FAZ fined by Fifa for breaking transfer rules



BBC sports news reports that the Zambian Football Association (FAZ) has been fined by Fifa for breaking international transfer rules.
Fifa said on Wednesday it had fined FAZ $56,000 for allowing deals involving three professionals and five amateurs without the correct paperwork and outside the official transfer period.

A trio of Zambian clubs were also punished.

Zanaco FC were fined $22,500 for transferring a professional player, while while Power Dynamos and National Assembly both received a $25,000 fine for deals involving amateurs, and for failing to cooperate with a Fifa enquiry.

Fifa toughened its international transfer information rules in October 2010.



  1. is FAZ going to pusuka under Kalu??,, the zambian courts order Kalu to pay his ex coach at k-stars. k79 000, Dario Bonnet now wants 40 percent shares in FAZ after Kalu failed to pay him off,,, and now this 56,000 bill

    • Check the trends in Zambian soccer with this Kalu of yours. Now you can’t even qualify for simple tournaments like CHAN, iyo kwena the Zambian fish is really rotting – right from Plot1 !!!

  2. When someone positively criticises FAZ and Kalu, some Zambians become so emotional because in their own thinking Kalu is a god who can’t be criticised. Transfer of Players from Zambia to other parts of the world has been shrouded in secrecy and corruption. There’s been so much rot at Football House but these were masked by the AFCON 2012 win.

  3. In our attempt to perfect things. We all bound to make mistakes in our journey of life . Keep up your gud works Kalu. Everyone in life has their positive & negatives that’s wht makes us human. How sweet

  4. Mudled.. FAZ and the clubs mentioned herein are NOT in one catagory. Fines were levelled to the clubs involved while the sacking of the national coach (Bonneti) is the only FAZ overhead case.

    • Have you read the article?
      Bonetti is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Clubs can not be charged in isolation, FAZ sanctioned the transfer of players. That’s why FAZ have been fined, it’s the responsibility of the local FA to see to it that clubs adhere strictly to deadlines set by FIFA. But in this case, FAZ acted as an accomplice, aiding the clubs involved to perform an illegal act.

      Bonetti saga is another issue not related to this one, FIFA asked FAZ to pay the former coach US$400, 000.

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