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U17 coach to make changes after CB defeat


The Zambia Under-17 Boys coach Chris Kaunda had promised to ring changes to the team following its 5-1 loss to the Copperbelt Junior Select side in a practice match at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe on Saturday.

The national side was on Saturday booed by fans after the heavy defeat in a friendly match.

The Under-17 squad had set up camp in Kitwe ahead of the 2015 Africa Youth Championship qualifiers to begin next March.

Kaunda said he was still searching for players to fuse in the Zambia Under-17 squad.

“We are looking for players. I am still trying to find players who can join the national team,” he said.

“Those who are in team but do not deserve to be there must leave,” Kaunda said.

He appealed to coaches to help his bench identify under-17 players.

“I am just asking coaches throughout the country to open up and help us to find players this is the most difficulty team to make; you have to get players from the scratch.”

The team has since broken camp and will regroup after three weeks.


  1. Now that FAZ has sponsorship its time a national Under-17 league was established. That way Kaunda doesn’t have to start things from scratch this late. By now he would have hunted for his national eleven from the U-17 league

  2. Please continue with the practice matches so that those so called useless U17 national team boys are exposed to the waste. Go round provinces and player against U17 provincial schools select and see whether any of your useless boys will be in the final team to represent ichalo.

  3. But how did you come up with a useless team in the first place? …Is it coz of corruption?

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia

    • I wanted to say exactly the same thing.This guy is not the right coach for the under 17.Can you please look for another coach before its too late?I can see him on phone calling someone to help him with substitutions in a crucial match.Am sure he is not the one who came up with the team.That team was just give to him.Corruption at play and the man doesn’t know what has hit him.

  4. There was no need to break camp. The loss should have signaled the need for change of plan and continue with practice matches around the provinces. And please don’t change the team that fast after just one practice game. Call all the boys back and keep working, observing, and analyzing their progress with a bigger picture in mind. Just break camp for Xmass and NY celebrations. But please don’t just narrow down the solution to the defeat to mere team composition…there might be more to it than meets a casual eye.

    • The writting is clear on the wall.
      The team is scrap. Disaband it and Just leave towo or three players, then infuse in those boys from Copperbelt period. Why waste time by intertaining loosers.

  5. Under 17 means someone is in school so how can he play soccer at the expense of education/ thus why u end up with players like SUNZU who can’t speak english , ma rubbish yeka yeka

    • While i appreciate education,i doubt if it will make you rich.Read the book Rich dad,poor dad and you will believe me.By the way, the man is making more money than UNZA and Nurse graduates.And you, how many houses do you own?Most rich people even here in Zambia are Grade 7 and 9 failures.Open your eyes Mwana!!

  6. it could have been 9-1 in truth, i watched the game myself…i recommend the coach for giving time to some other boys who really played like a national side…..good job coach.

  7. The coach is a liar!he only selected 4 players from the Copperbelt team to add to his team of players from favoured selected teams from the midlands.
    Let them select players without BIAS!Untill we begin to do that,sorry we shall always be failing to achieve in soccer.
    Can someone explain why Nkwazi FC have 3 players in the under 20 squad,looking at their perfomance in the just ended league?Answer the coach has strong links with Nkhwazi!Go help Zambia

  8. @ Wake Up- wake up yourself. What exactly is your point? Are you suggesting that all kids should drop out of school and become footballers – Open your eyes yourself!

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