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Post Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Fred M’membe issues an Apology to GBM


Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M'membe
Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe has issued an apology to former defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba over a story published in his newspaper alleging that Mr Mwamba was on the Copperbelt decampaigning the PF and urging people not to vote for the party because it has failed to deliver on its campaign promises.

In a letter made sent to Lusaka Times, Mr M’membe said that after returning from South African and discussing the story with the editors who were in charge of the story about GBM, he was convinced that the source of the story, a Mr Menyani Zulu, did not have direct contact with Mr Mwamba. Mr Zulu was merely acting on hearsay.

Below is the full Letter of apology


Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M'membe
Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe


  1. Wow! This is indeed very mature of Mr. Mmembe. Much respect to you. I hope that your editors can draw serious lessons to uphold the journalism integrity and not personal opinions being fed to your loyal supporting readers.

    • GBM – MuMmembes apology is not good enough. Rather he needs to learn to be truthful from the start.

      Demand K10billion from this highly indebted bastard please. It’s’high time he learnt to stop LYING.

    • Folks

      I sense there is serious problem at Mmembe’s online past news paper. I do check it from time to time to see what rubbish and lies he is on about these days. But today when I checked in the morning I was reading the sunday post. Has he started publishing the sunday online on saturdays nowadays?

    • Mmembe may have lost credibility surely over the apology?

      What man ever openly apologizes for slander? It is not so much a feeling of slander as it is that of a massive lie, a misdeed not only to the slandered but also to those manipulated in the process. He has made them all, every one, his enemies, thereupon he is so overwhelmed with guilt that he will deny it until his grave


    • Mmembe wipe your nose please… you need do same at your company wipe out those disgusting and annoying reporters at your PostToiletpaer, we don’t need more George Chellas.

    • The pen and the written word does more damage than an AK47!
      Is there anything to apologies for after killing someone?
      GBM please go ahead and demand 10 billion kwacha in damages!
      Don’t fall for his lies!

    • An apology is the sign of maturity how ever this latter should be on the front page and head line because the damage made is so big. Please at least put it on the front page,other wise we ask you to pay GBM 10milion rebased as compasation.

    • Apology, what apology? He doesn’t mean it, In private he admits he’s only trying to save himself from financial strain arising from such law suits.If GBM had kept quiet has most victims of Mmembe’s slunder do, he would have been happy to let the lies spread to achieve his goal of ‘finishing off Mwamba’.Throughout the 23yrs of his tabloid paper’s existence, he has adopted a toxic tone of hate and daring for his victims particularly public figures.Why should a simple apology that everyone knows is fake should let this evil man not face court? Has we head for elections in 2016 a lot more people will fall victims of his lethal lies and hatred. To send a message to him, GBM must not drop this case but sue for damages already caused, not only in these lies but previous ones too.

    • But profits have been made on the story. Only fair to pay demages to GBM.

      Apology is a good start to resolve the mistake but please also compensate him out of the sales the post benefited through those two fabricated headline stories on GBM that sold the papers.

    • A simple “SORRY GBM” would have sufficed. Why go on giving us a history lesson on what your bloody paper stands for?

  2. Ha ha ha.Good ! It takes a great man to apologize.Well down GBM Membe and thumbs up GBM for standing your ground.I just love a man who can fight for what he knows is right.

    • *Sorry wanted to say*

      Ha ha ha.Good ! It takes a great man to apologize.Well done Membe and thumbs up GBM for standing your ground.I just love a man who can fight for what he knows is right

    • while i accepted that it takes a mature man to apologize,,, this is stu.pid of Mmembe, the post must be a big mature paper with a serious reputation,, which when things are published on its pages,,, facts must have be cheched to the core are surely accurate. no stupi,d excuses

      This just confirms that there is a witch hunt against GBM…
      Mmembe grow up and stop being a vuvuzela!!!

    • In fact Stu.pid Mmembe knows well that when his paper got that statement from Menyani Zulu, his paper should have checked with GBM… thats fair coverage!!

      Thats why psedo journalism on the intenet seems to making much more sense in Zambia than the Post. I can understand if that stu.pid mistake was made by Zambia daily mail or times of Zambia,,, Not the post!!!

  3. Eating a plate full of humble pie. Tastes bitter i guess. The great one is dwarfed in bin of shame. Good sucker punch from the Great Bag of Maize (GBM)

  4. Yamwikata Membe. As far as I knw. The Post writes stories on hearsay. The first thing they would have was to call Mr. MWAMBA or do an investigation to establish the truth. It is from there now that they should have written their story. Membe has shown maturity by apologizing despite the damage already made. There is need for journalists in zambia to do an investigation before any story is written. God bless Zambia.

    • It was intentional the paper has been in the business for 23 years and they know what is supposed to be done before publishing any story. The editor is no longer in interested in telling the truth he wants to fight GBM . Most of the stories about GBM in the post newspaper are always negative.

  5. It’s pathetic that people are here praising Mmembe for issuing an apology to GBM. Mmembe and his so called editors are a bunch of politicking banshees whose livelihood depends on the party of the moment. The Post Newspaper is nothing but a scathing tabloid, no better than ZWD. Mmembe himself is so unprofessional and a sorry excuse for an EIC. There have been times where I have read his editorials and wondered if it was written by an EIC or a scorned wife, figuratively speaking.

    • Its about recognising you short comings my friend. Only a wise person can humble him/herself enough to tender an apology. Its a start.

  6. The thug has been caught pants down. Post reporters are just good at scandalising others and the knew that GBM was going to demand for a colosal sum may be in the range of another 14 billion that was going to be the end of the pf cadres at post.

  7. Mmembe! Mmembe! Mmembe! Did u put this……your apology in the same paper so that all those who had developed a -ve attitude towards GBM due to Zulu’s unprofessional conduct can see that your paper lied?

  8. Well done Mr. Membe. That is why I still read the post. Although you are scared to criticise PF mistakes…i have always admired your effort to seek the truth. whatever your deal is with the PF just remember God has called you to speak for the majority poor. Your calling is above politics that is why u have even become rich. Do not abandon the poor.

    • Yoyo, your post really brought tears to my eyes. You need to value yourself more than this, you deserve better from Membe and his team and should demand that, seeing that you have contributed to his wealth by buying his paper. Memmbe abandoned the people a long time ago and if you are not able to see that still, then nalateka amalilo because that level of passiveness is what hinders the development of democracy.

  9. Well, well, well! This is pay back time!! GBM must now sue for damages now that the bas.ta.ard has already pleaded gulty and donate the compansation to Bashilubemba’s good causes.
    The apology itself is a mere damage limitation exercise which the courts will take into account when determining the appropriate damages!

    • @Sascha Moechengladback: Damages is a leagl term which is not restricted to pregancies as you seem to imply. Unfortunately I am driving and cant give you a lecture! Sleep well little girl/boy! Sugar and sweets for you tomorrow!

  10. To put the source of the story in public domain is lack of professionalism. However the apology is not geniun I believe Fred sense the boat is sinking.

  11. So this is how he looks like? Finally I can put the face to the name! Very true when they say sometimes you can read a man with their face, it actually says it all!

  12. GBM what an example you have proven to be! Dude has surrendered even before they touch him, himhihihihihihihi…….. how interesting, I wouldnt truest him yet though!

  13. I lost interest in reading the Post a long time ago. Its interesting now that when I want to read news about Zambia, I first go to Lusakatimes and then Watchdog at least 3 times a day and then once in a while i will remember that the Post also exists and when I click on their website…… I am almost always sorry that I did.

    • That’s why I left Zambia! I was suffocating from the dirty and depleted oxygen courtesy of dirty Zambians with big nostrils!

  14. Mr.Mmebe you days are now numbered.The story even continued in todays edition.Which apology and why writing to times instead of your Past Paper.
    This how intrity of men is lost.The past paper now in limbos.
    so this indicates how useless the past paper has become in Zambia

  15. I think that if one stared long enough through those nostrils, you will be able to see his Medulla Oblongata

    • The Boat as at now is very dangerous to enter in. It has wrong paddlers and can make you get sunk on the ocean like the Titanic. Its base has a crack and all paddlers have been asked to start drawing out which is entering through its cracks instead of mending the cracks.

  16. Meembe and his post have lost direction. They have caused harm to many by accusing them and insulting them on their Opinion Pall. I think this is not the first time they have recorded lies. The Post had said many lies especially on H.H even when H.H was not in the country.

    In my opinion, I see he has sensed danger. It was GBM who revealed to Zambians that he (Fred Mmembe) owes Zambians K14 Billion (K14 million debased) but protected by the PF government, and it was heard on Muvi TV Fred could not say anything. This marks the truth that Fred is on fire and can not provoke those who hide his secrets.

  17. He should apologise for all the editions that have been printed in the past three years. They have been full of trash and I think the bank balance is showing. They are basically broke and the winds of change are blowing and unfortunately they seated in the path of a tsunami.

    By the way Mmembe has no hair !!! Sata must see this guy in his dreams!,

  18. He should apologise for all the editions that have been printed in the past three years. They have been full of trash and I think the bank balance is showing. They are basically broke and the winds of change are blowing and unfortunately they seated in the path of a tsunami.

    By the way Mmembe has no hair !!! Sata must see this guy in his dreams!, The PAST PAPER – Special Paper zero.

  19. I think this is a cosmetic apology, how come even in today’s edition, he published a follow up story?Here is what was published in today’s edition:

    A PF cadre and Geoffrey Mwamba’s supporter in Luanshya, who identified himself as Keagan, has confirmed that the Kasama member of parliament was in Luanshya on Wednesday and Thursday.
    Mwamba yesterday told Radio Phoenix that he had not travelled to the Copperbelt in a long time and denied being in Luanshya.
    But in an interview in Luanshya, Keagan, who refused to be named for fear that Mwamba would withdraw financial support from him, said he was with the latter in Mikomfwa but did not know his mission in the area.

  20. “He came; he was here on Wednesday and Thursday. He came in a big car. I know him because he is fat and light and medium [ height],” he said. “Come tomorrow ( today) so that my friends [ whom] I was with can confirm that he was here.”
    Keagan also described himself as Mwamba’s biggest fan in Luanshya.
    “I can confirm that he came and he was in Luanshya, but I don’t want to be in the papers because he might stop helping me because I am his big fan, I follow him,” said Keagan.
    However, Mwamba earlier yesterday told Radio Phoenix that he last travelled to the Copperbelt months ago.
    “Today’s Post newspaper has reported that I have been on the Copperbelt, trying to decampaign PF. Really, these are details that I cannot confirm. I don’t read The Post, in any case, but this is what my…

  21. … supporters have actually been telling me. But I think the truth of the matter is that I haven’t travelled to the Copperbelt in a long time. I travelled to the Copperbelt months ago. I think they are just trying to be malicious and are trying to portray to my fellow PF members that I am decampaigning the party, which is not the case,” said Mwamba.
    On Thursday, former Copperbelt Province PF youth chairman Menyani Zulu said Mwamba was on the Copperbelt to de- campaign the PF and was urging people not to vote for the party because it had failed to deliver on its campaign promises.
    However, Mwamba refused to comment on the matter when contacted and cancelled the call after the reporter introduced herself as an employee of The Post.
    “Mwamba has no shame because he was telling

  22. “Mwamba has no shame because he was telling Luanshya residents in Luanshya town that, ‘ mwebantu, PF is leaving government in 2016, koseni ( be strong). PF is leaving government because it has hiked mealie- meal prices and PF has failed Zambians’,” he said.
    Zulu said Mwamba had been planning to penetrate the Copperbelt so that he could woo some PF members to his side to prevent the party from winning the 2016 elections……

    Based on the above article, GBM should proceed with the case and he should even sue Menyani character

    • First of all who is feeling the impact of high cost of living in Panga Familly erra…?,it’s Mwamba who is decampening Panga Family. We are feeling it. Therefore Mwamba should go ahead and sue post news paper for the damage. Evidence is the latter Membe wrote.

  23. Mmembe knew very well in advance before publishing the article. GBM is public enemy. His goal is to finish GBM.

    Everything that gets printed and published by the Post goes through Mmembe’s desk, laptop, blackberry, iPad and name it, before it gets out the public domain. It does not matter how far away Mmembe is. Especially on any matters concerning GBM, HH and RB

    So the effort of saying that – After getting back from South Africa and checking with his boys and guys, is just Silly Pride. He should have just said SORRY, without making an extension to his APOLOGY.


  24. The only reason he expressed regret is because he knows GBM is a financial heavy weight than him. And he was going to hit him hard with a Libel Case.

    “”Just how lies has Mmembe printed in the past against defenceless and unguarded victims, which he has gotten away with, just to sell extra copies on the street. And some of his lies have sent people to the court- of- laws based on his assumption. “”

    Some victims have died, gone to the graveyard been labelled all sorts of things on matters they did not do or say.

    Anyway good for GBM.

  25. Is this kama bastard who holds Ci UKWA at gunpoint.
    You fool bastard look at your nostrils nako balacayako can even see your fimina inside.
    You swine Meembe who do you think you are with your nshinda paper.
    Pamatako namu ma nostrils monse.
    You devil
    GBM teach the bastard a lesson .

  26. Viva GBM! Membe alila mubufi, These guys are playing with fire. GBM Mwana wamfumu. Membe and the rest are fighting a loosing battle. They have an agenda of installing Winter as President so that he can serve them from the DBZ debt. But what They dont is that winter has no commercial value on the political market kwasila! Membe just pay the debt. As for Umusungu opusa will be deported

  27. Only a daft person can buy that S!!y ass apology! Why shifting the blame when you are personally responsible for all the crap you write in your hate

  28. Gullible Zambians, wake up please!!!
    (1) You think Membe didn’t know that the story was fake?
    (2) You think Membe can offer a genuine apolgy to anybody?
    (3) Give me an example when Membe has ever apologised to anybody
    (4) Don’t you think that Membe knows that the chips will be down very soon and he does not know who will be calling the shots?
    (5) Don’t you think Membe is sensing some change in the political landscape and he is hence trying to re-position himself?

    Personally I can’t applaude to this, something is fishy here, wake up Zambans, because the same Membe tomorrow will turn against Sata and we will be clapping for him and even carrying his bags, OMG!!!

  29. Mmembe appears to be perpetually bitter over unknown issues to the general public. Fred Mmembe has always appeared to be a strange and weird person in Zambia. Very few would vouch about his family or social events he is involved apart from venting his anger through his paper the Post. He exchanged his journalistic profession for a stake in PF government- hence the post campaigned for Mr Sata and his PF party. In short Mmembe is a PF cadre and he has rightly admitted in his supposed apology to GBM. Mmembe is part of a cartel holding Mr Sata at ransom and that has created a failed presidency of Mr Sata to provide effective governance of the nation..Any such individual should never be trusted because is is at odd with norms of society.

    • @Aquilla
      mmembe seems to find general public as a gutter for his anger! He has not made a family yet he still belongs to his mo.th.er. that’s a fury he suffers from. lets encourage him to keep trying but he should remember children are a blessing from God.

  30. If Fred does not take stern and harsh action against his staff, to whom he seems to be passing the blame, then his apology is sincere. If on the other hand, he axes his staff whom he perceives to have made the mistake, then the apology is not sincere.

  31. Mmembe is the most cunning guy in whole of Zambia. His final goal is to become the President of the Republic. And that he will, with so many gullible Zambians and illiterate population, Zambia will soon vote him to power. These kinds of snakes like Mmembe needs to be put under arrest from now. Otherwise this is another Charles Taylor in the making.

  32. M’membe should publish the apology in the post like he did when defaming and should be the main headline on front page for. 3 consecutive days later editorias otherwise GBM should sue for over k15miillion rebased.I recently read that he’mumembe sued a magazine demanding k5miillion merely Publishing that he supports PF,which everybody knows,what of this damage to honorable GBM.The article was published deliberately especially that mumembe knows what’s there between GBM and the ruling PF.The article meant to say GBM a highly respected successful business guru,a successful politician who is an elected MP ,a former defence minister,sponsor of the ruling party in opposition then is, a rebel,a treacher,unreliable, desperate politician.The article has damaged GBM’s business and…

  33. Please lets give both Mmembe & GBM a big up. The apology has exonerated them both in that Mmembe has shown his humbleness and desire for truthfulness while GBM has been proved not to be malicious. To apologise takes a man how many times have we men looked at other skirts and have failed to say mummy am sorry I used my trousers to think. Whatever, Mmembe’s intention for apologising would be its thumbs up for me. But next time take the responsibilty and not saying you where away. In this era and age of technology SA i s like the eleventh province of Zambia. You can even see your reporters or editors typing the news paper read for publication. I am still your fan though.

  34. Sue the chap GBM unless he apologizes on the front page of his newspaper. the apology should be the main story on the page

  35. That’s coming from a man who has failed to repay $2Million from the DBZ loan. Do not be deceived, a man who cannot pay such a small amount does not really have money.

  36. Well done Membe ! SEYUBA who has abused many people in NWP and Western province should also apologize for his crimes or else Linyungandambos should sort him out sooner than later since Sata has not fired the Chap as widely expected .

  37. Amazing! How many such false stories has the post published? It’s fine to get the name of a person in a picture wrong but to allege that someone was in a particular place and being quoted as having said this or that is unacceptable. I think GBM should go ahead and sue the post so it can act as a deterrent to the post and any other journalists from publishing false news. Alternatively, I would support KCs suggestion that the post should publish the apology as headline news for three consecutive days.

  38. He is quick at suing people and demanding ridiculous amounts of money .He should be dragged to the court yard for destroying people’s reputations.

  39. This is why I have decided not spend money buying the Post! Manipulation and twisting of facts! There is more to this story than just an apology! This was a deliberate ploy by The Post to destroy the image of GBM. They want him out of PF as though The Post formed PF is the owner of PF! No morality in their reporting! Atleast will not buy the Post until they change their reporting! I used to buy the Post every day for the past 10years. NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Mumembe time is slowly but surely catching up with you. It is only a matter of time all the lies you put in your past paper will come to pass. You need to change the approach of protecting yourself from paying back the K14m you owe Zambians through DBZ loan.

  41. Ndobo # this man hasn’t surrendered because he did not withdrew the said paper from the people of Zambia. what he has done is to fool GBM and others that he has apologized when in fact not. As you may be aware the was sold like hot cake countrywide.

  42. What a non- apology of an apology, if I ever saw one!!! Go right ahead and sue the pants off this Di.ckhead who is so full of himself he thinks he can’t say or do wrong.

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