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I’m not one of the useless MPs, I’m very much useful, boasts Kambwili

Headlines I'm not one of the useless MPs, I'm very much useful, ...

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili

Youth and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, says he is not worried about Republican President Michael Sata’s sentiments that some Patriotic Front (PF) members of parliament are useless as he is very much useful.

Mr. Kambwili says he has no reason to worry about the President’s remarks because he has been working very hard to represent people in his constituency.

The minister was speaking in Luanshya when he donated 440 mathematics and science text books to Roan Antelope and Twashuka Secondary Schools yesterday.

Mr. Kambwili noted that President Sata’s remarks were timely as there were many MPs who have relaxed after being elected into office.

He stated that he was disappointed with people condemning the President for calling MPs useless, saying the President’s words were simply a reminder for Members of Parliament to wake up and perform their responsibility.

The minister reiterated that any MP who does not want to work is useless, and Zambians should be grateful that the President wanted MPs to perform the duties they were elected into office for.

Mr Kambwili urged pupils to stay away from premarital sex but instead work hard and take advantage of government’s commitment to constructing more universities countrywide by ensuring that they pass and get admission into university.

Mr. Lishebo added that most PF parliamentarians where undeniably useless going by the realities on the ground.

And a civic leader in Mongu has appealed to Mongu Central Member of Parliament Nathaniel Mubukwanu to sit up and make himself available to the people of Mongu central constituency for the greater good of the party.

Patriotic Front Lewanika Ward Councillor Mwenda Akoyawa Lishebo says the party in the area agrees with President Michael Sata’s sentiment that a good number of parliamentarians are riding on the fortunes and popularity of the ruling PF.

Mr. Lishebo added that most PF parliamentarians where undeniably useless going by the realities on the ground.

The councilor said this in a in a letter addressed to the Provincial Chairman dated 20th, February 2014.

The councillor called on the party to take introspection of itself in line with massage from the head of state to the warning.

He reminded the Chairman that the coming into power of the Pf was not easy, President Sata’s remarks should be viewed in the context of his longing desire to keep the PF party relevant to electorates.

“It is not gain saying that, this can only be made possible if MPs were sufficiently useful to the people sworn to represent at the behest of their call of duty,” He said.


    • okay, i will call the people president Sata to find out if you kambwili are not on that list of useful useless MPs,, just to confirm what you are saying

    • Kabwili if those textbooks you donated are not in Bemba then they are useless, and indeed you end up as a useless donor or MP.

    • prove your hard work in your constituency beached whale.

      in my opinion you just have more bad cholesterol than brains and if that constitutes hard work then you definitely qualify!!

    • Kambwili might not even buy food in his home because he will say, “Iam not hungry”.
      This is a man who would let his family starve to death because he, Kambwili, says, “its not my stomach”. Typical cadre mentality of PF egocentrics’.
      Kambwili, your Pathetic Family (PF) is failing to deliver and all you can yapp is, “it wasn’t me”? Wake up, you’re a team. No wonder Panga Fighters (PF) are fighting one another because its all individualism and egocentric ate up.
      When will you accept responsibility?

    • Yeah, Right !!
      Who wanted to name the stadium The Gabon Disaster Stadium? Was that not you?

      There is a big difference between working Hard and just going about producing Hot Air all the time.

      On the fence, you have to give Sata ” Kudos” for calling his MP’s useless, cause its just the fact. Now we’ll witness finger pointing in PF.


    • Just wondering, was the donation made out Kambwili’s personal funds or it tax payees money? Secondly, aren’t there more appropriate people who can hand over the text books than the minister using that as a photo opportunity and publicity stunt?

    • This Kambwili has a sister doing a lewd act on youtube. Search for (zambian girls) Someone posted it this week. You will be shocked!!!!

  1. Ba Kambwili wesu, people are not denying the fact MPs should visit their constituency. Their concern is that such statements are not befitting of the President and that there is a forum for issuing such statements. Statements like that erode people’s confidence in the administration. Timing and discernment faliba important. The truth has be to be communicated well and with good timing!

  2. Guilty conscious…frm all u’v contributed it clearly shows ba mudala mnt ministrz like u (surely @ gabon disaster national heroes stadium) dis is wr u proved it…. (•_•) i c u only wise bloggr..

  3. I wonder why PF MPs are so timid and scared of Sata. Why can’t they just team up with the opposition and push the impeachment motion in the house to just show Mr Sata who the boss really is. They really have the power to get rid of the president. Can’t they see the obvious? Don’t they feel they deserve to be respected and that respect is a two way street?

    Oh well, maybe it is true that they are useless, who knows.

    • They are dead scared of him because they are absolutely useless, that’s why Sata can dare them.

    • @Bootliker, Its not first time Sata has called them that, he even threatened to disolve parliament to call for early elections. Sata is right on this one, most PF MPs are just thugs, who won through intimidation and “Pa Bwato”.

    • The mere fact that he is personally donating textbooks (from his large disposal income) to a school shows how useless he is as an MP….if he knew his role as an MP he would have been pushing his colleague in Ministry of Education to invest in these textbooks than waste funds on text books for local languages.

    • @Wajimona, your question of useless ones. Its really hard, because they are so useless that we don’t hear about them. I just asked my uncle, who was the MP, he couldn’t remember who won the elections.
      Anyway, almost all of them are thugs, its easier to remember some useful ones are
      – Given Lubinda
      – GBM
      – Guy Scott
      – Wylbur Simusa
      – Emmanuel Chenda
      – Masebo
      – Kambwili (Self made)

  4. No Mr BUFFOON Kambwili you are not useless to Sata you are a useful tool for him. Surely in this day and age how is it that MPs still personally donate gifts to constituents…one wonders what they really do in National Assembly. Where did he get the money for those text books?

    • He is a rich man by Zambian standards.The car he drives just during weekends costs more than you will ever earn in 10 years in that cleaning job of yours.

    • If only you knew the difference between an asset and a liability. By the way if his salary costs more than what I earn where do you think he is getting the money from?

      Wake up from your docility!!

    • Income is not only about Salary ba Jay Jay! There are allowances and other portfolios which you can have and maintain. Its u to wake up!

    • The guy was rich even before PF came into power.Typical of you Zambians struggling to make ends meet abroad you always think everyone is poor like you.The guy has worked hard for his money.He has big farms too if you want to talk about fixt assets.Stop that pull him down nonsense.Smh

    • @Ba My Own – Salary, allowance of any kind is part of his package all paid for courtesy of YOU the tax payer.

      @Data – You brought on this trivial issue about this public official’s weekend vehicle, so how can I pull him down, I have no interest in his assets what concerns me is what he brings to the table…one thing about diaspora is that we have respect for individuals’ careers or anyone making an honest living be it cleaner, carer, engineer, street sweeper or security officer.
      If your Mr. Kambwili is so rich why is it that he has reduced himself to Sata’s blithering boot-licking buffoon? He can just be as effective as back bencher to his Roan constituency.

  5. A bad carpenter blames his tools. Sata appointed these useless MPs. So who is most useless? simple answer, the one who appointed them?

    • Please note that MPs are NOT appointed by the president. They are elected by the people. # 4 Charlie highlights some tips. read her/his contribution : )

    • @My own – Sata is renowned for his micromanaging and interference…this is a man who is trying to impose a paramount chief in Northern province, don’t you honestly think he wouldn’t have a choice in selection of MPs in his own party?

    • Where is the K10,000 he promised the under 17 team?? When reminded of his promise he replied.. I am still fetching for the monies`.. Can anyone make a promise on things he doesn’t have?? What if he won’t get it?

    • Even in the Pests newspaper of Mumumembe” last month he was saying that he is Mr ” Wrong Button” after his naming of a stadium, Gabon Disaster.
      He can make a good boxer or even represent Zambia at the Olympics’ for short put and weight lifting because he loves saying “me me me, I I I and myself myself myself” so much.

  6. If you are not useless how useful are you then?
    Are you sure you are useful? If you are then useful for what purpose? Bringing mediocrity and confusion am sure!!!

  7. Well, you may not be one of the useless PF MP in your daft heard, but you’re surely the ugliest minister Zambia has ever had. Sata, Willie Nsanda and Shamenda may actually win a beauty contest against you.

  8. Gabon Disaster minister of Luanshya. Can anyone remember Kambilimbili promising last year that if the compulsory Zambia National Service (ZNS) training for all school leavers does not start next year (2014), then he would resign? He even said the decision to name a certain stadium in Lusaka as Gabon Disaster is final and non-debatable…….His Excellency Mr Michael Chilufya Sata said there are a lot of useless Members of Parliament in the PF……sorry I don’t know whom HE meant.
    Thank you

    • Kambwili said that they PF, are unreasonable and Sata confirmed that they PF are useless. Today is yapping, ” it wasn’t me”. Kambwili is all about ” me me me me me, I I I I I and myself myself myself myself”.
      Ego Mr Kambwili. When will he ever know about team work? A team is WE not Kambwili’s “me me me, i i i, myself myself myself”. Is he PF alone ?

  9. Kambwili may be hard working in his constituency but he’s ‘useless’ according to the president’s way of looking at things. The president has been going about running things haphazardly and no one has ever stood up to him and told him off or at least forced him to listen to advice. They are all so quiet when their leadership is most needed. Sata has been abusing his authority wantonly, sending troops to terrorise Chitimukulu, insulting neighboring countries, making sure no foreign head of state visits our beautiful country, many more. Had these officials had the interests of their electorates at heart they would have set in motion the impeachment process to get rid of the president who has evidently fuc.ked up.

  10. Kambwili should be worried because PF MPs are useless, Sata said.
    If Kambwili doesn’t worry then he confirms that, there is no team work in Pathetic First (PF).
    Comrade Kambwili, you wouldn’t worry if you are working alone, not as a team. Panga Fighters are a team just like a soccer team and if one player does not perform accordingly, the coach substitutes that non performing member.
    Kambwili, useless if it was boxing, golf or tennis, a one person team, yes you need not to worry. But for a party, yes, you need to worry because the PF useless MPs are talking the country backwards due to their none performance.
    Even Sata is worried, hence he said that, ” most PF mps are useless” and would not consider their applications. Face reality, even a teacher worries about failing students…

  11. Is it because you are able to distribute millions of kwacha of govt money very fast to your cadres, friends, girlfriends and relatives? I can do that too.

  12. Mr Disaster Kambwili,

    so if you say calling MPs useless, and the President’s words were simply a reminder for Members of Parliament to wake up and perform their responsibility, go back to your useless boss and tell him to LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

    He is the most useless of all PF.

  13. Should Zambians be fooled again to think Kambwili has the leadership quality to stir us into the next political dispensation after Sata then this nation will be doomed for good.
    The way I look at it Kambwili shares many traits with Sata. He uses such old age methods like threats to achieve means. but those around him know that he would better be a passenger than the driver. Like Sata Chiluba kept him around to the extent of creating a ministry portfolio for him just in order to silence him. He knew posterity would judge him harshly should he ignore the obvious.

  14. …if a football team is performing under par, and the coach is asked…. why..??….if he says… ‘because my players are useless’…not until the coach himself isolate/mentions the ‘good players’, all shall be assumed as useless. Of course, WE, the spectators can also point at one or two players being outstanding what we may not understand is that the coach had a game plan which he feels his players do not play to his plan.

    Now, the question is…is the game plan ‘useless’ or the players are ‘useless’ or BOTH.

    Recently, a phrase ‘useful *****s’ dominated online publications…. now its the word ‘useless’. I’m trying to reconcile the two. May be, when one cannot be used as a useful ***** he becomes useless….just thinking..

  15. Let us meet at Times Square on 03/16/2014 at 1200PM.

    Topic of discussion is – Are opposition MPs men enough to start an impeachment proceedings in national assembly or they are all after money?

    What can be done by Zambian intellectuals to sensitise and block all those MPs who do not join and vote for impeachment of Mr. Sata?

  16. We do not have any useless MPs, they are all useful, to be used by President at his whims and fancy. They are all useful *****s.

  17. this crap is saying will come and bite him in the a sss very soon this is panga family very soon his going to join fat albert soon in the fired dru of pwanya nini

  18. They say “One bad apple spoils a bunch” which means Sata is the bad apple and he has probably spoiled you too Kambwili.Sata calls his MP’s useless yet he thinks he himself is of much use.

  19. So says the fat and unyouthful minister of youth and sport who grazes his personal cows on a public golf course and is known to dish out public money to his girl friends! Only in Ukwa’s Zambia!

  20. Of course we all know that you’re not one of the useless MPs. And this is only because you’re the MOST COMPLETELY USELESS ONE! And look at those nostrils, standing next to this baboon one could risk instant death by asphyxia because those Kambwilic nostril suck oxygen from their surroundings like an industrial hoover. That’s why even the muscles behind the mouth and nostrils are so heavily developed, just like a gumugumu!

  21. Kambwili,”it is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you are an i.diot, than to open your mouth and confirm the fact”

  22. The text books donation may be a publicity stunt, but kambwili works!

    Not the best of people in terms of been good with words and the like, but he pushes for things to be done!

    For me, Miles Sampa is another one working well.

  23. Kambwili will only remain a hero to only those who watch from a distance.This man is a real disgrace and a let down to the people of Luanshya particularly miners.He’s lucky to have sensed danger hence not standing here again,otherwise it would be a massacre.Memories of us will still remain fresh even in 2016,the issue of a shaft headgear at 14#will never die a natural death.This man is a wolf in a sheep’s skin and had turned Roan constituency into his goldmine,God doesn’t sleep for the sake of his children.

  24. Ba kambwili u may not b useless to the president but the moment u thretend the radio station in Ndola, I knw from that moment that ur extremly usless. And dnt come bgging for a vote from me I wnt give it to u. Useless man.

  25. Kambwili does try to work hard but his mouth is rotten. He is a practical guy but his lack of education is his worst enemy. But he is better than this chap heading Ministry of Labour. Can you imagine that the Ministry responsible for Labour in Zambia held its Labour day awards presentation IN FEBRUARY OF 2014 for officers who were eligible for the awards in 2013. Ask the union officials in the Ministry and they will tell you that the 2013 labour day awards were only held in February 2014. Look at who is heading the Ministry.

  26. What you dont know is some MPs are thriving on ideas started by a common person on the street. Those who are sportsmen know who they have to thank for the modern stadiums in Zambia today. The idea started way back in 1980s. If Bodwin Nkumbula was alive could have confirmed this- RIP. Leaders are just there to implement what they got on the table. If you want ask Rev. Gladys Nyirongo.

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