday.

“Today, they continued with warn and caution statements,” Mulenga added.

The three players missed Mazembe’s crucial CAF Confederations Cup match against St. Malien which the DR Congo team won 1-0 to reach the final.


  1. Give them back their passports and keep them in Zambia as Kambwili wishes. They might have a better career home.

    Carry on with the cheap talk ( easy insults) the day you know the details about their conditions in DRC, you will be humbled!

    We wish them well!

    • Even if they have good conditions in DRC , it was no excuse for TP Mazembe to hold on to them . If Barca can release Neymar , Chelsea can release Oscar , Luis and Ramirez ( etc . etc . ………) , who are TP Mazembe to hold onto the players ?

    • Rules are rules. FIFA has rules relating to clubs and international fixtures. Clubs try to circumvent the rules requiring clubs to release players to honour requests by national footballing bodies for players to play for their national teams even though clubs pay the players wages. If clubs over look these rules there would be chaos and international matches would be irrelevant. This will send a message to these players and clubs not to assume they are above the laws.

    • There was a clear instruction from Mr Kambwili (GRZ) to the Zambian Immigration that the boys could go nowhere else except to China.

      Is that freedom? Is that liberty? Is that Zambia?

      NO, NO AND NO.

  2. Mouse please take these immigration muppets to FIFA! Are those id..ots going pay these lads? if they travelled am sure Brazil was going to be walloped right.

    • Please keep them in Zambia, we no longer need them! What a hatred toward these trio!
      Once the in their career they miss a friendly game with the national team, then you forgot all they did for the country. Is it Sunzu who scored the last penalty an gave the cup to Zambia ? You guys be grateful!
      Is it a habit for them, refusing to play for zambian or is just the first time?
      HATRED WITHOUT REASON no fair, thankless people.

  3. makes me think TP Mazembe is a dubious team… I does a person move in and out of a country without passing through the border…this only happens in Africa; where some learders (Katumbi) are international crooks…

    • My brother for us Africans borders are a foreign thing; introduced by colonialists. Before the invasion, we had no borders and that is the future!

  4. It is now a blackmail with Kalusha Bwalya as chief of staff! let someone tell me where the republican constitution enjoins a citizen of Zambia to be a soldier, to drink beer on Sunday let alone to be a footballer! is it an Criminal offense if one refuse to shake hand with Sata? The national team is just a recreational entity assembled without any act of parliament where any Zambia found apt by its directors can be bidden in, and this citizen is at liberty to join or to decline, or at later stage,on free will ;may cease,partially or completely to be part of it! Let the immigration give intangible proof that the Lads left Zambia ILLEGALLY as all of us, know that the boy were return at the border on their way to Congo,That means Kalusha knew they were in Zambia !

  5. I thought Govts were not supposed to be interfering in Football matters as per FIFA?? Withdrawing passports willy nilly is GOVT INTERFERENCE – TP MAZEMBE SHOULD LODGE A COMPLAINT – GET Zed suspended from Internationals! Just becoz Kambwili has farted, doesn’t mean Immigration should dance!!

    • You don’t get it, do you? The issue here is not about football! Its about ‘sneaking’ out of the country without completing immigration procedures, thats why the passports have been withdrawn. Now what we need is proof that they really sneaked out and sneaked back in, if not there is no proof then the immigration have no case.

    • Immigration rules and football are totally different.The crime committed by the trio has nothing to do with football.This crime borders on national security period.They should be punished

  6. we knw hw Katumbi moved frm Zambia to South Africa, then Congo, where he ‘bought’ his ‘leadership’…this should make him know that you can’t buy everyone…especially not Zambians

    • Ba Lubumbashi Wantanshi, ikalenifye if you dont know what you’re talking about. Just because in your country Congole, you have no laws, doesnt mean all countries are lawless like your Congo. In Zambia, we follow laws. Not laws of the jungle like Congo.

  7. For me this is a good lesson for katumbi who thinks he can have his way all the time politically and socially. He wanted the boys to miss Zambia match which was good for people like Sunzu who arsenal might still be interested but the boys have ended up missing both games. We can now give them back passport they have now learnt a lesson. Mail on brothers must know that even after them, Zambia will still have a national team, it has always been there!

  8. Sunzu could have been at Reading or Arsenal and Katumbi stood in between the deal. Now he thinks he can have it his way, no. The boys are just the grass suffering between two fighting elephants, but Katumbi must suffer also. By the way, someone up here is saying the Zed govt is interfering, no, passports are government properties and can be withdrawn any time. All Zambians have to respect the law, whether a soccer star or not. In my opinion, FAZ must discipline the boys by suspending them from the National team because running away and hiding was serious indiscipline on their part . Maybe we still need them, but to me, after watching that game, the three boys can go and hang, we may actually not need them. I thought there was enough cover in that team. Players will come and go.

    • How did Katumbi stand in between of the deal? Get your facts right don’t you know that they (Sunzu’s RSA based agent) wanted to sale Sunzu on bosman transfer meaning that he was free to go to wherever without a transfer fee being paid to TP. They had altered his contract so as it looks like its run out… TP have invested heavily in these players and you want them to just hand them over so some corrupt elements who I suspect are linked to FAZ can profit where the did not sow.

    • This is why football is a mess in Zambia and FAZ gets away with incompetence because of ignorant fans like you who are utterly lazy to do simple basic research or read between the lines instead opt to listen to half drunk friends in pubs who are just as ignorant yourselves.
      Wake up for godsakes!

  9. These boys should be smart enough and lawyer up, let lawyers do the talking on your behalf.. you will be compensated for loss of earnings and legal fees as this will look very bad in the long term and will reflect badly on the gov’t….as usual the compromised empty suits at Football House are mute. Zambian players need to wake up past and present you need to form your own players’ union; FAZ is too compromised and very corrupted to champion your rights.
    Wake up!!

    • useless they don’t deserve legal fees cover.they acted like criminals.they are a danger to Zambian football.

  10. The issue here is not about football! Its about ‘sneaking’ out of the country without completing immigration procedures, thats why the passports have been withdrawn. Now what we need is proof that they really sneaked out and sneaked back in, if not there is no proof then the immigration have no case.

    • Meembe and Politician’s trucks are busy hauling maize illegally, poacher’s planes are flying in and out of our porous border everyday with millions of dollars worth of goods and where is your immigration?

  11. My question is and has always been, why were the passports withdrawn from the guys in the FIRST place? Were they withdrawn for the boys to be prevented from leaving Zambia, because of their reluctance to play for Chipolopolo against Brazil?

    If that is the case, then there is a problem here, as this will be seen as having exerted undue pressure by a Government department on a FAZ/FIFA situation. Its called Government interference!

    If the players left the country without the documents, its equally illegal, but this doesn’t insulate Government from interfering in the first place, by withdrawing the passports to coerce them to play. Give them back the passports.

    • The passports were withdrawn from them after they sneaked into Congo then sneaked back to Zambian.They were not withdrawn at the airport.After word went around that they sneaked back to congo without following immigration procedures they quickly sneaked back into zambia and represented themselves to immigration.its at this point that immigration withdrew the passport so they do further invistigations





    • Maybe they are not in custody precisely because their accusers have no evidence. Even you are saying “if” which is just an assumption. They may have crossed illegally, yes, and someone might even know they did, but in a court of law, even someone who has really been raped has to provide evidence. Knowing they did something illegal is not enough. The way the minister was crying for their blood, I doubt the footballers would be having it easy if indeed the state could provide evidence of this illegal crossing. Let us wait and see.

    • Serious offence uko kwine. I have previously stated that we in Ndola grew up playing in the DRC forests. If it was a serious offence the police should have arrested all the kids in Chifubu. Africans should accept that their borders are not only artificial but unpoliceable!

  14. Namuchelwa, the drunkard Home Affairs Minister has since ordered that the passports be released forthwith for the M brothers to travel to Congo

  15. Ba Moderator, natendwa, been posting on this site for so long and never insulted anyone but suddenly all my postings are “waiting moderation”

    • you are a quack too. you have no information to what happened you quack.leave football to us *****.comment on stupid politics

  16. Too bad for the boys. Katumbi wont be there for them forever. Everyday a new player is born and the stars of today wont be the stars of tomorrow. Miloni brothers think widely? TP Mazembe is just a club that you play for for a while. Zambia is you motherland and it can take you places. Remember you are there because of Zambia.

  17. do u eben know how loose the border at congo is? Koffi olomide entered congo without imigration. he came back to zambia and still performed and no one arrested him.

    the government is being petty by trying to punish the three young men. they are not handling the matter well.

    its more or somewhat cheap behavior, but dangerous.

    when these boys get their passports back, forget seeing them in zambia for national duties again. trust me.

  18. who sneaked them back into zambia after sneaking them out.where is andre mtine.its starting to look like the immigration dont have an idea on what they should be doing.let the boys go back to work if you cant do a professional job.mwe fipuba mwe .alaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. After all the talk,the mailons know that they crossed into lubumbashi and evidence is slowly being constructed,soon the mailons and their boss moise mutumbi will soon be embarrassed. Mutumbi should be apologetic and not confrontational and the boys should humble themselves to authorities and stop waisting time by admitting they were wrong. Dont make every body else look stupid but yourselves.

  20. the fools are big handed and believe they are more important than their country. Let the get new passports from the countries they respect.
    We can win without them; form another team after they retire or die.
    Why pleading with them.

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