It is hard to secure witnesses to testify against PF Lusaka youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba-State

Chawama MP Edgar Lungu, Incoming Lusaka District Chairman Mulenga Sata and Provincial Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba
Chawama MP Edgar Lungu, Incoming Lusaka District Chairman Mulenga Sata and Provincial Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba

THE State says it is still finding it difficult to secure witnesses to testify in the case in which Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba is charged with assault and unlawful assembly.

Kamba, 39, a businessman of Rockfield, Lusaka, is facing one count of proposing violence and unlawful assembly.

When the matter came up for trial before magistrate Wendy Chibesakunda, the state said it was not ready to proceed because none of the witnesses summoned, including the arresting officer, were in court.

The state said fresh summons were sent to the arresting officer and to all witnesses but was surprised that none had shown up.

The state asked for a last adjournment saying that an appropriate application would be made if the witnesses do not come to court.

Ms Chibesakunda ordered the court to ensure that the arresting officer is summoned and brought to court before the application is made.

Principal magistrate Obbister Musukwa has recused himself from hearing the case.

At the last hearing in December last year, Mr Musukwa had threatened to revoke bail granted to Kamba if it was proved that he was interfering with witnesses.

Mr Musukwa’s threats came after reports by the state that the defendant was allegedly threatening witnesses who were now scared to appear in court to testify.

Kamba is alleged to have made a statement indicating or implying that it would be incumbent or desirable to do any acts calculated to cause death or physical injury to any person or any class or community of persons namely, to other PF members in Lusaka on November 7 last year.

The case is set for April 11 for commencement of trial.


  1. Clear state machinery at play. The powers that be have deemed innocent hence the absence of witnesses. Corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A Chibesakunda can NEVER find a case against PF. Just drop the case and avoid yourself further embarassment Honourable Magistrate.


  2. Iwe chiconstable ukayendako chabe ku court tizakupeleka kusogolo uzadya beans (stella libongani phoning). The poor constable thinks hard and tells the wife @ e iyi nkhani make izavuta ba ig bakamba ati ine nchito izasila nikayendako ku court. And the wife advises , awisi chanda vilekeni chabe ivi osayendeko muona monga tizayamba kudya chani pano bakamuchosani nchito? And the officer listens says eeh sinizakayendako chabe kucourt kwao mwe navileka

  3. Just offer the buggar more money and he will sing the opera in court. Failing that, let the cadres go and beat up Kamba, seeing as that is their form of employment.

  4. Its like some ANIMAL FARM situation.State witnesses and the arresting officerfailing to avail themselves before a lawful court. its amazing and cant believe its happening pa ZED

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