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Dr.Kaseba arrives in Cape Town for ICASA conference


First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba greets the recipients of  the 2013 Zambia's health coverage  and research awards Arnold Tutu (l)  and Enock Ngoma as Senior government official Mary Namusokwe (second from left) looks on on arrival in Cape town for the 17 th ICASA Conference in South Africa on December 5,2013
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba greets the recipients of the 2013 Zambia’s health coverage and research awards Arnold Tutu (l) and Enock Ngoma as Senior government official Mary Namusokwe (second from left) looks on on arrival in Cape town for the 17 th ICASA Conference in South Africa on December 5,2013

First Lady Christine Kaseba has arrived in Cape Town where she is expected to be guest of honour to the 17th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Africa (ICASA).

Dr Kaseba will be co-guest of honour with South African deputy President Kgalema Motlhanthe for the annual event to be officially opened on Saturday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

ICASA is a biennial conference that alternates between Anglophone and Francophone African countries. The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for exchange of experiences and lessons learned from around the world, when responding to HIV, AIDS, and STIs. This event is the continent’s largest gathering of HIV/AIDS activists and researchers.


    • That’s why healthy ministers are dying of heartaches, its just annoying that Kaseba has left the bedroom and Kitchen to take over duties of government employees.
      She just left her Deputy Minister in mortuary, some women are cruel man, that is a big funeral in Zambia. And where she went with open smile their is funeral too.

    • Wonderinh also where the minister of healthy is.Icasa
      Where is prof luo? And libyan motor bikes? In the midst of morning

    • Mama Kaseba, did Maureen used to attend all conferences on legal matters, did Thandiwe used to attend all conferences on education, leave that to the Minister of Health.

  1. The word ICASA has brought a lot of memories.I remember when a similar conference was held in Zambia and most of the people started referring to HIV positive people as “Balilwala Icasa.” I remember those motorcycles too which ended up with the police.

  2. Just come back naimwe Bamuka Yama. With that funeral of Mandela teti mwaumfwa nensoni to be showing off with your none stop camera coverage like Oprah shows?
    A wife of a wiseman will drop all her activities, including bed-work, when an elder like Mandela dies.

    • @ZP(Zabwino palibe),What this gat to do with the above topic ? By the way I have to say that I’m still very disappointed with you.You promised us that you will kill yourself if PF wins in Mansa and they won.What has taken you long to commit suicide ? Man you are a disgrace.Real men fulfill their promises.The earlier you do it the better.

  3. Ala kwendapo mayo mwandi.Umuntu kubombesha.Ofyochali namailo ati iyo banakateka banangani.Mwikalaba ukufika naku nganda yachililo ba mayo bana ngoshe(mrs Cobra).Mwende ulufwile ingombe.

  4. I guess if you are married to Ukwa you would take each and every opportunity to travel and leave him in the hands of Suba even if it is to an opening of an envelope. Besides she has to spend all that money she has embezzled from the Zambian tax payer.

    • its still on. you cant postpone the arrival of 10 thousand delegates the day before a major conference. it is unfortunate that no matter how great or loved someone is, life does indeed go on.

    • There’s no evidence for this. Co-Guest is a title that can only be cooked up by PF Lemons. For God’s sakes Kgalema is the Vice President of South Africa the host nation for the 2013 ICASA conference. This woman should calm down and learn to hide those horse’s gums of hers!

    • mind control strategy-if you show a person or an idea to a people without forcing them,time and time again thru media,forums,adverts etc, people start to accept and relate to that person on the subconscious level without them realizing.we know the subconscious mind is responsible for daily routine functions like breathing,walking dont think about breathing but you’re still doing it.thats because the program is embeded in the subconscious mind to run without you thinking about when madam kaseba is embeded in our subconscious,we will develop synaptic paths in our brains specifically for her and because she is involved in good works like ICASA,pictures of her operating,cervical cancer campaigns,these synapses will always triger a good feeling when her name is mentioned or seen

    • So what we will begin to see and I’ve seen it on this website, people for no apparent reason will start saying things like; i just like her, i dont know why .We would then as a people had been sold an idea, and for whatever reason this idea was sold for,it would easily serve its purpose as people would already be susceptible to her.Hell,she can even run for president and we will vote for her.This is what they call planting an idea?the workshops ba shushushu do in the UK,USA,Germany,china,russia etc what do you think they are taught? How to protect the president only?Mind games and how to manipulate people. the world has become sophisticated and we cant afford to close our eyes even for a second, a new world can be pulled right over our eyes in that second.

  5. ALWAYS on the move! She’s creating a legacy for being the most travelled first lady in the world. Not even chililo chaba Mandela can deter her ambitions.
    Is there a budget line for all these numerous trips?

    • I am also fed up of these moves. At least Vera HOPE foundation, Moreen initiatives, Tandive children fund, Now a tourists

  6. Dr Kaseba’s endless trips are not what we are meant to believe, there is something fishy going on and the truth will emerge one day. Ever wondered why the designated minister of health does not travel to these so-called conferences?

  7. Nice presentation by Madam Kaseba seen her at CCC just opposite the sun.Its a good think and nice applaud from whites in the Longstreet here.21:30 hrs >>>>> lsk

    Nice Educational Tour and intern

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