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President Sata thanks Mansa but not impressed with low turnout at the rally


President Sata in Mansa
President Sata in Mansa

President Sata yesterday thanked the people of Mansa Central for voting for the PF candidate in last weeks by election.This was at Kaole Stadium where he held a public meeting to thank the people of Mansa for voting for the PF member of parliament in the November 22 by elections following the death of Kennedy Sakeni who was the area member of parliament.President Sata was however disappointed by the poor attendance of the public meeting which he attributed to inadequate publicity by party structures.

He remembered the days prior to the November 2011 elections when the throngs of people trooped to his meetings and the stadium was being filled to capacity.

President Sata had earlier visited the Luapula University construction site and unveiled a stone before appearing on Radio Yangeni where he explained a number of national issues to the people of Mansa.

Meanwhile Education Minister John Phiri promised that he will next March bring the President to Luapula for the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Luapula University which has been allocated a budget of K13million together with Mongu University in Western province.

Dr Phiri said is important to increase the number of secondary schools which should be feeding into the University to deal with all the problems of the province.
He also advised Zambians to give President Sata a chance to govern the country and rule in peace.

The president was accompanied by Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi, Education Minister John Phiri, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilbur Simusa, several deputy ministers from Luapula province including Chifubu member of parliament Susan Kawandami and Hastings Chansa for Chimbamilonga constituency in Nsama district.

President Sata advised the newly elected Mansa Central member of parliament Chitalu Chilufya to work with the party structures for his political success.

He told Dr Chilufya that he must help the poor people in the party because his success was largely attributed to their massive turn up on the polling day to give him a chance to serve as their area member of parliament.

He added that Dr Chilufya’s political career might be short lived if he neglects the party structures which have the power to vote for him and keep him scoring.


  1. Sata I am suprised that you are suprised at the low turn out.I’ll spell it out for you – people are disappointed in you and wish they never voted for you.Only paid cadres,those promised deputy minister positions,and those crooks appointed to leadership roles in your govt support you.Our kwacha in weak,we are becoming heavily indebted,you don’t follow laws,the supreme court is corrupt…to mention but a few- go figure sir

    • @Liam, those are not the reasons why Mansa-people shun Sata’s rally. Us from Luapula don’t discuss and complaining like you are doing just above.
      In Mansa or all Luapula, we judge personality and stupidity once, umuntu watumpa tulaposa panse. Sata insult our MPs, and all said “Sata anyela kumwela…fofakiseki yakwe, we will not attend his rallies, better to and drink Katata, its Saturday anyway”

    • people are busy with their lives to be attending political rallies all the time.

      they cant abandon cultivating and planting their fields to go listen to Sata who was there a week ago

    • The low turnout is a way of saying “iwe mudala we gave you our vote so what else” The people did their part hence they didn`t see another reason to go and see him again when they have fish to catch before the lake is closed for the breeding season.I impressed with the Luapula university ,it is news to me.Thumbs up !

    • Uli wa bufi, mune. I am not from luapula province but I have been there several times. Luapula people don’t complain. In fact they are very happy people who mind there business. Though, a bit primitive in one way or other.

    • Better political leaders execute a holistic approach to developing a country than pursuing a populist agenda. Sata should have dealt with the people existing problems first before embarking on this populist agenda. He should deal with rising cost of living and falling standard of living.
      He should expand capacity and improve the quality of existing infrastructure first before taking on new projects. Otherwise what is happening is; the existing infrastructure is crumbling into a state of disrepair while he is busy taking on new projects.
      To me his strategy stands on shaky grounds because majority of the voters are too poor to worry about new infrastructure,but instead they worry more about what to feed their families and a decent roof over their heads.

    • He is truly surprised, because he spends most of his time behind doors at State House. He is yet to discover the true picture of his standing in Zambia. The beauty of time it hides nothing.

  2. What was Daniel doing in Mansa? yah the man has reduced him self in to a Bull Dog for Sata what shame for the old man

  3. yaaabaa first time since time immemorial for sata to go and thank voters for electing his candidate. anyway those were tribal votes as claimed by Dr ngoma. let us see pf win cleanly in petauke and mulobezi let alone the would be mufumbwe

  4. Always unobtective comments.If it were yo leaders they were not even going to say that.There wasn’t that publicity.Let upnd or mmd go and hold one there for comparison’s sake.Then we can objectively judge.Not wat u are doing. ‘kabombeniko namwe’

  5. PF won in Mufumbwe,Livingstone,Mpongwe,Chama and Nmkushi North but never did he go and thank these people for voting for PF.What is so special with this sit Mr.Sata.This is the tribalism were are talking and regionalism.
    Post accused HH of going to North-Western,Southern and Western Province.Can Mmembe say something on this.Thanks people of Mansa for shunning this useless rally where we were told the constitutions will remain the same.

  6. Do u even work or yo career is blogging?Pipo like Nostraduma must b a lazy pipo.That’s why Zambia is very poor.Poverty mentality ba demon imwe.

  7. It madness to think that all the contitution must be changed. Are all laws bad there?learn to understand before u yap.


  9. Iam disappointed with my party PF.They have also failed to tar any road in Kamwala south.95% voted for PF and Lubinda.Zipas Road and break point which were tarred 1km each by MMD are bad.Why can’t PF atleast complete these two roads.There is no tarred road in kamwala south.Our concillor doesn’t live there.we just voted becuase we thought PF would finish these two roads.The road can’t even be graded. Please Mr.president yo MPs and concellors are failing U.Please tell Lubinda to work on these roads otherwise u’ll loose more people from da party.Nowonder people are not atteding da rallies.Visit these places jst to check project.Zambian Mps lie to much.It will be too late for u Mr.president.we still have hope in U.consider Kamwala south people now before rains sweep everything..

  10. # donchi, yes that is the big story. Sata is the worse tribal president Zambia has ever known. 3 universities in what we would still call one province yet other provinces like Eastern and NWP don’t have one university built. Where is the one Zambia one nation gone?


  12. Chitonfwa or is Chitomfwa,why would you start building or improving infrastructures in places where you had low votes?First come first serve,next time am sure they ‘ll vote wisely next time.Anyway each province ‘ll ‘ve a University just logical to start in provinces where you had most votes.In North Western one of the Mine (Lumwana i think) ‘ll build a University there.

  13. Chitonfwa or is it Chitomfwa,why would you start building or improving infrastructures in places where you had low votes?First come first serve,am sure they ‘ll vote wisely next time.Anyway each province ‘ll ‘ve a University just logical to start in provinces where you had most votes.In North Western one of the Mine (Lumwana i think) ‘ll build a University there.

  14. This is the consequence of having a voter turnout of only 10%. PF may have won by a large margin but very few people voted for them, the large number that stayed away did not only deny the opposition votes but also probably does not support PF.

  15. 13m for an educational institution and you call it a university. these people know what a classified as a university?

  16. Just say thank you to the people for voting PF. It is lack of respect to castigate them when you are constantly in news for wrong reasons.

    Mr President, some residents have Church to take care of on Saturdays. Besides all else, this is a farming season and people have families to spend time with.

  17. Donchi that is shallow thinking. A president is a president for all including those who never voted for him. Tell us where the money that is building universities and roads in Luapula (Muchinga included) is coming from?

  18. I am a bit skeptical about this ‘promiscuous’ construction of so called Universities. Luapula currently lacks good transport links, no sanitation, no clean water supply, and no broadband connection. A university with students using pit latrines has nothing to be proud of. I have seen universities in Nigeria were students live in crowded dormitories and sleep on the floor. Of course Zambia requires more university places but, quality matters!!!

  19. “He also advised Zambians to give President Sata a chance to govern the country and rule in peace.”
    Dream on… that never happens in a democracy.

  20. respect must be given to all who are our leaders like the president. people think when they use a bad language or expression then they have aired there views yet it is only a fool that will bubble unreasonably .people we don’t need to fight among ourselves. thanking people is nothing wrong only that the advisors to the president must highlight the priorities needing his attention. nurses need to be addressed with their plight us Zambians coz more people have died because they can not be attended by nurses at hospitals .pf can perform with our support for we are also the government

  21. Zingamalozq it is not shallow thinking,think about it seriouly.What i know is that they plan to build at least each University in each Province,obviously building all 10 Universities in each province at the same time in Zambia is not possible.So where would you start if it were you?

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