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Zambian movie “foolish me” to be released soon


Zambian movie foolish me will be showing at fresh view cinemas from 3rd january to 10th january 2014

Foolish me movie


“Luka is finding it hard to get by and things become worse when he gets home one day and is greeted to the news that his girlfriend Bupe has been cased away from home on account of being pregnant. He decides to do the honorable thing and starts to take care of her. The beginning is rough until some light is seen at the end of the tunnel. As soon as Luka finds his feet, he is tempted into debauchery and the thought of forgetting is faithful sweetheart crosses his mind one too many times. Thinking himself untouchable, he embarks on a self-destructive path that sees him into trickster leading his girlfriend Bupe into the abortion room. ”

Be Proud – Support the Watch Zambian Films Campaign! Join us at Fresh View Levy from the 3rd to the 10th of January 2014 for the Movie showing of ‘Foolish Me’. VIP K1000 and Ordinary K50!




  1. Looks interesting. I hope we get to see some real Zambian talents who can take a respectable position in the African movie industry which is dominated by Nigerians, Ghanaian and South Africans.

  2. It has to take me real special reasons to go watch a zambian movie its all play cycle mentality. I dot why our actors never seem to pick a leaf from countries like SA

    • The Zambians movies are so slow.
      And why all these discrimination of VIP tickets and rest all useless people? So backwards, just treat customers same, its just entertainment.

  3. Ok I just hope the sound effects and lighting are well managed.
    I also hope that the actors and actresses are coming out natural and not using unnecessary accents.

    It must not appear that the acting is rehearsed or being read from memorised lines or via teleprompter!

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