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Zambia thump Somalia to reach Cecafa quarterfinals

Sports Zambia thump Somalia to reach Cecafa quarterfinals

Zambia advanced to the 2013 Cecafa Cup quarterfinals after a 4-0 win over Somalia in Nakuru today.

Zambia finished top of Group B on seven points, level with Tanzana who finished second on goal difference after a 1-0 win over Burundi in the early kickoff at the same venue.

Nchanga Rangers striker Bornwell Mwape and Nkana forward Festus Mbewe scored a brace each to hand Patrice Beaumelle his second successive win.

Mwape put Zambia ahead in the 2nd minute before Mbewe added the second two minutes later to see Zambia take a 2-0 lead into the break.

The Nchanga striker completed his brace in the 5th minute after some more awful goalkeeping by Somalia’s goalkeeper Mohamed Sharif.

Sharif gifted Zambia another poor clearance in the 70th minute that fell into Mbewe’s path to slot in with ease the fourth and final goal.

Mbewe took his tournament tally to three goals after scoring his first in the 1-0 win over Burundi on Sunday.

Zambia return to the pitch this Sunday in Mombasa where they await one of the best two third place side in the quarterfinals between Zanzibar or Rwanda after the latter’s final Group C match against Eritrea on Thursday.


    • Where is Jay Jay??????? Jay Jay where are you, I told you Zambia(Patrice) 4-0 (Jay Jay’s)Somalia.

      Festus Mbewe for Chelsea… for sure he is going to England!

    • @ Nostradumus
      is there anything to celebrate about here,you fail to go to afcon and start celebrating wins against non existent countries, name one football club in somalia.mulekwatako insoni

    • @Chroloquin, kekekeke that is hilarious, a club in Somalia? I doubt if they have even more than 6 teams in league, most of the guys are pirates. Hooo ya I googled, all their teams are from Mogadishu.

    • Ba Mushota, learn to give credit where it is due. You are so negative. I personally think the boys have done well and therefore need our support.

    • Too bad i had hoped they lose so we can get back to real priorities …..like building schools,improving healthcare and cleaning our many filthy places like kabwata & msisi.Aimless wasteful game for idlers.

  1. Well done, I see this as rehabilitation, & a fresh start for Chipolopolo, who have really declined since winning the AFCON.

  2. Good results boys, that is what we expect from you as our ambassadors at that tournament. Up your game and see to it that you show the rest that Z is Z.

  3. Not worthy of the praise being heaped on them, as they have not improved from last time they beat them 6-0. And for that matter, Somalia sure!

    • the two boys were playing chimbuya,,, chipata boys scores two and a bemba boy also revenges scores two,,,, thats health tribalism which zambia needs…kekekekekekekek!!!
      cheers cindy!!!

    • @Ndobo,
      Tribal cousins indeed! Now… are you sure you are Lozi? I have never come across such a free spirited Lozi, keep it up dear.

    • am very much lozi my dear…. if you look at zambia, we are one family,, in any normal family you find,, goal getters, dranks,, ba chililalila,, and all sorts,,, thats what makes family interesting… so to make good of all,,, one needs to understand and not judge,, find some humour if possible

    • @Ndobo & Cindy, sometime its just hard to comment to you two, you are so soul-mates.
      Anyway, I wanted also to commend Ndobo that he is such a great Lozi person ever got to display his free earthly citizenship. Man, even though sometimes you loose it, but you are much better than Adeleki!!

    • Hey your comments are spot on…but my request to you is can you please change your blog name .you cant be using you actually name here.so many of us use that name so people mistake you for us.use a pseudonym…i have had people calling me and saying hey Chota your comment was offline and am at pains to explain that its not me.please do something bamashina

  4. Too little too late! We needed this kind of perfomance during the world cup qualifiers! Good job none the less! Keep it up.

  5. Congratulations Chipolopolo, you have done Zambia proud!
    This is simply a perfect performance; this is what is expected of you guys.
    Monsieur beaumelle, je vous remercie pour ce conquête.
    Well done!

  6. imwe mwe mbwa these chaps must have beaten tanzania noti somalia,can you mention one team in somalia. mulabakusha imitwe

    • @Chloroquin, why are you insulting ALL, why don’t you just take a person like me, just pour insults at me, I offer myself on behalf of all, include those who don’t like me.
      What do you know about Somalia, you never even undressed any of their 4million women… none. So stop underrating Somalia.

  7. Haha,you guys are funny.These teams of yours in east and southern africa are a joke compared to our west african football maestros.Bring them to Ghana and see dust.

    • I agree with you. Its foolish to celebrate a 4 – 0 win over Somali. If it was Ugandu or Ethiopia one would understand. Ghana, Nigera or Cameroon can wire Somali by at least 10 – 0. It just shows how our standard of football has fallen.

  8. Is this tornament recognised by FIFA ? if it is, then its better for our ratings. And confidence builder for future games.we cant change the past guys

  9. Mushota, even if i knew you for the rest of your life,i would not trust you even if you had a chance to make me come on whatsup. Be proud of your origin, you might be some FBI by now cos of too much bleaching.

  10. @kwame…
    But this is a Zambian forum. So what are u doing here. Go to ghanian blog sites and boast among yo dark friends. Here ur not welcome.. lift the Africa cup if ur that good…I’d.io.t

  11. Nostradamus @1.5

    You must be living in a different world. Why do you think all this long, there still is no Zambian footballer playing in the BPL in England? Simple, there is no chibuku and they speak English, period. No Zambian footballer will stay in England for those simple reasons.

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