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Zambia’s poor economic management under PF has condemned the future generation to tough times


The face of poverty...A boy is photographed at a public meeting with rugged clothes in Katete
The face of poverty…A boy is photographed at a public meeting with rugged clothes in Katete

A bleak future

The PF arrogance of numbers in parliament that saw the approval of the motion to allow them to recklessly borrow has the risk of consigning the country to another debt burden like the one we inherited from UNIP government after the economy crumbled leading to regime change in 1991, opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has said.

In an interview following the motion that saw PF defeat the opposition MPs and allowed them to increase the borrowing in this year’s budget, Mr. Hichilema said future generations should now brace for tough times and harsh economic measures ahead, similar to the ones the country went through when MMD took over power in 1991.

“We all know what the country went through that time of the IMF and World Bank Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) that eventually made the country being declared a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) when our debts were only cancelled after concerted efforts and lobbying spearheaded by among other people the late Cardinal Merdado Mazombwe,” he said.

The opposition leader said it was shocking that the country keeps going through the same economic mess, and wondered whether it will now be possible to get any debt relief or forgiveness in future.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

“You know what, someone can forgive you once for walking in the same path and fall in the same ditch. But it will be very foolish to expect forgiveness when you keep walking in the same path and fall in the same ditch. This is the situation we are facing under the poor management of the economy under the PF leadership that has again resorted to reckless borrowing,” he said.

The opposition leader said what was even more unforgivable and painful is that the same people like Alexander Chikwanda that advised Kenneth Kaunda to run the economy through borrowing are currently in the same positions doing the same things.

“As politicians, we are always being condemned and accused of being the same. But my argument has always been that the tragedy the country faces is recycling the same politicians like Michael Sata, Alexander Chikwanda, Daniel Munkombwe who have the same mentality and expect a different result,” he said.

[pullquote]even more unforgivable and painful is that the same people like Alexander Chikwanda that advised Kenneth Kaunda to run the economy through borrowing are currently in the same positions doing the same things.[/pullquote]

Mr. Hichilema reminded the PF leadership that telling lies was a sin to God and His people because the PF won elections on the platform of introducing windfall taxes, reduced government borrowing, and reduced cabinet but they were now doing the exact opposite.

“We know people, especially the youths danced ‘donchi kubeba’ the whole night, some even danced naked when PF won in 2011. But with the level of reckless borrowing and economic mismanagement under the PF, we should now be prepared to cry naked during the day when debt servicing and poverty hits the country,” he said.

Living way beyond our means

He warned that very soon, Zambians will have to swallow their pride because Mr. Sata and his uncle Mr. Chikwanda have literally auctioned the country because of the failure to live within our means.

“How can we be proud of mother Zambian when PF politicians are busy selling this country through borrowing in order to finance their corrupt deals and huge cabinet. We have always advised that as a nation, we should learn to live within our means and equitably share income from minerals and other resources instead of losing the nation,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said he has consistently advised the PF regime to be bold enough and introduce windfall taxes for mines, reduce tax concessions given to foreign investors, reduce the size of cabinet and even put a wage freeze on cabinet ministers and MPs instead of punishing the poor Zambian workers and citizens.

[pullquote]RDA- is a national scandal where one person is supervising billions of tax-payers money alone[/pullquote]

“The problem is we are dealing with greedy PF leaders in Zambia. In countries where leaders are there to serve the people like Ghana and even next door in Malawi, the politicians, including the presidents have cut their salaries as a cost saving measure. The Malawian president, Joyce Banda, has even gone further by selling the presidential jet. But Mr. Sata and his large cabinet are increasing their salaries sometimes twice in one year, yet impose a wage freeze on others,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said PF were cheating people that money was going into roads and other infrastructure when they were the biggest beneficieries of the borrowed money through corrupt tenders and deals.

“Look at the Roads Development Agency (RDA) for example, that is being run from State House by one board chairman who has no board members. Can you say there is accountability and transparency in this sector that handles the biggest chunk of the national budget? It is a national scandal for one person to be supervising billions of tax-payers money alone,” he said


  1. The move by PF is preposterous! If we were seeing manufacturing companies coming up we wouldn’t be afraid but borrowing for consumption is foolish! what tangible money making venture has come out of the Euro bond that will benefit future generations.Nothing but a court case.Alexander Chikwanda you helped crush the Zambian economy in the 80’s and you are at it again!

    • Nonsensical article that talk of problems and not solution

      I cant stand reading poems by people that live in glass homes and throw stones

      Indignation aborn of these articles debugs and unwinds people of great stature in society such as me, Mushota Chimfwembe


    • Crap ! This guy condemns anything and everything associated with PF.What a petty,egocentric and deluded politician this guy is.Smh

    • Waala chilombwana.

      This is absolutely true . How can we expect meaningful change if we keep recycling politicians. Zambian Politics has not changed at all because we still put faith in people who let us down in previous regimes. Sata has moved from UNIP ,MMD and now PF.

      “As politicians, we are always being condemned and accused of being the same. But my argument has always been that the tragedy the country faces is recycling the same politicians like Michael Sata, Alexander Chikwanda, Daniel Munkombwe who have the same mentality and expect a different result,” he said.

      Even more unforgivable and painful is that the same people like Alexander Chikwanda that advised Kenneth Kaunda to run the economy through borrowing are currently in the same positions doing the same things…

    • The RDA case is an interesting one. Zambians have let president Sata and his family continue to steal huge sums of money under our noses in broad daylight.

      “Look at the Roads Development Agency (RDA) for example, that is being run from State House by one board chairman who has no board members. Can you say there is accountability and transparency in this sector that handles the biggest chunk of the national budget? It is a national scandal for one person to be supervising billions of tax-payers money alone,” he said”

      Those of you in support of PF’s reckless spending ,be careful and make sure that when the system begins to crumble you will have invested your money wisely. Otherwise you will be among those who will commit suicide like those who did when KK regime fell.

    • @Mushota

      Wilaisebanya naiwe. How can you fail to analyse and understand a simple article written in simple and easy to understand English? Are you really a PHD student?
      Your blog in this case raises a lot of doubts.

    • Has this Mushota !diot (Daniel Mwamba) and the other pricks ever been inside a classroom? How can a normal person fail to see the suggested solutions from HH? This is the problem with cadres and/or tribalists. They don’t bother to read and comprehend the message. Instead they base their conclusions on the basis of the messenger’s identity!

    • Have seen, read and analized some comments regarding Mr. Hichilemas’ sentiments. Let me begin by saying, Zambians we like sitting and do nothing, in other ways we naturally lazy. Though am not a fan of him, HH has a point, PF government with the few years it stayed in power has done too much harm to Zambia and all can attest to that.
      no offence but i pitty Mushota and Chisenga who by what they have commented are ignorant. When you are ignorant, u are simply valueless to anything or anyone because an ignorant person has no mind of focus, is thinking capacity is limited. And Zambiano who as just used nice has used nice words such as petty, egocentric and deluded, u dont even understand them choice of yo nick name tell us a lot abt u even yo background, open yo eyes and see, useless fools

  2. For some reason this borrowing is suiting some people with correct connections, names and the like. Why are we facing the very direction we run away from in 1991? May be it is the poor reading culture of the Zambians a a whole and more specifically the new generation itself. Otherwise, if people can take time to read what was happening under UNIP, we could do things differently.

    • Ladies and gentlemen ask any student of development studies.

      What we have done in Zambia during the last two years is exactly what we were supposed to do during the first years of our independence.

      Had the money we borrowed that time been used on what Sata is doing today, I bet today we will be talking only of Zambia drive to maturity or even mass consumption.

      Yes Sata may be making many blunders but these are not in the area of economic development especially at Macro level. Errors have been made mu kuchinga abanankwe….obviously because he has been a student of life President Mugabe.

      Someone advise on how I can resign being a Zambian. I want to move to Botswana


  4. Intriguing… However, still unimpressed about how this article falls short on offering real, far reaching and sustainable alternatives on financing the much required development programs and economic growth that will move us into economic emancipation at national and household levels. While issues of size of cabinet, salaries of MPs and cabinet, and tax collections certainly will help in reduction of impact on the national treasury, this will not be the panacea to address economic growth and infrastructure development concerns. I believe whats missing is consolidation and implementation of alternative sources and management of investments and finance from local and international private sector, run through a neutral, cross cutting arm of govt. MOF has so far only proved its ineffectivess

    • …MOF has only proved its ineffectiveness in this area while it acts as a control freak and ‘super ministry’ over the other sectors who in most cases even have great solutions for themselves that include finance options with little or no bearing on national budget. One may even begin to believe that yes there is a ‘cut’ for trying to control all borrowing by a ministry that sometimes has no idea which endeavours are productive or consumptive. MOF alone shouldnt determine where the finance borrowed nationally goes (particularly in the case of euro bond),. The sectors should be able to do that and finance should just stick to making these funds available and managing the related financial policies and agreements. MOF being in full control has led to bottlenecks in alternative project…

    • And when solutions are provided you think your uneducated village headman you have for a president will listen?

    • …alternative project finance and private sector participation and interaction with the various economic/productive sectors. The whole finance of projects in the current dispensation also becomes subjected to whims and personal agendas of those in the ‘super ministry’ who can easily cover this up in heaps of bureaucratic red-tape etc. Its sad that even where alternative financing for projects and infrastructure would have easily been accessed, we are here now… on the road back to a debt trap thanks to less than 50 people in one ministry out of 13 million Zambians! Even where there is political will be the government of the day, this will always be an issue in the face of rising debt determined by a few vested interests if this finance re-focus is not addressed.

  5. The issue here is not about borrowing but about what this money is being used for and how the monies already allocated for the budgets is being used. It seems to me that they have a huge budget deficit born out of gross mismanagement of the economy. It is simply a nonsense to say that the administration is borrowing money for infrastructure. What exactly are they building? The monies are been used in part to fund the salaries of civil servants. This is what happens when you make wild promises without analyzing issues on the ground. HH is right about the recycled politicians ghosts from the past taking the country back after all that work that Mwanawasa and company did a great shame indeed.

    • Its PF to blame, not all Zambians are policy makers. The decisions are poorly made by Sata’s regime just because they have failed to manage the windfall tax on mines. Zambia is on auto pilot. More like a headless chicken

  6. HH is surely Zambia’s alternative President. No other opposition leader has raised such valid issues which need serious reflection by the ‘ever deaf’ PF.

    HH also gives a solution to PF to slap a wage freeze of MP.S and SATA himself if they mean well. Unfortunately in Zambia (Thanks to online news) ALL the print media including once vibrant ‘THE POST’ have been reduced to PF’s newsletters and vuvuzelas. Until Zambians decide to wake up, we will continue to live and complain without making any progress.

    How can you borrow for consumption???so irritating

  7. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in borrowing when the intentions are for spearheading economic development. One thing I have seen is that the PF govt is dead serious on infrastructure development, particurly roads. If most of the borrowing is going towards that then I have no problems, as they are creating a conduit for future generations to utilise the infrastructure in developing themselves and effectively payback the loans. When the govt banned subsidies in order to raise funds internally, HH was at the forefront to oppose that but yet supported teachers and nurses for striking asking for bloated pays. I have heard about the cabinet pay increases but can someone tell me what percentage to GDP is this? You cannot live in a leaking house, without while you have access to loans.

    • Nobody is against borrowing but the massive roads being built will need maintains,are u going to borrow again to maintain those roads? The only alternative is to increase taxes,thereby burdening the Zambia citizens.if the money being borrowed is for establishing manufacturing companies,creating employment then hh and many bloggers wouldn’t have a problem with that.u say the future generations will have to figure out how they will pay back the loan,that’s exactly sata ‘s mentality.this shows u care less of the future generations well being.

    • iwe nokoh ichinyoh with your reasoning,its a tragedy to have you in the family.what infrastructure are you seeing that we are not seeing

  8. I always dread the day Sata became president. This man is a politician and not an economic manager. His mind is locked on politics all the time and not managing the economy. He’d rather sink the economy and manage his political gimmicks than fail politically but achieve in economics. That’s the kind of person he is. Zambia should put aside tribe and come out of this tribal thinking box and see the bigger picture for our country. HH might have his faults, but definitely he looks like a serious person who isn’t politically minded but progressive in economic management. Like Dipak Patel always says, only less than 10% of Zambians are serious about this country. By not realising the Panga Family is not taking us anywhere, we are indeed a country of collective failures. Ubukopo ba Zambia!!!

  9. go on nasla chemicals company nasla group there go to help on poor labour
    The company owner just mak money not care to worker
    Just force worker and giving pressure
    The holdin som people salary and passport
    the all product soft touch lotion cream jelly danger for skin.
    Pleas visit on that company

  10. I can’t understand how a normal person would condemn Hh after reading the article ,he did cite Malawian,Ghana and windfall tax .living within one ‘s own means is the best.few Zambians go for the mortgage route ,majority of us build our houses debt free even if it takes 5 years because we want to be free when making future decisions.that’s were the Pf govt is trapping the Zambian people,,soon the lenders will be making economic decisions for Zambia.those who are eating with the pf lets blog away from the belly mentality.

  11. An impressive article, brief yet touches legitimate concerns we all have.Well done HH. Quite rightly so, there is no need to go into specifics lest it becomes academic and scares readers off.If this was a listening government, one would be kind enough as Elias occasionally does, suggest solutions. But with this hot-headed semi-literate, selfish thugs, it enters one ear and goes through the other.It’s a waste of time. Chikwanda has never been a successful minister in all his long political life. His purpose of clinging on to office is simply to steal from public purse through corrupt deals and commissions in addition to deep-seated nepotism.Zambians,we are just too docile. look at what they done to the foreign service? it all about relatives leaving career diplomats in cold. what a shame!

  12. the problem electing kaponyas as your leaders just because they are your tribesmate, the result is now showing. the sad part is even if your tribesmate wins, you still get affected negatively by his poor performance, may be even worse than ………. sata is not educated and as such does not understand simple economics. even in our homes, we do not borrow in order to buy chisense, only foolish ones do that and they never come out of the york of debt

  13. This law can be changed. Please mobilise aad campaign against this horrible law, as opposition parties, civil society, concerned citizens, etc we need stop this before PF burdens us with unsustainable debt. We did it with third term under chiluba, the people won. If there can be wage freeze, shortages of medicine, strikes etc, think about the time the govt will be required to repay that $7bn. It will be worse poverty. Please people, rise up and stop this reckless and blind borrowing by leaders who don’t care about us.

    • That is my name sake talking now. Yes dear we need to do something as people who will feel the pain of this borrowing.

      This is not to do with POLITICS but serious repercussions will be felt in our homes and it may force the increase of crime due hardships. My name sake, continue advising the nation through LT.






    • What you are forgetting is that Z does not currently get enough funds from copper. If it did you probably wouldn’t want to borrow. Secondly, $7bn debt will be with the country for ages, and the country won’t have resources to repay that debt – end result is never ending poverty. We can be smart about this. Day no to this debt

    • The problem with bootlickers like you is that you like condemning HH without even bothering to understand what he is saying. If you read the article above AGAIN and AGAIN you will understand that HH has not only condemned but he has offered solutions as well.

    • @Saulosi

      Just continue burying your head in the sand until your PF recks the prospects of a better future your grand children.

    • @Saulosi, read the article again you prick! It fullish of you to memorize slogans to write on every HH article. You’re a kaponya with a horrible reading culture!

    • @Top shooter and Sepo.Your choice of words further attests to how uncouth and intellectually challenged you guys are.People differ in opinions everyday ,but it doesn’t mean that when you don’t share another persons view point you have to insult or call them names.Your debating skills defeats your whole point actually.I don`t think you are as educated as you claim to be.Most people who can`t reason well or are intellectually challenged tries to cover up their flaws by using insults and character assassination.You must know that we all can`t agree on the same thing because we have been shaped by different life experiences and environments.Learn how to agree to disagree too.A little maturity never killed anybody.

    • Spot on Saulosi especially this Sepo ,the chap can insult.He just insulted Mushota the other day such that I was just left shaking my head and wondering what type of a person the guy could be.I think we now have children on LT.

    • how do you expect hh to offer solutions?are you brain dead? thats a for him and you will see the solutions but you can’t because your petty brains inhibit you from seeing progressive minds

    • @Saulosi

      Though I have never paraded my education level on this forum, I can assure you that I am far much educated than you are.
      Secondly, I did not use any demeaning term in describing your contribution on this article but merely pointed out the fact that you blog without taking time to understand th issue at hand.
      I must as well point out that you are one of the most uncouth and intellectually challenged bloggers on this site so there is no need for you the kettle to call the pot black

  15. I will nonetheless suggest to a solution to this cruel lot. Soon after it became clear that a financial crisis was looming, Tony Blair summoned the monetary policy committee to devise a solution of averting the crisis. As it was too late given the interconnection of American economy and Britain’s(European), The policy committee came up with the golden rule, ‘Borrow only to Investment’ on projects with guaranteed medium-long term pay back in form of job creation while cushioning the impact of crisis on the poorest households. The solution is a lean cabinet of 15-19 essential ministers bearing in mind that policy is carried out by civil-servants. Therefore it is not order to completely freeze govt jobs. one deputy minister is enough as back-up for each portfolio. job-done and half way…

  16. Having said that, every project particularly infrastructure of the country must be surrendered into the hands of PPP where government role is only confined to policy direction and guarantor for private firms. Which means the tender process be conducted in full public view and accessible by every stakeholder with particular interests. The idea of running multi-billion agency for road infrastructure without overseers is clear day-light robbery or plunder of the highest at the least and must be condemned by every Zambian. Its demonstrate and keep shaking this leaking boat packed with murders of every description until it sinks to the river-bed and never to be seen or hear ever.. again. Pathetic rotten-toothed thieves!!

  17. The dreamers are the saviors of the world, dreams are the seedling of realities. There can be no progress nor achievement without sacrifice. The money we are borrowing for infrastructure development will standard a test of time and will create employment for maintenance.
    The world does not favor people like HH who are greedy, dishonest and vicious with no solution. MMD was in power for 20 good years but with deplorable state of infrastructure. Sta and PF were voted to leave a mark in Zambia ati kwali a baume. It is easy to judge and condemn others but we should look at the consistency in the vision of PF and Sata.

    • @pio

      You wrong just there; HH has been favoured by the world. If HH wanted to live any where on Earth he would be easily accepted because of his vast wealth and enterprising skills.

      Don’t be personal, try to see sense in what HH is on about because one day his ideas might become handy in saving your kantemba if you seriously want to be financially stable. Ifyakutola fye tafikala nga ubuteko bwachinja.

    • If pf and sata have a vision for the country why Zambia ‘s economic future looks brick as citied by poor & standard,why Zambia has been down graded from B+ to B,why are investors confidence diminished of late.use your brain and not eyes in analyzing economic and social issues.

  18. All these errorneous decisions by parliament hinge at one point, the outnumbering of the oposition MPs by the rulling PF in parliament.
    SATA was very tactful when appointing opposition MPs as deputy Ministers so that they can cross over to the rulling PF and support their decisions in parliament.
    As long as the numbers remain like this, we will always be crying over parliament’s decisions.
    There’s need for Zambians to work up and start supporting the oposition in bye-elections so as to reduce on the PFs representation in parliament.
    As it is now, parliament is failing to perform it’s democratic duty of checks and balances on the executive becouse it’s the same people who are making decisions and ratifying at the same time.
    worried about the new consitution.

  19. When will we clothe our African children in decent clothes?
    Even with the coming of second hand clothes, we still cannot dress our children in good clean clothes.

    One wished this approved borrowing would so develop the economy of Zambia so that people like the boy in the photo will come out of poverty.

    Oh God, deliver us! Our leaders are selfish, pompous and without vision for our nations.

  20. it is not about tribe, this is an issue of performance. Even though i am bemba, i would rather vote for a person like HH. Honestly Mr Sata does not have any single idea of what he must do to take this country forward.

  21. What a useless gov. only a full who thinks development can only come when you borrow. House and gov. are almost the same, if your living depends on borrowing then even the gov. can borrow and this is totally wrong. How many mines do we have in Zambia today compared to kaunda era. Introduce windfall tax if you want to speed up development. PF dont think you will be in power forever.
    This is abuse of office. Bakabwalala

  22. what is the solution to this issue? Comparisons can sometimes be misleading to the fact. We are Zambia and not other countries and we solve our issues according to what we have.

    • Here are some of the solutions offered by HH. You can also add some more solutions if you are not a blind PF zealot.
      “Mr. Hichilema said he has consistently advised the PF regime to be bold enough and introduce windfall taxes for mines, reduce tax concessions given to foreign investors, reduce the size of cabinet and even put a wage freeze on cabinet ministers and MPs instead of punishing the poor Zambian workers and citizens.”
      In countries where leaders are there to serve the people like Ghana and even next door in Malawi, the politicians, including the presidents have cut their salaries as a cost saving measure. The Malawian president, Joyce Banda, has even gone further by selling the presidential jet. But Mr. Sata and his large cabinet are increasing their salaries sometimes twice…

  23. Learned bloggers is a crime for a person in the opposition to contribute to national development, or to visit State house and the sitting President. Was it a crime for Dr. Canisius Banda vice-president UPND to visit HE. Sata.

    • if he had no ill intentions why didnt he imform his coleagues and avail his agenda.definately they would have given him their blessings,now he decided to go incognito it raises suspicions
      he must reap what he sowed.

  24. @ Wanzelu
    How much can you raise from your solutions? This is said by impulse without thinking by politicians just be careful.


      The architects of the world economy ;the English say gather the pennys and the pounds will gather them selves. If you read my blog again, you will notice that I said what HH has suggested are not the only solutions but part of a whole range of solutions out there. Countries like Zambia and many African countries will never develop sustainably if they do not cut down on importation of high tech goods. Here in the UK they import low value goods like food clothes and cheap technologies. But when it comes to high value high tech goods they strive to manufacture them selves so that they stay ahead of the competition and gain a niche in the export market.
      All construction of roads,houses and bridges in the UK are a preserve of the British companies. No china man company.

  25. We’ll cry naked???
    Are you blaming the voters again???
    I thing Canisius has sensed something from within UPND.
    Give us more of the UPND inside information…

  26. For now forget about the topic at hand and think about the kid in the picture wearing 98. If you put me in touch with him or his family, I can send him decent brand new clothes and for a few more friends.

    • I remember this pic from a few years ago. Bloggers felt the same way you do now when it appeared then. Hopefully, the boy has since been able to go to school and get a proper education. It is worth more than some brand new clothes which will similarly get countless eye holes.

    • A moving picture indeed. Sadly it represents a growing a number of children. At the very least I wish I could help with clothes and school fees. Is this really a file photo from a few years ago?

  27. Good evening

    Without any “ifs” or “buts”, let us acknowledge that there is a lot of substance and truth in the arguments raised by HH.

    As a nation, we have the duty to learn from the past, in order not to repeat the same mistakes that we made yesterday. Failure to do so would sadly warrant us to be labelled “insane”.
    It is in this light that the government must be ready to listen to every voice of advice and reasoning concerning the future of the nation, no matter where it is coming from.

    On borrowing, I have said before that it is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing if the money is put to good use (permanent investments, infrastructure) but it can also be a curse because apart from the burden of paying back, there are usually strings attached.

    • @Nine Chale

      Wow You are now being a true patriot. Supporting an idea from the opposition does not mean that you are turning your back on your party. Its merely exercising the virtues of democracy which requires us to learn from each other for the common good of the country.
      If you listen to HH ‘s speeches most of the time he does not condemn infrastructural projects but merely suggests that they should be executed in a sustainable way and with proper planning so that the country will afford to maintain them in future when the lenders turn their back on Zambia. Apart from that he is always an advocate of a balanced approach to development where all sectors of the economy are given equal attention.

      What happened to Zim is just a step away if PF is not careful.

  28. You will eat masipa here. Just wait and see. Only about 30% of these loans go where it is intended. The rest is stolen through corruption. Populist mentality will not take your country anywhere. We seen this in Kaunda era where coupons were given out to keep the ***** in power

  29. I disagree it does not work out like that,ati if someone fail to do something then nobody should attempt to do the same thing.The truth is your hh after the Mansa elections now for real knows he has very slim chances of winning in 2016.The main factor in the Mansa Election why PF did very well is the roads,all the main roads ‘ve been work on.So if the Link Zambia 8000 project is sucessful hh knows 2016 kulabako.

  30. HH

  31. Firstly let me applaud your stupidity and lack of reason. All you care about is how you feel about someone, all other things are secondary. It suits you to be reckless and unreasonable for as long as all that comes from the devil you know and like………devil worshippers.

  32. At times I really find it very difficult to understand the reasoning of people like Mushota!!! She claims to be a PhD student and if she was my student I recommend that she doesn’t waste her money and time to proceed with her Thesis.

    Mushota – here is the summary of recommendations being made by HH:-

    Maintain the external borrowing levels and avoid getting back to HIPC;
    Reduce the Cabinet and impose a wage freeze;
    Introduce a windfall tax on mining;
    RDA should be accountable by having a Board not a “One Man Board” operating from State House;
    Stop recycling leaders like Sata,Mukombwe and ABC because there politics and economics are based on the 1970s;

    The above summary is a very clear list of recommendations that can address the current mismanagement of the Zambian economy.

    • Ultimately, that’s what happens when people rush to comment after only reading the headline. and then rush to comment. The product is always an opinion based on gut instinct but never a well thought-out analysis.

    • Excellent explanation Ba Pimbi. Unfortunately, dunderheads like mushota goon and his fellows goons in Sata abc kk munkonyobwe can’t get it!

  33. @ Pimbi Mano




  34. Gud evening people of Zambia. Pls wen u are bringing issues, let us use our brains and never insult. These are serious issues and we need to discuss them so that someone can get sense who knows out of this forum someone can listen. Things can change according to the way the majority want things tobe run in Zambia. I have children that are young and I would want them wen we go, they will continue developing where the people could have left (RICH) country we want to be left for our children. may god help us.

  35. How do we expect people who cannot manage their own money or even grow their own assets to manage our economy to health? Its like letting std7 failures to become university lecturers.

  36. Thanks HH for your observation. I see Zambia crushing into the same situation again. all we need is to wake up and act, its never too late.

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