HH demands ACC update on ‘corrupt’ Ministers

Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media
Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media

United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema says the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) should update the nation on how far they have gone in investigating Cabinet ministers purported corrupt Ministers as revealed by Vice President Dr. Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

In a letter addressed to ACC Director General, obtained by QFM News today, Mr. Hichilema says in the last few months, Dr. Scott and Mr. Kabimba have placed themselves on record in the media indicating there are corrupt elements in the ruling PF party.

He says the ACC should tell the nation whether they have started investigating the alleged corrupt cabinet ministers.

Mr. Hichilema hopes that the remarks by President Sata last year,that his Ministers should be investigated without his knowledge and approval are not acting as a hindrance in this matter.


  1. As someone said. HH is now like Tobacco which makes people sneezzy after sniffing it. I can just imagine how the man in plot 1 is feeling now, from independence day celebrations to ACC. OOOOOh yiliko bad

    • Surely that is why this country cannot develop! HH is following up on allegations of corruption made by senior members of government and s.t.u.p.i.d cadres like Boro Yen are insulting him for that. Boro Yen, sometimes shutting up your dirty mouth is more beneficial than spewing out stinking vomit. And please go and wash your mouth.

    • these are stup.id cadres who keep on changing names.we have neva heard of a boro yen on LT and all of a sudden he wants to be active uttering rubish and changing blogging names.1diot

    • This letter that is circulating at WDZ is a good one. strong letter we await from these PF bloggers comments

  2. ACC need to call Scot and Kabimba, for more information about these corrupt elements in PF government. Of course , with the President permission

    • After they have given their statements to ACC if it turns out that their claims are not true then they should be fired from GRZ & PF. What they said is extremely serious that if we had a sane president he would have acted weeks ago before this escalated to the open media warfare.

      Surely now all can see how useless our Plot 1 is.

  3. Being an opposition leader or member does not mean you have to enjoy confusion or cause confusion or turmoil everyday.You must learn to bring something new on the table that people will be interested to hear and pick sense and consider you as a visionary leader. BUT the current crop of opposition Leadership is visionless and even oppose good things.

    One day these guys will even oppose their feaces in the toilet after helping themselves.

  4. Under pf everything is corrupt and citizens are maginalised and used as pf tools of evil proceeds. The veep n SG are very much aware!


  6. BORO YEN, you must be sick in your rear end. HH is right, update is need. You must be one of them, can’t you see the cancerous in the cabinet ministers. Grow up BORO YEN whoever your sticking ass you are. Do comment on things you don’t understand even a grade five student knows the PF cabinet stinks.

    • by then Sata was minister without portfolio, guy Scott agriculture minster, HH found them a market and the badgers sold with chiluba on top don’t bring issues sata can not even say a word at hh what do you know go to the police if he store atase

  7. HH should be the last to talk about corruption. He dines & wines with corrupt pipo he openly condemned way back like RB then he is now fuming from the anuss over Kabimba’s corruption remarks.This HH chap deserves to be fornicated with 3 foot piece barbed wire together with Bana HH…

    • i think you are the same person blogging under the name of boro yen.the only thing i can tel you is GROW UP you are too old for such rubbish and nonsense.pls stop changing names and be man enough to debate openly and reasonably.

  8. reflection!! reflection!! cry my beloved country , KK killed this country, he shld have done more on education, from comments on this site, the country’s education level is shocking as people don’t know who they r, whats their rights, freedom and entitlements. and even why they vote and what to vote for, jst a doomed country and people…

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