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A Merry Christmas to Lusakatimes readers


We would like to wish you,our readers a Merry Christmas and a Spectacular New Year.We thank you for your continued support.

LT Team


    • Merry Xmas to you ba LT (poloticians, lol), the bum washers diasporians, not forgetting the ever green PF and HEMCS, our only and only under 5 and his lovely party the UPND, our clever thieves the MMD, our pastor Mumba and former traveller Christopher Columbus alas RB, The ma glass young man Chipimo, the linguistic Mbombo, the stuborn lawyer Sakwiba, BRE of mongu and your ever noisy lozi supporters, the most hated Meembe, our very and only pathetic liars ever know in the history of journalism ZWD, and all peace loving Zambians. I love you all and God bless.


    • `President Sata said he was a less privileged person who had benefited from the education of the first lady.
      “You see, me I am very less privileged, that young girl (Dr Kaseba) she’s very young, educated, but she still looked after me the under privileged. There, where she is, she’s a medical doctor but she goes and gets a salaula (second hand) like me. Me I have someone who sings for me every day and she sings all the music from all churches and I don’t know where she learnt the music. She has even confused Gerald (President Sata’s last born son),” he said.
      In his Christmass message, President Sata appreciated the role the Church played in interceding for peace and unity in the nation.“

      source; The post..


    • I am at Nicholas’ family house.

      I strongly suspect he might propose

      I just want to wish you all merry Christmas and new year

      I dont like.anyone here but I care about you all


  1. ..Thank u ba LT….but I would have loved your title to read…’Merry Xmas and spectacular new year to SOME of our leaders..’
    I’m one of them who is not seeing any ‘merry’ this Xmas and far from seeing any prosperous and spectacular new year…may be not until 2016.
    beside going to church, Xmas is also about giving…nothing to give this time because my pockets have no more money….
    Nevertheless, Merry Xmas and splendid new year to you ba LT and SOME of my fellow bloggers

    • Sorry Ba Scritinizer, though I think you need to be more optimistic and channel your energies on being positive, remember your thoughts makes you, so if you sit clinging to negative thoughts, the universe will give you just that, Walls have ears! I hope the best for you just as LT has done.

  2. but in the video you are showing us there is no mention of merry xmas and prosperous new year. its completely unrelated to the message. journalism of nowadays also yaaaabaa.

    • Merry Chrithmith Matipa,
      You need to apologithe to LT for your uncalled for remarkth. From now on, pleathe, read widely . I can athure you, it will help.
      The video ith a chrithmith thong entitled “The African Drummer Boy” or in short “The Drummer Boy.”
      Great video Ba LT. Merry Chrithmith to y’all.

  3. Merry Christmas and prosperous 2014 to LT and the bloggers.

    I pray that WE all mature in God’s love and keep insults off the blog.

    Thank you LT.

  4. On behalf of the Gumu Gumu family, I wish you ALL a Merry Xmas & a productive New Year. Special festive wishes go to the LT Team, the paid PF cadres on this platform & bloggers with meaningful contributions. You make our day & this site worth visiting.

  5. Merry Xmas to LT and all the readers. To all the Lumpens, mojos, momas, matures, bungwes, imports and Mushota, you have all been wonderful this year. Love you all.

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