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Former Chipolopolo striker Dennis Lota has died


Denis Lota
Denis Lota

Former Chipolopolo striker Dennis Lota has passed away. Until his death, he was Moroka Swallows assistant coach.
Lota was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital over the weekend after what initially looked like a minor illness but passed on early hours of Tuesday evening.

He was forty years old. Lota played over a hundred games for Orlando Pirates between 1998 and 2002 and also had spells at a number of other South African clubs including Moroka Swallows, Mpumalanga Black Aces, Witbank Aces, FC AK, Amazulu and Dangerous Darkies.

Dennis Lota was last on the Moroka Swallows bench a few days ago in their mid week match against Kaizer Chiefs which Swallows lost to Chiefs by two goals to nil.

Lota was born 8 November 1973 in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province of Zambia. He started his professional career with Zanaco FC in 1989 before leaving for Nchanga Rangers at the beginning of the 1991 season.

At Nchanga Rangers he established a midfield partnership with Abeauty Kunda. He later left Nchanga to join Kabwe Warriors after a failed attempt to rejoin Zanaco.

At Warriors, he never settled and left after one season to join Konkola Blades. It was at Konkala where the late brother to Kalusha Bwalya, Benjamin transformed Lota from a midfielder to a lethal striker who went on to win the golden boot in 1995 and later became a strong target for international clubs.

A contractual conflict later emerged between FC Sion and Dangerous Aces with each team claiming to be the rightful owner of the player.The matter was later resolved and Lota went on to play for the former.

Upon leaving FC Sion, Lota joined Orlando Pirates where his prowess in front of the goal and particularly his celebration (rubbing his palms against each other), earned him the nickname “Chesa Mpama” amongst the Pirates supporters.

He was part of the Zambian African Nations Cup teams in 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002.At the 2002 African Cup of Nations, Dennis played alongside his brother Charles Lota in the deadly Zambian attack formation.

In 2011, Moroka Swallows elevated him from their reserve side him to the first team as one of the assistant coaches.

Lota hit headlines just before Christmas when he said South African PSL clubs would rather do business in Zimbabwe rather than Zambia because the risk valuation factors are lower.

“The standard there (In the SA PSL) has improved tremendously. It is not like before where anyone could just come and play,” Lota said. “The level in terms of technique and intelligence has gone up. The biggest thing for me is on the financial aspect.

“You see players from Zimbabwe they come to South Africa not solely focused on the money but how they are going to sell themselves when given the platform.”

Lota, said it was high time Zambian clubs revised their business strategies when dealing with PSL clubs.

“Teams are scared; ‘we do not even know this chap, we cannot pay so much’. People should know signing a player is a risky undertaking,” Lota said.


    • He was called Chase Mpama in the 90s in RSA league, so sensational player. You remember Kalusha ku 11, Denise Lota pa 10, Zeddy Saileti pa 9, and ku 7 that Andrew Tembo (Tamanga -Tamanga) = you youngsters you missed the 1990s exciting soccer.

    • Dear God Nelson Mandela was my favorite leader you took him away. Dennis Lota was my favorite player you have taken him away. Thatcher was my favorite PM you took her away…sigh… Michael Chilufya Sata is my favorite President…

      Thank-you Lord.

    • Very sad indeed. In his life as assistant coach & guest TV soccer analyst, Lota impressed me with his ability to read the game. Very few of our retired players matched him in this regard. MHSRIP.

  1. politics aside, chi kambwili and HH na imwe ba GBM and ka winter please note that during this trying moment we wont tolerate your nonsense mwikale tondolo tulelosha impalume Denis Lota, very intelligent man. it is very sad.mhsrip.

  2. That’s sad. He was here just the other week for the coaches training. I will always remember him for that powerful goal against Egypt when we beat them 3-0. One of the best strikers this nation ever produced. My condolences to the family

    • Correction it was 3 – 1 and not 3 – 0. Zambia was down by a goal at half time through a Samir Ibrahim Kamouna goal. After the restart we (Zambia) outplayed Egypt comprehensively and had goals by Elijah Litana, Vincent Mutale and Dennis Lota to show for it. One of the best performances ever by a Zambian team against Egypt. Sad news on D Lota. God comfort his family.

  3. What sad news, Dennis Lota was a player and a gentleman, he will be missed. What is happening these days it seems all the good people are passing away. God help us.

  4. Heart rending. He used to be a prolific striker and usually the country looked up to him for the much needed goals. Bon Voyage. We shall indeed miss him. MHSRIEP.

  5. RIP, but he was not a patriotic Zambian. I won’t miss him. It’s like forcing me to miss HH when he dies. It won’t never.

    • You will not miss him because you did not know him. Equally when you die not everybody will miss you because you are a nobody.

  6. Cabipa sana Ba Lota wesu. Mulale mu cibote ca Mfumu. You made the great nation of Zambia proud. You accomplished your mission. Go well gallant son of the soil. I will be at the funeral house this evening.

  7. I am happy Jay Jay, Wnanzelu, Dudelove, INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, AUSTRALIA ENGINEER FIMO FIMO, Sam, Mundia etc are NOT here to comment. It is such a relief. If they had commented, they would have definitely put the blame on PF. Thank God they are on break. They are such a bother. Dennis RIP my friend. We shall meet again

  8. This is terrible news, RIP Denis. What a loss, I remember when you stood up for Zambia against the moronic Nigerian pundit/ former Eagles player during the 2012 CAF Champions. He ate his stupid words when we finally lifted the trophy. Sleep well brother man.

  9. This is one of the saddest moment in the football circles in Zambia. We will always remember him for his goal scoring prowess. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  10. Indeed u chaps who were born in Chiluba’s era really missed out on exciting and beautiful soccer……………..Always in our hearts ba Lota i will fondly remember u for the Pomo u scored when we played Egypt in the quarter finals(1996)

  11. Bad …..whn I look at tht smile I cant help but say “EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS” to take us home where will SMILE FOREVER.

    Its bad. I ve not head frm LOTA for sometime now. FAZ lets learn to MARKET ‘legends’. not only at their DEATH.

  12. Rest In Peace Lota.

    BTW: What kind of a football name is this? “Dangerous Darkies” Outright racist in my books!


  14. RIP buti, yhooo am shocked, u were on tv last week friday and now, gone forever! thank u for ur talent, u will be missed Chisa Mpama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I remember reading a magazine in SA with the cover picture of Lota and the headline “A whole Lota goals!” acknowledging a whole lot of goals he scored on his way to becoming that season’s top scorer with the Buccaneers! RIP Tchiasha Mpama

    • He was not in the national team that time. KK11 name ended the moment Kaunda lost power in 1991. Thereafter, the Chipolopolo name was born.

    • @Luba Kaonde Lota played in KK 11. Zambia after 1991 had no nickname. The Chipolopolo name was born in 1996 in South Africa after the fans, who actually had that name, ran riot with their acts as Zambia tore other teams apart.

  16. Yaba ! Awe ba Lota chabipa mwe.I remember one day balisatupangilapo sana ama panti ninshi baishile pa chililabombwe from Sasa Africa.Inshimbi yaya zo-ona.Rest peace

  17. Mwandi Chaipa What short illness killed him, is it High blood pressure or Stroke, such a tender age.I remember reading a Drum magazine with an article headlined What a Lota money.

  18. R.I.P chesa Mpama, I still remember you playing with Mwenya Matete @ Konkola blades in C/bombwe against Mufulira wanderers.

  19. Ba LT I know its good to praise someone for the good job well done in their career, but this statement has been over exaggerated…..Quoted from the passage. “At the 2002 African Cup of Nations, Dennis played alongside his brother Charles Lota in the deadly Zambian attack formation.”

    This statement is a lie and lets not cheat the young ones and those that did not have the chance watch that deadly attack formation you are talking about. I have the AFCON 2002 memories at my finger tips and I beg to differ with you on this statement. If you were there you will agree with me that we only managed to score one goal at AFCON 2002 via Gift Kampamba and we were booted out in the first round, with no win at all. Today you lie to us that we had a deadly attack formation.

    Anyway, sad loss…

  20. We will surely miss the great player and he surely deserve a national mourning he did the country proud – not aba bambi twalelosha some you cant even recall what they did for the country.

  21. Bro dennis, i remember when i was young u came pa shinde in mufulira to our wanderes with yo team konkola. U terorised us. Am sure we will meet.

  22. Dennis Lota resembled Quicksilver Beston Chambeshi in stature and playing style only that Chambeshi ran faster. Condolences to the family.

  23. “i disagree a little bit wth Mamadou” & “Senegal came as favourite they mey Zambia they were rendered useless…….only Zambia rendered them useless “…..those arw the words I will remember him for…MHSRIEP Lota.

  24. What a great player! What a loss I was looking forward to him taking over the reigns at Chipolopolo. His career was nearly destroyed by a rush for the money deal with Witbank Aces (who got demoted to SA’s 2nd division) when the chap had very great skills in demand in Europe. He stayed for a year or so without playing when this move couldn’t be reversed thus affecting his future. At pirates he was loved for his scoring beautiful goals. Ba Sata sure the man deserves national mourning.

  25. D Lota was Nothing in chipolopolo, he could Run faster than the ball and like a headless Chicken , couldnt see pa goal mouth, imagine at 40 we was no playing why? when Great people like Chris Katongo can still play at 43years and make an impact, he was just useless and i doubt if he was kochi at in MOROCCO why we never heard about him coaching Moroco, now that he is dead he is full of praises, well go well sir MYSRI Perpetual internal peace and may the God Lord Comfort your young family sure at 40 TOO YOUNG, THATS WHEN LIFE WAS BEGINING, BUT TELL US WHAT KILLED HIM?

    • @anyoko, Very stupid comment. It clearly shows that you did not know Dennis Lota and his scoring ability. Go read about his career first then you will investigate the circumstances of his death.

  26. I knew Dennis from the Kitwe days. He completed his school at Ndeke Secondary School in 1988. Now, if he was born in 1973 and was doing his grade 12 in 1988, kaya! He was a good guy, MHSRIP.

  27. Your football inteligence will be deeply missed, may your soul rest in peace Chesa Mpama. My condelences to your friends and family, may they hold on to faith even when things dont make sense during this difficult period.

  28. sad news once again, anyway if CHRIST died who are we? yet we shall live again if we believe in JESUS. I remember Lota in those 1992s when I was a football fan as a very young girl, MHSRIP

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