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Drunken police officer shoots man on both feet

Rural News Drunken police officer shoots man on both feet

Lusaka Police Chief, Joyce Kasosa
Joyce Kasosa

A drunken Police officer of Masaiti police station on Sunday evening shot and injured a member of the neighborhood watch following a dispute that erupted between the two whilst on duty.

Constable Elvis Sepiso was reported to have been drinking whisky whilst on duty when he engaged in an argument with Pascal Chanda, reaching for a gun and threatened to shot him.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Luanshya,saying after a struggle, the officer fired three bullets shooting Chanda on both feet.

Ms. Kasosa noted that the victim who is in a stable condition has been admitted to Masaiti district hospital and that the officer has been arrested and will appear in court soon.

She has since urged police officers to maintain maximum discipline and abide by police regulations during the execution of their duty.

The Copperbelt police chief further warned that officers who break the law and divert from their role of upholding security and safeguarding live and property would not be exempted as they would be charged accordingly and face the law.


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  1. Read me my rights and please arrest me Joyce. I will do as you command and serve the time for whatever crime you will slap on me if you personally come and handcuff me.

  2. You fail to apprehend criminals and turn your fukking gun on an innocent person really! That police ***** should be sentenced to prison for life, how dangerous it is carry a firearm while drunk!

  3. Some pf cadres are given plice and military uniform without training to keep law and order which they dont keep.

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