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PF government urged to abandon the reckless path they have embarked on


Delegates at Southern Province Constitution Convention in Livingstone
Delegates at Southern Province Constitution Convention in Livingstone

Zambians for Empowerment and Development(ZED)president Dr.Fred Mutesa has called on the PF government to abandon it’s reckless path in trying to doctor the constitution.

In Press statement released to the media Dr.Mutesa warned the PF government that they stand to pay a heavy price if they do not abandon the reckless path they have embarked on.

Dr.Mutesa was reacting to President Sata’s latest remarks on the constitution-making process in which he said that there is no need to enact a new constitution, arguing that only amendments would suffice.

‘We vividly recall how President Sata, then as an opposition leader, in boycotting the National Constitution Conference (NCC) organized by the MMD, argued that he supported the position of the Oasis Forum on key issues of the constitution.President Sata is mistaken if he thinks he will be treated differently. Any attempt to hijack the will of the people in this matter will invite a political backlash. It defies logic that at a time when the nation is fast sinking into another debt trap, a government can embark on a highly costly exercise without seeing it to its logical conclusion. What was the point of spending billions of hard earned tax payers’ money on the Technical Committee’s work, if we are not going to get a real product at the end? The people of Zambia will get a constitution that reflects their aspirations, whether Mr. Sata and his government like it or not. The least Mr. Sata can do is facilitate the process!’Dr.Mutesa said

Dr Mutesa said President Sata’s statement on the constitution-making process is the latest addition to his party’s never-ending list of unfulfilled promises.

He said this is taking the people of Zambia for granted and lest he has forgotten, we wish to remind him that one of the reasons why the people of Zambia kicked out the MMD was because of its failure to deliver a people-driven constitution.


  1. You are wasting your time advising the Paya Fyonse (PF),they have ears but they can not hear, eyes but they can not see until they plunge in a ditch.

    • Another Gibberish article that has no room, and should be condemned

      Leave the PF alone, the perfect Zambian government doesn’t exist.They are less corrupt compared to MMD and are still finding their feet

      Typical of persons who criticises sports-people on what they ought to do when they themselves have never played the game itself.
      They are not perfect but they need YOUR SUPPORT and not throwing cheap rhetorical statements like this

      Sick and tired of all this drivel, could someone pass the puke bucket please?


    • But Uyu taata wapa state wabufi, cabufi citaata n way only non brianer from muchinga corridor can believe what comes from Sara’s mouth

    • @1.1 … HEMCS has been in power since before independence — he has served in each and every administration. How much more experience does one need — how much footing does he need to find. To top it all off, it has been two years!!

      That said, HEMCS is against the new constitution; something that belongs to Zambians — he will not see state house beyond 2016 that is a fact because he has deceived, cheated and lied to everyone in the country. If he is your relative, then please keep that to yourself.

      HEMCS is a complete failure.


  2. What was the point of spending billions of hard earned tax payers’ money on the Technical Committee’s work….?

    Dr Mutesa, here is the answer: this is the only way he could have given money for free to some experts like one of the chiefs from Mupika.

  3. The man is digging a very big grave for the entire PF. Sata has to rig the elections in 2016 for him to make it to the second term.
    We are watching.

    • And what makes you certain that there will be elections in 2016?At the rate Sata is moving and knowing how docile Zambians are he will just refuse to have the elections and throw the police and his panga wielding thugs at the docile citizens.

    • @Mailon

      Thats likely to happen. Sata has first hand experience of how KK killed off opposition and created one party state. Unfortunately this time Sata will not succeed because the people will be vying for his blood.
      The armed forces, and the police are slowly loosing patience with PF. When this happens ,then the down fall of a regime is about to happen. Talking to the police and armed forces, they will tell you that yes they got a pay rise but it was just symbolic, because all of it gets swallowed in mitigating the impact of more than 100% price rises in just two years.
      Just by looking at the rate Sata is creating enemies all over even within PF ranks it becomes clear that some PF prominent members are waiting for a clearer sign to turn their back on Sata and back stab him soon.

  4. Kabimba is the one confusing the president sata, he wants sata and the PF to look like they are not working and take over the leadership of president . Mr sata you have to be very careful with this guys Chumbwe, Kamba and Kabimba if you want called good leader.

  5. This is the way to go PF. PF has managed to deliver in 90 days and it deserves more years to come. By 2020 Zambia will be another paradise. Cheers PF Cheers Mr. Sata! Congraturations Cabinet Ministers

  6. By the end of December we will have nine (9) ninety days of PF rule!!! When talking about ninety days one has to ask whether it is the first or the last of the ninety dayses.

  7. 1diots will always be *****s no matter how much you build their images. and only a fellow 1diot can choose one of its kind. but since we have majority as 1diots you end up having a nation of 1diots

  8. PF Bloggers baingila achani! your silence is deafening! look at your f o o l i s h president! Where to next Zambia? Debt trap looming! ati Luapula university!!!

  9. When the cold weather started blowing at some of the submissions such as 50+1 and dual citizenship as ‘foreign’ I already new that this draft would not make it. From then it became an academic exercise in futility. The words, ‘The current constitution is just OK and just needs some amendments’ closes the chapter.

  10. Pa ZED ni Pa ZED, a whole exercise gobbling billions of Tax payers money, the draft Constitution comes out one man comes out to seal the the fate of the whole of Zambia by suggesting that only modifications are necessary what a shameless statement. This explains why people were so desperate to obtain substandard correspondence degrees in order to ascend plot 1 in Zambia.

  11. The only amendment I can buy into is this : The opposition be given power to enact the new constitution.

    As things stand PF even whatever party will come to power won’t give us one.
    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  12. It all depends on political fundamentals. If certain aspects of the Draft Constitution are showing some signs of fatigue, carelessness, insensitivity, vanity or such vices, then PF as a popularly elected government can challenge the document. This is a matter of honor and dignity. Deviation and revisionism, big or small must be met with the contempt they deserve. No place for trivialization here.

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