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UNZA dispells rumours of Typhoid outbreak


UNZA Student Residences
UNZA Student Residences

THE University of Zambia (UNZA) management has dispelled rumours that Typhoid had broken out at the institution resulting in the death of a student at Campus.

UNZA Public Relations Officer Stanslous Chewe said in a statement yesterday that the media statement that Typhoid had broken out at the institution was not true.

Mr Chewe said management at the institution makes serious efforts to keep the environment including its water supply clean.

“The public may wish to know that the University of Zambia receives support from the Lusaka District Health Office and the Ministry of Health in epidemic surveillance,” he said.

He said the Institution report cases of infectious diseases to the District Health Office according to the prescribed regulation by the ministry of Health.

He said part of the support officials from the ministry of Health also visited the Institution on November 21, 2013, in the wake of rumours that a female student had died from suspected Typhoid.

“Based on the surveillance, there is no outbreak of any kind at the Institution,” he said.

Last week students at the UNZA protested over the death of a first year student who died from suspected Typhoid that was reported to have had broken out at the institution.

The protesting student attributed the outbreak of the disease to the poor sanitation condition at the Institution.


    • The cause of death was natural causes. This is according to the postmortem carried out by myself “A Self Proclaimed Pathologist”. The siluwela can attest to this. Next questions

  1. One should be ashamed to associate typhod to that high institution. However,it seem ubusali is entreched in some pipo’s brains no matter their level of education.lf there’s poor sanitation who couses that?Students and staff? SHAME UPON U ALL!

  2. UNZA is dirty mwebantu period. Management needs to do something about it. University of Lusaka is clean. ZCAS is also clean.

    • @ MILE. I agree with you that management should do something about the sanitation of UNZA. But remember the institution was recently rehabilitated. I think as part of orientation, the new students should be taught how to use toilets as most of them have never used a water bourn toilet. I must quickly state that this awareness should be extended nation wide as this pathetic situation applies in all public toilets.

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