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Zambia posts slight improvement in graft fight


Transparency International Zambia President Lee Habasonda
Transparency International Zambia President Lee Habasonda

The 2013 Transparency International TI Corruption Perception Index -CPI-has revealed that Zambia has slightly improved in the fight against corruption.

Zambia has moved one percent notch upward from the 2012 score of 37 out of 100 countries to 38 for the year 2013 at the same level with seven other countries namely El Salvador, Mongolia, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Burkina Faso and Liberia.

The 2013 report has also ranked Denmark and New Zealand tied on the top as good performers while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are the three poorest performers.

Announcing the 2013 CPI results at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Transparency International Zambia President Lee Habasonda said that the one percent improvement is insignificant and poses a clarion call on Zambia and the PF government to double their efforts in fighting corruption.

Mr. Habasonda has also urged the PF government to move beyond mere political rhetoric to adopting practical and visible mechanisms in fighting graft.

He said according to the report, abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies.

Mr. Habasonda also noted that the report shows that all countries still face the threat of corruption at all levels of government, from the issuing of local permits to the enforcement of laws and regulations.


  1. This Zimbabwean ‘run away’ now masquerading as Zambian (Field Ruwe) claims our President never went to school as opposed to the current Chinese Ambassador to Zambia.

    Sata was voted into office by majority Zambian voters. He is our President and no one can change that until 2016. All I know is that President Sata is educated, he used to go to the ‘night school’ and quite conversant with rule of Law. So, what is wrong with that? Does one need to have University Degrees to be President let alone, a leader looking after 13 mllion pipo? I think not, nima Jelous chabe. Ba Field, go back to Salisbury where you came from and leave our “uneducated” President alone, We Love him.

    • you 1diot do not speak on behalf of others, speak for your self and say ‘I’ and not ‘we’ as if you know my opinion. ukutumpa

    • Habasonda (Kalusha Bwalya) should be jailed for misleading the nation

      Show us the statistics, all I know is a Zambian man is born to be tempted to steal, look at the American Prisons full of black people, why?

      There are some exception ones of course who are not tempted of stealing, but by default, they are tempted to STEAL

      I would like to take a lie detectors test on anyone here who claim they have never stolen and have a clean conscience mind, I would bet my House (well Nick’s too) that they would fail the lie detector test


    • Ruwe is right.in zambia which primary school did SATA go to?which secondary school?which class mate?which teacher?at least all past presidents have a record,but sata zero.

    • Ala ifutu li futu!!! Just becoz he was dribbled by a choncholi, who is still sqeezing his fimo fimo, doesn’t mean we are all as dull as him!!!

  2. Corruption will forever remain endemic in the third world countries.The 1% improvement is encouraging though.Way to go !!!

  3. meanwhile they will continue to Choke with bitterness and envy, while the Boat continues to deliver tangeable results. This corruption has been created over 20 yeaars and for PF to start making a dent in less than 2 years in power is remarkable. You can continue choking with your tribal parties while we show you hos it is done. 2016 Ni Pabwato fwe

  4. Q: Is it cleaner and healthier to be circumcised. Is there any truth to that?
    Ans: For those with access to soap and water, hygiene is not a concern. If you were to take an intact child and a circumcised child and abandon each in the wild without the means to bathe, the circumcised child might fare better than the intact child. Obviously, such a hypothetical ought not serve as a basis for how we should do things in 2013. This contention about health benefits never fails to elicit laughter from our European and Australian friends. The notion that it’s rocket science to keep oneself clean seems to cement our reputation as an extremely gullible country that appeals to local authorities too often.
    A little boy’s genitals require no maintenance beyond washing.

    • hahahahahahahaha Asryt..!! I keep telling these ladies not to be introducing machetes on their little ones but they wont listen.

  5. The foreskin should NOT be retracted in young boys. Many Zambians don’t know this and forcibly retract it and this can lead to complications that prompt doctors to berate parents for not having circumcised their sons. In 80% of boys the foreskin does not fully retract before age ten. This is not a pathology, it is normal development.

  6. sometimes I wonder what parameters these 1diots use because there is more corruption now in every public office you enter than it was 2 years ago. police, ratsa, ministry of lands, name them!

  7. Though a small gain , it is welcome as long as it it’s an improvement . The sad thing is most african countries are languishing in the bottom half.

    • This improvement means nothing. we have basically remained the same. What has happened is that while Zambia has remained stagnant, some stupid african country has just increased its corruption. This has resulted in that stupid country upstaging Zambia. For people with no brains of their own (Mmembe owns their brains), this is an improvement on the index but for anyone who can think own his own Zambia is still in a bad shape. Never be happy with such an index. Number 38 is not an achievement at all. See the list of the Worst Afghanistan, North Korea, and Somalia. North Korea is our best friend and recently the VP was there with a large delegation. Lastly 42% is not overwhelming majority. it is not even ordinary majority. May be by PF statistics it is!

  8. Improvement is better than deterioration, even if that improvement is small. It is wrong liken small improvement with a small deterioration. Yes, there is need to achieve more but start by acknowledgment that the start has been made. Improving the improvement is acceleration. That means the positive motion is real.

  9. What does the Anti-Corruption Act say constitutes a bribe? Is it the amount or the action?
    The issue here is that the company which was awarded the contract was the same company that was paying the bills for the person/authority which awarded the contract.

    Do you know that even contacting a bidder in connection with bid information can lead to the nullification of the bid?

    Mr Malupenga may be a good man and could have agreed to the company paying his bills out of ignorance of the law. But we know ignorance is no defence.

    Zambians, let us learn to be above board regardless of who is involved. This is corruption. Let the ACC advise.

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