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Andrew Banda goes in for two years for corruption


Andrew Banda after sentencing
Andrew Banda after sentencing

Former President Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew has been sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for corruption.

Mr Banda was convicted of one count of soliciting and receiving gratification to facilitate the award of road projects to Fratelli Locci, an Italian road contractor.

This is in a matter in which Andrew Banda while working as First Secretary at the Zambian mission in Italy in 2010 solicited to be paid 2 percent of all road contracts awarded to Fratelli Locci.

In passing judgement, Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda said the prosecution had proved that Mr. Banda corruptly solicited for gratification and received payments from Fratelli Locci on current and any future road projects and contracts.

Magistrate Banda said the prosecution had proved that funds were transferred from AB Logistics, a firm owned by Mr. Banda from Fratelli Locci the firm owned by Antoneil Locci.

The prosecution also proved that Mr. Banda threatened Mr. Locci that he would not be given any contracts if he did pay the two percent.

And in mitigation Mr. Banda’s lawyer Milner Katolo pleaded with the court to exercise leniency as the accused was a first offender, a bread winner supporting over the 30 families including his children and grandchildren.

Mr. Katolo said the Mr. Banda had served the country at a high level and the court should exercise maximum leniency by according him a suspended sentence or community service.

But Magistrate Banda said he had seriously taken into account the mitigation and a custodial sentence was inescapable for deterrent measures.

Mr Banda who showed little emotion after sentence was pronounced thanked his sympathisers as he was whisked away to Chimbokaila.

Andrew Banda after sentencing
Andrew Banda after sentencing
Andrew Banda after sentencing
Andrew Banda after sentencing


    • There is big difference between 2 years and 24 months.
      PF & Andrew’s case took 2 years, that is not so long, its affordable.
      But 24 months is sames as $5000 (Andrew’s monthly salary) x 24 = $120,000 That’s a lot to loose. When is appeal?

    • Politics aside, there have been more convictions of politicians involved in corruption under the PF regime.

      This shows that PF is serious at stamping out corruption and the judiciary is more independent at dispensing justice accordingly

      we hope politicians (even those in PF) can learn from these convictions

      Therefore as a country we must detest corruption and not be swayed by cheap political talk each time a politician is incarcerated based on evidence adduced in courts

    • It is the same pattern. It is a weekend; he will spend Saturday and Sunday in jail then from Monday onwards he will be out on bail. Don’t forget the farce that is.

    • This is chicken feed compared to cases on Sata’s clock unfolding before our eyes.Chikwanda’s open corruption, Kabimba’s oil scandal top the list of abuses.Mulenga Sata’s story of overnight rags to riches is more serious than any sitting president’s son in living memory,of course,except the murderer Kambarange.Even for Saif Gadaffi it took decades before he claimed control of any public resources.Willie Nsanda,over 2 yrs Chairman & CEO,Secretary,Accountant,Procurement Officer,Contract signatory,Bid controller,project inspector (rolled in one)of non-existent RDA Board.Of course we can’t forget the K28bn Nchito&Mmembe still owe us.Their final destination will be the same as Andrew’s soon as the iron curtain is put down to expose the deluded dictator and colostominy bag with tabs of…

    • Brilliant precedent has been set for dealing with Sata and his cohort.

      I can’t wait for that day. It’s only 2 days away ; 1 year = 1 day to me. Its approaching really fast.

    • Game On! We now have a precedent that will enable us conclude Mulenga Sata’s, Mmembe’s, Kabimba’s and Nchito’s cases in one seating!!!

  1. I can see some people on this blog politicking this issue.What you do where we can’t see with tax payers money shall come out in the open.Muponyeni mundende uyo..Including his big head father..labish twachula pafula…

  2. Guilty or not guilty, it’s all political. The man has been quite vocal against PF government while his case was going on. Only those outside the PF blue eyed circle get convicted. Soldier on sir. I hope you put the money you recieved from Locci to good use.

  3. Its political meant to hurt RB and his Wife’s family. Unfortunately innocent people are being targeted who will end up suffering in the end.

    • Forget the names. Just read the charges and understand the sentence. If you have ever been subject to arrest, summoning or any indictment, you should know that the only thing that matters is FACTS, not emotions.


    • What expanding are you talking about? How many of those high-level criminals convicted and sentenced at that level are actually in jail???

    • “White Niggar”; your comment was made irrelevant by the use of that despicable user name. You should be ashamed of yourself if you’re black. #ignorant *****

  4. Any conviction is welcome regardless of who is convicted. Ordinary people continue to live in absolute poverty when people they entrust with power become so rich in a short period of time. Now it’s time to reflect on the conviction and what the lawyer mr Katolo said asking the court to be lenient this means the evidence was overwhelming. The Banda family has done a lot to this great nation it’s this huge contribution that they have to be proud of and all citizens of the country acknowledge and dearly cherish. However it’s this using of power beyond its limit that always bring the most powerful down and damage their earned status through hard work. Mr Banda people who were surrounding you we after money and good connections. Today they have evaporated like vapour. God will guide you…

  5. White niggar, we will get Mumembe and Michintu’s money after 2016. PF is dying slowly. So the burial day we will get that money during isambo lyamfwa.

  6. The trial, the guilty verdict and the custodial sentence are all in order. Let him serve his term. The only problem is that there are many known criminals like him walking free on Zambian streets but again we know that they are just as good as being on bail because they will join Andrew Banda in jail come 2016.

  7. Tomorrow he will be out, only poor people will be imprisoned.
    Corruption is still work, just wait on monday he will be out the case will be over. what is the work of judges? if one sentence and the other judge set him free. Corruption

  8. They failed to get Henry so they hounded his brother. He should appeal, go before a different judge who should throw this case out!

  9. This is nothing to celebrate. There simply is no justice in our republic. It’s all mickey mouse kind of, playing to the gallery.

  10. This piece of news will make Sata and his treacherous A-Team enjoy their wines and roasted pigs. Apparently time is running fast to the eclipse of the PF regime.

  11. Listen carefully January,14th Witer kabimba,Kambwili, Willie nsanda,Mulenga sata will go to jail after they go jail the next one will be edgar Lungu Driving under the influence of alchool after killing 20 people in Road accident in Chawama compound.
    Michael Sata also will go to jail for smoking marijuana in public place with the little boy kampiompio.

  12. I mean 14th of january 2017 after the election thats when they will go to court by then Sata will be in heaven next to levy waiting for judgement.

  13. Zambia is peacefull country its time to stop this nonsense of revenge one day it will be your wife or son people have a record of over spending the tax payers money the 9 trips abroad the big man and wife spent is more than $450.000 that include shoping,medical bills and hotels you think about it.

    • did andrew corrupt all govt dept in order to help frotteli to secure contracts.

      surely the issue of 2 percent is purely business, deals between these two adults who voluntarily agreed,

      frotteli is an adult who can not be forced to agree on anything which does not delight him.

      very strange conviction indeed ,did andrew corrupt RDAor force them to award frotteli a road contract against meeting the requirement as set by the RDA, who testified from RDA to confirm that frotteli won the bids under the influence of Andrew banda,

  14. #24 james banda,Trips have been reduced tremendously an thereby a huge saving is resulting ,update your file my dear,just to add these carefully selected trips by even ministers should really be beneficial before they are sanctioned contrarly to the previous kwndo munjila ,,ask cabinate office..

  15. Mwe mbwa mwe, who is more corrupt, the MMD or PF admin? You should examine your brains before making statements. The PF Administration is the most corrupt government in the world and it has the most sophisticated crooks and liars. Just wait and see at the end of their term and you will prove this by the number of those who will be thrown behind the bars including their so called supreme leader. What is it that you can appreciate the Pf about because everything is on the decline as the cost of living is skyrocketing every minute. Is this what you call development you caterpillar eaters ? You are as f.o.o.l.i.s.h and dul as Chimbwili, the hippo from Luanshya.


  17. i though corruption involves two parties, the giver and the receiver. how come the giver is not being prosecuted or is it persecuted. The truth is the italian company was blackmailed the Minister on injustice and the PF propaganda news paper. one day the thruth will come out.

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