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UPND headed for victory in Katuba


Jonas Shakafuswa speaking shortly after casting his vote yesterday
Jonas Shakafuswa speaking shortly after casting his vote yesterday

Opposition UPND candidate Jonas Shakafuswa is set for victory in Katuba by election after he polled 4,327 votes from 29 polling stations.

He was followed by his closest rival Moses Chilando of the PF who managed 2, 546 votes from 29 out of the 32 polling stations in Katuba couted so far.

As at 05:30 this morning, MMD’s Cecil Homes was trailing inthird position with 653 votes, NAREP was fourth with 553 votes and ABZs Patricia Mwashingwele was in fifth with 382 votes.

Others are UNIPs Friday Malawo in sixth position with 117 votes while National Revolution Party’s Shakespeare Mwakumui is seventh with 23 votes only.

Ballot papers from three polling stations which include Namayani, Mboshya and Kanwanjiba are expected to be at the totalling center this morning as they will be airlifted by the chopper.

Meanwhile, the UPND have also won a local council ward in Chililabombwe.

UPND candidate Kelly Simukoko in Mvula ward polled 139 votes in a closely contested that saw the PF finish second on 123 votes.

The MMD had 37 while an Independent candidate got 33 with five rejected.

Reports indicate that UPND has also won another ward in Mpongwe while the PF has retained the Wusakile ward in Kitwe.

PF got 828 followed by the UPND with 291 while NAREP got 145.

Independent candidate John Sapula had 130 followed by another Independent Joyce Chanda with 128 while the MMD trailed with 102.

The ADD managed 62 votes followed by the Green Party with 47 and UNIP with 15


    • shud have gone a.nal like gen wanted nubian, now u pregnant with a kid whose gonna be as dumb as a door nail based on how you two geniuses reason.

    • @GEN What Bantu Botatwe when Katuba is in Lusaka, Chililabombwe and Mpongwe Copperbelt.Just accept that PF is finished.By 2016 you will be shocked as history will be record that it will be the first political party to rule for only 5 years.VIVA HH VIVA UPND. Whether jealousy or not here watch out for Kasama central.

    • UPND has gained traction in Lusaka and penetrating CB , Northern, Muchinga,and Luapula provinces at lightening speed.

      More by elelections in Lusaka , Muchinga, and the CB are more than welcome as UPND will win most of them. Come 2016 UPND will sweep Lusaka, Kabwe and CB cities clean , leaving no traces of PF dirt.

      UPND ibwela, ileisa, ilabola……….is coming, PF give way!

      Viva UPND and HH

    • Now it explains why MCS/Mmembe get heated each time HH opens his mouth. They are just telling us that the former under five has grown into a man and ready to lead. My advice to HH is that as government in waiting, put up a good team for 2016; we need people like those that were with late Chiluba in his first term and not the empty buckets like MCS’s Kambwilis.
      In the corporate world where you come from, the role of CEO is to assembe a good team to deliver and at times you porch. I have in mind the Mutatis, Mahabi, Simbaos, noisy Dora, Mulusa etc to help you deliver. With good governance, the people will get jobs through employment generation and not at the State House gate. Remain focused and this tribal nonsense is for Gay Scot who has no tribe. We all had no choice!


    • UPND is the party of the moment congratulations HH VIVA UPND lets not waste time with the pumaneni fwantaneni party they have no direction no future for our children!

    • @Abdi

      We have a lot of credible men and women to govern Zambia in a fair and progressive way. We don’t need all those people you are mentioning right now.

    • Make no mistake, this doesn’t spell the end of MMD. What MMD needs is internal reorganisation, 2016 is still far. It’s clear senior party members are not openly offering support to Nevers Mumba, that’s frustrating.Voters need a collective message from familiar faces of snr members on campaign trails transmitted through the party leaders, that’s how parties are sustained.Bury your differences! What annoys me is that on a one-to-one basis, none of the existing parties can match the calibre MMD possesses, yet everyone remains mute except for a few-Muhabi Lungu, Michael Kaingu, Lucky Mulusa, Dorah and few others. That not good enough.We need the likes of Musokotwane, Mutati, Simbao to offer full support to Nevers Mumba.MMD’s presence is must if our politics should continue to be relevant.

    • In the last general elections,we took chances to elect the loudest,’funniest’,the unpredictable and most unknown.Yes, we are getting what we asked for, pain in form of Kabimba,Chikwanda, Kambwili, Nsanda, Mmembe,Scott and Sata the devil himself.Rules are for others, with them every goes.Panga street fights,intimidation of tribal chiefs,blind policies or none at all.It’s simply a police state ruled with an iron fist.
      At this stage its not clear what other parties stand for either.We may be in for a shock.One thing is clear is,MMD is fully democratic with clear trail of sound economic management that left us $3billion in reserves since squandered by Chikwanda.MMD had the best diplomatic relations record across Africa and beyond.MMD attracted the most FDI to put Kwacha at its strongest.

  1. According to Munkombwe and Mmembe, Chililabombwe, Katuba, Luampa, Mongu and Kabompo are all in Southern Province and Tonga speaking. Zambians should not allow these two individuals and all the others thinking like them NOT to mutilate Zambia’s geography. This may be the reason that School results are getting bad under PF.

    • Hold your exicitment @ Hankoli. We’re still waiting for votes from three other polling stations in Katuba. It’s not yet over. Pabwatooooooo


  2. Very embarrassing! You are in power with access to government machinery just to be thumped by an opposing party with resources solicited through the good will of the people.

    PF tried bribery, violence and other underworld tricks but they have been clobbered. The only way PF can win a by-election outside Muchinga is through rigging. May this time around they did not make human sacrifices.

    Congratulations to UPND, what a sweet victory!

  3. Thanks to UPND for winning a Katuba and one ward in Lwampa and Chililabombwe on the cooper belt.
    Can somebody educate me if Tongas are in lwampa,katuba and chililabombwe for enemies of democracy to call UPND a regional party.
    My opinion it is the government which is encouraging regionalism and tribalism.
    How come every news its is infrastructure development in Luapula,Northern and Muchinga provinces been casted on the main news?

    Are they the only provinces that need infrastracure development?
    MMD left almost completed projects in North=western provinces such as Chavuma,Lumwana and Mufumbwe District hospitals and Kayombo,chavuma,Mushindamo and other high schools but to date nothing is being done to complete these projects almost three years in PF goverment.
    This is what is causing…

    • It looks like news is only what President is doing, how can we have polliing stations that cant be accessed by road, and the VPgoes on a chopper for campagn, and then you boast about development, Go on HH,stay focussed!

  4. well done UPND. tirbe or no tribe we are all zambians. when its Tonga its tribalism,but when its Bemba its not. why.shame.

    • You are wrong money can buy LOVE, if you are leaving in abject poverty and your wife has no food, when i offer money to her i will do she can even run away from you, no woman resist money, they dont like suffering,over a ka man who can’t provide for the family.

    • Anyoko, that’s love for money and not true love. Believe me when you also go broke she would also leave you for another guy. But a woman who loves u will be with u through thick and thin.

  5. This useless Cobra wants to take Zambians for granted. If you are against UPND, keep dreaming. Wapya munzi! PF, wafwa walemana!

  6. The PF is supposed to be the custodian of the Constitution and the national Laws of the land. Yet it is the very PF that is in the forefront of breaking the Laws of this country. Any inter-party fights in Katuba were instigated by PF thugs imported from Lusaka. This has been a trend in all by-elections held in several parts of the country.

    As soon as the people realise the origin of UBUFI, PF is destined into oblivion.

  7. Let us unite and kick PF out in 2016 before they destroy this country. Zambia is headed for destruction under PF. Well meaning Zambians should rescue the country from the “the Useless MPs”
    Congratulations UPND for the recent results!!!!!!!

  8. Let us unite and kick PF out in 2016 before they destroy this country. Zambia is headed for destruction under PF. Well meaning Zambians should rescue the country from the “the Useless MPs”
    Congratulations UPND for the recent results!!!!!!!

  9. @Gen, r u out of your mind, or u r just in a state of shock? what goes around comes around. Sata will never escape his lies, never

  10. last month he ran away not to attend his son’s wedding, now this time around he has run away to Congo DR to attend AU summit since when? come back and see how you are being clobbered in by-elections.


    • And HH was 100% right, unless you show me a constituency in Luapula, Muchinga or Northern provinces represented by a Mwale, Mulusa, Lubinda or Mwaanga. Kano nga ebo!!!!!! HH2016…………

    • Tulabika Mukowa.Why did Micheal Sata and PF adopt a Tonga,Lamba,Luvale,Tumbuka,Chewa,Ngoni, Mbunda,Luchazi, Swaka,Soli person to stand in Mansa central after the death of Kennedy Sakeni? Luapula and Mansa in general you settled for your son of the soil which was not bad.Now if other regions in the country settle for their daughter or son of the soil its tribalism whereas its not tribalism for PF to settle for their son and daughters of the soil in Luapula,Mchinga and Northern provinces.

  12. HH has shown exemplary leadership in UPND so far . I am saying so
    because of the manner his is handling internal squabbles. making UPND the only party that seems to be surviving after the demise of the founding leader. no wonder they are winning the favor of many now.

    • You’re absolutely right! It means even his govt will be united and pulling in one direction unlike what’s currently obtaining

  13. someone says the bantustan enclave party with its under 5 president are stalking state house,in your dreams. another bantustan says how can a ruling party with all resources at its disposal be thumped by opposition,ist the first time here in zambia.halenya halenya with this victory he ll never talk about the appointment of the chief justice. thats how small minded halenya halenya is.

    • you still lost georgie porjie. halenya halenya is coming and u can diss him all u want but he’s still coming. hahahaha! chililabombwe! who wud have thought it possible

  14. PF is making just too many mistakes. The party has become too unsettled, too many wrangles within it, money management shortfalls, too many incondistencies, etc, which are costing its popularity. PF is moving away from winning people’s hearts and minds. The party membership has become too pompous too early. Ask MMD’s Rupiya Banda how he gave himself away for a defeat and you have the reason. It about People’s hearts and minds not about yourself. Its about how the voters see and think of you. When they change, no amount of rigging can help, not even money can help. Ask RB, one term might be enough for PF. The thinking of voters is crutial, your winning or loosing lies in people’s minds based on their obaervation and conviction. Watch out.

  15. You can fool some people sometimes; but you cannot fool all people all the time.
    you u-turn on campaign promises and start asking for animal constitution sarcastically. After spending billions on the draft doc you u-turn and say Zambia has a constitution. Now when an election comes you ask for votes; even willing to buy the votes. Because you have nothing to tell the people you start attaching personalities. its a disgrace really this PF regime. its not too late to deliver constitution; let this katuba be a wake-up call to you our ever sleeping president. Wake up!!! The boat is sinking!!!

  16. Did people expect PF to win in Katuba? I mean seriously? thats like playing Chamanga for a striker and expecting Zambia to win a match or the odds of Manchester United winning the premiership this season…

    • Zambia won against Sudan at 2012 AFCON with Chamanga as striker. Do past soccer results research/analysis and you find that Man U can still win the league. Poor comparison in short. Just accept that PF has lost and congratulate UPND. Knowing PF the results may still be nullified.

    • @matrix

      Still in denial hey? Prepare a strong rope to hang your self come 2016 because UPND titenga plot 1. I can now safely predict that 99% of the up coming by election will be won by UPND the only hope for Zambia.

      Bantu botatwe are spreading like wild fire, they are now in chililabobwe, Mpongwe , Mpulungu and in most provinces hey?

    • UPND won wer they deserve to win I dont see wat the arguement is about…
      the same equation goes for both of you
      If matrix opposes what you say then matrix = PF supporter
      If matrix does not conquer with HH then matrix = backward
      If matrix says PF could not win in Katuba then matrix = In denial
      if UPND win a ward in Mpulungu then UPND = not tribal = PF
      therefore debating with a bloger who has nothing to do the whole day but wait for new posts on LT ,ZWD = Wasting your time by thinking you can empty the sea using a spoon.

      given all the above conditions;it follows that your arguement will never be equal to mine
      Given the two thots are all to the power infinity

    • @142. Like I said same goes to you

      debating with a bloger who has nothing to do the whole day but wait for new posts on LT ,ZWD = Wasting your time by thinking you can empty the sea using a spoon.

  17. I’m loving this movie :directed by HH,starring Shakafuswa as lead actor ,the villain is Sata and shot on location outside UPND areas.Will be in a theatre near you in 2016.

  18. Yeah UPND yamba ukutinya ileisa ileisa ….. bakopala yabengilila!! Infintu fyamba pano pano … ati chililabombwe, mpongwe …. mukomfwafye ati basenda Kasama Central one day!!!

  19. Not all promises are REAL. Assess what these politicians say, the same way you assess a genuine product you wish to buy. #Let TRUTH reign.

  20. Too many mistakes by PF. For example forcing local languages to be taught in all schools. Copperbelt is Lamba land and you force them to start learning another language. This is colonialism.
    Regional politics are real. You cannot impose another person from different region to represent the local people. This only happens in towns. Every grouping wants to survive and not be oppressed.It is their birth right. Just see how people have reacted in Katuba.

    The President cannot change over night and refuse to release the constitution. This will cost them elections. It is not just about the so called development in Muchinga and Kawambwa at the expense of other areas. If Sata is not using regiolism tell me on what baisis he elected to build two Universities from his region?

  21. Yangu Insoni Ba Post. I have said before that the POST is contributing to the downfall of PF. You cannot continue writing negative things about HH. People are not fools. People have realized that Post has something to fear hence to destroy HH at all cost. We say No and we are ready to reject PF come 2016. Twalumba ba UPND. Continue putting pressure on this irresponsible government run by PF. We want intelligent people to take the mantle of leadership and not these useless MPs and Ministers. Twatotela kabili mwatuletela insansa be UPND.

    • this victory was about shakafuswa not halenya halenya. shaka has won that seat on which ever party he stood on. whats this fuss now? pf is very democratic and doesnt manipulate votes .pf is about the best ruling party on many fronts only bantustan enclave brainwashed cadres dont see that. some celebrate winning wards as if its winning presidency.anyway congrats shaka but pliz this is not passport for you to chop more women at parliament motel.

  22. Pf is not a listening govt… They deserve this loss and many more to come.. It is no longer appetising to chant pabwatoo, afterall the boat moves after being paddled using a upnd hand. Viva HH.

  23. 00000002 KATUBA
    CHIKUSU Patrick ,MMD 6,389 44.81% 22.10%
    SHAKAFUSWA Jonas ,UPND 3,531 24.76% 12.22%
    CHAKAINA Derrick ,IND 2,083 14.61% 7.21%
    MWELWA Mulenga S ,PF 1,622 11.38% 5.61%
    MWANJA Owen ,IND 559 3.92% 1.93%

  24. I have nothing against UPND but I have a problem with voting into office someone who doesn’t care about the people. Zambian politics make me very sad. I pray for a day that we will have people vying for office because they want to serve the community and not for their own pockets.
    However, I’m afraid that day may not come for Zambia because it looks like the biblical scripture which says, “in the last days people will be lovers of money and pleasure rather than God” is being fulfilled faster in Zambia. The sooner people in Zambia realize that the solution to their problems don’t lie in politicians the better.

  25. KATUBA – PF must be celebrating. Fact.

    The Katuba Seat Was Being Held By The Opposition. It Is Still In The Hands Of The Opposition. The Winning Opposition Simply Outflanked The Other Opposition By Playing The Tribal Card well! The margins for PF have gone up by almost 120% from the last General Election. PF must be celebrating!

    As So for Local Government Elections, Where In The World Can One Celebrate Victory Where You Polled 250 Votes Out Of 1500 Registered Votes?

    • @Bantu bo tatwe

      A loss is a loss, no other way about it. You dont celebrate failure. The best for PF is to sit down and look at ways to improve their performance. Wake up poor zambian.

  26. PF has grown Big headed, proud and not listening to what people are saying, cost of mealie meal too high, cost of transport, late inputs, violence party, constitution and fighting all stakeholders; chiefs, church civil society, diplomats and so on the list is endless. PF START LISTENING TO PEOPLE OR YOU WILL PERISH. BE FAIR TO OPPOSITION parties you will win Zambians. Do a serious post -mortem and you may just survive other wise you are gone.

  27. Ok, ba ECZ can you now pronounce Shakas as winner. The following are the results still being awaited: Mbosha UPND 124, PF 80, MMD 44, UNIP 0, NAREP 1, NRP 3, ABZ 2, Kanwanjiba upnd 114, pf 84, mmd 3, unip, 3, others 0, Namayani Upnd 216, pf 37, mmd 34, unip 1, narep 17, NRP 0 , ABZ 8

  28. POST Headline on 27/02/2014………….PF mauls opponents in Wusakile as Tongas vote for a Bemba in Chililabombwe! lol

  29. Well done Shaka at least he has never been a useless mp like kambwili.Shaka will rock parliament.
    as for pf…the writing is on the wall if only they can manage to read

  30. Thank you Katuba. Thank you HH & UPND for winning.HH make a strategy with all intellectuals to explain to all people why Mmembe is dividing Zambia, why Mmembe misled Zambians in 2011 elections, Mmembe’s over K14b kongole with Banks, Why Mmembe is confusing the judicially and our President and why Mmembe hates Mazoka,UPND and you HH.

  31. Bring on the Bye Elections ba Paya Farmer mulimbe. Death to mediocrity, VIVA UPND. I am not Tonga never will be but Im tired of this garbage!


  33. A duly elected murderer! Shaka nonsense is corrupt and Katuba will not prosper under is leadship (mobster cartel). He is a man with no integrity and has a track record of stealing constituency funds etc. In 2O11, he only had 3531 votes and did not gain many votes in this by election. One day he will face justice for the murder he committed.

  34. Kind of disappointed with the 2, 500 who voted for Chilando because I know that Lenjes are not stupi.d and know what quality leadership is. My guess is that most of them from the 2, 500 are PF mobile voters who move to every constituency where there is a byelection. Finally they have been defeated.

  35. If MMD does not kick out Mumba, they are heading the way of UNIP, down! This was there own seat to retain but look at their abysmal performance. Anyway, nobody wants another Bemba for president, “twapenga kwamana pe!”

  36. Congrats UPND, the caution to you HH, please don’t accept namakando’s moves by night to entice you. This man is what Bembas call “Muselela kwakaba” he will soon, if he has not already started making night moves to be seen to be fair with UPND. Please take HIM (Namakando) for who he is not his pretenses. I have warned you HH this is timely and appropriate. Don’t waste time on these visionless souls. Yours is a greater calling to liberate the poor of the poorest from the hands of these headless, visionles and power hungry beings whose sole purpose has been to eat tax payers money and fight day and night.

  37. Fire GBM and UPND will grab the Kasama central seat. Fred Mmembe, George Chellah, Guy scot are destroying PF. PF has become useless because the price of mealie meal are high, fuel is expensive and traveling has become costly. All basic needs are just too expensive. When RB left, a bag of Roller Meal was at K 24 and breakfast at K32 but now you buy a bag of mealie meal is at K90. Tunazigonga. Chanda Chiimba warned us and we never listened.

  38. Just as you feared; HH will sweep the country by storm. Increasingly, he is the only solution to our current problems and the debt crisis the PF is likely to brew by 2020.

  39. Nevers is the biggest problem to MMD the gentleman is trying to economically survive on MMD. He is broke and but wants to live a luxury life. Look at the type to vehicle he buys, house he wants to live in etc, this party needs people who can sacrifice first before gaining from it. Viva UPND

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