Friday, March 1, 2024

New video by Sepo



Upcoming singer Sepo released the video for her latest single “Goodbye”



  1. not bad , but then again not the best . good singing voice ,could do with more practice . this is a step in the right direction my sister , dont give up . you know us zambian we love to hate .

  2. Bo Sepo, you can sing and nice and creative video too.

    My 2 yr old is called Sepo and she loves music too. She will be excited when she is a little older to learn another ‘Sepo’ can sing. 🙂

  3. Nice voice, boring video, bad acting! Go and the make a more captivating video to show that even if you are sad he’s gone, you are still on top of the world. Looking forward to watching it!

  4. Yai mwaimba amathu. It’s a refreshing break from the noise of what today passes as Zambian music. You are definitely on the right track, even more so with a name that has vowels. All the best!

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