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Beaumelle slams doubters


Chipolopolo interim coach Patrice Beaumelle has reacted to his critics
who have been branding him as a physical trainer.

Beaumelle’s ability to coach Zambia has come under scrutiny after
recording three straight loses in the friendly matches he has been in
charge of Chipolopolo.

The Frenchman said he has been coaching for more than a decade.
Beaumelle said being head coach was not strange to him.

“I am told that I was a physical coach or assistant coach I have been
coach for more than 10 years. I am coach I have got my UEFA A
qualification. I am just continuing my way,” he told journalists in

Beaumelle took over from his ex-boss Herve Renard, who left Zambia to
join Sochaux in France last month.
“For you of course you are saying I am the one now I am new now but I
am doing the same job as coach,” he said.

“Do not look at me look at the Zambia national team. It is just a
process, I am here I was not here before Chipolopolo was here, I am
here one day I will leave, the most important is what I am doing the
time I am here with the boys even though I am assistant or head
coach.” Beaumelle added.

Meanwhile, Beaumelle has repeated that he hates to lose.

“At the moment I hate to lose I want to win and my obsession is to
win. To play with some local players to prepare the future the future
this is my answer.”

“I want to win my obsession is to win,” he said.


    • You are one ignorant person. You are actually another reason for the team’s failure … you all blame the coach for what isn’t entirely the coach’s fault. Open your eyes and your mind. Your point is uneducated, stupid, and inconsistent with the statistics of the Zambia national soccer team. When people mix ignorance, and stupidity, they make arguments like the one you just made. Rethink … and know you are among those to blame.

  1. I have made a observation about the Zambia national team, and it’s fans. I have been watching Zambian soccer since the Kalusha era, so I think this is long enough t gather data about soccer in Zambia.

    The ignorant Zambian fans always have blamed the poor performance of the team on the coach, without considering the possibility of the team being the faulty. Is it only Zambia who always gets the bad coach? or is it the team that makes the coach seem bad? Statistics show that the team is to blame for the failures. If we consider all the matches Zambia has played, we can clear see that the team’s performance has been due to the performance of the players. The coaches have the experience, however, the players do not help the coaches. Do not blame the coach, as your players put up a good…

    • I agree Dr @ 6. Zambia needs forwards who can be reliable to score
      Crucial Goals when it matters, i.e, Christiano Ronaldo- (Portugal), Luis Suarez- (Uruguay) or even Zlatan Ibrahimovic- (Sweden).
      I’ve said this time & time again. Unfortunately no matter how Zambian’s dream on, we don’t have that calibre of player any more, Even if we had Mourinho, unfortunately Chipolopolo’s results would be no different from what we’ve experienced recently.


  3. lets that chase this ***** called bemuda we are tired of this galu and his minions ,they are busy embezzling the country coffers and no one seems to notice.

    • Your argument shows your ignorance and stupidity…you are the same culprits encouraging the poor performance of the players. Do not blame the coach, you should look at the statistics. Ignorance is deadly. Your attitude is also the reason for the bad economy. Having people like you is unhealthy for the country, and you should be ashamed.

  4. Mr Beaumelle!Just do your job.You have not won any match since you took you think we as soccer fans will applaud you for that type of performance? In a few days time you will face Tanzania and we expect nothing less than a win.You lose all 3 games ,you will follow RH so that you can become his assistant and save that french team from relegation.

    • The team hasn’t won* any match, not the coach. The coach prepares the team, hoping they will deliver, but it’s up to the players to perform and win.

  5. We are so much used to mediocrity!If Patrice claims to have been a coach for a long time,aged 35 and younger than Gigs,let him sight one game he won as substantive Coach anywhere in the world.

    Zambia is too big a team to have a coach on “Job on training”.

    If you think he is good enough tell to go to DRC,Togo, or Mali where he won’t have language barrier.

    I bet my last ngwee they can’t even accept him as a Physical trainer.We have amassed a sizeable numbers of physical trainers locally and they are teaching in our schools.

  6. which with him? He, like HR, are among best coaches the world has produced. Stop critising coaches whose job u donot understand.


    • I like your argument, however, do you understand what team culture is? As a manager, you can only analyze what you can measure. My point is that the coaches work only with what they have available in the team. And for every given game, a maximum of 13 players plus the keeper can play in a single match, so with this resource constraint he has not so much of a choice. Look at the players like C. Katongo, Mayuka, Mwanza, Musonda, Kalaba, Chansa, etc. The performance of all these players is very inconsistent, and most of the time very bad. I am sure you have been watching the Zambia matches, and have observed how the players perform badly. There is no coordination in the midfield and defense, and strikers can’t score, not even utilize chances they get. Don’t only blame the coach.

  8. The coach is the one to blame, not the Players. Players don’t pick themselves to play 4 the national team. The coach picks them…. Players don’t make the team, it’s the coaches tht chooses his lineup. Players don’t devise tactics & game plans, it’s the coaches’ job… Players don’t make substitutions when things ain’t going ryt, th coach does. The coach is the ”manager” of the team & if the team is not performing well, u don’t blame the Players but the manager coz it’s his duty to pick a winning team. Hw can a coach pick old tired legs 4 example & when th team loses, u blame th tired legs? Who picked those tired legs in th first place. Some of u calling other soccer fans ignorant yet u r the ignorant ones coz u don’t understand th role a leader plays in any setup. The…

    • Very funny. Please list some of the “tired legs” recruited to the national team. Your argument is baseless. What you imply is that the players’ bad performance is justifiable by them being recruited to the team. What you are saying is the players can choose not to perform well, knowing they did not deserve to be recruited. There only two possibilities, you are either dumb, or have a problem with your cognitive abilities, such that you can not reason well.

  9. The Great Galu and his friends are messing us up. This Bemunda guy is on job on training. He hasn’t coached a national team anywhere on this globe. Look at HR he also started with Zambia then went to Angola where he didn’t last six months. He came back to Zambian because Kalu wanted a cut from his pay. In France, the man has failed to record a single win so far with his club Sochaux. Lets take lessons from Ghana and Nigeria. Our two sister countries have made it to Brazil 2014 with local coaches. Here in Zambia we have the likes of Keagan Mumba and that head coach of Nkana. These two guys can do a better job than this small boy.

    • Coaching is not a matter of nationality, and using Nigeria and Ghana, as examples is terrible. The two countries are successful for various reasons. However, you seem not to consider the important factors that differentiate Zambia from those two countries, these factors include commitment to success and good performance Nigeria and Ghana have, and a better team culture, among many other qualities.

  10. Zambians are talented soccer players. What they need therefore is a physical trainer, because they are lazy and weak. You therefore have the right man for job. Support him, he is young and dedicated.

    • Good point. Please help me make these Zambians understand. They think coaching is a matter of nationality, are using Nigeria and Ghana, as example. However, what they seem not to consider is the commitment to success and good performance Nigeria and Ghana have, and a better team culture.

  11. Am yet to judge Patrice but one thing is certain, Patrice can do a better job than Moyes!!! Look Patrice has not lost to a small country but hey look at where MANU is today… It would have been in a better position had “Patrice” been at the helm of the Club with the largest following IN THE WORLD!!

    • You are foolish. We are talking about African soccer, Zambian national team in particular and there you are comparing Bemundas perfomance to that of the Man U coach Mr Moyes.

    • @ J J thats my opinion, remember to respect pipoz opinions and refrain from being sarcastic here! I know ur a Komboni boy if not a Villager but learn to be civilized. Football is a universal language and can be compared at any level just like Spain lost to RSA… Some of us have followed football at an advanced level starting from the Kalusha, Abedi, Weah, Rivaldo, Bargio, and many others including Ronaldinho!! So respect baba coz next tym i may react waumfwa!

    • That is why I called you a fool. Whats wrong with being a Komboni boy or a villager and who told you that i am a boy? For your own information, I was a big boy when all those football zombies you have mentioned above were still playing club and international football. The above article is about the Zambia national team coach not Mr Moyes. I guess you only learnt about Mr Moyes last week..

  12. @Dr Chifita is great galu himself. Zambia is going nowhere with an assistant P.E Teacher. Its high time we got serious! We are a great footballing nation and we deserve a better coach. FAZ bring back the great Wedson Nyirenda if you think an expatriate is too expensive. Otherwise we are going nowhere with this assistant P.E teacher other than maybe winning mickey mouse trophies like cosafa.

    • and wat have u won before? kwati mwali abakaali saana? Too much hate baba for no apparent reason, let Patrice prove himself thats wat we are saying!!

  13. to start with ptrice is not a coach, secondly on teams bad performance we blame the coach and not players mwatambile kwisa bola imwe bafikala.i can give u examples 1.manu under feguson it was ok same players under moye its different short we do`nt condem players but the coach,and what i now is ,bemuda is not a coach.

  14. ok J J kanshi ulimukulu icipuba, i pity yo family being head by iciwelewele, wecipumbu camuntu we!! Start yo own team and see wat u will achieve wembushi we!! Stop supporting Chipolopolo period, leav us with our crap en choose yo team. swine na flu niwe!!

    • That is why I keep saying you are a fo.ol. I don’t eat swine flesh or monkeys like you. We all love our national team. We just want kalu and his friends to get the best coach to manage our boys. This Bemunda guy is just a joke. Take that guy to serious countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon or Ivory Cost and see if he can be shortlisted as a coach. I know i.dots like you wont understand what some of us are saying here.

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