Shepolopolo U17 qualify for FIFA World Cup


Shepolopolo U17 have made Zambian female football history after qualifying for the Costa Rica 2014 FIFA U17 World Cup.

Albert Kachingwe’s side beat South Africa Bantwana 3-1 in Johannesburg in the return leg that also saw both sides reduced to 10-men to advanced to the finals 6-4 on aggregate.

Hero on the day at BidVest Stadium in Johannesburg was Grace Chanda who scored a brace to seal Shepolopolo’s ticket to the Costa Rica finals.

Chanda put the visiting side ahead in the 40th minute but Bantwana levelled just three minutes later via a penalty converted by Gabriela Salgado to see the two sides go 1-1 into the break.

Zambia restored their lead in the 50th minute when Chanda completed her brace before they were reduced to 10 girls after Given Mukanda was sent off for a second bookable offence.

Shepolopolo extended their lead in the 80th minute from the penalty spot after Chamelle Wiltshire handled the ball and was subsequently sent off for a second booking of the day.

Ireen Lungu stepped up to convert the resultant penalty to ensure Zambia’s maiden place at the FIFA Womens World Cup.

The finals will be held in Costa Rica from March 15 to April 5.


  1. WTH…… she what? No no no….. find a different name it doesnt sound pretty can i make a suggetion? Sounds more vilageish!

  2. That’s the way to go girls…..and you guys don’t take advantage of the girls, especially officials. This is a friendly warning

  3. Wow! I didnt know we also had a “Shepolopolo”, for a minute I thought it was a spelling error. I wonder if they also swap shirts on the pitch after the game? ;0)

  4. Great breakthrough!! Costa Rica will not be easy but we got to prepare our gals to have the right psyche. We will be playing among the best on the women’s side of things.

    I don’t know if I have to cheer the Shepolopolo or Team USA on this (I just love the way Women’s US Soccer team plays. Ions ahead of the Men’s team I must admit). Japan will be a great hurdle to overcome but with the right psyche in place … nothing is impossible.

  5. Like FAZ always does……The coach who qualified Zambia to the Africa Cup was fired and Renard brought in with Bamuwele as assistant coach. I will not be surprised if Albert Kachinga is fired and another one brought in.

  6. OK Come back fast and bring your tuma items between your legs , i need to finish them , u have starved me for alongtime, and the coach even told me to stop doing it until u go to CRICA ah now how do i survive, u know me i cant spend a day without the same

  7. Matero University should recall their journalism graduate working for this paper for incorrect reporting.This is a very serious case.Our girls are not men as alluded to in the Shepolopolo U17 qualify for FIFA World Cup report…..The Editor should apologise over this article (Albert Kachingwe’s side beat South Africa Bantwana 3-1 in Johannesburg in the return leg that also saw both sides reduced to 10-men to advanced to the finals 6-4 on aggregate.) Thats the right thing to do.Congrats girls well done!! We are proud of you!!

  8. this should have been head lines not only polictis———
    The Zambia Womens Under 17 has qualified to the world cup to be hosted by Costa Rica after beating South Africa 3-1 on Sunday(yesterday),making it 6-4 on aggregate.
    In the first leg, Zambia drew 3-3 at Nkoloma Stadium.
    In terms of womens football, this is the first time that we have achieved qualification to the World cup.

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    • Loveness ..Loveness …Loveness please!! please!! come on be real…lets be real!!This kind of reporting is pathetic! Lets call a spade.. a spade.This article is being read world wide mind you!….so what reflection does this potray on the people writing these things.Think twice before u respond!!! What is the editors job? or the assistant?Constructive criticism is what we want.!!… the way there is nothing wrong with fact its one of my dwelling places.One thing i know is there is a University for people who wishes to graduate within a week sometimes even in a day!! Maybe you are one of them…who knows?..Why are u so defensive over these genuine mistakes?Let us talk about them so that they never repeat the same mistakes!! Uletekanya…loveness!!

  10. In all team sports, “Men” refers to players or pieces. In chess the pieces are called “MEN” when their is clearly a queen which is female.

    Analyse/ research before you attach

  11. FAZ – Please buy them tickets to travel to Rio after Rica, so they can watch the World Cup and get even more inspiration.

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