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Kalusha mourns Mandela


FAZ President and soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya has mourned Nelson
Mandela who died on Thursday night.

South Africa’s first black President Mandela died a the age of 95
after long illness.

Kalusha said Mandela was inspirational.

“Rest in peace Nelson Mandela,” Kalusha wrote on his face book page on
Friday morning.

“I was honored to have been graced and inspired by your presence,” he said.

Kalusha added:”Whilst you are gone, your spirit will live in me and
all mankind forever.”

And Zambia Rugby Union president Martin Musunka says:”Nelson Mandela,
the icon of true democracy. Despite going through hard time in the
struggle, he emerged as a forgiving person and moved on with life.”

“Yes, Madiba, was an inspiration who used South Africa’s hosting of
the 1995 Rugby World Cup to project the sport’s character-building
values to unite a nation. He changed the World. Let us mourn the man
whose wisdom, intelligence and sheer presence was a wonder to behold,”
Musunka said.


    • This is not newsworthy LT, If you come on twitter I have some words to that effect.

      If you are hungry for news, please go and interview, Kaunda, Grey Zulu and people within Mandela ‘s circles of his life who are still in zambia.

      WHy football, mixing paint and oil causes a bomb. Refrain from it.


    • For once I can agree with this harlot called Mushota. The best people to talk about Mandela is KK. Not younsters like Kalusha who dont understand freedom struggle but only know the language of football.

    • Ashes to ashes and dust to dust (hereafter death). Death is not really a tragedy, it should not afford anybody a defence in an argument at a stage in life. What follows afterwards, as is the case when any person passes on, are personal reflections about that particular person and, reflections depend on various individual understandings. Not everything said mirrors the honesty legacy of the deceased. Unwanted facts deemed not to be in the interests of the public are hidden and, any voice which attempts to reveal such unprescribed utterrances is suppressed. Only what the world wants to hear/consume is circulated in the media. A critical balanced approach should be encouraged but it is not in this case.

    • MUSHOTA….In case you didnt Know historical facts between KALU AND MANDELA:
      1. President Mandela has annual fundraising events one of which was soccer. There was a selected Africa 11 versus European stars. President Mandela himself called KALU to the team and he made him of CAPTAIN of that team which was called MANDELA 11. Kalu scored two brilliant goals, watched by Mandela and later feted by the Great Man Madiba
      2. KALU was in the team of 12 eminent South Africans and other Africans led by the Great MADIBA to lobby for the award of hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. KALU was in Mandela Team when SOUTH AFRICA was awarded the right to host the 2010 World Cup.
      KALU interacted with MADIBA….open for a memorable picture.

    • I like the way 1.4 Zambian put it to Mushota. Ignorance can sometimes lead to a display of stupiDity of the highest order….By the way…Kalu was among the very first foreign sports personalities invited by MANDELA to his home after being released from prison. I remember him and Rudd Gullit meeting Mandela at his residence and the story made headlines..

    • @Umwina Zed, there are many ways of communicating with a fellow human being other than verbal. I wonder if you have the same veiw regarding the so called “chocholi’s” in Zambia married to Zambian women? I am not commenting on Mushota as a person. Love transcends the language barrier (sorry this may be out of context of what is being discussed).

  1. Great message Kalu. being oversees has really made look very learned when u are just a grade nine. o maybe zambian education standards were good during your time?

    • @Silozi and @FWEBENE
      Kalusha is not a grade 9, neither is he a grade 12 but he completed form five shortly before the system was changed. Why should this bother anyone anyway, if I may ask?

    • And Kalu is already one of very classic example of success in one’s life. He has nothing left to show to the world so as to convince anyone how success he has been in life. He could be classified as one of the professors of football on the continent and the world at large. He is very successful material and socially. So, what else?

    • but zambians muli batutu, it doesn’t matter whether he completed school or not what matters is were he is now. successful with or without education. there are many people pa zambia who have reached grade 12 or whatever you call it and they are just useless doing nothing.

    • nakulu. u are dull. u have failed to understand the context of the message. its a fact that civilization comes when one is learned. its a different case with kalu. by now he would be broke.

  2. Mr Mandela, MYSRIP.
    God has seen the Great job you have done on this world especially africa, you are a great leader. God almighty comfort the family of Mr mandela in Jesus name.

    • the way he conducts himself. he is different from other footballers. iam not talking about about the english he speaks. its his lifestyle. like one of us the learned

    • Chi silozi,
      I doubt you are even Learned!
      You dont even have the language or lucrative etiquete learned manner to convice me, otherwise, Kalu on the other hand has more than you to convince the world stage how learned he is which he has done on countless times, the men and women he has stand next to or Dined with can never even look at you not even by accident! Trust me there is evidence to that fact!

    • people are so dull. where i have i said am better than kalu? kalu is more than 15 years older than i am. definitely ill be better than him. hope u will live long to see this come to fruition. i didn’t know my comment would be this thought provocking that harlots like chi cindy would get tempted to respond


  3. Is this the platform for discussing other people’ s qualifications/ education standards ? The subject here is about the death of Nelson Mandela and u bring a story which is quite different from the topic, what logic is that ?

    • Mandela died a long time ago. and people learn whose death u should mourn. mandela’s death is one we should rejoice for he lived life to fullest. exhausted his potential and of course served his purpose. he uplifted all Africans. and for that lets celebrate. of couse if u died today we will mourn

  4. @St jude, most footballers are a let down. i would employ kalu, as FAZ president, to introduce financial lessons to top footballers. maybe it would help them invest. most 1994 team members are destitutes. i wonder how they feel wen they meet kalu….and the other way round. iam just impressed with great kalu. hes is my inspiration even though i have two master’s at the age of 31

    • @Silozi, a person who has been honored can never sink so low to open his/her mouth like you. To me you sound like a degree holder who has know poverty and poor class since childhood. We tribalist, wee!!! I am sure he is from aluyana tribe.

    • Accept my congratulations for such an achievement @ a literally tender age. However, your comment @2 does not show that you are impressed by Kalu as it is rather demeaning. Maybe you meant it differently but to every reader, it sounds like ‘grade 9’ is nothing!

    • what is good about grade 9 st jude. its utter condemnation. honestly can be compared to footballer in zed? i think he furthered his education in belguim. the ex wife couldnt marry a popper

    • Correction: it’s “pauper” and not ‘popper’. Matter-of-factly, success is not always tied to education. We have a lot of uneducated people who are living better lives than the so called educated. Often times, we’ve seen people with a chain of degrees roaming the streets and their degrees collecting dust on the shelves in their homes. Why? Because the economic structure cannot absorb them with their degrees. In some situations you find that the system will favour those with a humble education and those with degrees will have nothing to show for it. I personally have two first degrees ans two masters, but I still haven’t found satisfaction. Maybe my education was not worth it after all, other than for purposes of communication in English!

  5. Silozi you might be more learned than kalu, but you will never be honored like him in your whole intire life with your. Degrees.lear to appreciate where it’s due!!

    • @7.1 you could not have been hiding behind the computer, with some fake name! Honored by whom? May be your wife and kids. Kalusha has appended his signature to his statement, do the same then.

    • i am not married brother. my ambition can not allow marriage. moreover my line work can not allow me to divulge my true identity. just know that real honoring is oversees. here we compete with the best brains in the world. anyway let me not be full of myself lest i become another clive chirwa

  6. @SILOZI u sound a demon of jearous,a demon of hate,a demon of tribalism and is unfortunete we have beings like this.But know that as we told Simata and Andrew when they were fighting him kalu will be what God says he is.

  7. That’s the sputi dity of so many Zambians.Too much ‘phds’U have pretended for almost 50 years as tho yo were peacefull alas it has been only hypocricy.It is not difficult to know who are the chief tribalists in Zed.Others mayb but these are worse.

  8. I ment stu pidity.How can u sink so low as 2 always think narrowly(tribalism)?God Jehovah rises us in different manners.Believe me ,pipo with humblebackgrounds ve moved de Z not about yo education(tho very vito)it is about wat u do.

    • what tribalism is there/ my friend most mistakes are as a result of assumptions. just because i use silozi doesn’t mean am lozi. moreover wachepa sana. i cant argue with u. bring your father

  9. If you grade 12 you are….. whether rich, honoured, married to three whites. Kalu will not much my standard of education. No one will cite kalusha et al., like me. already several young scientists are citing my works et al., reported, reviewed, suggested, in agreement….thus our honour….

  10. Kalu met Mandela on several occassions. Do not forget there used to be Mandela Cup. Kalu was more know to Mandela than even our HH who has also sent a message of condolence. At the end of the day we are not related to Mandela but we have learned one or two things from his lifestyle while he was alive. Let us just emulate him he was a great man.

  11. How’ll u become in the few years to come now that the pipo u hate are destined for even greater achievements? ‘kupukuta’ as i can see aleady?kalu we are morning de hero togather.lndeed it is inspirational 2 stand with Madiba.l did in 2008.MHIP!

  12. Silozi!just to take you back.what is the difference between a form five & grade twelve?Rest in peace papa mandela & this is nothing to do with kalu or football..

  13. Just where do u place yo hh?Any wise pipo don’t talk.Yes must learn lesson because u are seriously afflicted with a demon of tribalism nd jearous.U’ll never take away wat God has given him.Demons, with little undestanding abt de essence of education.

  14. It is sad that people can choose to pass all sorts of negative comments on Kalu’s message on the passing on of Madiba. It is strange that people can start comparing their success to Kalu’s when he is simply passing condolences on Madiba death. Some bloggers have an inferiority complex. We are not interested in hearing how educated you are. People are mourning Mandela and that is when you choose to boast about your education. You seem to be full of education in the head but no reality in heart. Kalu actually met Mandela when SA was bidding to host the 2010 fifa world cup tournament. Kalu is a well known figure not only in Zambia, but also in many countries. It is just the spirit of jealous which is making you write evil comments about Kalu. Your names are just known on this website.

  15. hahahaha!!!!!!!!!People i am not lozi and i cannot support a tonga party. the pseudo name is part of being intelligent.

  16. Do not argue with people who cannot spell ‘jealous’ and yet pretend to have two masters degrees probably obtained from schools located on top of shops on main street in the USA. People that will belittle Kalusha are those who have only heard rumous about him i.e. they never saw him in action. I attended Kalu’s farewell party at Inter Continental Hotel hosted by Colgate Palmolive when he left to play his professional soccer. His commitment to Zambia can never be questioned. It does not matter whether he is a form five but like VJ this man has mixed with people who matter in society. Kalu did not go around asking to be interviewed but he posted his condolences on his Facebook page which everyone is free to do but the difference is that for you nincompoops no one will notice!

  17. Kalu grew up ku mayadi like me.Completed form five at Mufulira secondary school and not kantabshi sec.He was a good student and not average.Just that most of his time,he spent playing football and not smoking dope like kids of nowadays.People like me who grew up on the copperbelt are tough tested.Kalu has done a lot coaching courses in switzland and some management courses.I will be grad to write Kalu’s biography so that you people know him better!

    • Glad, not grad. Read through before posting. We are reading what people are writting in order to be informed or to learn something and not to be confused as to what they want to say.

  18. Headline should have been ‘Kalusha pays tribute to Mandela’ I’m sure we are all mourning this great icon in our own ways.

  19. Great Kalu, Yes I remember that day sometime 1998/98 Africa 11 vs Europe 11, 0-1 in favor of Euro 11 mid of second half came in Kalu as substitute, took his trade mark free kick scored of course and scored another to win it for Madiba, left out by the experts but called in by the Madiba in the last minute; ‘I want that great son of Africa to be part of the team……….’ This does not happen so often, so please Let Kalu mourn his ‘friend’.

  20. All sports icons have been sending messages of condolence including Brian Lara Sachin Tendulkar Felipe Massa Usain Bolt Muhammad Ali so why not Great Kalu?

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