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President Sata appoints newly elected Mansa central MP as deputy Minister Health


PF candidate Chitalu Chilufya
PF candidate Chitalu Chilufya flank by his wife talks to reporters after his victory

President Sata has with immediate effect appointed newly elected Mansa Central PF Member of Parliament Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as deputy minister in the Ministry of Health.

Dr Chilufya replaces Hon. Christopher Mulenga who has been transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sport in the same capacity.
This was contained in a press statement released to the media by State house


  1. Stand as PF Mp and I’ll make you deputy minister
    Okey not a bad deal.I’m expecting another child so the extra cash will be welcome

    • Abena Ng’umbo, always on top of leadership. Congratulations Dr.Chilufya, abana babena ngoma!. But please keep your surgeon license, like Muka Yama Christina who do it on open air just to be seen by the citizen.

    • Its a great way of saying “thank you” for your continued support, confidence and trust to the people of Mansa.

      It also underscores Sata’s campaign message that “give me ba MP aba mano and development will come your way”.

      The people heeded his call and now the onus is on Sata and his govt to deliver.

  2. Congrats Doc Chilufya but don’t forget people of Mansa who have put you where you are now. Listen to their problems and help solve them.

  3. What defines tribal society is the “we feeling”. So if Chilufya is appointed as Minister, then “we” as members of his tribe have been appointed with him and we celebrate even when we will not benefit from him!……..sorry this is what Sociology says and I am just its student ….kekekeke…..

    • In America, the secretary (minister) of defence is from the opposition party-Republicans. The government is from democratic party. Serving the country should be priority and not party. So I agree with you.

    • Point of correction Nsofwa Muzovu. In the US members of cabinet are not seating MPs (senators). If you are a Senator and get appointed, then you loose your seat asdid H R Cliton or indeed the current J Kerry. The guy you are referring to is a former law maker, and if you are honest with yourself, you would have seen how it difficulty it was to have him confirmed in his seat. Obama narrowly won this battle even when senate is democrat controlled. So, don’t compare fish with birds!

  4. It was said that the Mansa by-election was violence free. But the big man’s forehead looks swollen. Could he have run into a pik axe handle or knob kerrie?

  5. Convicted PF MP Masumba was appointed deputy minister soon after winning PF seat to develop Shang’ombo but immediately taken to Solwezi. Dr Chitalu has gained for himself a status as deputy minister in the ministry of health. Probably that is what development for Luapula people is all about. In 5yrs to come Luapula will be the same Dr Chitalu will have paid off his debts to Zanaco and ECCE. Luapula and Mansa in particular zero. Evidence of such deception and failure to develop constituencies exist where ever by elections have been won by PF.

  6. Luapula province development lies in tourism, farming, hydro-power generation to feed Zambia and Sadc region and beyond, mining and related processing industries for the farming, mining, forestry products. Luapula province is the only province in Zambia which houses all the natural resources Zambia has and those we are not aware of. Luapula province is like Congo. So, dr chilufya should find it relatively easy to made development headway.

    • Peter, you sound like Zambians are not aware of what you say. The issue is what can Dr Chilufya do which the late MP Mr Sekeni failed to do even though was a close friend of dictator Sata. Your opinion is so naive to be taken serious.

  7. One of the best appointment , the man is a qualified medical doctor, so professionals wake up and join politics the only ladder to a ministrial position in that way your dream to speak and work for ZED will be realised

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