Saturday, July 20, 2024

GBM’s lawyers proceed to sue Zambia Daily Mail and Anthony Mukwita


Lawyers representing Former Defense Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, have decided to initiate legal proceedings against Zambia Daily Mail and the Managing Editor, Anthony Mukwita in his personal capacity.

In a letter released to the media, the lawyers stated that Zambia Daily mail had not complied with the request to apology, but instead called for a meeting.

Below is the full letter to Zambia Daily mail



  1. Government will pay for Mukwita and daily Mail, but i hope they will be made to pay a huge sum so that it acts as a deterant.

    • @ Tese Zono
      GRZ may pay now for Antony but come 2016 the amount will be recovered from Antony. This is really same as the case of Chanda Chimba the 3rd! Antony may shine now but his day to account will surely come.

  2. There’s more tax money wasted on some excited and incompetent cadre.

    To GBM, please show more philanthropy and humility by donating all the money to charities across the country.

    Thank you.

    • “Just discovered” and your tired already? Stamina, my friend – stamina!

      In fact, suing was Sata’s favorite trick when in opposition. I wonder how many of the President’s cases were ever won/lost, dropped, thrown out, etc.

    • Don’t be. Before 2016 the Post will be indebted to the point they will have to sell all there assets to compensate GBM, and still remain owing.

      You cadres thought stupidity pays.

  3. Anthony Mukwita must be taught a lessons on how civilized journalists must discharge their professional roles for the good of humanity in this country. Mukwita chose to ignore the plight of this nation by opting to support a clique of greedy men and women on a 5-Year mission to plunder the national resources.

    It is NOT a crime for GBM to buy a precious gift for the Mother of his own children.

    We pray that the Courts of Law, if manned by level-headed legal minds, will play a pivotal role by administering fair justice so as to help shade tears on the faces of millions of Zambians who are crying silently because of the brutal environment created by ruthless political and social systems prevailing in our country.
    God Hear Our Prayer.

  4. let this mwikwita and ZDM be taught a great lesson. with sata’s ruthless rule, they’ve chosen to demonize GBM for standing with his family Chitimukulu. which is more important, keeping a Job or keeping a family? sata will not always be there to protect these cadres. ask RB & sons.

  5. Slowly sanity I coming back to journalism, any one who reports maliciously should be made to pay,eventually we may get factual.

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