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Police detain Fr Bwalya in Kasama

Headlines Police detain Fr Bwalya in Kasama

ABZ President Fr Frank Bwalya flashes a red card against the PF government
ABZ President Fr Frank Bwalya flashes a red card against the PF government

Opposition Alliance for Better Zambia President Fr Frank Bwalya has been detained by police in Kasama in Northern Province.

Fr Bwalya was arrested after he featured on a radio program on radio Mano today.

Reports from Kasama indicate that Father Bwalya angered some PF cadres by his statements while on a live radio program, forcing the cadres to storm Radio Mano studio and demanding for his immediate arrest.

Fr Bwalya was still in police detention by late afternoon waiting to be charged.

Northern Province Police Chief Mary Chikwanda confirmed in a phone interview that Fr Bwalya was being detained to help with further investigations.

He said she could not divulge more details because it might jeopardize investigations.

Meanwhile, Fr Bwalya confirmed in an interview from Kasama that police want to charge him with defamation of the President and proposing violence.


    • Sata now remind me of the Swahili song on youtube kigeugeu- wananigeukia- people who tend to forget easily where they are coming from and who use others using cover to pursue their own interests and then once they fall they fall hard- he is really kigeugeu per excellence.

    • Help me understand this F police, Esnart Ngoma was arrested for her safety and now Father Bwalya has been arrested to help with investigation,, so featuring on a radio station is now a crime?? why was Willie Nsanda not arrested also to help with investigation??..
      Someone is SO drunk with power and he is losing his head!!!!

    • The Red Campaign has now been formally Launched.

      Zondwa – Your time is up OLD RUG… Unlike Rupiah, you will not be allowed to be free even for a day. Straight from handling over, you and minions are all Going straight to Jail.

    • This sounds like the following— Amin’s rule was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement.

    • @ Mzambia wa zamani- Kigeugeu- rocks but the message is loud and clear and it changed the last Kenya’s general election- it is like the Zambia’s edition by Petersen and Pilato’s ‘Bufi’.

    • A Bwalya welcome to the world of reality this is not the parish or a monastery from which you were expelled this is politics. You insulted RB left right and center for little or no reason you called MMD names….we quietly advised you to think again but you were adamant. You have reaped that which you sowed and we celebrate we hope you serve a sentence so that you know ‘all authority comes from above’. All the best.

    • resident Sata is the same old man who was on all radio stations defaming former presidents Banda and Mwanawasa and nobody

  1. I have no sympathy for the predicament this man has found himself in. We are in this situation because of this man. He vehemently decampaigned RB and went to bed with the cobra. Enjoy the police cells mate!!

    • The Chosen one
      Ordinarily, I’d agree with you 100% but looking at where are now, anyone with the guts to rise and speak against this evil empire has my backing and this (reluctantly) includes Fr Bwalya.

  2. kasama is on fire? all of this is the making of his excellence the snake president of the republic of zambia micheal chilufya Sata (CNP)

  3. Welcome back to UNIP days. I never expected anything fron Sata so I do feel at all disappointed because expecting anything senseble from Sata is too much pressure on him.
    My disappointment is that after so many years of independence this is what you get? Let’s have a honest and mature discussion please. Is this what as a nation deserve? Any I always say, “Even a Foolish person has Potential to Have followers” and in Zambia somebody had followers and people thought here is a leader not knowing he was just a Pathetic Fool (PF)

    • SataN is a pathetic fool and ALL his supporters. I told them during campaigns that this man will be worse than IDI AMIN.

  4. Stu pid ity must not be tolerated anywhere in Zambia. Bwalya is simply another mad youngman,a worst demagogue in Zambia.

  5. Serves him right ! Wemupatili amano ububi.Ala ngawali umupatili olo waleka ilingi line balapena.

  6. Serves him right ! Wemupatili wei amano ububi.Ala ngawali umupatili olo waleka ilingi line balapena

    • Iyo nomba icine cine ‘Olo’ namwelepete asanguka isembe lyamukuba, uwakwebele ati umuntu nga acita discover true vocation yakwe ninshi kupuna nani? wilasalanganya ama superstition yabufi pabantu bakwa Leesa, muletina Leesa.

  7. ZWD has put a totally different spin on this story. Anyway if Fr. Bwalya is a nonentity why worry about him? In the UNIP days there was Kadansa. I don’t think even ruthless KK arrested him!

    • if you want a real spin!!! go to the post newspaper they are carrying the same story with a serious real spin!!!
      All media houses in zambia report with an agenda!! very sad situ

  8. Good evening

    The police action and the victim of detention are both somewhat laughable.

    Mission: “How to make Heroes out of Zeroes”

    Formula: Go around the country flashing a red card like a badge of honour. Get on a controversial radio station and attack the Head of State. You will get arrested but this will certainly secure you a place in the headlines.

    • President Sata is the same old man who was on all radio stations defaming former presidents Banda and Mwanawasa. Remember how he used to address the late levy ati niba musalu…. and nobody arrested him.
      Ati mwine musunga talamba minwe, efya eba aba Bemba

  9. I never recall a time when Fr. Bwalya was detained by police under MMD for flushing red cards. He was a darling of Sata then. Is it a question of being civilised between Bembas and Ngonis?.

  10. Because my memory is too sharp I do no care about fr bwalya. If pf want let them squeeze his balls. Him got a job at zesco at the expense of thousands he cheated in kitwe now let him pay. What pf is doing is want I want and I am hoping further that they mess up this nation as much as they wish. Please maintain satan as much as you wish. Give him third term.

    A lot of you vote on tribal lines, you will certainly vote for the devil as long as he hails from you area called chitulika or share surnames.

    By the way I am doing well even if ubunga byafika KR1000 25kg I will still manage and a lot of you would die prematurely as a result.

    • Yes I agree with you. Let the police squeeze and blow off his balls. If PF wants let them lock him up until 2018. I wonder what type of spirit was guiding him. He brought a curse on himself for preaching a message of hate on RB and by killing a chicken in public. He had a very senior position at Zesco yet he failed to change the even the employment policy at Zesco. When was the last time Zesco advertise any vacant position?

  11. father bwalya, you created that monster called sata, enjoy the results my dear. for you I do not sympathize, may be others that did not contribute to the creation of this monster.

  12. I feel sad and very disappointed at the turn of things! PF has just lost a very good chance of governing the nation because of selfishness and mediocrity! We thought we were ushering-in people’s govt but it’s unfortunate we brought in a govt with no agenda, insecure and very childish! One term is enough for you before completely destroy and deplete the little resources you found.

  13. I’m not a fan of fr. Bwalya but what pf police is doing is very bad by curtailing freedom of speech and assembly for people with divert views. Zambia is rapidly turning into a police state.

    My plead to fellow zambian is to vote using your brains not just jumping in the band wagon. PF is clearly violating human right with impunity. PF should bear in mind that it will not remain in power for eternity and will not hoodwink the majority for ever. The hour of reckoning is comming very soon.

  14. This is an opportunity for any opposition leader to get free pubility..if I were them I would jump on the first bus to Kasama straight to Radio Mano and jump on their next available live slot. Most of us didn’t even know about this station does it air live on the internet?

    • @ khomboni fimo fimo, Thank the poor man colloquially known as ‘O. Henry’ for coining the term ‘Banana Republic’ & I also thank u for successfully misusing the term to our robust nation Zambia.

  15. Wow,father Bwalya has gone one full round around the sun,he’s changed seasons from summer warmth for Sata to bitter winter cold against Sata.Good that now he sees what we were against in 2011.

  16. @ mushota above, thank you for a very well thought out comment. Unlike most of the brainless immigrants from ZWD, yours is realistic and factual.
    Fr bwalya seems bent on destabilisation for no reason.

  17. When he was going to bed with Sata, the PF, the Post Newspaper, Transparency International Zambia and the Zambia Episcopal Conference Fr. Bwalya called Prophet Chanda Chimba, III all sorts of names over the revelations in Stand Up For Zambia. But there it is he is now being coiled by the cobra,. I pray he does not suffocate.

  18. I plead with the Zambian people to try father Bwalya for presido of Zambia. Serious this man is the only alternative at the moment.

  19. I thought Chief Bright Nalubamba was more appropraite to arrest as he clearly insulted Sata when he said it is only a foolish politician who can just watch the relationship with the lozis and now bembas deteriorate, which is exactly what Sata is doing. Anyway, when God wants to destroy you, he makes you very irrational first.

  20. What did Frank Bwalya say that made the cadres annoyed and called for his arrest?

    Should the police come and arrest anyone because the cadres have said so? Are they not supposed to act professionally? I cant say much because I dont know what Frank Bwalya said on radio Mano.

    • He mentioned some inherent facts about Sweet Potates. Apparently that nice truth about Ichumbu (CMN) did not go well with the PF Cadres just like the famous Chimbwi (CNP).

    • Among the things i heard, he talked about the Yamfwa Mukanga chipuba issue and he said “how can you call your minister ichipuba? does that mean you have ifipuba in cabinet? you work with ifipuba? then even the appointing authority is ichipuba.
      Damn i liked this line but as usual it did`t go well with the PF cadres. Insults where heard from out side the radio station whilst Bwalya was still on air. In summary do unto others what you expect others to do unto you. As for Bwalya let him sleep in his own bed he made.

  21. I am not PF but give Sata a chance. For God’s sake they have been in power for 2 years. You judge them after 5 years. Some of you anti Sata bloggers can’t even run your homes. Some of you are perpetual drunkards who can’t run your homes. It is absurd to see how you fruitless try to sell you under 5 candidates. This is almost 50 years after independence and no constitution and yet you want to squeeze your friends for the constitution just about 2 years as if they have said that they won’t give us. Kaunda 27 years, Chiluba 10 years, Levy 8 years, RB 3 years with no constitution. Some of you bloggers hope for 50+1 clause so that a re run of the elections will entail UPND + MMD+FDD to defeat PF. The more you hate Sata, the more he gets loved and sympathized. I do pray for him always.

    • We did not ask him to promise the constitution in 90 days, did we? how do you know how your fellows run their homes if you don`t stay with them? how we run our homes is a personal thing but running the nation is something that boarders on millions of people lives, therefore it calls for a person with a very big heart witch unfortunately your president does`t have. I personally cant pray for person who does the opposite of what Christ expects him to do. Your role modal is losing popularity every fraction of the second, pray hard that he changes his way of doing things other wise he will go faster than he come.

  22. @43 BBC
    Thanx a billion,
    we seem to ve a problem with most lumpen bloggers trying very hard to sale a bitter and envious product. Good for nothing opposition leaders seem very excited by nothing.

    • True @ George Bush thanks a lot, these Lumpens try by all means to sell their candidate. I know every manoeuvrings they make to make their candidate popular through their postings. However they will receive a rude shock of their lives in 2016. If Sata is loosing popularity, how come he defeated them in Mansa by elections. The results showed that even if they applied 50+1 rule they will still be defeated. Moreover most of the people in our country knows very little about these online medias. My mbuya in the villlage knows nothing. I move a lot in this country and when i say that the PF will win, people think I am pro PF. It is because I have seen what people say about PF. I can assure you that the PF will win by a landslide in 2016, followed by MMD and then UPND. Mark my words

  23. Sata keeps locking up the opposition leader because he is jealous. They are young and fit and he is old and decrepit.

  24. If GRZ has arrested Bwalya for Insulting the President I really support them, but if its for just flimsy reasons then I dont support GRZ. Insulting the Republican President is so immoral and such people who Insult must be punished period.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

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