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Sata assures Diplomats on his commitment to the Constitution


President Michael Sata with  diplomatics  accredited to Zambia after a closed door meeting at State House
President Michael Sata with diplomatics accredited to Zambia after a closed door
meeting at State House

President Sata today held a closed-door meeting with members of the Diplomatic Corps and International Organisations accredited to Zambia.Concerning the Constitution President Sata said his government has to factor the logistical and financial repercussions in order not to derail other pressing developmental projects.

With regard to the numerous by-elections President Sata said although, the Patriotic Front won the elections,they felt that had it not been for the malpractices, the PF would have secured more seats and won the presidential election by a wider margin.He assured the diplomats that the PF Government is very committed to elections that are free of violence and free of electoral corruption.

Below is the Full Press Statement

LUSAKA, Thursday, March 6, 2014 – His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has reaffirmed Government’s commitment to the process of Constitution review.

During a closed-door meeting with members of the Diplomatic Corps and International Organisations accredited to Zambia, President Sata assured the nation and various stakeholders including diplomats that Government is still committed to the process of Constitution review.

“In this regard, after the receipt of the report from the Technical Committee, Government will consider the recommendations, because we have to factor the logistical and financial repercussions in order not to derail other pressing developmental projects,” he said.

On the issue of parliamentary by-elections, President Sata said Government acknowledges that democracy, good governance and the rule of law, as well as an enabling environment were essential for national development.

“It cannot be disputed that there was massive distribution of inducements and other malpractices during the 2011 elections. Although, the Patriotic Front [PF] won the elections, we felt that had it not been for the malpractices, the PF would have secured more seats and won the presidential election by a wider margin,” the President said.

“Individual losing parliamentary candidates have decided to exercise their Constitutional right and the courts have made their independent decisions to nullify some elections and consequently by-elections have to be held. This is what the laws of the land prescribe and as a responsible Government we have to follow the law.

“Be assured that Government is very committed to elections that are free of violence and free of electoral corruption. Allowing corruption in elections has the potential of robbing Zambians of their right to freely choose their candidates. Corruption, if not checked can also open the gate to organised crime in elections.”

President Sata said Government has focused on the four key sectors of education, health, agriculture and local government and housing, as evidenced by increased funding allocations in the 2014 budget to these sectors.

The Head of State reaffirmed his Government’s commitment to working with the international community and further strengthen the already existing good ties for the mutual benefit of both countries.

“I would like to appreciate the participation of all our cooperating partners in our infrastructure development agenda,” he said.

And Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and High Commissioner of the Republic of Botswana, Her Excellency, Tuelonyana Oliphant said the increasing number of diplomatic representation in Zambia is an indication of the respect, which the international community has for the values and principles, which are the cornerstone of the country’s social, cultural and economic transformation.

She said Zambia continues to be an influential and respected player both on regional and international affairs.

On national development, High Commissioner Oliphant said the Diplomatic Corps have followed with great interest the Government’s development agenda especially efforts to attract Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] for the purpose of economic development, job creation and reduction of urban- rural inequalities.

“We have also followed the revised 6th National Development Plan 2011- 2016 and its emphasis on people centred development. We appreciate the Government’s focus on human resource development, improvement of health services and provision of piped water and good sanitation facilities, as essential factors for economic growth and poverty reduction,” she said.

She further said Government’s impressive record in improving the lives of Zambians through communication and transport links such as the Link Zambia 800 project and Lusaka Ring Road project is commendable.

“The on-going infrastructure development projects to link Zambia with its neighbours and the booming construction industry such as the upcoming international airport, residential and office buildings, shopping malls, internet connectivity and provision of other social services are some of the indicators of a growing economy,” High Commissioner Oliphant said.

The meeting was attended by Vice-President Dr Guy Scott, PF Secretary General and Minister of Justice Hon. Wynter Kabimba and several Cabinet ministers.

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    • Sata ‘s tail is on fire! No amount sweet talking the diplomats will ease the pressure he is feeling from the opposition. Diplomats and their countries won’t vote and but are interested in what is going on in the country at the moment.

      Sata has no shame at all . He has even lied to the diplomats that he is committed to enacting the constitution to avoid them mounting pressure on him. What he does not know is that they are watching the events very closely and are just waiting for the opposition parties and Zambians to take it to another level before they start squeezing his manhood if there is any left.

      Meanwhile I urge the opposition MPs to continue their SILENT PROTEST to mount more pressure on Sata and his stooges to enact our document.

      Viva UPND and HH, Viva MMD and Dr…

    • You are the one who is having sleepless nights. I can tell by the way you insult the President. It just shows that you are very bitter that you are not in power. Long living HEMCS, PF wamuyayaya.

    • Why talk to diplomats about the constitution?

      Talk to the Zambian people who are demanding for the constitution. It is a Zambian constitution and not international constitution. Those diplomats have good constitutions in their countries.

      Why does Sata fear to hold a press conference?

    • This is just sickening!,, closed door meeting with one diplomats from bostwana? damnit!
      Hold a press conference for, to Zambians and tell them about their constitution NOT addressing foreigners (dilpomats)
      please get out of that facebook hole face zambians

    • We hear you Mr President. However, I have one small point of order. Priorities are measured by the zeal with which your government allocates resources. The PF government is able to borrow to fund projects like roads etc with no restrictions. If this government ranked the constitution up there, you would find the money. However, having said this, not so long ago the American Ambassador said if the Zambian government wanted financial assistance vis-a-vis the enactment of the constitution, the American government would make available the resources. So, how come now even with offers, the PF government is dragging its feet, the short distance to the American Embassy is proving an impossible journey. Step father, you have made us become very cynical!

    • But his Chola Chellah has not yet learned anything! Your LIES, MALINGERING and DELAYING are not DECEIVING us!

      We will hear from the others there what actually was said, not you trying to spin it into more PF BUFI!


    • Which is more expensive, adopting the new constitution once and for all, or having useless bye-elections every month. But chi Sata chi welewele fye. Cant say more. This man just makes me sick.

    • Chikkala sata, why are you scared of the new constitution iwe kolwe kanshi? Iwe uli kumatelo, very soon you will “kick a bucket”. Just give us a new constitution and leave us in peace we mbwa iwe.

    • Absolutely!
      Sata assures the nation only during closed door meetings. Hiding. However, I totally agree with Mr Sata on the 2011 elections that there was colossal malpractices by HIM.
      Yes Sata cheated the whole nation that PF’ll vest a people Driven Constitution in 90 days but 802 days after, he’s Zigzagging. Hypocrite!
      Agreeing with the sullen Sata, its his pathological deceit and lies that’s why PF didn’t safe for more seats.
      Conclusively, the hypocrite Sata yaps that PF is only focused on 4 key cocoons’ of Education=FAILED,Health =FIRED NURSES, Agriculture =NO INPUT TO FARMERS and Housing = SHANTIES. At International level, Presidents, ONLY MUGABE has visited SATA. What surety? Apart from VIOLENCE by his PF.
      $=K6 & €=K10.
      CONSTITUTION and no time for yapping…

    • Sata thought this consitution issue was a small matter. Just give us the draft constitution. the debate will cost you nothing.

    • The TC should come out clean if they have handed over the constitution to Sata or not. If not then they should say the reason why.

      I suspect there is a hide and seek game being played between the TC and SATA.


    • Can you see how happy the diplomats are looking while your faces are swelling with envy. hahahaha, you will never rule Zambia bane. Some of you are not heads but tails. kekekekeke

    • looking happy? or laughing at someone`s shallowness… yaba black people so shallow, instead of doing the right always looking for excuses and approval from bazungu

    • DIVA wa fyumbu….enjoy the perks while they last……2016 is fast approaching. It will be hot even in June for Sata and his militia.

  1. Good Show MCS, That is the man we voted for. The Demons have been cast out because now you are talking sense.
    One more thing you can do is to go to the Cathedral like KK and other Past Presidents have done to have national consensus on the Constitution.
    We miss the late DR Faustin Sakala, that great mediator.
    Bishop Imakando and group dont just pray take action and bring Sata and other leaders to the cathedral.
    We want the constitution in 90 days period!

  2. Good afternoon

    It’s just a matter of time before the document is released and people get what they want. However, it is also matter of time before people realise that a good constitution alone will not alleviate their problems.

    Unless we regain full control over our natural resources, unless we establish our own industries and add value to our assets we will still never attain real independence/development and we will be still signing for credits another 50 years from now.

    • Does it make sense to you, Nine Chale, that he would choose to assure foreigners but fails to do the same thing for his fellow Zambians apart from passing stup!d remarks like ‘ignore them?’ Why has he not talked to us like this and given US these explanations directly? What does that kind of attitude say about where he places Zambians? Have you actually thought of it this way that we are getting this info secondhand meaning it was not meant for us as primary recipients? Like dogs waiting eagerly at their master’s table for tuma scraps to fall? Is this how you value yourself now Nine Chale? Are you not worthy as a Zambian to be addressed directly by your head of state instead of being a ‘by the way’ recipient?

    • Imwe naimwe @Nine Chale uli chipubafye chikkala. You try very hard to be a good blogger while vomiting pf rubbish on this blog. Go to hell ka konto iwe.

    • @dude: I assume it is easier for him to take a clear position before foreigners on such matters than before his fellow countrymen. Foreigners will take his words without resistance, but you and I know that Zambians will turn on the heat and force him to act when he opens his mouth before them. No one likes to perform under pressure to deliver.

      @4,2 you can trade ideas with me, but not unpalatables. Learn to accept different views and don’t blow the gasket just because someone does not see eye to eye with you. Zambia is for all of us. :0)

    • Nine Chale, this constitution debate is not about alleviating people’s misery but a fallacy of getting into plot one. If these guys who have migrated from watchdog are sincere, they would not have down voted your innocent post let alone pour scorn you. Its a pity that LT can stoop so low to allow blatant and direct insults on the President buy sick minded people hiding on the net. I wonder where the intelligence service is in Zambia.

  3. They won’t come out in the open and speak to us the people who put them in power BUT would rather speak to the foreign mine owners and donors behind closed doors. Now we know where we really are in the pecking order.

  4. Mr. President what is it that is stopping you from receiving the Draft Constitution from the Technical Committee? The Committee finished their work in early December and requested to submit to give you copies of the document before their mandate ended on 31st December as well as to the general public. What is going on in your head sir? Are you still waiting for an animal driven constitution for comparison?

  5. Any responsible leader would have articulated the reasons behind delaying the release of the constitution, and not blaming others. We want to hear solutions to problems, and not scapegoats.

    And it is sad to see a commitment being given to diplomats when the citizens who deserve it more are kept in the dark. A bit of RESPECT for people that put you in office isn’t too much to ask!

  6. Your Excellency
    Much as you may try to hoodwink the diplomats, it’s not them that need assurance; we, the Zambian people, do. Please Your Excellency, I implore you to do the right thing so that you leave a lasting legacy we shall remember you by. Give us a good constitution.

  7. He has been pushed, this man is very arrogant. Yes feel the heat. What a shame that you were addressing foreigners / So called diplomats before your own people (ZAMBIAN CITIZENS). It is a clear failure from you as a leader who should respect people that voted for you. It is actually disgusting to see how this man has reduced Zambians to beg him for our own rights. This is a start of bad news for you SATA. Ask RB and Dora?? They will tell you what Zambians can do. We will reduce you to nothing. Just wait time is getting closer.

  8. In my opinion, the people of Zambia are not going to feel securely free without the new comprehensive people-driven constitution !!! The new constitution reduces the powers of leaders; protects the people’s rights and of course 51 + 1 and running mate !! WE WANT THE NEW CONSTITUTION before the infrastructure development !!! A people should enjoy their freedoms first before they can enjoy the so called infrastructure development happening around us !!! Grow a brain and give the constitution first priority !!!

  9. This is a very empty statement, it lacks substance-

    i don’t think that this all is what was discussed, if it is, then all diplomats acrredited to Zambia are shallow and not in torch with reality in Zambia-

    Tell us everything

  10. Mr Chellah, are these the only items discussed in that meeting? I will wait for tomorrow to get the ‘true’ version of events, from ‘sources’, of course.
    Also, mr Sata, do not use statements like ….., “assured the nation and various stakeholders including diplomats”. When did he assure US, as a nation, ah?? You need to hold a press conference to assure the people of Zambia, so that WE can also get answers, as to why you ordered Miss Masebo, to go aganist the constitution, with her actions at ZAWA

  11. His disconcerting appearance must be of concern to any genuine looker. It’s not as though he is hungry or angry!

  12. That’s my presdo, it hurts Hyna Hyna seeing MCS in such epicure, but what does one expect from a THIRD DEGREE MANSON (HH)? I can’t just understand why some clergy would go to bed with such a man.

    • This is the problem with people like you.This issue here is the constitution but you bring other issues.Grow up and stick to the topic.

  13. Mr. Sata is a bully this time no Ambassadors and Commissioners are talking in Zambia. I challenge them to issue their independent statement on a number of pressing issues in the country. Especially ka Stollera made alot of noise in RB era.

  14. “Be assured that government is very committed to elections that are free of violence and corruption” What could be the head of state’s explanation over the dishing out of money to would be voters during the Kapiri bye-election, as well as those found distributing cash from his camp in Katuba recently just to site a few? Since the haed of is against corruption those found dishing out money and other proparties during bye-elections should be manhandled and have watever they are distributing grabed , Just thinking.

  15. To me it appears as if pf has done so well in other areas ,eg roads health etc now what is just remaining is the paper called constitution , then after that paper what next

  16. This was known along time ago. Only slow learners are suffering from fits. The tech committee said once in the presido,s hands then preps for referendum starts.

  17. The truth:
    Diplomats are not Zambians.
    They come from very ‘intelligent’ states.
    For now they will feign sleep.
    Very soon Sata and his cronies accounts will be frozen.

  18. Nice one Mr President. First a clossed door meeting with diplomats. Next, a clossed door meeting with all Zambian citizens. The way to go. No press conferences.

  19. The long awaited good news! You see you UPND sycophants! Everything is on track. We have not abandoned the constitution making process. Well done Mr President. Kudos!
    No heat, no pressure just plain resolve to fulfill all the promises and PF manifesto

  20. NO NEED TO BE BITTER JUST FORM YOUR OWN POLITICAL PARTY AND SEE HOW U WILL LEAD US NOT JUST CRITISING ANY HOW.Fwebena Zambia Diplomats are happy with the current Govt other wise they would have said so.They are aware that HE Michael Sata is not corrupt and means well.No wonder they attended the meeting in shame on you ,how many times have some of the selfish opposition parties wrote to the international community for intervention all in vain unless you are an enemy of the state you will not appreciate any thing for your own info.Zanbia is heading for an economic boom.

  21. Wrong target again Mr Sata. Do the diplomats need a new constitution? Why not meet the Catholic bishops, LAZ, civil society, etc if you mean well. You are just playing to the gallery and time is ticking

  22. ……I would prefer press conference to reading press statements from state house day in day out….nothing to comment on this press release because i have since stopped reading such ****

  23. One of the greatest day I will experience as a Zambian is the day we the People shall give ourselves a people driven constitution. This for my grandchildren is the most important thing that should happen to secure a prosperous futue for them.

    I hope PF will be the ones to facilitate this process. But if they decide not to, I will in my own small way and those under my influence withdraw votes from them in 2016.

  24. Diplomats from other countries are either very educated or not useless and dull and therefore no matter what meeting can be held anywhere, they will just look at you yapping because they know already the truth. If he had held that closed door meeting with the extended clan inour foreign missions abroad, it would have made so much sense. Or even his thugs from city centre and give them some brown envelopes. Not diplomats who are mostly intellectuals. Because they already know that he doesnt want the constitution because then he has to account for all the corruption he is commiting.

  25. Instead of addressing the people that voted him into state house, he is addressing foreigners with dignity whilest making fun of us over the constitution.

  26. PF ! And u think diplomats that Sata was addressin are dull?? As he spoke they were busy analyzing our President’s mental state. & they know a kind of character who was addresing them. Why even waste your tym having it in a closed door? You can’t fool them rest be assured

  27. MPs from the opposition parties-many thanks for your courage and real patriotism. The devil is feeling the pressure. Put more pressure. we need our constitution!

  28. This is non sense, what right does the USA have in Zambia.? Just because they are morally perverse does not mean they should paint the whole world …what about our rights to a moral society. They are practicing slavery in the name of human rights

  29. One interesting observation on this thread is that they have ignored the development being sited in the article. I was home in December and l was amazed at the rate of infrastructure restoration going on. If only the current govt came in 10 yrs ago.

  30. I bet they threatened his Dr. wife with a medal and travel ban. We know that she’s the one making all the decisions. Like a true medical Dr, she’s practicing with the economy and placing relatives all over. The dean of the diplomatic corps must have pulled her chain or yanked at her pubic hair. Ha ha ha ha

  31. While you were home did you bother to look behind the facades. The paint, fixtures and fittings are 100% imported, the food at the KFC you ate at was imported, not one part of the flashy car you were driven around in was not imported. You watched satellite tv right? You can put great rims on a car, put in a music system that would raise the dead, upholster the heck out of it but without pistons all you have is a shiny piece of Sh*t.


  33. Diplomats don’t run this country. Why is he keen to brief and assure diplomats when he has not faced the people of Zambia over the same?

  34. What an insult he’s quick to attend to Diplomats on the constitution but the same ignores the zambian people entirely because as pf leadership is xenophobic of zambian people, he has never addressed a press conference at all. He only pleads for votes whenever pf induced by elections are on. Failing therefore to address the people through press conference is being incompetent and useless.

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