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President Michael Sata in Kinshasa for COMESA Heads of State summit


President Sata with Congolese Minister Matata Mponyo
President Sata with Congolese Minister Matata Mponyo

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has arrived in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo DR) to attend the 17th Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Heads of State summit which opens here today.

The summit which would run from 26 to 27 February 2014 is expected to attract about 19 Heads of State or Government representatives.

It is being held under the banner “Consolidating Intra COMESA Trade through the Development of Small Medium Entrepreneurs”.

President Sata who touched down at N’dijili International Airport at 15:50 hours Zambian time yesterday aboard Presidential Challenger is accompanied by first lady Christine Kaseba and his special assistance for press and public relations officer, George Chellah.

He was welcomed at N’dijili airport by Congo DR First Minister Matata Ponyo as well as Commerce minister Emmanuel Chenda, Foreign Affairs minister Wylbur Simuusa, Commerce Permanent secretary Siazonga Siakalenga.

Others are officials from the Zambian high commission in Congo DR. The two days summit would be held at the Congo DR State house and President Sata was expected to give a speech.

Dr Kaseba is expected to attend the 7th First Spouses Roundtable Meeting today which would be held alongside the Heads of State summit.

The Heads of State summit was preceded by various policy organs’ meeting to discuss the sectoral and ministerial issues that relate to regional integration in COMESA and the COMESA Business Council Forum.

Others that had arrived by press time were Rwanda Prime minister and second vice president for Burundi.

The summit is the Supreme organ of the regional organization upon which major policy decisions are made and is responsible for the general policy direction and control of the performance of the executive functions of COMESA.

COMESA summits are held annually in various member States and usually, the country hosting the Summit assumes the chairmanship of the Authority for the year.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who took chairmanship in November 2012, would hand over the position to Congo DR President Joseph Kabila at the close of this summit.

President Sata Inspects Guards in Congo
President Sata Inspects Guards in Congo
President Sata arrives in Kinshasa
President Sata arrives in Kinshasa
President Sata with Congolese Minister Matata Mponyo
President Sata with Congolese Minister Matata Mponyo

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  1. This style of dressing the head of state in oversize suits is not impressive at all. If it was a thug u would think he is hiding knives under those sleeves! Matoloshi yapyanga pansi!

  2. The First Lady should take it easy – go on an immediate crash course diet lest she dwarfs her husband forever. Men who are pushovers by their wives in body stature tend to be dominated and react irrationally when in public. The worry is this man is as public as public can be.

  3. I thought Sata sold the jet after the Ethiopia outing. When and who brought back the jet to zambia after Sata abandoned it??

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