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Praying for PF to lose in 2016 is like praying for a pig to fly-Kabimba

Headlines Praying for PF to lose in 2016 is like praying for a...

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has lashed out at sentiments that the PF is losing popularity going by the recent by election results.

And Mr Kabimba has described the UPND’s victory in the Katuba by election as an accident which happened due to tribal politics.

Mr Kabimba said the PF is still very popular and has now become a national party which represented in all parts of the country.

He said the PF has managed to win 10 of the 19 by election held since the 2011 general elections with the UPND getting six or the MMD scooped 3.

Mr Kabimba was speaking a live Sunday Interview TV programme on ZNBC.

“With those results, you can clearly see that the PF is popular, if it is for Katuba, we have performed far much better than we did in 2011,” Mr Kabimba said.

He added, “You will need to pray for a miracle that the PF loses in 2016, it is like praying for a pig to fly.”

Mr Kabimba who is also Justice Minister attributed the UPND’s victory in Katuba to ethnicity and tribal sentiments that the UPND allegedly employed during campaigns.

“For us, we lost Katuba because our opponents used the tribal trump card. It is so unfortunate that the new Katuba MP even went to Parliament to give his maiden speech which was full of tribal sentiments,” he said.

“The results in Katuba do not cause sleepless nights. We are not dropping any seats, infact all the seats we have won apart from Mansa Central we have grabbed from the opposition. Give me one PF that the opposition has won from the PF, zero.”

“I’m not putting words in anybody’s mouth here, this is what they say. I get into these campaigns myself and this is what I hear and sometimes I get a chilling spine to hear young upcoming leaders today having no argument against you purely on account of ethnicity,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said, “There is a philosophy here which has become a policy of one political party and it goes even to the extent of its establishment. You will recall for example when Anderson Mazoka died, there was somebody who made a statement that we would not allow any other person to lead this party rather than a southerner.”

Mr Kabimba also revealed that the ruling party does not have required numbers in human resources to effectively mobilise the party.

On President Sata’s statement that some of his MPs are useless, Mr Kabimba attempted to play down the significance of President Sata’s statement.

“You must sometimes take jokes from the President, we are disciples of the President, we are followers of the President and there are times he would like to jostle us so that we could do better than we are performing. I don’t take that really as a serious slate against any Member of Parliament. I think the President has respect for his MPs, he has respect for his Ministers and he knows that we can deliver.”

Mr Kabimba also reiterated that the PF government is still committed to delivering a people driven constitution.

“We shall deliver on our promises but we have to prioritize. Infact if you went to a villager in Katuba, he has not even heard about the constitution. I travel across this country and I know that for the people out there in terms of priority, they want health services and food and they don’t even care about the constitution.”


    • Kabimba as usual pandering to your minions! We have heard such inimical statements from all the defeated regimes before. KK it was wamuyaya, where is UNIP today ? MMD had their own self aggrandising mantra no party was an alternative to them, where are they today?

      Both UNIP and MMD were stack up in their little heads thinking that Zambians are stupid and easily deceived; but for how long? This time around Zambians will not allow them selves to be f.o.o.l.e.d any longer. They gave you a chance to change what MMD was doing wrong, but instead you chose to lie and continuously disregard all brilliant advice from well meaning Zambians who ushered you in power.
      2016 is not for PF maybe in Muchinga alone. Bury your heads in the sand while UPND continues to win people’s hearts and minds in…

    • Kabimba you might be right in saying some of the villagers know nothing about the constitution but how credible is your data?

      Which ever way you may want to make yourself useful, 99.9% of the Zambian people (even PF suppoters)know that you have failed to deliver on your promises. So to villagers what ever they can be told by any one regarding PF’s lies and incompetency they will believe 100%.

      Any continue to play down the PF ‘s Katuba loss and think that the trend wont continue. Eastern province UPND and MMD will carry the day. Lusaka, Southern, Central, Western, North western ,65% CB, 40% Muchinga, 40% Luapula, and 40% Northern UPND will carry the day as of now. In the coming months it will be 80%CB,65% Muchinga, 65% Luapula, and 65% Nothern provinces will vote UPND.


    • At least you admit that all of you in PF are useless as you have reiterated your boss ‘s words and I quote:
      “Mr Kabimba also revealed that the ruling party does not have required numbers in human resources to effectively mobilise the party.On President Sata’s statement that some of his MPs are useless, Mr Kabimba attempted to play down the significance of President Sata’s statement.“You must sometimes take jokes from the President, we are disciples of the President, we are followers of the President and there are times he would like to jostle us so that we could do better than we are performing. I don’t take that really as a serious slate against any Member of Parliament. I think the President has respect for his MPs, he has respect for his Ministers and he knows that we can deliver.”

    • UPND should demand that ZNBC allocates the same space for a rebuttal to Kabimba’s. How did this guy manage to through law school and is it true that he has never won any court case?

    • The constitution will definitely be delivered and PF electoral victory for 2016 will not be based on the enactment of the new constitution but delivery of goods and services that a common man can see, feel

      Yes a new constitution is important and must be in place and it will be in place before 2016 and will not win the disorganized and fragmented opposition any votes.

      In politics like in so many things in life timing is critical and PF govt knows this

    • Ha ha ha well said Wynter.It is mostly the Zambian online community that thinks in those pipe dreams lines.Apparently when they see a few comments against PF they think the party will not win in 2016.They are in for a shock because most bloggers don`t vote and even if they did they will only make up less than 1 % of the vote.The majority of the voters are the ones who don`t even know how to type and have never used internet before.Kalewama pa 2016 !!!

    • @Saulosi:

      That is what I thought about the popularity of PF in 2011. I thought they were only popular amongst bloggers only and I couldn’t believe it when PF actually won. Ignore bloggers at your own peril, the truth is they(bloggers) are an accurate representative sample of the general population mood.

    • @[email protected]…you can`t use Katuba as an example because that consittuency rejected PF from the start.They have never voted for PF in large numbers.If anything PF improved in the last week elections.In 2011 Pf got about 1200 votes in Katuba but this time around they got 2500 which is an improvement.

    • PF has managed to win 10 of the 19 by election held since the 2011 general elections with the UPND getting six or the MMD scooped 3.

      All the seats PF won, apart from Mansa Central, we were grabbed from the MMD and UPND (Livingstone).

    • Wynter is right. There is a zero chance. If it happens people will start marrying dogs. Black people will turn white

      Pa bwato

    • kabimba nimbwa, does that ryhme? send it to slap d for his next lyric and hopefully in 2016, he will be getting an independence day medal just like dandy krazy did!!!!!

    • well said Saulosi, your part is not popular in Katuba but popular in Chililabombwe and Mpongwe right? When things starting going wrong those inside the system like you, actually do benefit big time. Otherwise, you would not be happy, if you too were buying bunga at K70 and more, fuel at K10 ($2) per litre like we have a crisis, buying a dollar at almost K6 and the list is endless. Yes, you have a card in your drawer of infrastructure development, roads in particular. Let me inform you for free, in as much as we need the roads without a sound economy things do go very wrong as Greece, Spain and the like. Check their level of infrastructural development. But economies of these countries are in trouble…..


  1. To say people want food than the constitution by a party leader is myopic. It means you are not leading with principles but following the villegers. Is Zambia constituted of villegers only?

  2. ba kabimba.who told you that you are still porpular,shame on you.come rain or sunshine in 2016 you park your bags.twanakanenu

  3. Let mr kabimba wait for 2016 he will see what people are thinking: do you think farmers are happy? How many farmers do we have? You used to complain that all one needed to do is inform the police but pf has changed to permit. You yourselves told us constitution in 90 days why? Your party is the most violent and tribal according to you and other senior pf members. Need I say more? Your president says he won’t even look at the applications from mps from pf as they are useless. Mangani says you don’t have quality mps like upnd. Your arrogance sir will sink you in 2016. May be you win but not with my vote no matter what you do between now and elections because I will conclude you’re politicking. General election is very different from bye elections you will see mark my words.

  4. Yes Mr. Kabimba you are right, accidents are major cause of deaths in Zambia due to a number of primal reasons such as; neglect and carelessness. Am sure your party’s faltering support in recent times, is due to them. You have neglected the rule of law and and your head has been too careless with his mouth and you expect to win surely?

    • Pigs CAN and DO fly NOW!

      Have you not seen pictures of SWINES getting on planes for London and Harare?

      This delusional IDI0T needs glasses!

  5. Last time you said there is some tribal cliques in pf today you change.Mr Kabimba you are not a trustworth person.You are very dishonest.You referred this statement to Kambwili,GBM & Mwansa Kapeya all of them bembas who wanted to hound you out of pf on tribal lines.

    Grow up Mr Minister Sir.

  6. There is no interview where Wynter has said something sensible and inspiring. Insolency, arrogance and rudeness is all he knows. To say “praying for pf to lose in 2016 is like praying for a pig to fly” is daring God!! He should read the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the bible and how God made him to eat grass like a beast of the field

    • No, Kabimba cannot read Bible.
      He is stuck with holy script of Chavez, Mao, Fidel and Lenin.
      For him people of Zambia are just ignorant masses to be used and abused for his personal gratification.

  7. no its like praying for (HH) to become civilized. him and his UPND are so backward they cant be straightened

    • kudos yu should look yo self in mirror and ask yoself why yu hate HH so much.if yo reason is that he is tonga then do a spiritial sugery and change yo mind set.In this modern Zambia we the mixed bread in zambia we believe in policies not tribe.we eat policies i dont care were a president will come from as long as is Zambian and fit to Govern us.HH is a very intelligent leader full of energy well traveled and can express himself cleary.so i see no problem.Those of who fear that HH will be for tongas yu are waisting yo time .he will bring economic development for all Zambians.

  8. Mr Kabimba, when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Take it easy man..

  9. analogy is very shallow; a Pig can never fly, its not its nature to do so. But the nature of Politics is win or lose. So were is the parallel?

  10. PF is still popular please do not listen to people who were born naturally pessimistic, it will only need God in order to change that pessimistic DNA. On Katuba i strongly agree with Hon. Kabimba because Jonas Shakafuswa was MP for 10 years and the branch of Mwanawasa tree but he failed to develop the area. We are a people that expect the best in the face of giants as the world is experiencing challenges of disease, financial and unemployment.

    • pio who are yu to say the pipo of katuba who voted for UPND were dull.katuba comprises of farms and townships and it s part of lusaka.some pipo in katuba are well uducated retired cival sevants ,business men and fomer politicians.there desicion is a litmus paper of yet to be seen in lusaka.i dare if they were a byee election in kabwata today PF will loose.Even in Kasama,the truth is PF is loosing grounds as admited by Dr Mpombo.

  11. Winter Kabimba is just being honest by revealing that they (PF) will not accept defeat, and hand over power, come 2016 when they lose!

    I foresee political opponents incarcerated on tramped up charges of treason, for rigging the 2016 elections. HH, Mumba beware!

    PF are not democrats. They are dictators!

    • Assuming that elections actually take place. I think Zambians are very naive to believe that pf will allow free and fair elections in 2016 judging by the way they have used violence and corruption in all the by-elections they have engineered.

  12. Those that live in the bubble, watch out. The bubble can easily burst! Boasting, self praise, underating opponents and many such negative thing help less. Focus on appealing to the voters’ hearts and minds. That is the solution. But meanwhile get stable as a party with little or no earthquakes within the party which create cracks. Mend those cracks, eg why target GBM to leave PF when youdo not have to! Let him remain there and may be do not adopt him at general elections. Respect traditionalinstitutions as well, why disturb power base by disrupting Chitimukulu! You tracks are getting worse towards elections. The dismisal of Nurses is a miscalculation. The constitution is choking your popularity. You do not great intelligence to decipher your solution to sustain your popularity. Watch out.

  13. These morons think they are min gods…………..it looks like the tribal card is not going away anytime soon………….why cant the UPND hit the nail on its head…..just publish the list of all Ministers, D/Ministers, PS, Ambassadors and High commissioners and their respective tribes to see who is practicing tribalism here………talking about tribalism is one thing but practicing it is another thing

  14. The biggest enemy to Kabimba and PF their Mouth dysentery. Each time Kabimba opens his proboscis the vomitus pollutes the environment. If you have nothing sensible to say why then not keep quiet? Poeple have changed with your barbaric rule style and this will make you lose erections/Elections big time come 2016. Give people what you promised.

  15. well, in a functioning democracy it’s not possible to get zero votes. So even in 2016 PF will still get some votes but the fact remains they will lose and lose big time.

  16. Kabimba you have already told the Zambian people that PF is the most tribal party in Zambia & we verified by looking at your cabinet & your party structure, now what has changed?

  17. I urge ZNBC and Gravazio to accord the similar platform to UPND winning candidate in Katuba to also give his side of the story pertaining to his victory.I don’t want to take Kabimba’s sentiments as a Gospel truth. For the sake of transparency, invite UPND on ZNBC.And am surprised that Shakafuswa’s maiden speech in parliament was edited.The post said Shaka goes tribal as opposed to depicting the pertinent issues he raised regarding the 3 PF bus loads of cadre wielding matches and the reason why Minister Sikazwe was manhandled.

  18. Kabimba, the best part of your comment is that it falls in line with our expectations. This is exactly what MMD believed in two years into Banda’s rule. Keep being predictable, it is good for the opposition.

  19. nonsense..what tribal talk..?wasn’t he the same chap who was crying against tribalism..people have short memories just like their stature..kekeke..UPND won hands down..

    • @pompwe UNDP carried the day in Katuba,it’s general know now ,but what was shocking was the desperation by your leaders to an extent of saying only Bantu bototo should be elected in Katuba that’s where the tribal issue comes in it surely could have been avoided yet results could have been the same…

  20. You think us Zambian we are happy,Wynter you are just a chance? Where are you popular? You can not even win You vs a Pig,let wait 2016

  21. Yes Mr. Kabimba.
    Who ever imagined that you will be honored with title of State Council? Not even flying pigs with green and yellow strips.
    And yet, even incompetent legal failure like you now can be addressed with that title.

  22. I wonder why politicians never learn form other peoples mistakes. MMD thought they were still popular even when writing was on the wall. UNIP was worse. Now PF thinks they are popular yet they cannot give us the constitution.

  23. Arrogancy and ARROGANCY Is Winter’s charactor!!!!! Anyway sata told us that you are ALL USELESS.. we dont take jokes from the president, if he is a jocker or Akwa AS YOU sugget, ket him go to Holly/Nollywood and leave statehouse..

    How do we know the president is jocking??

  24. please Mr Kabimba leave prayer out, 2016 is far and people can pray you out even before 2016. people prayed for you to be in power and don’t think they can’t pray you out Nebuchardnezzer


  26. Don’t pay attention to the resistance of a patient (ta bomfwila umulwele). The chap has mental dimentia. To challenge Kabimba’s analogy of flying pig and pf, I say if the later will win in 2016 then hens will crow like cockrels.




  28. Wait kabimba ! Pf has lost popularity. Transparent free and fare election Pf cant win. I m a non partisan. Kabimba is one person who has immensely contributed to the down fall of PF. K W has grown big headed. Tekanya you have more enemies.

  29. Kabimba the hypocrite. PF is the only party that is tribal and has 99.9% Bembas.
    Just accept defeat and your Sata meant what he said, that “PF MPs are mostly useless”. I don’t see any jokes in Sata’s hypocrisy of a statement.
    Kabimba, no amount of rigging in 2016, truth is that, you will be voted out and if you rig, you shall be booted out.
    Foolish injustice minister, villagers you are referring to are illiterates’ but us the educated are demanding the Constitution from your arrogant PF who in turned have shelved it.
    When will Kabimba ever accept defeat?

    • Iwe Skeleton stop using Bembas as a scapegoat for your poor strategies. Bembas have simply not found it palatable to vote for people who insult them and give them surreal labels. You think being genocidal in your talk will get you into State House? Don’t ruin the little gains your ilk may be getting just yet…

    • *Kalok*
      I don’t need State House because I don’t want to depend upon the tax payers money of whom are very poor dear like your charlatans in PF.
      No wonder your Sata is now yapping of ANIMAL driven constitution. Trust me on this dear, some won’t have a glimpse of 2016,
      Prepare for an immersed change this May, you will be shocked. Watch things as the unfold in May, 2014.


  31. Im perplexed… if constitution was not a priority why was the technical committee made operational so quickly?? Are we sure we know were we a going?? I think we a lost…

  32. …politicians shall never cease to amuse me……I tumbled on an article where UNIP was expressing ‘SHOCK’ at their lost in Katuba.. REALLY..???…Not that they were shocked of the number of votes they got…NO….They were shocked that they LOST the seat….hahaha


  34. There cost of living has gone up and it affects villagers more than any other person items of basic food, health, transport, and generally access to services. If Winter cannot see this then his leadership and his party is a big worst to this country. Even the pigs he is referring to can see and wonder what curse has come upon our country.
    If Winter think villagers are sleeping he better think again PF is going most people have made up their minds. Mkaika may not have been a big lesson wait for 2016. your won eyes wont believe this dirty you have brought to our country. shame you can even use illiterate villagers to champion your cause without shame. I pity Winter. what we know and its true PF is SATA and if SATA is removed from the picture Winter can you see anything there for your…

  35. I think pipo need to analyze what ever they say it’s easy to change govt but I don’t think pf can be out of power in 2016 coz there is no opposition party that is capable of taking over regardless of them winning a few out of the many bye elections held so far. Zambia has more than 13 million people of which abt 2\3are illiterate and are in rural areas. These pipo do not even read newspaper to know wat is happening in this country. For example 2008 election Rb warn becoz others Thot Wea voting for levy y coz they didn’t even know dat he had already died. Unless the so called upnd works so hard but it’s not possible.

  36. but from the way these guys are dying no pigs will need to fly there all.sick other s using urine bags others on very strong hiv med others syphilis we the red lips and continued dullness its not true that pig will need to fly nature is already doing a great job so kamimbya no thats a lie

  37. A similarily but racially derogatory view had held sway among the extrem right in the US about a black man becoming President of the US. Ironically swine flu disease broke out just as Obama went to the White House. Some poignant cartoons showed pigs flying under the caption ‘ Swine Flu’ in reference to the proverbial pigs flying and the phonetic passing of the prophecy – before a black man could occupy the white house. Wynter dont tempt fate.

  38. Picture this. You are watching Garry Nkombo on Muvi TV and you switch to ZNBC and there is ka army worm ka kabimba AKA “father of ZamEngilish” and the plummeting of the IQ as generated by your TV set is so glaring. That’s what I experienced last night

  39. The tragedy about the Sunday interview is the fawning by the interviewer. When Kabimba talked about tribalism, a good interviewer would have pressed him to explain his assertion that there was too much tribalism in PF.
    I am one Zambian who is sick to the bone about this tribalism and regionalism thing and I wish someone would ask how different regions are represented in cabinet, permanent secretary positions and diplomatic missions. The PF tribal mantra would fall like a house of cards; except they do not have a conscience.

  40. They really must analyse the water politicians drink after they win elections they seem to exhibit the same delusional behaviour until we the people kick them out of office.

  41. Clarification: Is it pigs as in pig the pork maker or pigs as in Party and Its Govt? Remember that even the wingless can fly, jumbos (elephants) do fly even with people in their bellies, save this time they will be called boeing this or that. Clarify and check your facts.

  42. @Gen you are right, the Government clearly have a road map for the constitution.Unless they are saying that the constitution will not be out, there is no need for the demonstrations.I like the way teachers do things when there rights are infringed, I also thank there unionism.They ensure that all avenues of dialogue are exhausted and even outsiders do support their cause.It should not be personal or political game to gain mirage.There is a process going on to manufacture a people driven constitution.All well meaning Zambians have been assured that the constitution will be out soon.During MMD we never experienced the legislature holding up a sit in in Parliament, but chose dialogue and persuasive ideals.Demonstrations should be the last resort in a democracy.

  43. @Gen you are right, during elections Obama promised the nation that Gitmo was to be closed,Gitmo is not yet closed.Remember politics is a science based on the utilisation of psychology.Within 90 days things changed in society and continued to change thereafter.After the constitution is out what will be there next weapon for campaigns? there will be no tribalism because of intermarriages. PF will definitely go beyond 2016.

  44. The funniest part of listening to this ignoramus is that he has never been voted in by anyone and is basically surving out of favour. Yet he wants to portray a position of authority. Your fall Mr Kabimba will be bad….VERY BAD! KK had a similar stance. He pited himself against frogs and hyenas on election day. a few frogs actually won and did better than him. When Zambians decided enough is enough, he was thrown out like toilet paper. You Mr Kabimba is hated from the get go. Lets see what will happen…..

  45. imwe that is not a jok lekeni ateke ababemba balanda ati uupamfiwe eu lwana chi door nga chali niwebo elyo ba kufunyapo kuti weumfwashaanii………..

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