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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Miles Sampa to sue over reports that he carried cash to Kasama for distribution

Headlines Miles Sampa to sue over reports that he carried cash...

DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa
DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa

COMMERCE deputy Minister Miles Sampa has said he is not impressed with some online media outlets that publish slanderous articles and he will take legal action against some of them.

Mr Sampa was speaking In Kasama where he visited Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in Northern Province with his Community Development counterpart Jean Kapata.

Mr Sampa was speaking in reference to an online news article that alleged he had tarvelled to Kasama with cash meant for unknown purposes.

He stood and asked members of the Press whether he had any cash strapped to his body or not.

He then told Ms Kapata to stand up and opened her handbag to dispel rumours that he had travelled to Kasama for nefarious purposes.

“I don’t care whether they are hiding in London or wherever they are. I recently won damages in the United States and I have no qualms about pursuing people that spread falsehoods,” he said.

Mr Sampa and Ms Kapata who are members of PF central committee were in Kasama to brainstorm with local PF leadership on ways to make grassroots organs of the party self-sustainable and address issues in indiscipline among members.

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    • Ba Sampa, ba nephew of Sata, won the case against Kachepa360.com, a so childish website like himself Sampa. How can Sampa mess with LT, they are too advanced for that son-of-a….
      At LT we discuss GBMs and The Chikwandas, not tu tombolilo.

    • total nonsense. sampa just tell the country whether you carried money or not. not every time suing suing. why didnt you go to shangombo to organize your crumbling party, but decided to go to kasama where gbm is already doing the same. very dull

    • walila sana sampa, but the fact is you fulfilled the prophesy so beautifuly laid out by the zwd insider. sue or not ifwe we already know what you went to do in kasama and with what resources. sue me, i will just tell the judge that i can only manage to pay K2 a month and that is that. kuti nakulipila ishi boyi. sue me!!!!!!

    • awe shuwa,,, i cant imagine how 2014 will be,, Sampa suing online publications,,, GBM considering between suing Poor zambians and grabing the money from the chinese loan or taking Sata to ICC in the Hague for abuse of power and crimes against humanity.. neither way, i think TB Jushua must be visited

    • This ka minister also is now becoming a parasite with his tourism libel lawsuits. He should first read the new Defamation Act 2013 of UK before planning to come to UK and sue the online blogs- BBC Panorama is now calling people like Mile Sampa Libel Tourists with no place in the modern Britain. They should sue someone in their own countries or USA.

    • Miles – who do you think will be scared by your empty threats dunderhead. You’ve more work to do in Matero than go to Kasama using my Tax.

      Just tell your uncle, that he was a waste of out time. We will in history pretent we had no President between 2011 – 2016.

    • Sampa you better chill. At the rate you’re going I can assure you that you make Avery good candidate for jail when PF leaves office in 2016!!! UZANGENA MU BOARDING MUFANA IWE…

  1. What a cheap gimmick – to search his pockets & search her handbag?? Does he think he is addressing some kindergarten in Matero???

  2. Just remember that every new year passing is a step closer to 2016. The PF has done nothing other than impose ineffective legislation. No major capital projects and barely finishing or redesigning MMD projects. Internal and immature confusion within the government and also the party.
    Sata assumed that he knew how to run a country, with that wild temper and know-it-all attitude, he is half the man RB was.
    Sata’s writing is on the wall because he has surrounded himself with people who are unable to advise him otherwise when he makes a wrong decision. Micro-managing the country to an extent that he can direct and independent entity, FRA to cancel contracts of Arizona. This is childish and it leads people to question whether Sata is even more mature than GBM!

      At the rate things are moving why wait for 2016? Can’t we get rid of the punks before then? It’s a fact, not proven yet by psychiatrists, but we all know that state house houses a chainama case in name of Sata. We have to act now!

    • I will in my history books pretend we had no Head of State between 2011 – 2014, when ukwa kicks the bucket.

      Ukwa was a waste of my vote, I regret having not only vigorously campaigned for by made sure a lot of other people voted for him. Am sorry…..

    • The Dark Lord. Where do you leave. I am a South African working in Zambia. I am just coming out of a project in some rural part of Zambia where i am working on a road project. If you say your country has no capital projects then I am very worried.

  3. Sampa just have guts to say you will sue Zambia watchdog and its co-sponsors UPND PARTY, you know they are ones spreading rumors.

  4. Dunderheads think this is funny. Spreading rumours has become the occupation of some *****s in Zambia. We must not allow this to continue. Hon.Sampa am willing to provide information on some of these people

  5. Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles, how many times have I called you. You punk think you are very clever like than GBM. Just because you won case where nothing will happened against a discredited Kachepa who you co-owned with that ***** Bemba chap does not make you a hero. You try publications like ZWD, you are dead meat my dear. They will reveal more about your troubled and miserable life from your aldultorous mother who you are emulating.

  6. so miles has resorted to enriching himself through litigation online magazines.you if the ailing dictator has failed to do that and who is sampa to suced in bringing down zwd.

  7. Look fellow citizens, it is a new year. Our government already revealed an inadequate budget for the year. The PF government is a bunch of jokers reducing taxes for lower earning people knowing quite well that the majority of Zambians are unemployed. There are no incentives for small business. Generally, VAT remains at 16%, which is laughable for a country that has no infrastructure (VAT is meant to be a tax due to the value that the state adds to facilitate products and services getting to where they are). Fuel prices have sky-rocketed, grain prices have increased, the exchange rate has gone out of control- a good performing Kwacha is consistent with the needs of a landlocked country. It has been 4 years with the PF, they have produced 3 budgets, do you feel better off than 4 years ago?

  8. Ok, this will be an interesting case… SAMPA, WHAT WHERE YOU DOING ON ZWD? YOUR GOVERNMENT… YOUR UNCLE.. YOUR PRESIDENT has block or ”banned” ZWD in Zambia. I hope you will not be fired for reading ZWD.

  9. Hope you learnt one or two things from your Kasama trip together with m’s Kapata. Did you also take time to check on the developmental projects in the constituency e.g. roads and drainages works as compared to shoddy works be done in your matero and mandevu constituencies.
    Its not about been senior in party position that will make your a darling of the people but your deeds and output. You guys cannot implement any decent works because you brouht in shoddy companies.

  10. Those who opt for public office should be prepared to be subjected to harsher and sometimes unfair scrutiny- it is not expected that each time they feel a whiff of discomfort about such glare they are to rush to court and seek the protection of the libel and defamation laws , No.To do so would be to striffle public scrutiny of these public officials who opted to enter public life. Was the comment complained of by Sampa so outrageous as to shock ! We dont think so. It was merely the sort of comment that could be made of a pulic official in the circumstances that Sampa found himself, to wit,no sonner had a senior member of cabinet resigned than Sampa flew to Kasama on a supposedly party reorganisation mission when his constituency is Matero. Just what did he expect the public to think ?

  11. Instead of focusing on developmental issues he is talking about utterly pointless issues ..what capacity is he in Kasama as? Is it party or government duty?
    People we will only develop if we brainstorm issues that matter to us not trivia issues like the clueless minister Miles there.
    Wake up people its 2014!!

  12. …imwe ba bwana Sampa, we are still waiting for u on the CB to sort out the mines…The one month ultimatum u gave for local contractors to be considered for contracts is long overdue…the situation is still the same. Not ifyo ifya ma sueing sueing….that is just like trying to shoot a cockroach in the dark………….a more tangible task is awaiting for u on CB as u promised…

  13. Oh Miles, being thick seems to be your only strong suit. You assume that the people of Kasama are such idio.yts to believe that if you and Jean had looted millions, you’d bring it to a public meeting, right? You insult people by atrying to “m.ind f.uck” them.

    You sued a silly Childish online publication whose owner the whole world knows. You call yourself a champion for that? Take on big boys, not little girls! Miles your adoring (paid for) fans in Kasama must have really cheered you, right? Cheering a person fishing in a gold fish bowl that calls themselves a champion fisher.

    If the whole BOMA with Chinese help couldn’t locate the ZWD, what makes you think your narrow head willl? Let’s see you shine. You’ll be searching till 2024.

    2 yrs 3 mths done 2 yrs 9 mnths left till…

    • So you use false names to scandalise other people. Come out in the open and address us publicly instead of using the online with a false name.

    • @Deja vu

      Please take out the log in your eyes before you complain about a speck in another person’s eyes.

      Is deja Vu your real name?

  14. Mile Sampa, your strategic foresight is amazingly miopic!

    Yours vision is national PF domination. Your mission: to destroy opposition

    Your objectives 1. Control parliament 2. Control Judiciary 3. Control executive.

    Your key results 1. 3/4 pf parliament 2. DPP, AG, IG and CJ in your underpants 3. Civil service (corrupted or terrified) in your underpants

    Sadly, you fail to see that your mission relies on suppression, corruption, terrorism of your people and oppression. These activities are a ticking bomb that will blow up in your face.

    Tribalism, cronyism, neopotism will get you and you’ll be in the docks in court come 2017. The more force you use the more people you hurt. ICT is your worst enemy, you’re trying to muzzle peoples spriit and you will fail PF, you will FAIL!

  15. miles sampa you have failed your family and the country with your uncle OP is wait the two of you be in cells befor end of the year.

  16. Zambians get so personal especially on people who have made it in life. Bloggs were created as a fora for discussing ideas and not for insulting people who cannot defend themselves. Some of you bloggers are so shallow and I wonder what you do in you lives to just wake up and post insults on the net. Get a life you losers.

    • I totally agree with you. If these people were not cowards, they would have confronted who ever is destroying this country. But because they are cowards they even choose fake names. If Sampa is a failure, they also failures because they have failed to take him on in person. I remember while waiting for a connection flight in Washington DC how one was praising the watchdogs fight against Bembas in his language on the phone. He did not realize that I was from Zambia and was able to understand all the languages in Zambia. This why Zambia will never find its feet. We are ready to sleep with the devil as long as that devil is Satas enemy

  17. At least its refreshing to learn he reads the Z_W_D. Didn’t his government block the website in Zambia? Or they only blocked it for ordinary citizens?

    These kind of threats are the last kicks of insecure govt officials as they won’t prove anything, other than looking more insecure. If you are doing a great job as govt you wouldn’t have to rely on threats of libel litigation. He has more govt machinery and [email protected] media to counter any negative alleged ‘falsehood’ being spread on him. Besides few have access to the website in Zambia so why is he feeling very insecure.

    His entire govt solicited the help of the Ch!nese to block the website in the country but was still accessible. So you wonder if these cheap threats would be successful in stopping the Z_W_D.

  18. in the first place, Miles Sampa should NOT have undertaken that trip to Kasama under a volatile climate created by his President. We have only 11 months left for 2014 plus 12 months for 2015 (total = 23 months). Come 2016 ambili azalilia (many will cry) ndi ku kukuta mano (and gnash their teeth).

  19. We are not losers, we will not give up. We are watching, categorising, logging and filing.

    Time is the great equaliser. In time (2017) you won’t have the IG, DG-ACC, DG-DEC, DPP, A/CJ, OPSD. We will sic forensic auditors on you and your families and friends and trace every penny. You will rue the day you were appointed. You will look for rocks to hide under and there will be none. Your “success” will be your failure. Ill gotten wealth will be a millstone around your neck.

    Oh yes, tick tick tick. I will not forgive, I will not forget and I will not relent. Your tribalism, nepotism, cronyism, vindictiveness will haunt you.

    We’re coming Aleisa Aleisa Haleisa Haleisa UP N DowN the marching feet are coming. Tremble, shiver, terror awaits you…Boo!

  20. Your sim cards will be evidence, you account numbers will be evidence, your houses will be evidence, your cars will be evidence, your passport will be evidence, your email will be evidence, your laptops and desk tops will be evidence, your debit cards and credit cards will be evidence, your girls will provide evidence, your boy friends will provide evidence, your clothes will be evidence, your speeches will be evidence, your “friends” will provide evidence, your accountants will be witnesses.

    You will run, you will be caught. The Chinese will turn on you, the British and Americans you’ve insulted will give us all the data we need from every electronic gizmo you’ve touched.

    Be afraid… Be verrrrrrrrry afraid. The “night of the long knives” will be upon you and your people…

    • Yes his SIM card has all the information. I hope ZICTA and the mobile service providers will help. They have all the data and the SMS from Mr Sampa to all the concubines if any in their hard drives. Most of the detailed information about Miles may be coming from the mobile service providers. I hope ZICTA and some mobile service providers will not delete the data. Stop reading ZWD Miles.

  21. So at John Doe, you think UPND will win in 2016? Your watch dog lied that Sata was very sick at state house. There he was addressing the nation on the new years eve. You lied that Zambia cannot host Zone six games. Zambia did. There are so many lies you have published and the outcome is the opposite. We all know that Zambia Watchdog is anti bemba. I can tell you that you are fighting a losing battle. I am not PF but I have seen a lot of positive changes. Salary increaments for civil servants, massive road constructions, hospitals, schools, clinics in urban and rural areas and many, many more. If I may ask, what different things is UPND or any other party going to do? Are they not going to increase workers salaries, are they not going to build roads, schools etc. Hypocrites

  22. I used to read Zambia Watchdog, but I have realized that they are a bunch of liars. Almost 80% of their publications are lies and half truths. Full of insults against the bembas and the president. I like Lusaka times because they are balanced in the way they report. Waging war between tribes. They want one of their own to rule Zambia. In as much as every tribe is entitled to rule Zambia, the way Zambia Watch dog does it is the wrong way. I have never seen ZWD commends Sata for what he has done. To them everything he has done is rubbish. That is why I can’t believe the story about Miles Sampa. In the end, ZWD will loose again. Such biased reporting is the one which brings civil wars. Can someone please tame ZWD and the insults they unleash at certain tribes. God help us. Lets pray for Sata

    • u are comfused u say u dont read the zwd again in yo lousy explanation u say thats y u dont belive the story they have caried about miles sampa. so how did u know it if u have stoped reading wd? ma labish, leav wd alone, shaa

    • @CNN, there is no need to start associating ZWD with particular tribes, or that they attack particular tribes. What about the venom against ‘certain tribes’ on Tumfweko? Avoid bringing tribe into such issues.

  23. Oh CNN, your mind is so washed that you cannot see the forest for the trees (Read Macbeth). Hosting the Zone 6 games is an event, addressing the nation is an event too. Your PF are event managers they are not strategic and neither is your logic. So the Zone 6 games were held, what was the short term benefit, the medium term benefit and what do you think the long term benefit will be to Zambia. For good measure, take a look at Livingstone after the Tourism event, speak of substantial change from the event. Any huge jump in GNP or GDP? Has Zambia become a tourist “Mecca”?

    You speak glibly about salary increases, where is the GRZ getting the money to pay these salaries. We are borrowing left, right and center to finance consumption. You call that good economics? You can build eight…

    • All i know is that Livingstone is changed.The town is clean, tarred roads and new terminal building at Harry Mwaanga airport after 40 years. Short term is meant to cushion the harships of the people while planning for long term. The huge jump in GND or GDP may not come soon but later. ZWD published that Zambia won’t host the Zone 6 games. They even published unfinished buildings. All lies. The opposite happened. The long term is that Zambia is able to host swimming galas from all over Africa like what happened last month where Zim, Namib, Egypt, Moz, Ang, Bot participated after Egypt backed out to host. So my point is ZWD lied. ZWD argument was that Zambia was incapable of hosting the games the rubbish long things you have talked about. At the end of the day, ZWD lies too much. Viva truth

  24. You can build eight thousand Km’s of roads and where will the money go? To the (family) contractors, that’s where!

    Clinics without trained Doctors and Nurses and not clinics but abattoirs. Schools with no teachers are just day care centers, Colleges and universities with no lecturers are but empty halls. The huge projects are but projects and means of siphoning money to relatives.

    Hey CNN, whats on the news chappy!

    • At John Doe,I would rather have hospitals built than to wait for the doctor to be trained. I don’t think the government would wait for 7 years to train a doctor and then build a clinic or hospital. The fact is that once the hospitals are built, in one way or another, the labor force will be found. As for the issues of lectures, the jobs will be filled up once the jobs are advertised. Which country doesn’t borrow? If people can borrow from the banks, what of the country? I am not PF but i remember them promising roads, schools hospitals clinics etc which I am seeing today. Whatever economics they are using, at least I can see something tangible. So don’t be myopic unable to see beyond your nose. I don’t know about the issue of relatives.

  25. @CNN I can meet you and beat you to a pulp at any intellectual level. Try and pull some more PF propaganda out of your socks, come on.

    ZWD is the people. MCS hiding behind monologues is not leadership. siccing his dogs (DEC, ACC, OPSD, A/CJ, Nchito bros and Mmembe) on HIS OWN people will come back to bite him in 2 years 9 months and 29 days… tick tick tick. Aleisa Aleisa Haleisa Haleisa A Kawalala Yopani! 🙂

    • @John Doe and Neymer, I am not PF but I am balanced in the way I look at things. I give kudos where it is due and constructively critise where a mistake has been done. No 1: If your party came to power, they will wait until they train doctors and nurses before they could build hospitals? In other words your party won’t build any schools, hospitals and clinics as long as there are no doctors and nurses. What myopic! Who told you that the money being paid to civil servants is borrowed money? No 5: The reference to Zone 6 games is because you reported in your ZWD that Zambia is incapable of hosting the zone 6 games. You even published unfinished buildings which werelies. The benefits of those games is the fact that Zambia is able to host the swimming galas like waht happened last month

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