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Church leaders urged to avoid discouraging members from taking ARVs


A clergyman has called on church leaders not to stop their church members from taking Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARVs).

Faith Tabernacle Church of Matero in Lusaka Pastor Wozifera Ngoma said the church should encourage their members to adhere to treatment and not discourage them from taking ARVs which are life saving drugs.

Pastor Ngoma said only medical personnel have the ability to advise patients when to start or stop taking the drugs.

He said this when he officiated during the commemoration of World AIDS Day in Matero Constituency under the theme” Getting to Zero in Zambia, Zero new infections, Zero deaths and Zero stigma and discrimination”.

Pastor Ngoma said as the church they will endeavour to continue with the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and that they will keep encouraging people to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT).

And a nurse from George Clinic Giveness Mwangala has called on parents to openly start talking to their children about HIV/AIDS instead of them hearing about it in the media.

Ms Mwangala said HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention should start from homes where people are coming from in order for the country to achieve the zero infection rate.

She said couples should also be going for VCT in order to protect their unborn children if they know their HIV status.



  1. How can people be led by ignorants and you expect them to get anything fruitful out of it? Start by educating these so called church leaders, make sure that you set principles and guidelines on which someone can be eligeable to be a church leader. Not anyone clever enough who has just discovered how to survive at the expense of the even more ignorant poor people.

    • How can people be led by such ingnorant leaders and be expected to get anything fruitful out of it? Start first by educating these so called “church leaders” and make sure principles and guide lines are strictly structured and followed on which someone can be appointed or elected as a church leader, not every Jim and Jack from the streets who upon realising they can survive and make a living out of the ignorant poor people.
      It is not only Governments responsibilty to make sure that it’s people are well taken carer of politically and Socially, but also the Church’s.
      Waoh….. this post is much better than the first two I guess, blogging is really helping my English, Thankx LT!

  2. Oh no, correct sentence should read……Make sure you set principles and guide lines, thats good and proper English not the English Dutch there sorry my friends!

  3. Advise them to also distribute condoms in prison and stop that i.diotic homophobic rhetoric of Zambia being a christian nation when we all know that this is a death sentence to prisoners who have no alternative.

  4. How can someone be called WOZIFERA from the name itself it suggests that he shud discourage pipo from taking ARV so that AZIFERE

  5. JUST BELIEVE IN GOD. He will heal you. ARVs are problematic and not good to take. I have seen how people on ARVs have become. Necks lie hippos! Oh my God not these ARVs. I would rather take Sondashi Formula.

  6. Faith if you thinks you know how people taking ARVs look like then you must be the most ignorant. If you have nothing to say stay, away from the discussion.

    HIV is not a death sentence as our Jesus is able to cure any disease; that is if you do not fall in the hands of “un-commissioned men of God’. God commissions his on pastors and prophets and not bible schools as most people would want to believe. Becoming a pastor or a prophet is not a personal decision but God’s decision. Be on the look out as false prophets and pastors are on the loose, being used by Satan and his minions and they themselves are not aware. Jesus never used to advertise his presence but today “men of God” advertise miracles. Advertising miracles or healing is demonic. God heals as He wills not men.

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