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President Sata’s abrupt decisions shows unstable the Government is-Chipimo


NAREP president Elias Chipimo Jr
NAREP president Elias Chipimo Jr

National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo Junior says the retirement of Emmanuel Mwamba as Cabinet Permanent Secretary barely a day after being transferred from the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information Services shows how unstable the Patriotic Front (PF) government is.

Mr. Chipimo has told QFM News that people should expect more of such abrupt decisions from President Sata.

Mr. Chipimo says there is need for the PF to take leadership seriously stating that the current state of running national affairs is not inspiring to the majority Zambians.

He says it is unfortunate that President Sata decided to retire Mr. Mwamba in such a manner after he showed his intentions of promoting press freedom.

And Movement for Multiparty Democracy Director of Communications in the Office of the MMD President Muhabi Lungu has told QFM in a separate interview that Mr. Mwamba was determined to bring sanity to the public media and that could have been one of the reasons President Sata retired him.

Mr. Lungu says though he is not a supporter of Mr. Mwamba, he saw the potential in him in promoting press freedom as well as ensuring that the public media operate professionally.

And People’s Party President, Mike Mulongoti, says he only hopes president Sata has retired Mr Mwamba in good faith.

Mr. Mulongoti says President Sata should not be governing the nation on personal interests but should have a heart to develop the nation.

On Monday President took Mr. Mwamba to task for not consulting him on the issuance of nationwide radio licenses to Radio Phoenix and QFM.


    • Yes, he is incompetent. What more evidence is the nation waiting for? As a mater of national interest, Sata deserves to be retired, now not later.

      Ba LT please strive to improve your standards: put ‘how’ between ‘shows’ and ‘unstable’ in the title of this article. Love you all and many thanks for informing us.

    • But Sata chinkula sana, why involve himself in the personal hatred between Kabimba & anyone called Mwamba?
      Its truly a misery to have a kateka who suffered umusamfu until age of 25yrs.

  1. Mwamba started work at the Ministry of Information with a clear agenda – to fix his enemies. He is to blame and SATA has done the right thing to retire him. Mwamba should blame himself for being too arrogant and proud.

    • Indeed Emmanuel Mwamba was turning the ministry into tool for fixing opponents. It was good riddance to serve that important ministry from mediocrity & immaturity

    • Question is, how can you continuously be hiring the wrong people. The hiring authority should be blamed for this chaos. He has no clear plan what to do and no capacity to deliver. I had hoped that maybe he would manage the MMD projects and then pretend that he had done something but alas. Anything good in his hands will turn into garbage. The most USELESS president (it is even an insult to the office to call that clown presido) ever!

  2. It actually shows lack of seriousness, focus and a consultative approach to governance. What we have is impulsive leadership

  3. Both Sata and Mwamba are egoistic, self centered individuals! Sata will get the same end: abrupt retirement.

  4. Sad dvlpt! Mwamba waaaas hardworking though arogant. Mr. MCS should not umbush leaders to emberance the way he did so emberancing to Mwamba, Scot, Chikwanda, ZRA officials n their families.

  5. That was not all. Appoint someone and tranfer him within 48 hours. Shocking.
    Impeatch the man or parleys disolve yourselves before the counrty is sold. This man was potter

  6. Ever since the untimely demise of zwd LT has had characters with foul mouths,personally I don’t understand how insults will solve anything especially that 90% of participants are not home but comfortably blogging in foreign soil,I just read stories here without comments but it is sickening to read insults in the comment section as if you care so much about our country,why don’t you do something positive about it like start a petition if you are dismayed about how the country is ruled,we don’t have the right to insult our leader he was voted in office by the majority and they can undo it in 3 years time so until then make solutions not insults

    • ZWD hasn’t died. we accessing it without problems where we are. Zambia is a failed state that is why u failing to access it there.

      Check your facts right.

  7. Its Mmembe calling the shots imwee! The President is clueless on how to govern this country. If Mmembe tells him to divorce his wife today Mr Sata will do just that. Whatever the pact was between them.

  8. Has Sata ever been stable really? The man has never been stable in his life, from the time he became president he has been appointing and disappointing every month. How can a govt even function when the people appointed to work are always thinking they will be fired next month or other? This is why we do not need this chap who thinks he can run a country using the ten commandments. Amafi yekayeka alesuba abanankwe!

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