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Nurses defy Government’s threats as more join the strike


Protesting nurses at Kitwe Central Hospital (KCH)

Striking nurses at UTH have defied government’s directive to go back to work by 17 hours yesterday.

A check at the health institution found nurses from defense forces taking care of patients.

Some of the nurses interviewed vowed that they will not return to work until their grievances are addressed.
They stressed that government should not intimidate them.

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde this morning at a media briefing directed all striking nurses to get back to work failure to which they will face charges.

Dr. Kasonde reiterated that the strike action by the nurses is illegal and is a dismissible offence.

But UTH Public Relations Manager Mwenya Mulenga said that only a few nurses have reported back to work.

Mr. Mulenga said management is still under pressure but that measures are being put in place to ensure that operations do not come to a halt.

Nurses and midwives at Chipata General Hospital have joined the strike action by their colleagues in Lusaka and Southern provinces.

A check at the biggest health facility in the province found nurses and midwives loitering around the premises.

The striking workers have vowed not to resume work until government meets their demands of normalizing what they termed as salary anomalies.

And Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) Chairperson Japhet Mulipa urged the nurses and midwives to call off their strike in order to allow government and the union to complete negotiations regarding the matter.

Mr Mulipa who held a meeting with the nurses said there is need to pave way for the negotiations saying the negotiations cannot take place when the nurses are on strike.

He however, said the nurses had resolved to take the strike action because they were not happy with the four percent salary increment which was awarded to them and the gap between the professional and the general workers which he said has been squeezed.

He stated that it is mockery that there is a minimal difference between professional and non professionals saying it defeats the purpose of attaining qualifications.

He stated that government had not honoured the pronouncements made in the media to award the nurses with a K2500 salary increment saying this angered the nurses.


  1. These nurses are just being unreasonable. 10 million kwacha monthly salary and 4 million kwacha for housing after doing a two year course at Nchanga school of nursing ? Quite alright they do a good job but our economy is too fragile to support their ridiculous demands.Government should seriously think about going the Rupiah banda way i.e firing them.

    • Don’t worry nurses their is a good rumour going around that sata has managed to bribe Dr Canisius Banda from UPND TO BE THE NEW MINISTER OF HEALTH

    • That’s Bull…..t! To begin with they don’t even respect patients and this shows that they are only interested in money than the health of patients. If i had a all the powers, i could have them all dismissed. To Nurse imwe matter call year nu!!

    • if our economy is fragile as you put it then why is sata increasing his salary twice in a year and at more than 100%? do unto others as you do to yourself

    • It’s not them nurses!
      It’s your PF government and their expensive rhetoric!
      Nevertheless the nurses conditions of service have been suppressed for too long in the name of noble profession!
      We need to be fair for once!
      Give them a package that will restore the dignity of their profession!
      Stop this casualization of the nursing profession!
      Please fire them and see how worse the situation will get.
      This is how we lost a lot of our doctors and nurses to the developed world and our professionals are the most preferred!

      The one who needs to be fired is Shamenda and Kasonde who have aggravated the situation!

    • No work no pay period.

      You dont reward sadists., men and women who have no hearts in theeir chests.

      You people in the opposition are wining and dancing at the scenario but just wait.

      Nurses have no excuse for any reason…not even of poor governance.

    • You have no heart of a human, I thought with the coming of Sata tu nurse twalalekako icibeleshi please do not pay them for the days they have been out of work, deliberletly recruit nurses next year to pave way for those stupid sponsered so called nurses please Govement that’s our money do not tolerate fire them….!,if will not then Kasonde should resign.

    • Well, F. Nightingale’s philosophy DOES NOT INCORPORATE EXPLOITATION BY DUNDARHEADS!! Nursing IS NOT A CHARITY nor an NGO!!!

      Kolwe, you seem more familiar with Horse crap – it is good for us to know, WE WHOLLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO STICK TO IT, feel free TO EAT IT TOO!!

    • Crap ! How many nurses are in Zambia ? With our limping economy that is too much to ask.It is one of the reasons why the economy in Greece went under because the public workers failed to compromise in terms of salaries.Giving nurses 14,000 kwacha is a sure way to more economic doldrums.Our country will go under

    • Let the patients die so that mortuary attendants and grave diggers can at least work and demand for higher pay as well.I am in support of nurses action despite losing the beloved ones.Fi patient akufwenifwe or try herbalists.

  2. if useless sata can increase his salary 3times in two years,why not a useful nurse?actualy the nurses are not even asking too much,in some clinics nurses act like a k15000 is reasonable considering a two year wage free in place.please teachers,police,dokotaz do the same.

    • Crap ! How many nurses are in Zambia ? With our limping economy that is too much to ask.It is one of the reasons why the economy in Greece went under because the public workers failed to compromise in terms of salaries.Giving nurses 14,000 kwacha is a sure way to more economic doldrums.Our country will go under.

    • hehehe!!!! ati in some clinics some nurses act like doctors, mune acting like one and being one are two different things….YOU ARE A NURSES TRAINED FOR 2-3YRS PERIOD. YOU CANT BE LIKE ONE WHO TRAINED FOR 7 YRS

  3. Its so not fair how Nurses are treated, they do loads of work, they work day and night they risk their lives and commit to service, but are regarded with low respect, MPs work yes but the amount of work done by them cannot be equated to our educated nurses and now see how much they’re they’re paid for sitting, compare to how much our nurses are paid for and the work they do! Its not fair, let’s not even blame them for striking.

    • There is nothing more they do compared to teachers.Teachers should actually be paid more and not these arrogant creatures.They are in a life saving profession when it’s apparent that they don’t care about the same patients.

    • Compare what they are geting with what is in the region. You will find that they get more.
      Remember “specialization of labour,” in civics/ political science! Why were we taught that? Japanese sucrificed for their country. Don’t think developed countries did not pass through that. Be committed to your country. There is a lot of laziness in our country compared to others around.

  4. Since this is an illegal strike not sanctioned by their union, if anyone get fired, ti would be very difficult for them to be re-hired again. Dr Kaunda did this before and brought in foreigners to curb the situation. These are people endowed with the responsibility of saving lives however their grievances. I hope the government put its foot down and lets see what they will do. Letting innocent people die is a crime against humanity. While we appreciate your grievances, shame on you nurses for taking it out on innocent patients.

    • The Diaspora is anxiously awaiting your announcement to fire the nurses!
      It will gladly welcome them and pay them many times over what you are denying them!
      Angola is waiting!
      Mozambique is waiting!
      UK is waiting!
      Uncle Sam is waiting!
      The EU is waiting!
      Australia is waiting!
      Botswana is waiting!
      RSA is waiting!

      The list is long!
      Try to fire them and see the misery you are going to create!
      These are very marketable people!
      Just because you don’t respect them locally does not mean they are not valued out there!
      Stop this Gender Based Violence! Is it because most nurses are female that you want to take advantage of them and use them as door mats?
      I don’t think they are happy to leave and watch patients die!
      The Successive governments have failed to look after nurses!

  5. We understand their grievances but still they are pushing their luck too far.Sata please fire these uncaring people.Patients are dying because of their carelessness.Balitumpa aba bantu.

  6. Look at the picture how these so called life savers are dancing while patients are dying.This is indeed crime against humanity and all they care is money.14000 for what naimwe please fire them all they want is to get this money and buy tuna spacio used ones and pose.Most of the nurses the attitude towards patients is very bad some spend most of their time chatting and on facebook.firefire them Mr minister batumpa and let them stay away hospital premises as their singing irritate patients who may come out and beat them

    • atase kwati pali efyo bali, why is the minister wasting all this time, fire them so that we can be picking them pa Eastpoint and do them for k20 per round

  7. Aftr wrkn with patients, trust me it becomes a normal thing seeing som1 die coz u undstrnd life is like a flip of a coin eithr heads or tails…… No mttr hw u stress the point of patients being innocent u jst sound kwati koni akalelila….wt nurses r askn 4 iz not too much, 21% n accept da 2 years wage freeze. Lets js be realistic n remembr tht thoz othrs hv prepared thmselves 4 the wage freeze with enough incremnt to see thmselves thru da 2 years….JANZA KUMBELE….

  8. If GRZ had fulfilled the Nurses’ plight the last time they protested the unprofessional and incompetent manner salary increments were awarded they would have been working.

    The ones to blame for the death of patients due to the strike is the employer. Using arm-twisting and blackmail to intimidate nurses is not on. Just know that if an army loses a battle because the command failed to motivate the fighters, the ones to be court-marshalled are the commanders. If you value the lives of innocent Zambians, why are you refusing to motivate the nurses. You prefer to pay cleaners better salaries and start politicking when the actual patient carers ask for living wages. Some of you do not know what it takes to become a nurse. Have you ever bothered to look at their curriculum material?

  9. This forum is interesting. All postings are from people in the Diaspora …. All you a.s.s. holes make a living in USD and you are judging Nurses on the ground in Zed ??? Let people back home tell us if K10 pin is enough for a living !!! Middle class that is…….

    • No, MsB I don’t think you may “suggest that all those shut up”…..eish, especially not on the internet!!!

      Better would be to explain what the job of a nurse entails. You claim to be knowledgeable and appear to have a strong opinion, right?

    • thats what you chose, what really is your problem were you not told how much you were to be receiving, ifyabupuba fye. you are small devils killing people

  10. nursing today is more challenging and stressful than the olden days ,therefore,we must understand that we are affetected in one way or the other.Charity work is found in horspices folks-as for me I have a sister who is a nurse obviuosly I would want her to get good money to avoid asking too much from me.good money is a living wage for the Zedian food basket which must be roughly 15 000 ZMW period.kuba pela fye!

    • STEPPING RAZOR, Its day dreaming we have to look back and see how our nurses behave. They did the same during UNIP, MMD and now its PF government. I agree with Former health minister Dr. Kapembwa Simbao that the conduct of nurses is unreasonable by putting undue pressure on the government. What mathematics did the nurses use when negotiating.
      Government has no money and awarding the 15000 kwacha is too colossal which will have a negative side effect. The best way is to retire every one on illegal strike then hire them on short term contracts.

  11. some of you these in the caption are your in laws,(mlamus)and you hide your ID by shouting at them aren’t they humans to ask for what is due to them?Rights are fought for not given on silver time it might be you and we shall see how you gonna react.hunger feels the same everywhere boetie!

  12. Before saying anything I would like to call the striking behavior of Nurses as a mere rhetoric, it is a typical money mongers behavior. Nurses in the first place let me state something to you that the money you are demanding is something I contribute to, I pay your government not less than Kr 3000 every month from PAYE so for you to gat guts to demand Kr 10 000 is mere rhetoric and ridiculous. Your behavior is uncalled for, its vampirely typical one, the truth is that money is never enough the increment you are asking for will add up another thirsty for another increment- what a selfish attitude to even go to the extent of ridiculing the unprofessional ones that the gap is narrow interms of salary margin. Nurses change your attitude.

  13. The government should train military personell who can be.reasonable enough. These nurses can lead us into temptation especially that they know there is no alternative. Wirk out something. If u pay them 14,000, they should also teach their children in the wards.. They irritate our nation

  14. Nurses please don’t go back to work! These I.d.I.o.t.s in govt increased their salaries and they want other people to sacrifice! Chi sata is busy employing relatives, chi chikwanda doesn’t know what he is doing! What a circus we have in Zed! It really pains that we are again on the HIPC path! What a shame!

  15. First of all I would like to state that the government will go ahead with its normal these nurse’s demand is nothing but mere rhetoric…

  16. Cost of livin has gone up with removal of fuel subsidy. Thats why everybody wants more money. Chibamba kanyama tried to advse but sata called him fake economics. This country will grind to to halt.

  17. Huh!K14 000??? These gigolos !!and at the expense of dying patients!!!where are the Panga fighters kanshi ??dudes epa kubombela 😉

  18. “Tu nurse don’t kutweba”
    Now, “akabomba akabiye…..”, elyo kabili “tabupanda waluse”
    Kolwe kapitenimo ne mbwa….

  19. Fire these demons!Hire foreigners as kk did at one time as u change the laws that stop such workers from strike actions tho with these demons it is not even legal them please!The many human beings they’ve killed are haunting dem.

  20. Ukupipa shiki and cleaning of wound ,ifipute no kuwamya mukanwa umwabola ati K10 000 ukutumpa tu nurse na certificate ya 2yrs.You should have tried engneering not ifyo.

  21. I do not support this illegal strike by nurses. I will not blame government if they take drastic action. But I think we need to change the way look at and treat certain professions. Accountants from ZICAS with ACCA which is done in 2 years are highly respected compared to nurses who equally do a two year course. This must change. ACCA is just a glamourized certificate. Lets us not follow already developed countries blindly since they can afford to overpay unproductive professionals and we can not.

  22. Ati before they go back to work nurses want Labour Minister Shamenda to undress them or is it(address them)….Akalapunda fye ati next…next…next…next….

  23. The chaps need to be serious now, surely a small nurse demanding all that, we need to be objective sometimes, were is government going to get finds wen we nid to buy ARVs and other medication for poor people that can afford in rural areas. get back to work and stop dreaming.

  24. Its high time nurses and all medical personnel got what they derseve in terms of renumeration.These proffessional are the custodians of our health and what to they they get at the end of the month? only peanuts!!!!

    These help in cleaning patients who are terminally ill (ukuba pipa amafi)
    give them 10 000 !!!!

  25. The most unfortune thing is that the same people we offer our services never appreciate. Instead they call nurses sort of names as though they satan’s children speaking. They dont whether nurses eat, dress or hav where to sleep 4 them to concentrate on nursing care. Remember Zambian nurses are highly qualified worldwide & are capable of offering high nursing care 24/7 provided Condusive working environment & salary not peanunts. Viva nurses go on with strike do not be intimidated many others are yet to join in strike action. UTH viva nurses Viva

    • its high time we change our attitudes towards work,the more they prices increase on the market,some of you are talking about greener pasture which you dont know where it is,a bird you have is better than the one flying.some of us we have seen so called greener pasture he/she is just doing house keeping,so dont be mislead some of you come from poor back ground you want to back to katete and who cheated you that a certificate from monze kasama mansa lewanika is recognised in US or UK.

  26. Please, can somebody enlighten me on how much money was spent on Government officials medical care, check-ups, traveling allowances etc in medical institutions outside Zambia?

  27. Inorder to close his chapter once and for all. The government should used China method. Go with bulldozzers to UTH. Who ever refuses to vacate the place, run over them. These nurses are a disgrace to the nation.

  28. I am all for increased pay for health care professionals. This is not an easy job. How do we get more pay to these critical workers? To simply increase salary means the government must take from somewhere else which in turn requires either an increase in overall taxation or an increase in personal health care cost when entering a clinic or hospital. We cant have free or low cost health care with highly trained and paid professionals without paying somewhere along the line…

  29. If u are not satisfied with what yo employer has offered u quite wee!1.Yo demand is unrealistic. 2.Yo strike z illegal. 3.Yo altitude z very bad such dat u can’t b trusted.3.With dis evil heart no wonder medicines nd other medical tools are stolen

    • Osmo… Wat is your trade. Are u in grz or private? Bet u wunt know the difference. U wuldnt talk like that if u were in health

  30. To the ***** saying ACCA is a glorified certificate please do not display your ignorance her. Professional courses cram what universities teach in 4 years into 2 years and it takes stamina to complete in 2 years especially CIMA.Very few finish. For your own information a person who has finished Business Administration Degree at CBU which is 4 years receives only half exemptions in ACCA or CIMA. The go into stage 2 only. What does that tell you? lol! Please investigate and dont talk about things you dont know. For your own information ACCA and CIMA are closer to MBAs than degrees and thats why ACCA and CIMA holders get exemptions in some MBA subjects. Education is not always how many years you study but WHAT you study….*****!

    • But if you want to do a degree at recognised university what exemptions do you get if you have ACCA or CIMA. The fact is academic degree holders are broad minded going by the scope of their study while professional qualification holders are narrow minded since they only focus on one area of study. Besides my friend who is an Engineer passed ACCA without ever sitting in class.

  31. The government should be seriously by resolving such matter as quick as possible,Health is one of the most imprtant thing in ones life.Look what the nurses do,to get someone to life is not something to play with.It needs care and rensponsibility.please the government should resolve this matter shotly nether we re poor.

  32. what is shamenda fearing,is dialogue not just the best ? please be a servant and not a boss.when you were campaigning you looked genuine.

  33. Spartan you have just proved my point….lol! An engineer is sharp so its not surprising he would pass…Though CIMA i doubt as it is much harder and thats a fact…Give me an example of someone dull who passed CIMA with or without going to class and I will say no more…And I’m not sure what you are on about but why would someone with ACCA or CIMA do a business degree…Please do not display your ignorance. From ACCA or CIMA one does a masters degree and every profession specialises you! Ask doctors… These are International respected qualifications whether you like it or not and thats why we are paid the amount of money we are…Being a CFO or a Finance Manager is no joke my friend. Its a hell of a lot of work. Go ask yourself why the engineer did ACCA if it is of no…

  34. And for your own information, business qualified people are the most broadly minded. We work an any and every industry, and have to learn the trade, how it works, where the source of income is,etc…To me narrow minded is being in the same industry all your life. And please do not comment a profession you arent in. That just makes you look stupid. How can you confidently comment on a profession you havent worked a day in your life? That shows that you are the narrow minded one my friend. The world of Finance is by no means narrow. Read a book or something and open up that closed mind of yours. And learn to respect other peoples professions…trying to belittle them is pretty pathetic..and shows bitterness…

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