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GBM to report to the police at 14 Hours

General News GBM to report to the police at 14 Hours

KASAMA Central Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) (left) and his wife Chama Mwamba (right) in blue when President Michael Sata was endorsed as Presidential candidate at Northern Provincial Conference hall in Kasama
KASAMA Central Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) (left) and his wife Chama Mwamba (right) in blue when President Michael Sata was endorsed as Presidential candidate at Northern Provincial Conference hall in Kasama

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has revealed that he will report himself to the police at Woodlands Police for questioning over the failed ZESCO poles contract.

Mr Mwamba confirmed in a posting on his Facebook page that he will report to Woodlands Police Station at 14:00hrs for what referred to as the so-called interviews.

“I remain unshaken about what is likely to follow thereafter and will avail myself as a law-abiding citizen,” he said.

He said he remains grateful for the concerns various sections of the society, including political parties, civil society organizations and members of the public, have raised over his persecution.

“As you may all be aware, I resigned my position as Defense Minister on a matter of principle and while this has invited opportunistic calls for my resignation, I have resolved not to yield unless I am expelled from PF.”

Mr Mwamba has since appealled for calm and restraint from his supporters and friends.

“Let us remember that we have a country whose interests and peace we must safeguard. This is a passing phase and my stance will be vindicated. God Bless Zambia.”


    • Go ahead GBM we are behind you. To some of us you a treasure trough of information of what has gone in within PF ranks over the past 2 years. You know all those who are corrupt and you also know the corruption schemes being run by Sata through RDA in one of his bedrooms at sate house.

    • It’s not hatred. He is just returning the favour. Skeleton lost 43 herd of cattle in the Barotse plains. This was a consequence of GBM ordering ZAF planes to fly low resulting in the animals to scamper hence the drowning of the herd.

  1. I support GBM very much. There is no way a person can tell you to choose between him and your family. That is unacceptable. If this is the end let it be because all these opportunists will find their end too. including Michael Chilufya Sata

  2. my advice to the party central committee is that let us reconcile with GBM if we need Peace in this country becoz this chap GBM is not streght.
    Remember prevention is better that cure..

  3. If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.
    – Sun Tzu

    • All aside ,a single GBM can not fight GOVT.Resign and be quite .u are but only human .u did not come to this earth with any wealth.where u giving for a better ZAMBIA or investing .Today u want reward by force .safeguard your LIFE before u become lame of stroke.look at muteteka ,konga and others .u might be right but your life is more important.LOVE YOURSELF

  4. PF government has no principle in fighting corruption. PF government fighting corruption is based upon selective instead of across the all. A person who was cleared is now being investigated because he is no longer a minister. Shame to PF government. The Government has sunk so low.

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