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FIFA hails Nkana on 12th league title

Sports FIFA hails Nkana on 12th league title

World soccer governing body FIFA has congratulated Nkana Football Club
for winning the 2013 FAZ Super League title.

FAZ spokesperson Erick Mwanza confirmed on Friday that FIFA president
Joseph Sepp Blatter has congratulated Nkana FC on the Kitwe giant’s
record 12th league title.

In a letter of congratulations to FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya,
Blatter said “Dear president, please pass my warmest congratulations
to Nkana FC on winning their first league championship since 2001 and
twelfth overall.” Blatter said.

“Please convey my warmest wishes to all of the players, the manager,
the technical and medical staff, and all of the team’s supporters, as
each part of this organization have no doubt been instrumental in
their club’s history,” the FIFA chief said.

Blatter added: “On behalf of the world football community, I would
like to thank Nkana for the excitement they bring to the fans of the
beautiful game, and wish them all the best for the future.”

Nkana won their record 12th title on Sunday with a 4-1 demolition of
Red Arrows in the final fixture at Nana Stadium in Kitwe


  1. Whats so special about 12th title,Man U has won the 20th title in a professional league and there is no hullaballo from FIFA,a Al Haly won the 8th CAF Champions league still nothing,now this Komboni team please!

    • This komboni team as you are calling it is even appreciated by fifa president, my friend iyi team likulu. Kalampa 4 life

    • Whats so special about 12th title?Why u guys want to comment even when u hav no point to prove? What’s wrong with FIFA congratulating the mighty KALAMPA BOYS 4 their great Achievement? Lets go boys lets go Kalampa!

    • Fifa does the same to every that make history or achieve a milestone. Its only that you are not privy to some of the World soccer governing body news/information. Sir Alex Fergie, Spain, Brazil, Man U and even Zambia were complimented for making history and great achievement in the name of football. Do not think that what is mews in Zambia is news everywhere or vice versa.
      Any way thank you Blatter and FIFA for the encouraging and inspiring words that has motivated us more.

    • You must be a serious and hopeless hater , u should take your frustration to the WatchDog website and soldieron with useless rhetoric about politics…..ABA RED Ebabako you can hate but you won’t manage……

    • Idiocity at its best @ Mark this is a sports page and take your foolish tribal rantings to the right place not here discuss soccer and other sports …..TRIBALISM or EMPHASING YOUR BEMBA hatred wont multiply your silly political fortunes…..get a life or you die hating I.D.I.O.T

    • When an african has been brought up to believe everything nice comes from Europe he will give up everything of his including his ancestors, parents, food, language, skin colour until he starts worshipping the white man’s shiit. It’s because of such slave mentality among africans that I don’t support English football clubs. This slave thinks the bench mark has to be his colonial master. Nkana are an African champion deserving accolades. Face reality getout of dreamland.

    • Nkana has won more titles than your komboni mindset.how did slave traders miss your lineage? Ulifontini sana wats the conection btwn zambia and Man u?Nkana deserves to be honoured!komboni is a mindset!your mindset

  2. @we are all in Gov to eat, you should be proud of your local team. you are the same people who were complaining that, YUKA CHITALU was not recognised by FIFA after scoring 107 goals.

  3. @ We are in Govt to eat.

    Be proud of what u have locally. This Man U thing or professional whatever wont get us anywhere. Its much easier to watch a match at Nkana Stadium than old Trafford not to mention the ticket fees.patali

  4. And that team was coached by Moses Simwala. Among the illustrious players of the unbeaten side were Joshua Longwe in goal, and the rest were John Lumbwe, Kapambwe Mulenga, Mordon Malitoli, Fighton Simukonda, Jericho Shinde, Beston Chambeshi, Ben (Pabili) Bamufuchile, Reuben (Kamanga) Sakala, James Njengela, Kenneth Malitoli and Michael Chabala.

    • Also Nelson Muma the baby, Golden Kazika, Dominic Kabulubulu Mutale, Isaac Koda Phiri, Stango Chala, Gibby Mbasela, John Libya Kalusa, Godfrey Muselepete, Jack Kafusha,Brain we used to call him Braii at Mightie Mukuba secondary School.

  5. Prevailing situation at KCM:
    1. They are selling all inventory including sensitive spares without leaving any spare to support the operations
    2. Scrap is being sold like nomans business
    3. They have started closing all the running contracts especially under projects
    4. Konkola Deep Mining Project (KDMP) has been stopped and no contractor to be on site after 30th November 2013
    I’ll keep updating you…..

  6. This recognition is a formality, its given to any team that achieves a milestone in their respective leagues, its been done to teams in Lestho, South Africa, etc. Its not that FIFA or the president actually know Nkana. These letters are not even written by the FIFA president, he merely signs, they are standard. Similar to Barak Obama congratulating Mr Sata on Zambia’s independence day, doesn’t mean he knows Mr Sata personally, its a formality.

  7. I think most Nkana haters are missing the point – even if this is just a PR letter by FIFA, at least Nkana will know that FIFA has sent a congratulatory letter. Yes it is procedural for FIFA to issue a blanket letter to all national champions but Nkana staff and players of course should be happy – Arent they champions?

  8. # 1. Did you expect FIFA to write FAZ about the victory of ManU, Al Aly, Barca etc. FIFA writes to respective associations. Get a life.

  9. NO 1 the most stupid person. we are talking about Zambian football here not in England. why is it difficult for people to notice the difference?

  10. Please, we are so sorry for what we are, if at all it is bad to be good, but God made us [Nkana] champions to conquer and this is what is happening. So if have enough fans for your team go and recruit so that you can also enjoy watching football like Nkana fans do. What’s wrong for the FIFA president to congratulate a team in a country with the richest record. Don’t talk about Nkana go and tell the club chairman of your club to win the league 12 times and feel the joy Nkana fans enjoy.

  11. @ Peter Ndlobvu, although this is not the specific reason fifa hailed Nkana,the fact is that 12 is a very important number. It stands for governance or dominance e.g 12 tribes of israel, 12 gates of heaven, 12 disciples of christ.

    Zambia’s twenty12 afcon dominance is significant both in the spiritual and physical worlds. A declared Christian nation had to lose the entire national soccer team in Gabon (….gedon?) at the hand of Satan in 1993.

    Having won in E.guenea, the 2012 final, by divine arrangement, had to be played in Garbon.Underdog (David) Zambia won.

    Luke 12:32, Fear not little flock (12 disciples, little chipolopolo ) for it’s your fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom ( cup).

    This is how important 12 is. I hope u’ve got something.God bless you

  12. People like the blogger at no 1 are the reason 4africans should be banned by their governments from watching European soccer. It just reinforces their slave mentality. A big inferiority complex keeps telling him that If it hasn’t happened to a muzungu it should not happen to a muntu. That coupled with ignorance creates a person do willing to be enslaved mentally and physically. FIFA did send Man U similar messages when they broke the English record. Those who have been to Chawama will know that Mighty received just such a letter when they held the record. Please do pay attention to your continent before yoking yourself to neocolonialism. .

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