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A Bemba tribal cadre dares Guy Scott


The hut where the Chitimukulu resides after being banished from the palace by President Sata
The hut where the Chitimukulu resides after being banished from the palace by President Sata

I am Bill Kaela Matombo, a spokesperson for the Bemba tribal cadres who are to instill into the hearts and minds of the generation of young Bemba compatriots to uphold Bemba culture and values and to stand on guard for Bemba sovereignty which is sacrosanct.

I want to update this muzungu(Guy Scott) opusa ngaako on the situation on the ground among the Bemba people on his utterances that our beloved Member of Parliament, Honourable Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba should resign from PF instead of firing him. In the first place, it is we people in the constituency who have restrained him from leaving the PF because we want to remain members of PF.

And second because of the colossal amount of money that would be wasted in the bye-election which can be used for other needy purposes.

But Guy Scott, a colonial imperialist does not in the least care what happens to Africans. GBM’s victory is very sure and unquestionable because as at now the Bemba people have very serious reservations about President Michael Chilufya Sata and the PF government on the following grounds:

Why the Bemba people have reservations about President Sata and the PF government

  1. President Sata has exceedingly pushed his presidential powers too far since he has insisted upon appointing a Bemba Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of his own choice, instead of respecting the decision of Bashilubemba who are the appointing authority from the time immemorial and this is the greatest insult on Bemba sovereignty and which is totally unacceptable.
  2. President Sata has never spared even a single day in his over two years stay in State House to visit Northern Province to come and thank the people for the little contribution they did to put him and his party into government, which means our votes were irrelevant.
  3. President Sata has imposed mere PF cadres as chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka upon the Bembas of Chinsali. These two cadres have no family trees to prove that they are members of the extinct old Ngoshe Mukote Bemba royal lineage and without such proofs, how do we know whether they are Bemba, Bisa , Ngoni etc. And if they are really genuine members of the Ngoshe Mukote lineage, why did the President deliberately avoid to follow the established traditional process of subjecting them for scrutiny by Bashilubemba, who are the Bemba chiefs’ appointing authority. And this is a very clear indication that they are just fakes.
  4. Professor Nkandu Luo is a typical Bisa and her brother is a Bisa Chief Chibesakunda and she calls President Sata her uncle. This means that President Sata is a senior member of the Bisa royal family within the Chibesakunda lineage. And the Bisa merely speak Bemba dialects. And to demonstrate this fact, their compatriot son has shamelessly awarded his home province with two universities and none in the Northern Province. It is only Chief (Dr.) Mpande who is frantically trying to persuade UNZA authorities to open a school of agriculture at Lunzuwa. And on the other hand, President Sata has totally ignored the many pleas to establish even a single district in Bembaland. And meanwhile, the President has even pledged to build football stadiums in certain provinces.
  5. It is wrongly believed that PF is a Bemba party. If it was, why have the Bembas been denied a university and even a single district? And how can a genuine Bemba (umu Bemba inkonko) reject the authority of Bashilubemba whom the Bemba people so much respect as ‘’king-makers’’ and whom even the Supreme Court of Zambia has endorsed as the only Bemba chiefs’ appointing authority. On the other hand, can umu Bemba inkonko really subject his own Paramount Chief Chitimukulu to such humiliation and ridicule?
  6. The battle is not between Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and PF but between a Bemba traditional Chitimukulu and the PF political Chitimukulu. President Sata and Professor Nkandu Luo strongly believe that the Bemba people are so foolish and stupid that they can easily be duped and that was why Professor Luo had even the confidence to tell the entire nation blatant lies that it was Queen mother Ngoshe Mukote who appoints Chitimukulu when in fact that extinct old lineage was eliminated over 200 years ago.(The Post 3rd October 2013).
  7. So in that Kasama constituency by-election, our campaign strategy is: VOTE FOR GBM TO ENDORSE A BEMBA TRADITIONAL PARAMOUNT CHIEF CHITIMUKULU OR VOTE PATRIOTIC FRONT TO ENDORSE A PF POLITICAL PARAMOUNT CHIEF CHITIMUKULU. The battle lines have now been clearly drawn.
  8. This reality on the ground actually means that in the heart-core and headquarters of Bembaland, the Bemba people who are very proud of their own tribe will be expected to either choose a Bemba Paramount Chief Chitimukulu or a PF Paramount Chief Chitimukulu. The undeniable truth which is clearly being overlooked in this instance is that politicians and politics have an expiry mandate. And indeed, history testifies to the fact that tradition has a longer span of life than political regimes.
  9. And deducing from the great multitude of Christians from various denominations who attended a Thanksgiving Mass at St. John’s Catholic Cathedral in Kasama for Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga II when he moved to take up the Chitimukulu throne and the comments on how politicians are interfering in traditional issues with impunity in the pastoral letter by Catholic Bishops, it is obvious that the Catholic Church and other denominations who have expressed sympathy and solidarity to Mwinelubemba, will hopefully be on our side during the by-election in Kasama Central Constituency.
  10. I wonder what campaign message Guy Scott and his team will devise to change the Bemba peoples’ minds. But anyway, they have money to dish out and people here are more than ready to come and receive free hand-outs, (i.e. indalama nga shapwalala). And very fortunately the PF itself brought the ‘’Don’t Kubeba’’ slogan which this time will definitely work to their own destruction.
  11. You can see in the picture, the grass-hut where our Mwinelubemba is spending the rain season, which is merely a short period transit home during the time a chief undergoes through rituals. But President Sata has brought policemen to bar him from occupying the palace because he wants his own appointed PF political Chitimukulu to be there. But that palace was built from the personal pocket of Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Mutale Chitapankwa II, and is therefore not a government property. But there is absolutely nothing that we can do since we must quietly and silently feel the excessive weight of abused presidential powers.
  12. And as a result, Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga II and the consort are most of the time on malaria medications which is a deliberate strategy to prematurely end his life. The undeniable truth is that since Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu KanyantaManga II has gone through all the rituals pertaining to that throne, and even if he dies today, his remains would undergo the one full year process of desiccation.
  13. And for sure which foolish Bemba can vote for PF when our great Chief is being tortured and being exposed to a slow but sure death since our enemies are counting on the fact that malaria is a killer disease. In the picture you can also see a brand new toyota land cruiser prado, which one single Bemba bought for our chief when our enemies snatched the old government vehicle in order to humiliate him. The Apostle Paul declared: ‘’All things work together for good…’’


    • There is almost no country in Africa where it is not essential to know to which tribe, or which subgroup of which tribe, the president belongs. From this single piece of information you can trace the lines of patronage and allegiance that define the state.

      Christopher Hitchens


    • Embarrassing? Is that the best word you can think of? How about –

      Ridiculous? Mortifying? Insane? or the best – unacceptable!

      How can we let *****s do this?

    • Bemba this,bemba that ! Atase stop your tribalism mungongo iwe ! Just fight your battles with Sata and GBM and not generalize the bemba involvement. Basop iwe !!!!

    • Please spare us the tribal trash ! LT how can you allow a tribal article like this on your site ? Am disappointed.

    • Mushota,
      You say that ” you are the best tribe in the country”? How? What economic value does your tribe bring in the country? the answer is none. So you tribe is like any other tribe or less as you let other people use your language any how are abusing it. Also never say that again as your tribe is being hated by all others including those speaking your language.

    • Sorry point of correction that Prado was not by a Bemba.
      Dont cheat pipo.
      As you might be aware this chief has friends all over the world!!!!!!!!
      I end here.

    • I blame Lusaka Times…don’t you guys filter your reporting..? Does this hold any water.? I think not…Take this mediocre article down…Basop…!

    • PhD students are expected to comment with substance on any matter. When you say one tribe/language is best, based on what? My expectation was that people like you would have been embarrassed as clearly the article is about Bembas and not Zambians. And you say some people are tribalists?

    • Lusaka times…damit! what the heck is happening to you?? you are becoming mmembe type!!! why are moderating my comment when there is in NO insults or NO bad or NO evil words in my comment yet you let comment #12 with a HUGE BEMBA INSULT!!
      COME ON Lusaka be fair!!

    • …Bemba Tribal Cadre who are to instill into the hearts and minds of the generation of young Bemba compatriots to uphold Bemba culture and values…
      And then your address to your young compatriots begins with a racist insult to persons in authority;a Republican Vice President who was overwhelmingly elected MP by Zambians over Mr.Mhabi Lungu and others.
      When we elect a President as Head of State and Government,s/he ceases to be a subject of any one(chief) except the Constitution and its subsidiary laws of Zambia.Chitimukulu is of very little significance in the greater scheme of things.Don’t have illusions about your importance.Its possible that you and your ilk can cause Northern province to see little development in PF rule.
      Go to State House for negotiations with respect ,and save…

    • @Ndobo, but you are Lozi, so why you complaining to LT? I get same treatment at
      The Lozi’s got arrested and beaten. Sinyinda was arrested, humiliated and I can’t wait to see what Zambia smoking a day after arresting Engineer. Sosala & GBM! Bembas can’t be compared to Lozis.

    • PF, I have warned you time and again to stop stalking TRIBALISM in your debates. Most of you like screaming tribalism each time you are beaten hands down by the opposition supporters. Instead of answering the questions concerning the issues raised you rush to Mmembe’s tribal mantra. You see now, this cheap politics of your leader wanting to impose and rule by decree will get your party into serious problems with the Zambian citizenry of all tribe.

      There is no single tribe happy with the way PF is running the country. In chief Mungule’s area PF wants to impose Bemba in schools which traditionally were learning Tonga as an option subject because the majority of them come from Lenje families which is dialect of the Tonga Bantu botatwe.

      This PF madness will explode in Sata ‘s face…

    • Look at all of you on her spouting division and tribal gibberish. When will you ever get it? We are one people, at least we must mature to that level for the sake of the nation, or else the nation will not move forward, for as long as we keep pointing fingers…Lozi that Bemba is this.. Come on guys, a divided house is no good. Lets all transcend tribe, obviously respecting and cherishing our origin, but lets all think of how best to develop the country, because we v all got to live in it. If we don’t the Chinese, Lebanese, other Asians and Europeans who are more organised and united than us, will happily benefit, while they spectate and marvel aT How we all hate each other!! WAKE UP!

    • Susan Bwembya I’m with you. Lusaka Times dont be giving us this crap about Bembas. Let them take this tribal fight somewhere else. I dont come on this site to read tribal lineages. I want something progressive.

    • The who wrote this article is GBM’s hired gun trying to mobilise the Bembas against Sata and his PF. There is more to come. Just watch the space.

      GBM s’ supporters are not happy that he is not allowed to spend money to develop his area . PF fear being embarrased that GBM a single entity is taking development to Kasama at a time the PF government is broke to complete the projects they launched the whole of last year.

      More and more projects initiated by PF are bound to grind to a halt unless Chikwanda goes borrowing again.

    • My Cousins what you are going through should come to a stop. You need to regroup quickly and join the revolution in Zambia. Sad though that when Sata was appointing you to all positions in Zambians and abroad, you did not condemn him for being a tribalist. You were eating with him. He has made your case very difficult because everyone thinks you have had it easy under him. But its time for you to now abandon him. Zambia is bigger than this tribalist. Redeem yourselves! One Zambia, one nation! GBM we are waiting for you to join us. Aluta Continua!

    • If you are really for your culture why is it that for the last more than forty years you have failed to follow your well defined Chiefs succession routes in preference for politicians backed elections?

      Why is it that Ruling parties other than the routes have been deciding who should ascend to the Mwine Lubemba since the time of UNIP?

      Why is it that Bembas are being told about their culture by Tonga HH and UPND?

      Mwalitemwisha uku sheta amaombe ya ba Tonga.

      Tell Sosala to take back the vehicle to HH if he wants to earn the support of all Bembas.

    • Yes Sepo & Ndobo, especially Sata is mu mifilifiti lipuluki
      What is ever that is, don’t sound Zambian at all, how can you use such a language to teach children in school? PF mafilifiti yabo.

    • @Nostradamus
      hahahahaha… you have been granted a lozi citizenship, following the abolishment of for the bemba kingdom by sata.
      So get in touch with bo sinyinda, to collect your passport and your ID
      but you need more classes in silozi

  1. So Sata is not Bemba? How come a lot of Bembas proudly proclaim on various blogs, Facebook group that “tuleteka” meaning “We Bembas are ruling”. From the article one can deduce that Zambia has never been ruled by a Bemba after all. Interesting!!!

    • The so called aba Bemba nkonko have never ruled this country and I doubt they will ever. They are naturally good talkers but never good leaders. They also complain a lot about everything, other tribes – even those who speak other dialects. And they may just lose Chitimukuluship to the Bisas or other minor tribes. Look at how many so called Aba Bemba nkonko cling to Sata even when the PF is urinating in their backward

  2. Though one can sympathize with the Chiti Mukulu to be, the Guy who has written this article seems to be a cadre as well. The language is so stinking and rubbish type..this has diluted the point he wanted to address the Zambians about the suffering the Chiti Mukulu to be. Please next time be sober if we were to take you for a normal person.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  3. @ 6 The Chosen One. ZWD and these days LT have been drumming it in our ears that Sata is Bisa for a long time. “Tuleteka” has by and large been a reaction to unfair insults levelled at Bembas. Why are Bembas insulted even when people know that Sata is Bisa? When Mushota goes on about Scotland and how she detests Zambia, people do not insult the Scottish but Mushota. So please insult Sata and Bisas and we will stop proclaiming that “tuleteka”.

    • @chikwaanda
      that is a very shallow response. only an 1diot would say ‘tuleteka’ when you are not part of the ‘abaleteka’. if you are not part of the team just be explicit, mnot lilya fyalula you via direction. that is stupidity

  4. This is stupid and we should avoid tribalism at all cost. In the bemba grouping there are 42 langues which include bisa. In Zambia there are 7 major languages, bemba is most popular spoken in most parts of Zambia including DR.Congo, and Tanzania.

    • Correction, Chichewa is spoken in the one widely spoken in Zambia, Malawi, parts of Mozambique and partd of Zimbabwe from the influence of countless Malawian settlers. Do you hear Easterners making noise about it.

    • The guy who wrote this is not who he claims to be. This a typical imposter hell bent on dividing the Bemba speaking people. So don’t mind him.




  6. And when you start saying that this is Bisa, that is Ushi, those are Ngumbo, just know that soon you are going to split the Bemba grouping where all others will demand for their own laguage than Bemba. Bemba is spoken by Bisas, Chishingas, Bweles, even Ushis though of course differences in some words and pronunciations. Please, do not just rant while ignoring the outrageous consequences of your fuulish ranting. In addition this dull useeless guy is being racial against Guy Scot….this age and time of globalization ???? This guy must be ashamed for sure…shaaaa.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Truth Hates,
      You said that” All others will demand for their own language than Bemba”.
      Why not demand for their own languages, is it because you have an agenda of making them extinct?
      All people have a right to their language, culture, norms as well as values. I bet you can’t write in your own language, or you have no interest to learn other peoples languages. Learn theirs and they will do the same. It’s give and take.
      Language is a vital emblem of symbolic interactions’ of tribal heritage.
      Why not ban your own tribe and language, so that others can also impose their own lingo on you, eeh?
      Let us rejoice and respect all tribes, languages, for they share commonalities of social, cultural and spiritual norms with values. Each tribe has its own beliefs and not your plans.

  7. 1. Hypocritical coming from someone proudly calling himself ‘Bill’.
    2. Is that Nyanja and English used to promote ‘Bemba tribalism’?
    3. This should be a blog comment not sanctioned editorial as it sets a bad precedent
    4. Ignore me. I didn’t bother reading past the intro sections so if you made any good points I missed them as I tend not to read hate speak

    Billy one thing holds true about Zambia. SOCIALLY we are non tribal and this is something ignored by political and business nepotism. Zambia is not a tribe or race but geographical home and birthright to all born within its borders. You sound political but disguising it with culture. No Zambian tradition teaches disrespect. That is something we are all capable of doing based on our inner inclination. Sadly…

  8. The person who wrote this is actually an imposter with a divide agenda. For a start Chitimukulu Manga II lives in Alexander Chikwanda’s house not in the hat in the picture. The fact that Nkandu Luo calls Sata as uncle (if it is true) is neither here nor there. I have a Tumbuka niece but that does not make me Tumbuka. His ranting is too emotional to make sense.

  9. these articles are published for bloggers on steroids. why?
    1. how do you prove that the guy who wrote is bemba other than been told by the publisher that he is bemba or that he exists?
    2. what merit does the guy have to speak on behalf of the bemba?
    3. how do we know that this is not just a case of a guy suffering from mad cow disease?

    • Who are we all here? How do we prove that the bloggers here even believe in what they say and defend? Catch 22 is it not?

  10. The writer is not Bemba for sure, ala they are all now hiding behind superior tribe. Nishani abena ‘you know who’ mwatampa ukucinja nomutundu wenu? But twamipesha bangwele imwe.

  11. As a Bemba I do not subscribe to the authors views. Also Does the author know that GBMs mother was from south Africa? Also Bembas inheritance is through the maternal line so GBM cannot claim to be more Bemba than Sata

  12. he is not spending nights there. why do people have memories of a chicken? have u forgeten the house GBM paid him a visit from? to tell u the truth, we bembas will not change or move form PF whether sata kills the sosala. PF for life

  13. Chilufya is a pure bemba name. Chilufya Mulenga was a sister to Chitimukulu, Nkole, Mwamba and Katongo children of Mukulumpe.
    So any Chilufya is a Luba/Bemba.

  14. Battle lines have been drawn. True indeed but is not only in Bembaland but in Tongaland, lambaland, loziland to name a few. Who is guy Scott? It is only in PF where they still hero worship whites. How do you give him Vice President position. Pleasing the West. Inferiority complex.

  15. # 6.0 The chesen one, Yoyamba and 6.1 Wawa.

    Lelo nilelo, Ntolelefwe is empty handed kekekekekekekekek……oh! my ribs bring more pop corns. When I was growing up we were told….”KUNENA KWA NDITHE NDITHE NAMUNTHAMBWE ANAZITENGELA”. Typical of Bembas burying in sand while their backs are bare and have began KULILILA KU UTSI.

  16. I am just disappointed with the way u r COMING UP OVER my man Guy Scott. Scott is a full Zambian mayb MORE ZAMBIAN THAN YOU, he was born in Southern Province.

    Its not becoz he is white !! Lets CHANGE the way we think Africans…..!!!

    Infact he is the MOST LEARNED person in PF with a PhD He is Oxford Graduate ask how many r Dr in PF apart MDs……its not easy to get a PhD.

    Infact Scott debated MASSIVELY in Parliament with Lubinda to bring the DOWN FALL of MMD b4 2011.

    LETS LOVE ONE ANOTHER either Bisa, Bemba, Tonga or Tumbuka.

    • It does matter whether Guy Scott has PhD and whether is from oxford. Gadaffi son had Phd from prestigous UK university. Guy Scott is not good for Zambian democracy. Instead of being a voice of reason in PF, he is now drunk with power. During by elections, he campaigns even when time for campaigns have ended like what happenned in Western province. Daring GBM who resigned on principle.

    • @G
      PhD is difficult to get? who told you? you must have had a ‘powerful division II’ from your high school.

  17. Online publications are important tools of development but they must avoid driving society towards genocide. Comments this site can easily lead to hatred by other tribes against Bembas particularly innocent Bembas. Just check sites on Rwandan genocide and the ICTR website.

  18. ok LUSAKA TIMES, he who calls for rain, calls for mud too! you have posted this article to let people blog aye aye!
    whether one likes it or not, Bembas have been, are in, and will for ever be in control of this sheep called Zambia at what ever level.
    check this, zed musicians sing in Bemba regardless of there tribes becaouse they know their target group, the youth are predominantly bemba speaking or bemba understanding!!! A tonga girl or boy will not go around speaking his or her language on the copperbelt freely but a bemba kid will walk his head high shouting in his /her language in gwembe with confidence. bring it on you sheepish tribes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hech hech, you might be onto something. That maybe why just about every Zambian caught stealing, drug- dealing, embezzling public funds, practicing nepotism, name it, seem to have one thing in common. They “walk with their heads high” identifying with Bemba. Let us go to the newspaper archives of all our papers and international too, look up Zambian caught or within the country look around.

  19. Elo cha diba, mwatampa ukulwa mweka mweka. Its just the beginning of the division. If it were tongas mamamamamamamamama-tribal this tribal that, tiuzeni manje: is this not tribalism? are tonga’s part of this? shame on the entire “bemba language group”

  20. Let us learn to be sober when we are writting to the globe village. In this age of civilisation the moment one dwells much on tribe, it simply means that this person is not a christian and not educated.He /She belongs to the stone age. We are all created in the image of God. Differences in languages originated at the tower of Babel and and is just there for communication.

  21. Interestingly abena Zambia dancing to the tune of the PF under SATA-N. Ba Bill Call for a council meeting, this is the more reason why we the Lozis called for the MIGHTY Barotse National Council that declared Barotseland independent. It is this kind of stupidity why we had to leave Zambia. God bless Barotseland.

  22. @ Mutale Chikwanda,
    I always joke with my Bemba colleagues (so called aba bemba nkoko) and ask them why each time a Bemba speaker achieves some extraordinary feat, they would want to associate themselves with that person and say “icho, umubemba”. But should the opposite happen (like in the case of Sata now), they would say “Oh no, that one is Ushi, Bisa, Namwanga, Mambwe etc”.

    • It is actually not Bembas making that distinction but imposters with an agenda. If you read ZWD for instance, every time Sata appoints someone with a Bemba sounding name , they tell us that he only appoints Bembas. Right now there is the issue of teaching school children in early years in local languages. ZWD and HH are insinuating that Sata wants to make Bemba the second national language. When it suits, the same ZWD keep telling us that Sata is Bisa. I doubt your friends would be that insensitive but I don’t know them.

  23. Ubufumu bu pelwa na Lesa (Kingship is a God given anointing) Dont force what you can not handle. If youve been wronged as a lubemba, mubemba nkonko and so on, my advice is that you kindly divert your energies to other profitable ventures. Lets say praying for those who wronged you for instance.

  24. Could people please stop making these tribal remarks. This situation is not health for our country. I have read a lot of things where some tribes want to believe they are superior to others in Zambia. This is not only bad but uncivilised as well. For instance, Bemba’s want to talk ill about Lozi’s and Tonga’s. On the other hand Tonga’s and Lozi’s say Bemba’s are thieves. This is not good countrymen. Let us learn to live together and be proud as Zambians. It will take just a small spark and trouble will begin in our land. Imagine what will happen to the Bemba marketers and prostitutes trading in Southern Province. I don’t even want to think about it.

  25. Ha ha ha it was written by UPND cadre who want to divide bemba speaking people.Don’t take upnd caders seriously.What they know is divide and rule but can’t work in bemba speaking people.cheers

  26. MuZambian 1-16, which Zambians “overwhelmingly” voted for Ceremonial Scott? I wonder who would even notice if he was away on holiday. Poor guy, even his fellow PF members see him as a mere seat warmer. Just watch and see when Sata is no longer there. He is smart enough to know that.

    • @Wishful Thinking
      Am not in the habit of spoon-feeding on issues which just require simply asking around instead of being too quick with your keyboard.
      As for Guy Scott,perhaps I should just observe that it is usually not easy for most people to discern and appreciate a clever mind because *****s are the most noticeable.

    • As for Guy Scott,perhaps I should just observe that it is usually not easy to discern and appreciate a clever mind because blabber-mouths are the most noticeable

    • You are a non Bemba trying to incite tribal hatred. Sadly some dull people will fall for your stupidity. You ba.stard!

  27. @40,yo are right it is upnd cadre who has written such rubbish.The idi ots know that in a straight forward way they can’t win. Hence tribalism and racism is their baby.Upnd lekeni ushishi.Can someone fix hh please!

  28. There are some guys with some kind of dreaming, that they can finally impose their language as national language. This is not possible – I hope they will soon get to know that.

    The era for primitivism is gone. Even in well rounded dictatorships and autocracies such maneuvers would not hold in this age.

    This could have worked probably the time when bush wars and conquering one another were a possibility. Quite late attempt!

    In autocracies, all that is required are decrees, declarations and directives. These succeed because when one leader expires (either through death or otherwise) the successor comes from the same family line with same values and customs.

    The scenario is different in Zambia; I don’t think Zambians will welcome autocracy at this age. We are in democracy – of…

    • It is not necessary to impose a language on people. The language will impose itself. Did you impose Lozi on more that 20 tribes of Western province? Personally I would rather this local language nonsense was abandoned. If your language is to become extinct, it still will.

  29. The scenario is different in Zambia; I don’t think Zambians will welcome autocracy at this age. We are in democracy – of course some dictatorial tendencies can creep in but not outright autocracy where one may expect SATA to be succeeded by his son against people’s wish and will. Attempts of that kind can only face reasonable challenge.

    The above having been said, therefore, it implies leaders that will come after the current may definitely not share the same view as the current leader. Therefore, anything deemed wrong by the people of Zambia would thus be reversed – and right put in place by popular demand through democratic process.

    This means that such attempt would have so many challenges and their perpetrators would definitely face a great deal of challenges. There is no…

  30. I know we find no problem thinking in the past – this is why we can bring things like INDECO in this era. We seem not to relate our ideas to what is workable and what the current environment demands. We are quick to try and slow to think of results, repercussions and outcomes. We have difficulties relating to our environment even at international meetings we normally think we are at home. That is why we can say anything to anyone in any way and any how. This is our main problem.

    Our way of thinking is very strange; we do not seem to know what effects are caused by whatever we do. I don’t know how far our sight is. May be we are short sighted, maybe not sighted all – but definitely one of the two. Our interpretation needs much to be desired. We may be very good, but of course good at…

  31. A Bemba tribal cadre dares Guy Scott? When I read this article I don’t see any daring. Im just seeing another drunken Bemba man trying to confuse us with archaic sophistry. Ba LT I dont think we your readers have this interest in Bemba matters. Let the Bembas start their own website for such trash

  32. Now many are disappointed to learn that Mr micheal Chilufya Sata is not a Bemba .He is infact a Zambian and thats all that should matter and how every citizen in a vast country with so many tribes and languages should think.We are zambians,we are Zambia,nothing more and nothing less.It is retrogressive to think otherwise.

  33. gbm wanted to construct an ultra modern bus station in kasama & the stupid gvt turned dwn the humble offer.i suggest he uses the money to build the chitimukulu an ultra modern palace so that gvt remains clinging on to the old chiefless rumshackle of a palace.kwati pali na palace yakukanishapo imfumu ukwingilamo.rubbish!i knw bembas to b useless pipo,bt on this 1,u have my support 100%

    • When you say “knw bembas to b useless pipo”, what is your basis? Craw back to the 16th century you maggot.

  34. We will start chasing bembas in North Western province now, I think they’ve gone astray.This country is for all zambians not all bembas.

  35. All you guys trashing this article are missing the point. This guy is not talking about state issues he is talking about issues that directly affect the Bemba tribe. He has every right to speak proudly as a Bemba so does a Lozi, Tonga, Tumbuka etc the only thing i see wrong in this article is the racial attack on Scott. Can you imagine Sata trying to appoint a Lozi king. Why should we let him?

    • I agree with you on the Racial attacks on VP Scott, totally uncalled for. If anything, Sata has demonstrated that it’s not about color when it comes to leaders, as did Late President Chiluba. Be it white, brown, black….provided you were a Zambian you can participate in governing the country. Cut the nonsense about VP Scott and him being white? Why is VP Scott being picked on for internal tribal challenges, if anything he should be respected as any other human being, a Zambian, a Vice President. Racism, name calling, nor tribal differences bring about democracy. A Zambian is a Zambian; not Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, white, black, brown…..appreciate each others indifferences, and build on each others strengths as Zambians, then Zambia shall rise above all. A respected people and society…

  36. What’s wrong with this article? Some of you who are quick to comment cannot even string together meaningful sentences of the English language. Yes, language be it spoken or written is a science and has got its rules (Dos and Don’ts) You see this loud tin called Mushota? Can’t sleep but only waits by the computer trolling LT headlines so it can be the first to spew garbage on any article published. PHd student my sparking golden balls unless you mean Permanent Head Disorder dear kashota or whatever your name is.

    • @one hit wonder: nice one you ve cracked my ribs with laughter despite this morbid subject of tribal talk on LT! cheers

  37. I wonder if most of you bloggers even read these articles with an open mind other than with preconsieved shallow reasoning. This article is very informative, non tribal and just to the point (save for the off-mark comment about the Veep). I consider it to be from a very proud Bemba who is concerned about the erosion of culture by polititians and is therefore appealing for moral support from all progressive Zambians. Nothing wrong with that! By the way, I am not even Bemba.

    • You are not Bemba or if you are a Bemba then you are a chitongo that is why you think the article is informative and to the point. For instance, the hat in the picture can never be Chitimukulu’s residence even if he does not live in the palace. He is also mixed up on a lot of facts.

  38. Lusaka Times, be objective. The hut you have pasted here is not the residence of Chitimukulu desgnate. You are pandering to the whims of propagandists.
    Lusaka times should also sieve nonsense from sense before publishing some articles. What readers on this blog must realise is that the purported article is merely a concoction by contaminated tribal misfits who are not Bemba by descent, language and Geography. Umubemba Inkonko like me can never fumble over Bemba facts.
    HH and his UPND horde of uninformed cadres are busy salivating over GBM”s possibility of joining them and winning them the Kasama Central seat. Napalala ba Mwamba na ba Ntalasha, this will never happen on this planet. They better try outer space. GBM is not a factor in Kasama. How I also salivate to see GBM go to…

  39. It does not matter who wrote the article whether he is Bemba or an impositor, just debate the contents or abstain if you dont like it. Comments about Scott will continue to come as long as he he also passes silly comments on otther HH and others. I agree with a contributor who said being called a colonialist is not racist. Guy Scott was born from Colonialist parents during the colonial era, that makes him one (a cobra’s son is a cobra) full stop.

    But let me ask if you are saying Scott is more Zambian than most of us how come he cant even act as President when the big Cobra is out?

  40. also a reminder ba responsible in your reporting.dont just post anything.sheet like this could lead the nation to a rwanda type of a massacre.

  41. Bembas should be sorted out on their tribalism actions in Zambia.They Always think bemba is the only tribe in Zambia.Afterall they are the ones who have contributed a lot to the redevelopment of our Good Country Zambia. Stop Tribalism in your province and all govt sectors.
    Ala imwe. Mweye tuta mikata Bichwa kama ni mu Congo.

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