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Suspended police chief pleads not guilty


Ex-Copperbelt Police commissioner Mary Tembo
Ex-Copperbelt Police commissioner Mary Tembo
Suspended Copperbelt Police Commissioner Mary Tembo has pleaded not guilty to two counts of abuse of authority in the Ndola magistrate court.

Before Chief Resident Magistrate Paul Chisha was Tembo, 53 , who gave two residential addresses saying she resided at house number 4, Bokafu Street, in Ndola and Plot 37 Lusaka West farms respectively.

The chief Resident Magistrate asked Tembo to give one specific residential address but she insisted that she resided at both addresses.

The state was represented by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief legal and prosecutions officers Boniface Chiwala and Stella Mulenga who applied for the matter to be adjourned to February 2014 for commencement of trail.

ACC Chief Legal Prosecutions Officer Chiwala applied that the matter be adjourned to February 2014 as the Lawyer for Tembo, Milner Katolo will be on break during the Christmas holidays.

Chief Resident Magistrate Chisha adjourned the matter to February 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2014 for commencement of trail.

Tembo was arrested on November 13, 2013 and charged with two counts of abuse of authority of office by the ACC.

Particulars of the offence are that in the first count, it is alleged that Tembo, on dates unknown but between the May 1 and June 30, 2013 abused the office authority of her office as Commissioner of police for the copperbelt province by obtaining a Toyota Corolla registration number AAX5716 from Grizzly Mining Limited which she registered in her names thereby obtaining benefits for herself.

In the second count, it is alleged that Tembo on dates unknown but between November 1 and December 31, 2012 in Ndola, abused her authority of office as Commissioner of Police for the Copperbelt Province by asking Grizzy Mining Limited, a private company, to fix her personal vehicle namely Toyota Cressida registration F100.

The ACC arrested Tembo for abuse of Authority of office contrary to section 21 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act No.3 of 2012.


  1. My question is who caused all of this? You can tell a good leader from a bad one by the state of the economy… taking into account social, political etc….. The style of management we are currently under is not something to be desired. Make promises, when people hold you to your word you fire them? A man is as good as his word and deeds!

    • @hmm
      I don’t think it’s right for you to blame someone else for another’s failure. Giving a chance or an opportunity to one is not a crime. Of course, not everyone is perfect, and one cannot know what is to become of appointments that one makes. Blame the individual concerned, and only that individual!

    • I respect people that can acknowledge that there is indeed something wrong. I anticipated one would use the term “opportunity” as an argument. These people where promised something (You call it an “opportunity” in your own right I call it a pledge, a vow, a contract, an agreement and oath) which is the basis of my argument. When you are entrusted with the title of chief in command of a nation and you make such a promise, you are responsible for seeing it through. That should be translated to mean “you honor your word”. If you cannot keep your word you apologize, i.e you do not fire people or take a stand by intimidating people. People will in return respect you, you earn your right to be a leader in their eyes (individually). Don’t forget these people will stand by you come what…

    • Wait a minute….

      Let the Law take its course. The Commissioner is wrong, arrest her, why register it (car) in her name???

    • @Nostradamus
      iwe,, Nostra,!! why is that more and more zambians are going to jail for robbery and fraud uko ku USA,, the latest chap being lawrence sikutwa (check zambia reports),,, is there drought and hunger there or what??
      Let us know maybe us european zambians( like soluosi,motain, zebige, sobelenge, myself, cindy and others) can send you guys some relief food or something

    • why alkebulanian (african) woman paint yourself like that?Where is our pride as a alkebulanians? why would you bleach your skin? I know who is to blame, its the system. its the Tv shows, the magazines, hollywood etc that shows beauty in the white mans perspective.Every page you turn in a magazine just tells our women that they are not beautiful and to be beautiful is to have caucasian like features i.e straight hair, pink skin etc.
      Give your children african names like chomba,sitali, rupiah,hakainde,taonga and not names like michael, frederick,levy, kenneth etc.we are an endangered species as alkebulanians. love yourself and preserve your culture. madam mary tembo change your name to muzipasi tembo and stop weaving,or whatever brazilian hair you want to have!!!STOP Alkebulanian,STOP

    • @Nodobo,
      Just seen it thanks, I have no words the only thing is that there is no mention of him being Zambian but American so that serves us our face! Too bad though, I know them well.

    • hmmm, mistake sure. have you looked at your keyboard lately. the letters N,B,D are far from the letter O. when you type, the word is already formed in your head and being an afluent typist, you have a good bearing on where the keys are. so to make a mistake i would agree if i saw something like Nsobo, or Nfobo, since these letters are closer to what you mind requires you to type to be precise the letter D. But you just wanted to tell him ati aleke ifyamba lol. No dobo = Ndobo.

    • @NoDobo kekeke, I can’t believe Lawrence Sikutwa a man of God can even get a bitter lemon without asking a tree itself.

    • Your brain seems to be smaller than that of a grass hopper. That woman gets by far more money than you and yet you have not stolen although you have the smallest brain in Zambia mr hmm. By the way what is hmm? is it hopeless and meaningless man?

    • @Nostradamus
      ndobo, (or is it no dobo! lol) wanted to know what is happening in the US, but you seem to have conveniently avoided the question. cindy also did not want to push it but just sought confirmation of the story. Would you know what has gone wrong with our people that side?

  2. I am a woman but we don’t make good police officers

    The president is got carried away with giving us higher position havering said that Zambia is a poor country so maybe the president has a case after all


    • @mushota
      hahahahahahaha………are you a woman in deed or you are a ‘woman’ in man’s body? do not come back to Zambia with your nick, you will be arrested at the airport.

  3. This lady is really ugly. But ladies and gentlemen, circumcising babies and circumcision it self is evil. A little boy’s genitals require no maintenance beyond washing. The foreskin should NOT be retracted in young boys. In 80% of boys the foreskin does not fully retract before age ten. Many Zambians don’t know this and forcibly retract the foreskin and lead to complications in their sons. Later doctors berate parents for not having circumcised their sons.

    • @sata in old age diaper – so lelo you want to be an advocate in abolishing circumcision when a few days ago you were the advocate. i see, my writings on it opened you up to see the broader picture. am glad i could be of help.
      @Kalu – if God is the creator of all mankind, why then didnt he just create human beings circumcised already. God is perfect, why would he create a dirty reproductive system for the males which he would later change in form of a law to the “so called chosen few, (israelites)”,that they should circumcise their babies so that they are clean. doesnt this god seem strange to you? Dont follow religion any religion blindly, do your research. dont take things for granted. reading one book only gives you a view, an opinion from one angle.

  4. how can she says she leaves at both residential houses as though she is a witch? one leg in ndola the other leg in lusaka west whats in the middle?

  5. She learnt from those abusing authority to deny RB’s court ordered travel permission.Lets haul these miscreants to court too.

  6. So if I am a commissioner who knows someone (a friend) that works at autoworld then I ask him to fix my car, that amounts to abuse of office? HOW?

  7. I am failing to understand how the whole Police Chief can succumb to corruption over a Toyota Corolla. One can get these cars locally nowadays at K14,000. I believe the salary of the police chief is enough to enable her buy such a car from Tradecarview or Beforward. The registration number AAX5716 must be for a car which was bought some years ago. This Toyota Corolla must be an old car unless the registration number is a ”fake” one.

  8. Temptations…. temptations usually very attractive!
    Forgive her please, how many men have fallen for much more than a Corolla and still embarzlling more? Let her go please!

    • the most unfair thing about life is that,,,,good people are usually punished very much for small mistakes,,, hardcore criminals usually get away with alots with very small punishment!!!

  9. This cse wont go any where. Its just better to retire Mary or give some specail duties until she reaches retirement age. Looking at her age 53 she was born in 1960 and has got 2 more laps to retire. This is the problem when u giv women too many responsibilities. It was just a set up by her bitter juniors dealing with Jerabos. Any way she got her own medicine to drink. The system has many juniors who do the running and she never caught up with them.

  10. Madam aax corolla again, u c I always tell thiz pipo,if u want 2 b corrupt plz be supa corrupt or jus stay,nat involvin urself in an ancient toyota corolla,u even get urself suspended for dat.anyway let da law take its course

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