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Zambia Daily Mail editorial on GBM smells of jealousy, hate and envy





I couldn’t help but laugh at the Zambia Daily Mail’s editorial comment of Sunday 16th February where the editor in chief’s envy and jealousy over GBM’s valentine’s gift to his wife could not be hidden. I suspect the editor in Chief is choking with envy, or had a hard time with his wife when he possibly bought her a second hand Vitz from Japan as a present, and so to vent his anger, he unleashes a stupid, foolish, childish and jealousy attack disguised as an editorial comment, similar to the ones we see in one former independent paper, on GBM, lecturing him on how to use his money.

But some of the most foolish sentiments from the article are as follows:

1. The police must speed up the investigations so that Zambians can know the truth about the source of the money Mr Mwamba has been bragging about and spending on such expensive toys.

**So the editor is too dull to know that GBM is a businessman who can afford such cars everyday as long as his businesses are running without government interference? I thought the editor would have done a little homework before expressing such gross ignorance disguised as journalism.

2. Yes, Mr Mwamba has seen it fit to throw thousands of Kwacha around when children are dying by their thousands before reaching the age of five because of inadequate access to medicine, especially vaccines. Latest statistics indicate that in a normal situation one out of 1,000 children die as a result of lack of access to the BCG vaccine. But in Zambia one out of every four die!

**Now surely this should be directed at the president of the country, shouldn’t it? Isn’t it the president that sees it fit to fire nurses, the core of the health care system and thus sentencing many people, women and children to permanent ill health and death? What has poor government policy on health got to do with GBM?

In any case, when GBM was in government, he was at defence, and surely we saw the projects he was overseeing, did we expect him to get into health where we have two ministers of health, one based at State House? When the government has enough money to create expensive by-elections and build stadiums country wide at the expense of health care delivery in Zambia, why should anger be directed at an individual who sees it fit to share joy with his wife of over 30 years? Surely the editorial lacks merit and substance, and is rather petty, more like drunk talk in bars among haters of successful men.

3. If Mr Mwamba was as loving a person as he wants the public – especially his Facebook followers to believe – he could have channelled the over K1 million he spent on the ‘present’ towards the procurement of such drugs.

**Again, isn’t it the same paper that reported the rejection of GBM’s contribution towards a bus terminus in Kasama? Now today you want him to donate to the procurement of medicines, and face the same embarrassment your local government Ministers poured on him for wanting to help better the lives of commuters in Kasama? If the president doesn’t care about the health of the nation, surely he wouldn’t take kindly to one that seems to care, or would he?

That said, it would be nice to see how much this editor in chief has donated to UTH, to Schools, and how much medicines he has bought for the many ill equipped health centres since he seems to be a goody goody citizen.

Surely there should be nothing wrong with a man doing a bit Public Display of Affection-PDA with his wife, especially when the same media now criticising him for being a good husband is bent on painting a gloomy picture of the man.

For us that have followed him for a while, we appreciate seeing the other side of the man, GBM, the side of his life as told by him, not by third party petty media. And so far, we see a good man, who deserves all the good he has.


  1. Anthony – U were JOBLESS not long ago, we can again make you Jobless, and very fast.

    GBM is not and can never be your Friend………. ICHIBELESHI ALA…

  2. Apparently the Editor-In-Chief at the “Zambia Daily Noise” (Those old enough will remember that gem from the ‘Kapelwa Musonda’ era of true journalism) has his head so far up his a.s.s he has forgotten that just a few days earlier the same government rejected GMB’s money and offer to construct a bus shelter in HIS constituency!! Talk about .as.s.-licking!

  3. I like the responses to each of the extracts from the Daily Mail’s editorial, they are spot on.
    Who are the Daily mail to lecture to anybody on how they should spend their hard-earned money? GBM spends HIS money on HIS wife, family, and even friends, what’s wrong with that? Can the editor tell us how he spends his money.

  4. This is how I.d.i.ots at Daily nonsense spent taxpayers money writting crap as editorials? Get a life you yokels.

  5. It shows that Anthony Mukwita lacks principles. Not too long ago, this is the same Anthony who was pro-GBM, to the extent where Kabimba complained publicly, unprecedented in the history of Zambia. Government owned newspapers have not been knows for hatred editorials but we are seeing this unfortunate trend at Daily Mail where those perceived to be outside the inner circle in Patriotic Front are vilified. Anthony, you have always been a creative journalist, don’t be used by politicians, as a senior journalist, you need to set a good example to the upcoming scribes. Remain professional, emulate your colleagues at Times of Zambia. Thanks

  6. He bought the car from his own money and not public funds, something which our ministers have become accustomed to. If its yours then BRAG it. He was giving a lecture to the wrong man, he not a minister of health.

  7. Absolutely amazing how Anthony Mukwita can sink so low on attacking his opponent using a tax funded paper – OUR MONEY. Just out of interest, has Editor Mukwita ever donated his personal money to any charity or hospital?
    Anyway, no need to be drawn in such pettiness. Our concern as citizens is why these low caliber cadres are employed in these govt papers & other govt institutions only to serve their masters as a voice & weapon to attack political opponents. Don’t think you’re untouchable, a day is coming when you’ll be called to account for the abuse in that office.

    • Then what? Is UPND going to sell off these useless government papers. ..what’s it position on this? Let’s not just support blindly.

  8. Rhetoric as usual with these govt controlled media! The editor of the said article had so many issues to articulate but instead poured the scorn on a wrong person, that information should have been directed at the rotten head of state at state house who is happily and willingly wasting the national resources and damaging the image of the country. Zambians should learn a lesson from what is happening in the country.

  9. I stopped being a fan of GBM ever since he joined the cabinet as there is always going to be a conflict of interest in that position BUT this article by Anthony is just unprofessional and just sums up why journalism in Zambia has gone to the dogs. Fred Me’embe is not a journalist he can scribble anything he wants but this coming from Anthony is an utter disgrace to his profession.

    • You are right, I have been a keen follower of Anthony writing since my high school days in the 90s. I remember his captivating articles in some private newspaper (can’t remember whether it was Monitor), I have known him to be a creative journalist and his articles are always associated with a sense of humour. I am not a fan of GBM, but for a seasoned journalist of Anthony’s calibre to produce that is not only disappointing but embarrassing to the profession.

  10. kikikikikkikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiikikikikikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiii awe sure


  12. Daily Mail has gone to the dogs. Same line of childish thinking as you know who. Stark difference with the mature Godfrey Malama at Times. Problem of jobs given out without interviews.

  13. Iwe wine daily mail buy your wife a present or if you are a woman buy your husband an ipsum. If GBM presented a cheap benz c class bought from internet, no one would have talked about it but now range rover yamupesha amano, just work hard and surprise your spouses with what you can.

    This so called editor has foam in his head, is it mwamba’s duty to take medicines into hospitals or is he responsible for the millions of zambians who are going hungry without eating? He donated in kasama few days ago and the govt foolishly rejected that donation, so you haters wanted him to give that money to you, mwanya. Aliwinafye umunensu

    Infact the police or whoever is investigating him should start by getting the bank statements before he joined politics and compare them to the current one…

  14. Thats Zambia for you!! I have tried to find the right word to describe this guys sickness alas even the mental medical dictionary dosent have it! Sir… who ever you are get a life Karma will sort you out and the measure of jealousy and hatred you have expressed on GBM will in no time turn on you double!

  15. We know these things, if people have any constructive things to day, thy are psychologically sick like in the case of that editor. From my JOURNALISM undastandin i got from Evelyn Hone College, the Editor in question has no sense in news, biased, ineffeciency, luck of sound morals and jugement. Suly with such qualities, he is not fit to an editor.I knw for hm its about soup on th table from state house…let him his a big fool

  16. What qualification does this so called EDITOR IN CHIEF hold? and just how did he rise to that position? who is he connected to bcoz clearly without a shadow of a doubt the man has a big fat sack of monkey crap for brains.

  17. GBM was my neighbour in Avondale 29 years ago and had at that time Buses which were not even in good shape, but strived to develope himself to where he is today! So Police for what? GBM is not UTH to start looking after sick children. Its not his fault that children are dying of poverty ‘cos of useless people like the so called editor. You are just a heap of Sh….t!

  18. Anyway this editor is quite intelligent am sure he had no way to exposse pf govt and he decided to use gbm ‘s root to expose his employers. keep it up bwana editor.

  19. Ukutumpa Ichi Chimuntu. I think this atticle was given to him by winter. There are no medicines in the hospitals, we have so much poverty in the country not coz of people like GBM who have worked hard, but coz of people who want to get easy money like you F***s. Corrupt creatures like you should be fed to the dogs….

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