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Over 100 nurses from UTH fired

Headlines Over 100 nurses from UTH fired

Protesting nurses at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka relax under a tree shade.
Protesting nurses at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka relax
under a tree shade.

Over 100 nurses from the the University Teaching hospital-Zambia’s largest tertiary hospital have been fired.The dismissal letters were dated 2nd December 2013 and stated that the Public Service commission was acting under the directive of President Sata.

The letter also stated that the period from 22nd November to 2 December will not be counted as leave days and any monies owed government will be deducted from Terminal benefits.

Senior doctors who sort anonymity expressed disappointing at Government’s tactic of intimidation and wondered what will be achieved from firing so many nurses.

Meanwhile the UTH main operating theater has been closed.

Chronicle of events

Signing ceremony between CSAWUZ and Government for salary increment
In March of this year after what was called a ‘successful conclusion’ of negotiations between Government and the Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ),Government announced that it would increase salaries for civil servants with some getting as high as 200 percent effective September 1, 2013.

The signing ceremony took place in Lusaka on the 26th March 2013 at the Public Service Management Division offices.Permanent secretary at Public Service Management Division Velepi Mtonga described the meeting as a successful conclusion of the negotiations and a clear demonstration of Government’s desire to improve the welfare of its employees.

UPND doubts PF commitment to increasing salaries

However as the year progressed the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) expressed cast doubt on the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s commitment to honoring the Septemeber 1 improved salaries and conditions of service for civil servants as per 2013 collective agreement.

Finance Minister announces postponement of salary increment

In mid August Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda said that the 2013 civil servants collective agreement which was scheduled to come into effect on the 1st September would instead be effected on 1st October.

October Nurses Strike

When October rolled in some nurses discovered that their payslips reflected a monthly basic salary increment by 1.1% only, instead of the agreed 4%.Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation confirmed that the total increment of salary for some health workers did not amount to 21%.

Health Minister Assures Parliament

Health minister Joseph Kasonde responded by saying the disparities were merely a problem associated with the new salary management and migration from a fragmented salary structure to a single spine structure that Government was implementing.

The health minister assured parliament that the matter was purely a payroll issue and had nothing to do with the collective agreement.

November strike by Nurses

ON November 22 the nurses went on strike again after government for the second time failed to implement a 21% salary increment .

“This Shamenda man came here last month when we initially went on strike and told us that we should put his head on the chopping board if government does not pay us our 21 percent salary increments. Our October salaries are still showing 4 percent and now we want Shamenda to come back to UTH and we chop off his head,” one angry nurse said.

December Nurses fired under directive of the Republican President


  1. Why is the President interfering with the public service commision.He is not the employer of nurses? We have a leadership crisis! This is a colonial solution.

    • Nursing is a calling. Let those who are called work! Not those who are just thirsty for money. These might be the arrogant nurses we had. OUUUUUT!

    • Awe kwena mwebuteko apa pena mwabomba twatasha.Aba bantu balituteka sana infine.Ine napene mfwe pamulandu wama straka.Ba Sata ala Lesa alemilundilako inshiku yama.

    • Not a loss really is it?
      Zambian nurses cant even work here in the nursing homes
      Fat slow lazy cant speak english, you name it

      Good riddance


    • Come on people that negotiated salary increment was for the President ,Minister,Mps and cadres. You really didn’t think he meant to let ordinary Zambians share in the wealth did you! Vote wisely next time.Nurses you are in demand in other countries where they will respect you.I suggest you get on the internet and start looking.I left Zambia when I saw who was put in Statehouse.I’m doing fine.Looking forward to seeing some of you!

    • i wonder why KC was reprimanded, I wonder why shoprite was reprimanded. Its good to bark at private institutions when you cannot even sort out the mess within public institutions without firing anyone. More money in our pockets….. empty promises

    • My friend it happens everywhere especially when the strike is illegal- no dispute declared against the employer(s). They had it coming. Akanani kantu kali pabwali. People should be reminded not to follow mob psychology. Do what is right. Not what your friend thinks is right.

    • You can only see how bad the decision by the nurses was if you look at it from a non-partisan perspective.These people refused to cooperate with their union.That is too weird for people who call themselves as professionals

    • They made a mistake to ignore their board and union.It was an illegal strike.Only a person who likes disorder and a physical confrontation approach to matters can side with the nurses.

    • i can assure you, that those of you nurses who have been fired have shown a determination we have not seen since the years of the independence struggle. I salute you and may we all zambians learn lessons from this. You will never know who you are as a person and later on appreciate your immediate neighbor if you never stand up for yourself or appreciate yourself. You have been a worthy adversary to the system and i again salute you. kufwa na No. Your strong character will reward you i can assure you. Those traitors will not sleep at night peacefully,but you will since you stood on your word. Even in the independence struggle,there are those who went the easy way and worked for the imperialist,today they might even be our leaders,but ignore them .A mans honor is his word.

    • Mushota wakubika impilipili pamusula mukongo wanyina, waba kakoma mungufali. Do you knw how this translates to the many suffering families and children of these mothers? Next time no public worker wil cry for better services while stupid ass lazy ass hole keep eating the money

    • The chaps running these institutions are doctors! Their decision to fire nurses is not surprising. Very poor decision to make especially when Leanard Hikaumba had calmed the situation! We don’t train doctors to be managers! This is the reason why most of them don’t make good managers of health institutions! Only those who go further to do a management course seem to understand better how to manage people!

      This Gender-based violence must be stopped!
      If nurses are going to be quiet about this then they will have lost the battle for better pay!
      It’s time for a truly country-wide strike!
      The collateral damage will be justifiable this time.
      Those managing health don’t seem to be ready to reason as earlier agreed!
      I’ll soon be advertising for mass recruitments of nurses!

    • Iwe ex-moma above; every public worker is appointed in the name of the President, it is not that the President is interfering, rather ensuring discipline. Sorry for sacked nurses, just be sensible and avoid mob psychology in future. You were employed individually as much you applied for the same job and value and keep it with commitment, dedication and zeal as much as babies value breasts from which they derive nutritious milk. As for Govt, please forgive these nurses but make sure they are not paid for the days they did not provide service, with a blacklist that those who would repeat getting involved in similar work stoppage in future to be dismissed effectively. These nurses have discredited their Florence Nightngale pledge, theirs is to provide essential service not for gain.

    • Hes Excellence is the employer of all civil servants in the country. Check your appointment letter if you work for GRZ

    • Sata promised to bring in Chinese Nurses… Yes please bring CHINESE and RUSSIANS nurses they are ready out there, I will be first to get sick!!

    • In any organization there must be order or a system in place.These nurses apparently didn’t want to follow that order and instead chose to start dancing and singing songs in the hospital premises ,while patients were dying.Who does that ? And what is their union for ? I have no compassion for them whatsoever.Lesson learnt the hard way indeed.

    • Efyo cifwile ukuba.They are just interested in money not in their calls.That’s a brilliant decision,***** bacilamo ukumeka.Abantu balefwa bena balefwayaya indalama.They are not interested in work,let them go & do ******.

    • An incoherent decision indeed!
      Nurses should not accept this intimidation!
      Today it’s the 100 nurses, tomorrow, it’s the rest of you!
      Just open the flood gates and strike nation wide now!
      Your grievances are not being taken seriously!
      Cause more heart *******!

    • kcm workers were not on an illegal mischief . positions have remained and will be filled by nurses accepting what GRZ is offering.
      rules are rules. nurses who went on an illegal strike did not realize how much their services were needed in the wards despite the plies and assurances by GRZ. work first complain later that’s the rule of GRZ. chinyenkuleke telyonse ibomba. I hope they can be pardoned anyway, the number is too big but it is a lesson for the future.
      they roosted the fish, let them eat it.

  2. Just what i wanted.This must act as a lesson to other nurses who are fond of acting blinding due to mob psychology.The nurses pushed their luck too far.Their union tried in vain to plead with them to go back to work.Now they can re-apply for their jobs.High time people learnt to follow normal channels when doing things.

    • For those interested watch this link below and see how hard the union tried to convince them to go back to work.The nurses have only themselves to blame.

    • The president should also be fired for having breached the constitution when he over nominated mps. the president should also be fired for running the RDA at state house with a chairman who has no board members. He should learn to do things the right way.

    • @ten ten..it will not help the patients but discipline is the cornerstone of any organization.Even in your home there are just some things you can`t tolerate.Others will learn from this and be careful next time.It was basically an illegal strike(wildcat strike) and this form of strike can attract consequences wherever you will go in this world.

    • @Saulosi, thanks for video …Hiiiii? Nadabwa, how can those Nkaka be nurses, they should have been teachers. I can’t marry any of those, so sarcastic. I am scared to be admitted to a UTH, those nurses, kuti watukwa?

    • @Nostradamus…you have seen what am talking about ka ? The union leader even went down on her knees to beg them and they were busy laughing at her.There is another video from muvi TV which i couldn’t find mwena nensele shalepyapo.These people have only themselves to blame.Ninkaka shabantu

    • Saulosi you infringed on Muvi TV’s copyrights. You posted the material without express permission of both Muvi TV and LT. You need to respect other people’s intellectual property rights.

  3. I wish we had a strong union umbrella like COSATU in Zambia. This nonsense would have been minimized. If someone realizes that he made a mistake by promising those nurses a 100% pay rise, why not go back and re-negotiate for something feasible like 15%, 20% or even 30%, instead of the despicable 4% given to those hard working nurses?

    • I personally feel for the fired nurses, you deserve better than what is being given to you. But you should have had hearts for patients, most of whom died because of the strike. Had you not gone on strike, most people, some who were bread winners, would maybe not have died. Imagine one losing a beloved father, mother, child, sister, brother, etc due to a strike and as he is leaving the hospital, heart broken, he finds you laughing and singing songs outside the hospital, and this is a tax payer. My appeal to the government is forgive them but warn them strongly but also engage them in some dialogue so that such does not repeat itself.

  4. Good move mr president this is what a president should do. these guys the so called Tu nurse and tu midwives twangala fye ati you want money, how many people have you killed with your strike? Mwanya.

    • Unless Dr.Kaseba is on call tonight and turns her large entourage into nurses many more people will die from the lack of the experienced nurses who have been fired.But PF is what we voted for and we must suffer the consequences.

    • You are very wrong about this. Give them money and fire them if they don’t do their job. They need a motivation like any other fields out there. Let’s see if you can perform you job at a 40% less than what you are getting. I am sure your household will be less happy than why it is now. Remmember, it’s supposed to be a democracy not a dictatorship. Whys the government is doing now is not right. People like you who think this is the right way you are so out of touch with reality

  5. Any well meaning Zambian would not blame the nurses. The governement can be sued for cheating. I call upon UPND the caring party to assign Lawyers to mobilise and defend these innocent nurses.
    Viva UPND, VIVA 2016 with HH as my preferred president…

  6. uku ndiye kupusa.When we don’t have enough man power in health,you want to be so stupid to fire nurses.Where are we going Zambians?HH come out strongly on this one pliz!

  7. They will not loose anything, so many private clinics and hospitals are looking for qualified nurses. UK is also looking for Zambian nurses.
    This is the government that promised that nurses and Doctors who have gone abroad must come back because they will be highly paid employees. Ba Dictator

  8. It was not right for nurses to go on strike.
    And its also wrong for the goverment to fire the nurses.
    They in authority shud give the nurses what is due to them.
    On the other hand these nurses shud behave resposibly.

    • I feel so sorry about the plight of Zambian nurses!
      Working for peanuts day and night and yet you have MPs increasing their pay by wide margins twice in a year and leaving nurses with 4%?
      It is easy to blame nurses when patients are dying but the blame rests squarely on Government for mismanaging everything in the Civil service!
      Nurses Need a life as well!

  9. Now lets see if those that were trying to gain political mileage will employ them even as assistant “kachema”

  10. Caristo’s wife sues for divorce

    By Francis Lungu

    Thu 28 Nov. 2013, 14:00 CAT [6950 Reads, 0 Comment(s)]

    Text size

    ZAMBIA Tourism Board public relations and media manager Caristo Chitamfya has been sued by his wife, Pharles Vumo, for divorce after being on separation for five years.
    According to a petition for dissolution of marriage filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry, Vumo, who is a cabin controller at Proflight Airlines in Lusaka, stated that she was lawfully married to Chitamfya on August 24, 1994.
    Vumo stated that her marriage with Chitamfya had broken down irretrievably by reason of the fact that the parties had lived apart for a continuous period of at least five years immediately preceding the presentation of the petition to…

    • Ba 17.1 ubukopo tata fyala…..if you can not define what Nursing is just shut your stinky mouth. Nursing is nursing,wherever you go on this earth the duties don’t change in Zambia in the UK the meaning remains the same the only difference is only the colour and may be the standard of people you will start caring for. The cleaning of back whatevers of people remain the same ,”meeting the daily needs of a person”, Let experts of that profession talk about it kano ngatamwalwalishapo mucipatala tata,elyo bamishe mumafi,nursing is not all about giving medicines no…no wonder they dispute that it is not a career but a CALLING..ngatamwaitwa awe ma strike lyonse nokusha ba number 17.1 mumafi mu bed.

  11. The levels of ignorance being exhibited in some posts
    is amazing. How does one say that the President does not employ nurses? The Service Commissions work on behalf of the President. Even when one is employed, the letter says “acting on behalf of the President”. So there is nothing irregular about firing nurses. Every institution has rules and if they are not followed, one is removed. Nurses went on an illegal strike, therefore, they were considered to have absented themselves from work. According to government conditions of service, if one is absent from work for 10 continuous days, they should be fired.

    • Do not exhibit your ignorance, Civil service commission does not work on behalf of the president. This is an independent organ that works for any government of the day. Sata never created a civil servant commission, he found it left by MMD govt, who also found it. Its your mentality Joseph that makes presidents like Sata a god. Be informed that a professional civil service is not answerable to the head of state but to the democratically structured systems that benefits the people. Its such structures that confirmed people like Sata to be where he is. Be enlightened in your perception that’s what democracy entails.

  12. The decision made by the government to fire the Nurses is the most stupi.d decision I have ever come across. Whoever instructed the management to dismiss nurses must have his head examined. As a leader you cannot use emotions in making decisions that have a bearing on the governance of the country. This is total stupidi.ty form the highest office in the land. Nurses could have breached the collective agreement, but is firing them the best solution? We have a government whose wisdom is so limited. These *****.s must be voted out immediately. There is nowhere where you make decisions to dare people. As a leader you have to be level headed at all times; not this stupidit.y we are seeing in this country. The president has no grain of wisdom to rule this country. We must not allow this idiocy.

    • Man these nurses thats what they wanted. Their board and Union pleaded with them to go back to work for the strike was illegal, GRZ also pleaded with them for 12 days but they could not listen. Now they are fired , so let them go to Europe to wash the bodies of old people..Period.

    • @Questionner
      Check this Headline: “Reagan fires 11,000 striking air traffic controllers Aug. 5, 1981”

      “On this day in 1981, President Ronald Reagan fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers who ignored his order to return to work…Two days earlier, nearly 13,000 controllers walked out after talks with the Federal Aviation Administration collapsed…President of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, sought an across-the-board annual wage increase of $10,000 for the controllers, whose pay ranged from $20,462 to $49,229 per year…Reagan branded the strike illegal. He threatened to fire any controller who failed to return to work within 48 hours…In carrying out his threat, Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers.”


    • Since then, Traffic Controllers in the USA have NOT dared to go on strike. In fact, if I am not mistaken, they are now categorized as “essential federal employees”. In the same group as police officers, doctors, military personnel, fire fighters, and others. Who, by law, are not allowed to strike. Nurses on the other hand are not part of this group of workers. But the difference here is that nurses in America are mainly employed by private hospitals and medical institutions, and their salaries are thus privately negotiated.

      So @Questionner, things like firing those that draw a salary from Govt/taxpayers by the President is not unique to Zambia!

      Source of my quote above is from POLITICO

  13. I saw this coming guys and nurses how can u go on strike without the board sure .they failed to think and the one how as fired is the board and not the president the truth will come just soon .save people first and push for your money , money lovers so they were saying if they just get ka increment they will buy ka TOYOTA manje yaba

  14. The floor is open now! KCM, Shoprite, etc please fire any worker attempting to demand their due! The PF govt has shown you the way to do it!

  15. Government u have done the best thing to fire these Nurses, the union tried its best but they couldnt hear from the Union. VIVA PF let them re-apply for their own jobs so that they can learn a lesson no brazilian, no buying food from manda hill, no renting in woodlands now its buying seed -fertiliser and D compound. Leaving pipo suffering in the wards while dancing outside with min uniforms thats not being humanitarian i miss the old nurses.

  16. When Nurses strike people die, when shoprite strike no effect except losses for owners of chain store so we shall hire new nurses from the street but shoprite cant or could fire because we are the government. We have the police, courts, prisons etc (we can use the shortcuts or is it abuse these institutions?) and we can fix anyone. We are the owners of Zambia and very human being in Zambia, we are the government of PF we are the A Team.

  17. yaaaabaaa………………….. sad reading indeed. I know how it feels to loose employment, especially in this panga family economic environment. I sympathize with my brothers and sisters affected. sata did the same to the doctors when he was minister of health

  18. I don’t blame the president because if u really look at it we have so many patients out there suffering from different diseases and at the end of the day its only about money its about saving peoples lives, so I think this would be a lesson.

  19. This should b extented 2 all civil service.De union was 2 speak 4 dem but dey choose 2 fight it as they fought de govt.Let them go ,rotten eggs dey were.It is stupidity of de worst kind 2 symphathisise with them. Upnd yo childish is seen here.

  20. Let those that want quick money dare not join our noble work.Can dese pipo spare even de medicines 4 example?They are de ones dat steal becoz with dem it is 0 about money.Upnd,u re indeed demons!How do u support de illegality?Go wherever u want.

  21. LT reports

    1. When October rolled in, some nurses discovered that their payslips reflected a monthly basic salary increment was by 1.1% only, instead of the agreed 4%….
    2. The nurses say, our October salaries are still showing 4%.

    If LT is quoted accurately, what then is the dispute? Why did they go on strike at all?

  22. Chisata nichikabolala, he need to reduce the number of unnecessary MPs and redirect the monies to the health care. Of all the people Sata should know better cause he once was the minister of health. What’s firing 100 nurses going to do? He is creating more problems this guy. Fire some MPs who are no needed in the first place and leave the health ministry alone. He has done a lot if damage when he was the minster. This guy is a fool. Too many call boys in his government. They need people who understands leadership. Not leading with a fist

  23. After watching the video via the link provided by Saulosi it’s clear that some of the Nurses were not interested in constructively engaging with the government or their own union.

  24. We condemn the action taken by the Government concerning this issue. It is the government that is supposed to be protecting workers from problems they face in their day to day carrying out of the duties. The current government campaigned based on the facts that were and are still prevailing in the country, Facts like poor working conditions and many others. I believe this was with a view to solve the problems and not add up to the problems. when Hon. Chishimba Kambwili was minister of labour he ordered that a private owner of a clinic on the copper-belt be deported and his work permit be revoked because he was exploiting the Zambian nurses by giving them peanut salaries. Every Zambian has a right to peacefully demonstrate so why should these nurses be fired. we shoul not rest till justice

  25. Our Prayers have been answered , most especially for those Nurses who kill little children through neglect at D-Block and many wards. Those devils who killed my son, will have to start afresh looking for jobs , and their CV’s are dented in such a way that if they think they can be employed easily outside the country , peace will elude them!
    Action has to be taken, I feel for the way they insulted Dr Kasonde (as if he wasn’t an elderly Man) , no pity on such sadists.

    • @Amuna Onzuna you f.oo.l you killed your only child from the HIV virus you passed on to the mother which you got from your maid ,swine iwee.Who is heartless now?

    • Ba Kolwe, how do you know he may have probably contracted the virus from a sluty nurse when he went to visit some relatives at UTH, some of these nurses are professional whores.

  26. Lawlessness has become a pandemic in our country.After liberalizing,we have now lagged in the enforcement of Law and Order.There is evidence of the slow degeneration of orderliness everywhere;on the roads,with our own waste,building,drinking and eating places,markets;graft,insubordination,illegal strikes,linyungandambo etc,etc.
    Lets not forget that when you liberalize,you also free what is known as”the animal in man”.If this is not restrained,innocents and posterity will suffer.our society is ever growing and so are poeples propensity to be lawless and disorderly as they compete for scarce resources.Do no leave law and order to chance or you will be swamped by chaos.Increase and improve your capacity to enforce law and order.Show no mercy even if you are called a dictator.We are a…

  27. the president should be ashamed of himself. during banda’s reign nurses went on strike and mr sata supported them now that it’s his turn he has decided to fire them. God is watching, people lose popurlarity within a second. u should not resort in intimidating the nurses give them what they want

    • Iwe don’t you know that some of these nurses are prostitutes, now they have been fired and they will not be able to spread hiv and contribute to Gender Based violence in our homes.

  28. Well done for firing these stubborn nurses. The board and their Union pleaded with them to go back to work for their strike was illegal but could not listen. Now lets see if they will go to Europe to wash the bodies of old people while living in a one bedroomed house.

    All civil servants including me are employed by The Republican President and are fired by the same Office. This is a hard lesson learned.

    Peace and Prosperity to mother Zambia.

  29. Nursing its for people who cares for other lifes,Nurse’s refused to attend to people who were allmost dead,because of money? lifes of many was lost..You can negotiate without strike.

  30. You know lets follow this issue of nurses very critically,reasonably and sensibly.i wonder some of the comments you guys are making.How can you really say that the president does not employ.Have you ever been in any government type of employment and if so did you really understand your acceptance letters details or other forms which you filled at the start of your employment?

    The nurses themselves deserves that action because even if its you who is right and then you take the law in your own hands.Things come to turn upside down.So as to the nurses.They were right but they did not follow the right way.Imagine their union leader pleaded to them even reaching to the extent of kneeling down but they were busy dancing on top.Guys lets be realistic here,


  31. Sata will leave this country in taters like zimbabwe. He does not care because he gets his medical attention from abroad. This same guy tesll shop rite bosses not to fire workers whenever they go on strike. Anyway you know the caliber of citizens by looking at the chap they elect as leader. If a country is full of ngwangwazie they vote for a fellow ngwangwazi. Period!

  32. This is a good move by the president; if you can’t solve a problem, create a bigger one.

    I have a riddle: How do you get rid of 5 flies in the living room? Ans: You dump a tonne of dung in the kitchen.

    The president here has demonstrated that he lacks any level of diplomacy and needs to be reminded that he is a PRESIDENT; not a dictator, or a king. He must listen to the people who put him in power and can and WILL vote him out.

    The correct thing to do was to address the nurses and explain to them what is going on … “GRZ has no money, but we are committed to meet our obligation by 1st June 2016 when the economy picks up”


  33. For your information for those thinking of coming to uk, you got it wrong. Nurses here it’s not the way you do in zambia to ask for increament nearly every year no. To tell you the truth zambia has the best labour laws. You come you will regret for the rest of life. Zambia has very flaxeble terms of conditions. Most of you kuti mwaisa ibutukilafye nemibombele yakuno. Mwilabepwa bufi. We live a very stressful life.

  34. When one door closes many more open up. Zambian nurses are highly trained. To you Nurses this is my advice:
    1. You are on high demand in the USA
    2. Go To RSA (South africa) and write the NCLEX- RN exam. Google NCLEX EXAM in South Africa- you will get the location
    3. When you pass( its a tough exam study for at least 6 months, get NCLEX TEXT books which you can get on amazon.com), apply for a job via any Nursing Agency in USA for your green card.
    4. Good luck!!

    • Bufi ulebepa coz a lot of nurses are planning to come back coz of the stressful nature of the work they do in the diaspora

    • Do not be cheated! It is stressfull and amafi ya basungu yalinunkisha! It is all we do here. It just cleaning old peoples asses day in day out. Please advertise those jobs in Zambia.

  35. Nurses, repeat after me “man of action” “don’t ku beba, wila lila lila ashhhhi” and remember how you danced when RB lost in 2011.

  36. ten ten.. Wat grade are you doing? Those vacancies at UTH will be filled-in by transfers and graduates.. We cannot be troubled by these Certificate girls with their passes Mathematics @ G.T. Infact trials should start if any deaths occured while these Jelitas were sun-basking.

    • Ba 59 tata ..excuse me …point of correction, a qualification is a qualification be it a certificate,diploma,digree,mention it all are all the same cherished by the owners.I personally like it when I hear one with a high rank in the defence and security being described as rising through ranks and now a major general,police comminsioner you know it sounds good and that someone can tell a story of how all that has been attained.From a certificate in nursing now studing for a PhD in the UK that is great.

  37. surely some bloggers disgusts. why did grz close tonga HH ZWD? IMMIGRANTS from this rubbish online use imisula for thinking. Pliz grz open zwd so all puppies can go back. They say things that shocking. Some lumpen even says only HH can do this or that, kwati pali ba HH.

  38. People expected heaven on earth when PF came into power, this was and will remaim the most celebrated victory of our time.
    So, going by the “promises”, a listening ear over played it and turned into a …..

  39. I like PF, they are not scared of making bold decisions. I was going to be disappointed if the striking nurses were not fired. There is too much arnachy in Zambia!

  40. I thought was boasting that they were going to give Nurses 200%. But it turned out to be 4%. Shamenda was even justifying cleaners getting same salaries with Nurses, meanwhile Sata’s salary has gone up 3 times since he came into office. 2016 will be an interesting year for PF.

  41. Mmmmm let them feel the way we are feeling it,I completed school in 2011 with bright results but no one to take me to school,everyday I hustle for employment but I can’t find it,but here they are playing with employment!!!anyway they deserve it.

  42. A moral question for the President and the PF government they first lied to the nurses about an increment and when the nurses asked the minister of labour if he will honour his words and the words of government he said i assure you “chop off my head if i have lied today, you will not have to go on another strike” then the same government that said so is the same that fired the nurses for fighting for their own share.

  43. Surely LT has become Power Failure’s (PF) propaganda den,the so called diplomats are blogging day and night on behalf of their lover and relative satana Justifying his lunatic decisions.Thats i do not blog on LT because is has become Pama Fi with diplomatic failures supporting crazy decisions.Nurses are not cadres they work very hard for their when you are busy sleeping they are busying resuscitating your babies and beloved with no enough consumables.They work on empty stomachs,they work in filthy stinky conditions,no air conditioning,no ventilation,they are abused day and night.worst still they are even assaulted.Nurses are special they need your understanding they need your support,they are usually too tolerant ,doctors can’t do without nurses.They poorly paid ….

  44. Corrections of my Muchinga English:Surely LT has become Pama Fi’s (PF) propaganda den,the so called diplomats are blogging day and night on behalf of their lover and relative Justifying his lunatic decisions.That’s why i do not blog on LT because i is has become Pama Fi with diplomatic failures supporting crazy decisions.Nurses are not cadres they work very hard for their money when you are busy sleeping, they are busying resuscitating your babies and beloved ones with no enough materials.They work on empty stomachs,they work in filthy stinky conditions,no air conditioning,no ventilation,they are abused day and night.worst still they are even assaulted.Nurses are special they need your understanding they need your support,they are usually too tolerant ,doctors can’t do without nurses.

    • Mr Ba Kolwe, For you own info , I’m extremely negative and very healthy. If you are fertile and you can afford to bear a child , then one day you will meet what others have met at D-Block, you will meet the arrogance of people who wont count your standing. But note that, not all Nurses or paramedics are bad , there are some that are evil and they do not deserve compassion , they only want money. If you play politics , then go to hell coz a person’s life is more serious than party politics.

    • @Amuna Onzuna for your own info my bro even doctors work for money not charity,the days of saying nursing is calling went with the catholic nuns.Nurses also need Pajeros,houses,private schools for their children,clothing etc.Show me a shop anyway in Zambia or around the world where they give discounts based on being a nurse ,none.nursing is just a profession just accounts if accountants steal the money meant for medicines and baby milk like Kapoko did what do expect the nurses to do?The work with faulty equipment and children die you blame the nurses instead of politicians who are wasteful with bloated cabinets.Nurses deserve better it’s un-negotiable.

  45. Excellent move, this country cannot operate like a socialistic economy. There are many individuals with nursing skills looking for employment and that are willing to accept the very salary being protested. Zambia is not a wealthy country and public servants must realize that all their salaries are funded by taxes from the private sector. Personally, I find it offensive when some public servant who is employed directly because of my taxes, complains for a raise in pay. As the famous saying goes; “It is offensive to gain weight whilst you owe someone else money”.

  46. The phenomenon of a “ONE MAN’S DICTATORIAL REGIME” being exhibited by the PF regime is a recipe for their downfall and irreversible exist from the Zambian political landscape. Presidential actions are actually frustrating the PF Ministers and MPs.

    The affected Nurses have extensive families that extend to all parts of Zambia. Besides, about 75% of nurses have intimate relations with most of the PF Ministers and MPs. Why on Earth should a Republican President exhibit such high levels of hatred for his own people? Sata’s rule by decree will earn him the irreparable wrath (anger) of the people of Zambia – including the majority of PF members who are not immune to falling sick.

    • I personally can’t see any hatred from the president umulandu ngawapita apopene mwishibe awe epo mupite bane….Iligal strike is just that no other word can describe it ,as workers wherever we may be must just learn to be disciplined and follow procedures.Mostly people who lose jobs in such circumstances are those with wider mouths.Aba cipongwe,can easily be spotted out and are not the ones that even initiate strikes no .

    • Now you are crying after being fired. Just be strong man/sister. You went too far guys as there was no civil servant awarded the 21% you were demanding. All civil servants got a less than 10% salary increment plus other allowances which you also got. The problem you aired was that cleaners are getting almost your salary just like in other Ministries, the gap is too small and no civil servant is happy about it. GRZ has promised to normalize the salaries (the gap) next year, all civil servants have heard but you went on an illegal strike despite your union telling you to go back to work.
      Why are you crying now??

  47. Ba 1.4 please,,,,don’t mislead people, out here it is now hard to start work a lot of things to be considered ala akafumbe kantukali pabwali ……Iam talking from my own vast experience .I am a seasoned nurse,with a fertile experience in the police service and a renowned business consultant.A bird in the hands is worthy twice in the bush…people in employment must just learn to negotiate for better pay not to resort to strikes. It is only in Africa where people talk about job mean ukusala..awe kano ishapamulu abasungu they don’t feel ashamed of any job provided they are paying mortgage.You will hear a white woman nurse telling you to say the husband is a mower operator or window cleaner.Ifwe kano ati am married to a doctor,pay master kuti ama strike yapwa caveturesiness.


  49. The country you live in! I am a nurse in the USA and I am so well respected! I get the money’s worth of the job I do under favourable conditions. Thank God.

  50. Some pepo vokopelakopela, how can u call yourself TEN TEN, just because someone is called SATE SATE and he is scoring , be original . More than 200 nurses from malawi are coming to zambia to work under same same conditions of service the zambians are refusing

  51. sata has nothing to loose, when he gets sick, he goes to SA for treatment, he does not know how UTH looks like, or that the patient ratio is 1 to 200. the day he will spend 30 seconds in E block then he will know why these nurses are striking. politics of intimidation will not work this time around, let the people fight for their rights a peoples driven constitution is what we need.
    VIVA 50 + 1

  52. I found it strange for a nurse to leave people who were almost dying in wards and go out strike demanding for money. To me that was tantamount to murder,deliberately making someone die because of withdrawing your labour.

    • you have not seen anything yet. Do you know that in uk whites have stopped these jobs? did you know that nurses are always exposed to danger 24/7. did you know that very few would spend 10 minutes in some of these wards?

  53. how come this govt is at liberty to fire, when private institutions were asked not even dire to fire a single employee, on record for Shoprite and KCM? Is it that the govt is above the law or it is a sign of not having capacity to fulfill the 21% pay raise? Any which way over 200 nurses have been fired. If true is this job creation? when are you going to recruit since we are only 27 days away from 2014 when the employment freeze kicks in? too many questions hopefully you have time to respond to them.

  54. surely zambian events are heartbreaking,everything is just going the wrong way.Arrogance,pomposity,egocentricism,heartlessness and lack of direction being exhibited by the pf govt is worrying.Please pf slow down and reflect;are nurses not worth talking to?Shamenda and Kasonde could have done a good job to avoid the unnecessary dismissals.Let”s face reality here govt has lamentably failed perid.

    • Are you in Zambia? Didnt you hear the their Board, their Union pleading with them? Didnt you hear Minister Kasonde pleading with them but they insulted him? Didnt you hear Sata pleading with them but they ignored him? Now what they wanted has been given to them however hard to accept.

  55. we did not know it will comw to this. How come shoprite kcm were not dismissed? am surprised some teachers are rejoicing that nurses are dismissed, are they not civil servants? wait for wage freeze before you rejoice. teachers colleges are ever increasing and demand is low and there you mock nurses, do you think nurses will attend to you happily when you fall sick? if any thing as am speaking today no single teacher has a pay slip free of loans so we will see how far the 3500 basic pay will take them. I urge those nurses to apply for their jobs in uk and leave the teachers who can only get employed locally

  56. There is a saying which goes like “when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers”
    Here it is neither the Govt. nor the nurses who shall feel the impact bur the electorates at large. Is this what we wanted when we said we wanted a change? A big lesson, changes do come with some repercations, positive or negative ones. It is our time to dance to the tune till the number finishes to play. Am sure we are now wiser than before, remember, experience is the best teacher, now you know.

  57. I support their dismissal, how long must we condone indiscipline; Zambians lets be real, every other time you lift the paper the nurses have downed tools, these people knowing that a lot of lives (patients) depended on them would just hold the state at ransom and demand what ever when ever, I mean really, that sounds like black mail to me: “pay me more or my patient will die, you know you need me” believe you me, if government had granted the increment, 3 months from now they would strike again demanding for 13 million, its a vicious trend among our nurses. sorry but we wont be held at ransom. Good riddens.

  58. stop laughing at our relatives who have been dismissed, you and i know so well that these who dismiss others seek medical attention in south Africa, one of them died yesterday in south Africa deputy minister while you are busy insulting the few that work for you under difficult situation. Did you know that whites in uk have stopped nursing? because its dirty you need a lot of sacrifice to work.

  59. Awe mwabombeni mukwayi. Civil Servants majority of them take for granted their jobs. Let that be extended to other GRZ departments. Those who are not happy with the decision,it could be out of your ignorance on Terms and Conditions for Public Service Officers,also Code of Ethics. Advise your relative nurses to go through such documents!

  60. Even the remaining nurses should go on strike. The effect will be, all fired nurse will be called back. Nurses are important just like any career. If nurse are important the government should have honored it’s promise. Why should nurses not be given reasonable salary? The nurse have waited for salary increment for a long time. The only option was to go on strike. The minister of Health and the minister of labor and public service commission have let down the Zambian people. Why promise the nurses when you are not able to effect new salaries. Nurses have not let down Zambian people in anyway. Ministry of Health has terrible failed the hard working nurses and the Zambian people admitted in hospital. All what the minister cares is about himself not abut nurses who get peanuts.

  61. remember that when u insult a nurse u insult the whole health fraternity. And one day you will come to the hospital please dont complain when you feel mistreated. Ciwamina mbuzi kuluma galu

  62. Firing the Nurses not a better decision, government would have transferred them in the villages and bring those in Shangombo, Ikowa, ntatumbila etc in town.

  63. All those insulting our brave President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata should go to Hell. Firing the Nurses was the most tremendous thing he did from the time he stepped in the state house. A handful of nurses can’t make Our President lose elections in 2016 we are there to vote for him to finish wat he has started. Infact another strike fire them. After all most of them its not their calling they were just forced to be nurses ending up causing unnecessary deaths, swapping of innocent babies, busy watching TV and mulomo too much. Makeup and shouting patients, i will never 4get that stupid midwife who mistreated me at the labour ward i pray that they transfer her to Shangombo . Nurses are essential workers , shud be humanitarian , moreover negotiations going on. Money makers to hell. God heal o…

  64. Nurses u deserve this great punishment, pipo pleaded with u but u couldnt listen, now u have received individual letters which says STAFF DISMISSAL ululululu wonders shall never end. U took the President for granted bcoz of his campaigning strategy u wish 100% increment walalalala!!! after all 9t duty u sleep even undress the uniform ati nurses. U have destroyed the image of nurses some of you. I thank those who attended to the patients wen others were busy in search of media to shoot their foolishness. May the good Lord continue blessing all those nurses who remained attending to the patients. As to the strikers hard luck. Can u imagine Christmas is around the corner no salary, christmas bonus wen u apply u will have to be on probation. yaba.

  65. we have over 50,000 shortages in the nursing field and people are happy that nurses are dismissed surely zambians are low thinkers; for the record am not a nurse or lousy teacher


  66. @ TenTen and you think keeping the that are not working will help the patients????Tell me how [email protected] Accugrade, what hard work are the nurses doing ??They are just rude chaps that went into nursing to earn a living and not render a service ! Zambian nurses are rude to patients,sarcastic , unfriendly and cruel.A simple definition of nursing is is somebody who cares for the injured or sick people, administering the care and treatment that a Doctor prescribes.Yes UK is looking for Nurses to go and work in old peoples homes and their hospitals i.e clean their vomit,change their diapers, sweep their wards, spread their beds, feed them and this is what is called nursing which they have failed to do in their own country and will opt to go and to it to a white man.Inferiority complex at its best !

    • Wezi !I hope you will stay young forever so that no one will have to change your diapers.In fact,it is the nurse who is going to wrap your body en route to the mortuary one day when you kick the bucket.
      The system has failed the nurses.They are abused,overworked.They work in24 hr shifts.We pay them scandalous salaries.Go to the casualty dept.You more likely to a nurse.Yes they may be tired at times and fall asleep but after all they just human.
      I will be praying for the reinstating of one of the most hardworking civil slaves oops I mean servants.

  67. And when the nurses go and work in the UK , they would become real nurses because they will appreciate the respect that Zambians gave them and will come with experience of what it means to be a nurse.may be then, they might deserve the increment they are demanding.But as of now, those that re lucky they hav not been fired should start reforming.Respect patients, stop the catching up mourning gossip before work ! what an attitude ! lastly stop bleaching your skins.That makes you nurses look more bad hearted.More than 100 fired?? VIVA SATA ! good riddance to bad rubbish.I feel for their families but they should have thought about their families before misbehaving.This was an inevitable consequence of their actions.Go away rude nurses !

  68. If at the time nurses went on strike patients were dying due to not lack of nursing care as people would like to claim and the question is will patients have nursing care now that president Sata’s government has fired the nurses?

    Those supporting the firing of nurses and those supporting the strike action are in the same boat as the result is the same. No nurses in the Hospital.

    • Patients were dying due to lack of proper medical care.Medicare is not the prerogative of the nurses alone.Our hospitals are death traps and worse than abattoirs.

  69. Ba nurse mwasumina nomba at you are not essential workers mikongo yenu.Ngamwana ukupipa amafi the try farming nangu ukuba fye amaule kabilli efyo mwanasha m****** mwe.Ama certificate ayakuprintisha pa market eyo mulekafishapo icongo.People who have done difficult studies are quiet.

    • Which people have done difficult studies and are quiet?
      They were striking because they were promised.Did you read the chronicles of events.Some people may do difficult studies as you say but the actual duties may become tougher or lighter.Nursing duties hectic and traumatizing at times.They see death every day for the period they are in employment.Can you withstand that?

    • Iwe Umwina zed,All professions are a calling.Tell me the daily duties of a Policeman,Soldier,Teacher and Nurse.There is one profession that people are paid for reporting for duty.Which one




    • The first lady is a wrong example!She has all the resources at her disposal.That heartless nurse you are calling has to jump into a minibus after work or pass through the market to buy Kapenta for her family.She does 24 hour shifts,is insulted by relatives like you.What does the first lady do after work?

  71. Going on strike is not the solution. The nurses shouldn’t think as the only employees govt has. If anything, they are supposed to lead by example since they are essential workers. The only problem we have now is that most of these nurses of nowadays are just after money. They are not like the nurses we used to have sometime back; nursing is a calling. How come some nurses are so arrogant that sometimes they are even beaten by patients. Serve lives first and money later. How can you leave patients in hospital and others dying you start shouting at the minister of labour who merely wanted to advise you the right channels to follow in case of a grievance. We are very much disappointed with you nurses who were engaged in the strike. Firing them . Thanks to Govt.

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