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President Sata urges youths to emulate Mr. Mandela’s leadership style


FILE: President Sata with SG Kabimba
FILE: President Sata with SG Kabimba

President Micheal Sata says there would have been no black Government in South Africa if late former South African President Nelson Mandela did not fight against apartheid which was perpetrated by the minority whites in that country.

Speaking to journalists soon after signing the book of condolences at the South African High Commission this morning, President Sata urged youths in Zambia to emulate Mr. Mandela’s leadership style to foster development in Zambia.

The Head of State has appealed to the youths in the country not to be idle but engage in productive ventures.
President Sata who arrived at the South African High Commission at 10 hours this morning was accompanied by several cabinet Ministers.

Meanwhile, South African High Commissioner to Zambia Piet Mathebe said Mr. Mandela will be remembered by the entire world for his ideals such as reconciliation.

And the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has joined the rest of the world in celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, called to be with the Lord at the age of 95.

CCZ General Secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale has described Mr. Mandela as a bright beacon of freedom in the world.

Reverend Matale said Mr. Mandela was the epitome of leadership in Africa, saying the world has never been the same since he stepped his foot on its soil and made a difference through his humanitarian work which he will always be remembered for.

She added that the world would be transformed into an Oasis of peace, harmony, tranquility and prosperity for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity or economic status if the world had a few more Mandelas.


    • @Dudelove, walya iwe. But while do it today Mr Sata? What were you waiting for? This should have been done on Saturday, atleast.

    • Its you Mr Sata Sir who needs to lead according to Mandela’s values. Not the way you are ruling the country. E.g. embarassing your ministers in public, firing nurses, lies, panga family fighting, etc. Its do what I say, not do what I do.

    • @Dudelove spot on????? Very strange for the President to advise the Youth?? He and other old fox in Zambian Political cycles should be the Ones to emulate Madiba. Mandela never finished his term. Sata is now old; he should give up the power to a younger leader who can swerve the country to adopt modern strategies, to meet modern economic demands. THESE OLD POLITICIANS ARE Killing our Country. It is a shame; they should all go, than wait for their political term. WALK THE TALK MR. SATA THAN JUST lie to us.

    • The country would in my opinion be better off, with whites still at the helm

      Thats my opinion considering my education.


    • Of course Sata called a spade a spade. He knows too well that he himself can never emulate Mandela. He is too evil to do that.

    • He most likely didn’t understand any of his own waffle, as the speech was written for him – he is still taking reading lessons, what he needs, is to understands some of it!!!

    • Nelson Mandela was never a killer and was able to condemn killer including his own, but now you kill people and steal their bodies to cover up evidence. You need to learn from him,
      You need to learn from him

    • If there is a person in Zambia who needs to emulate Mandela is Sata himself. The man should seriously reflect on Mandela`s life and compare with his intolerance level and an necessary outbursts on his fellow comrades.

    • I would expect the President himself to emulate Mr Mandela’s leadership style, why in God’s name is he wasting his breath on the poor youths? In any case he should probably be telling his Ministers to do so.

    • In my opinion its the heads of states and governances, including Sata, at the moment that need to wholeheartedly emulate the Icon, Nelson Mandela.
      I am surprised youths been allegedly instructed to follow the directive. Just waiting to witness if Sata will even attend the Mandela’s funeral

    • What do you think Mandela would have done if his nurses went on strike? Would he say we have the police, we have the courts, we have the army and they do not have anything?

      Definitely, he would do none of the above. Hence we know who should learn from the example Mandela.

    • Some one should play “Man in the Mirror” by one Michael Jackson to Sata. MCS should take particular note to “… take a look at yourself and make that change…” Very appropriate in this case for the occassion, not only the youth in Zambia but politicians as well.

    • You are just right man; this man is not oky in his thinking, how can young ones whom he stops from that leadership would emulate Mandela when they can never be allowed to make decisions of their own. His leadership has failed us in Zambia and his government is not democratic, he continues sideline those provinces that did not vote for him in 2016, for sure if it was Mandela today in Zambia would he do such things.

  1. look at who iz talkin hw can the yourth b like mandala wen is busy punishn uz and opositionz usin public order act wenever we want to demonstrate or critise him, usuless ***** urine bag

  2. Forget the youths why don’t you emulate Madiba’s leadership style yourself Mr dontchi Kubeba. When this lair first took over he said he will govern based on the 10 commandments. He later refused to use the presidential convey opting for a Minibus in Livingston saying he wanted to save money. Has that act been repeated since? It’s now presidential jet everywhere he goes including when compaigning during enduced by elections. It’s lies after lie. He doesn’t say anything when a young boy is brutally murdered by his PF thugs, he fails to address the nation because of the many lies he has made. What a plonker

  3. youths to emulate Mr. Mandela’s leadership style hmmmmmmmmmmm so madiba was a youth i thot its the other way round let our leaders do so by voluntarily relinguish power to the youths than clinging to power like Mugabe and late Gaddaffi.

  4. start with yourself but the problem l are not honest,putting people first like mandela .maybe you are right to remove yourself from emulating Mandela.

  5. One of the productive ventures the youth should engage in is to remove you and all the old fellas like Chikwanda/Munkombwe etc out of politics for good. What the hell are you doing in politics at 70 something??

  6. Yes Iam starting to emulate by firing this Garden boy who was asking for Increment . Just like the Mentor fired those Nurses.
    Get the log out of your eye sir… I’m supprised u’re seen this spark of dust in my eye.
    It can’t neva.!!!

  7. youth to emulate mandela? what about you sir, whose leadership characteristics are you emulating? mugabe’s is it? its a shame that you mention to emulate an icon whose ideals you can not achieve. heart of a snake!

  8. And whose leadership style are the like of Kabimba, GBM and yourself are you emulating? Idi Amin? lead by example you old fool

  9. Please stop embarrassing yourself sir not just zambia can see through you the whole world knows you have no substance anyone working with you is dull and an ***** no ine with sence would want to be around a man with such evil lies and intetions

    • Probably Mandela spent 27 sleeping and dreaming about a better world and his dream came true and Sata has spent years working and has nothing to show. If the statement was emulate Mugabe then it would have made sense. Not sense that it is right for youths to emulate Mugabe but sense on who is talking.

  10. Sata always looks like he is in a trance and troubled and not at peace with himself.
    How capable is he to lead the country?

  11. Go back to your watch dog where you insult innocent people with impunity. Some of us can’t even have our balanced comments published because of their hh biased agenda. Shameful. Your man will never rule Zambia.

    • Its not about who rules but how you rule. If only a marjority of Zambians can grasp this, we could be going somewhere pleasant

    • To the marjority of Zambians, being Zambian comes second first is their tribe. Its not uncommon to be asked what tribe you are after being introduced. If you happen to be of the same tribe then expect this question ‘ oh, so where do you come from in so and so province?’ We have a lot of awakening to do. While we are at it, the foreigners are having a time of their lives getting our land. Our children will really be mad with this primitive generation.

    • Ba Joel na imwe get a life for yourself, you mean you cannot live without talking about HH, wht kind of planet did you hail from where there is so much frustration and hate?

  12. You are saying Sata is old but why did you young people stand dulling general elections and win .Muleteka fye ingombe mwe fibatonga ichimtundu chapashi

    • Comments like yours just make us laugh. Thats all. In short, you are not taken seriously young man. But continue, it’s your right. Although pamulu apo ni ‘during’ not ‘duling’ waumfwa mwaiche?

  13. Its far to difficult for Sata to Mandela , Madiba was and will always be a world icon Sata is just a comedian thats why he behaves the way we know!!!!

  14. Signing book of condolences today!!!!! other leaders addressed their fellow citizens when they announced the lose of a great leader . Mediocre leadership. Anyway it would be expecting too much from Sata to think that he can respect those virtues of Madiba let alone have them. Ours are changanya . Oooo somebody says CNP.

  15. Mandela is a great man. He has fought a good battle on earth. To live is christ to die is gain. Blessed are the dead in christ for they shall be resurrected for a second time. May God bless our father Madiba.

  16. Look who’s talking chi dunderhead. Here in SA presidents who are respected from the region have been shown on tv offering condolences. That fool is not respected here. In fact they respect RB and late Mwanawasa than that monkey. Instead of telling his mentor Chi Mugabe and himself,he’s directing it to the youth. Let’s unite youths and remove this rif ruff out of power.

    • So what if they showed other presidos? We had our own funeral here. Of a minister so you would leave your funeral jast because a chief has died? Mourn your s first and then go to join others. Mandela and his people were in exile. In Zambia for many years.some south Africans appreciate us Zambia as a people.

  17. I don’t think he will even attend the momerial or funeral. He’s scared of JZ. He has made a fool of himself. Nobody wants to be associated with him in sadc.

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    please! L-ots of love Car olina Rod riguez, Lia ison Of ficer/Slu tty Prot ocol ass istant at the Hi gh Com mission of the rep ublic of Zam-bia in Ott-awa, Can-ada. I like really rich men only. I got sur gical great perky bo obs, tat too on my hip, tat too on le ft wrist, pie rced cl it. Co me and get me! Act ually I got fake bo obies bec ause I had br east redu ction but they look and feel amazing now. The tat too on my hip is act ually my name in tri bal large front and the small & br own one on my left wrist says bre athe

  19. Surprised, but at least i expected it. almost everyone is against the idea of the youths emulating Mandela, but throwing it back to the originator. fellow Zambians why cant we see the good part of things? you cant learn when you are always critical! Nelson was not a president when he made that name. been president was just the result of it. Mandela decided to do something about a situation he did not like, Mandela had courage and hope. so i would wish all of you the best as you sit and watch Sata emulate Mandela. i can assure you that 27 yrs from now, you will still sit in front of yo computer and be angry, complaining and most likely insulting the then president.

  20. I thought it’s you sir who should emulate Mandela and not youths, because you are the one who is in power. Zooona power is sweet muleswakisha abaice abashikwete na machito

  21. What evil has Mr Sata done to this nation u demons?Be realistic u fo ols and tell the truth.Can the record of yo st upid hh b compared 2 him. Even if u don’t emulate him, idio ts.Are youths only found in upnd or any useless party?U must b guilt.

    • Get over your bitterness and get a meaningful life. If you are a beneficiary of the misfits ruining Zambia then you are better off being quit. People will never stop talking until Zambian leaders start to do right for the Nation.

  22. U must be guilt because u have no principles and values. Weakered pipo that are driven by hate,falsehood,slander,lazyness and blutarity.U demons,0 this hate for the innocent man because u want power 4 yo kind?ln Jesus’name no evil u wish him will

  23. Mandela,stood for the opposite of what u are.No wonder it has not gone well with u.Look at the hate yo leader has displayed toward Mr Sata?Suppose he is the one that lost power?lt would have been war.THO WE WOULD HAVE BEATEN HIM LIKE A BABY.Fo o ls!

    • don’t waste your breathe you 1diot. you seem to be a beneficiary of the family forest and posted to America. enjoy while it lasts because come 2016 you will be flashed out like rats. even you word/sentence construction betrays you

  24. The weakeredness u display here,only sick pipo will support u and yo leader. Tell the truth and o will be well.l can tell u that you’ll grow in hate in 2016.A normal human being to insult elderly pipo the way u do?lt is abomination.

  25. Mushota is like a fly at the fish market. Just a nuisence which adds no value to anything but irritation and can’t go away.

  26. I can see an impostor using my “Gaddaffi.” Code. Of all the names in this world not in use why surely just pick on wht I’m using. Use Mugabe for instance bro. There r a thousand names out there still on the plate

  27. Ala echo bamwebela naimwe ba Sata. It is not Mandela alone that brought Black Government in South Africa. It was ANC membership [the followers] under very able leadership of Mandela.

  28. Obama and his wife have just entered Air Force One going to RSA, The Clintons are on their way too. Sir John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon brown and cameron will be at the funeral. Where will Sata be? Shame indeed with that pathetic head of Zambian leader.

  29. Sata said YOUTHS are TRUANT, meaning ba – youth tamuunfwa. So, we need to change and VOTE for sensible people, not these failures we were dancing for the whole night in 2011. at least, I never danced and never voted for these failures.

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