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Three Barotseland National youth league activists say their detention is illegal

Rural News Three Barotseland National youth league activists say their detention is illegal

File:Mongu residents  listening  to the proceeding to the Barotse National Council in Limulunga Royal Village
File:Mongu residents listening to the proceeding to the Barotse National Council in Limulunga Royal Village

Three Barotseland National youth league activists have charged that their continued trial and detention by the Zambian courts was crime against humanity contrary to genocide Act of 1948 as well as the UN security council number 75.

Appearing before Mongu resident magistrate Julius Malata sitting in as Kaoma magistrate were Nayoto Mwenda 32, Boris Muziba 36 and Wasilota Sikwibele 33 who are charged with the offence of publication of false news with intent to alarm and cause fear contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The trio applied that the matter be transferred to an independent and impartial court as opposed to a Zambian court because Zambia cannot be a complainant and prosecutor in the matter.

The activists suggested that the case be transferred to the Commonwealth Court based in the United Kingdom because it involves two sovereign states of Zambia and Royal Government of Barotseland.

Accused number 3 Sikwibele Wasilota reminded the court that time and again he has stated that he is not Zambian but a Barotseland national hence the Zambian government cannot subject him to its laws and court systems.

In passing ruling over the application of the three accused persons, Magistrate Malata said the three were free to pursue the matter at their own accord and not through the court they were appearing before.

Mr Malata told the trio that Zambia has its own judicial systems and it is not answerable to the common wealth court adding that Zambians and non- Zambians can appear in any court as long as the offence has been committed in Zambia.

He denied to grant the three Barotseland activists bail as the trio maintained that they cannot be tried by the Zambian courts and prayed to the court to grant them bail so that they pursue their case to the common wealth courts based in the United Kingdom.

And state witness, a police detective inspector Morrice Siyampule 37, testified in court that the trio had published flyers suggesting one Clement Wainyae Sinyinda and the Zambian government were plotting a military coup to depose the legitimate royal Barotseland government.

Meanwhile, the trio declined to ask the state witness questions after he was being cross-examined by the state prosecutors citing that it was a wrong court and platform for them.

And public prosecutor Susan Mwakalombe objected to the bail application as it will be difficult for police officers to call the trio for the continuation of the matter as they claimed not to be Zambians but appearing before a Zambian criminal court.

Mrs Mwakalombe applied to the court for the matter to be adjourned to April 8, 2014 for the continuation of trial meanwhile the trio are remanded in Kaoma state prisons.

Immediately after the court session, the Linyungandambo sympathisers clad in blue T-shirts written Barotseland ki naha ( meaning Barotseland is a nation) and red berets started singing solidarity songs and denounced the government in front of the court.


    • *Truth Hates,
      Firstly, I totally disagree with your comment which lacks respect to human rights. Self determination is a right, and Barotseland is a Nation which has existed for over 500 years, in the 1530s. Zambia experimentally, was “created” as a never implemented “union” of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia as signified, The Barotseland Agreement 1964.
      Secondly, you read and head for your self from the trio Barotse falsely accused that they are not Zambians’. According to the laws of Barotseland, only The Litunga’s Kuta has the authority to summon them, if its a crime to be who we are as Barotse people.
      Lastly, no amount of human rights abuses and violations by Zambia in Barotseland will stop our freedom, so is our liberties. We too are people, but Zambia is illegally…

    • ….*Truth Hates, as continued, forcing the people of Barotseland to be part of Zambia, when we don’t want. Barotseland is and always has been a different nation from the violent Zambia. If you seem to be blinded, I will precisely remind you how far is PF giving you the “animal driven constitution”? The Kwacha and failed economy!
      This trampled on charge is by Zambia is conniving and the illegal because the allegations of merely writing a letter to Mr Sinyinda occurred in Barotseland. In this case, Mwankalombe are interfering with the customary laws of Barotseland contradicting the BA 64 as stipulated in article 8:Implementation.
      When did writing a letter become a crime? Only in Zambia. Ir you know nothing about Barotseland , please mute.

    • Men I will agree that Barotse is a nation when you guys give up the jobs in Zambia and migrate to Barotse Land . You are busy living in other provinces more than in your Barotse Land …why? First pack and go , then I will support you on the human rights you are preaching.

    • They should just move to Crimea; Putin will welcome them with open arms. I’m sure the Zambian Government will be happy to pay for their transportation costs.

    • @Truth Hates: You say ‘this time…’, I wonder if there ever was a time when there was mercy in Zambia? Besides, do the courts operate on mercy or justice? The protest is not against a jail term, but rather against an illegal detention. Had you been smart enough to attend school, you would have been able to tell the difference between the two. As at now, you are a pitiful victim of your own ignorance.

    • There’s no single country in the world today that does not have some of its citizens working in another country, not even rich America. Why is your thinking this low? I recently was in Sierra Leone, probably the poorest country in the world. Even there, I found Zambians working in different departments. Are you crazy?

      Do you know how many Zambians living outside Zambia who are holding jobs they will never let go, for anything you may offer them in Zambia? Zambians are all over the world, if you don’t know. And yet you are still happy to call Zambia a country. Does your logic make sense?

    • Just lock the whole lot up. Barotseland, Barotseland, just a lousy village and they think they can turn it into nation? These people have nothing to do, loafers and scoundrels bent on destabilising Zambia. Just accept it, Barotseland is just a VILLAGE in Zambia, period. If you dont agree, phone me!

    • *The Fist,
      You’re the same people who the ICC and ICJ are interested in, because of human rights violations. And you call Zambia a Christian nation but look at your disgusting comment. Indeed, you’re a menace to society with your display of promoting hooliganism in violence just like your PF.
      Barotseland is for the people of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia is for Zambians. You can kill us all you want, but you can’t and will never take away heritage, rights, so is our freedom.
      Be informed that, yes, You can take a Lozi away from Barotseland but you CANNOT take Barotseland away from a Lozi. Continue with your human rights abuses and violations, Barotseland on the other hand is moving forward with her destined self determination whether you like it or not.
      We too are people.

    • @The fist : That’s the devil’s hand. Check it out. You belong to the darkness and hell is your domain.

  1. Selfish hypocrites. When there ancestors went to works in the mines in Copperbelt, they were proud to be Zambians. Jail them for as long as they came. They are causing trouble to our peacefull and beloved country.

    • Selfish? Please don’t insult our intelligence. Stop misusing this term in reference to the Barotse problem. There’s simply no logic in its use. What exactly have they denied you for you to characterize them as selfish. It is actually your Zambian government that is selfish. There was an Agreement between two parties. And one party…your Zambian government UNILATERALLY abrogated it. Zambia refused to honour her OWN signature. And for this reason it is the Zambian government that is selfish. The Agreement between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia was not the first on the African continent. There was already one between Tanganyika and Zanzibar. And it still exists today. Kaunda should have learnt something from Nyerere but he chose to go a different route….and today you have this…

    • To be Zambian is only on paper and economically viable, it depends on whether one is Tonga, Ngoni, Tumbuka, Lamba, Lala, Bisa, Namwanga or Bemba like in PF.
      We could not adjust to the Zambian way of life by not respecting people and human rights but only promotes violence, alcoholism and lies. At the moment in Zambia people have no freedom, HH, Nevers Mumba, Frank Bwalya and many more have had their rights violated by PF. Everyday people’s freedoms’ are breached and just yesterday in Mazabuka, the PF police brutally murdered an innocent civilian, you call that peace?
      The problem with Zambia is that, it doesn’t respect the rule of law and that’s a fact, they abrogated the BA 64 yet want to illegally rule Barotseland. The defacto is long gone dear, Barotseland is a nation.

    • Right on the spot man. These guys are pretenders. Look at how they hallucinate in the day time. They want to eat with both hands….no no this will not happen now. Please let these guys be jailed now.

    • @Leo: Leo, your name says it all. You are devoid of both head and heart. The on-going Russia/Crimea story should at least inform you that, in order to resolve issues of this nature, one needs to have both a heart and a head. You are clueless as to the facts of the issue of Barotseland; and heartless with respect to justice.

    • No we are not your illusions, we are people of Barotseland like any other people of another country. Leave us alone and respect our heritage, culture and traditions.
      Did your chiefs sign any agreements? The fact is NO. Why pompously engage yourself in things you fail to understand.
      All you know is name calling others, failing to contribute diligently to facts of the matters which has resulted in this predicament. Please don’t blame the people of Barotseland who came into the agreement with honor, but blame yourselves Zambians for the lack of critically analyzing vital issues.
      Former Dictator Kaunda and his successful regimes have perpetually oppressed people of Barotseland by maliciously propagandized through the unilateral abrogation of BA 64. Please, we are peaceful people, leave…

  2. Insults reflect where you come from!make your contribution without being abusive. Only time will tell.i pray for the best between the two parties!

    • *Mbyumbyulu,
      Great comment with respect to the issue at hand. Keep it up with your humility and unbiased way of complimenting.
      Good one, bravely you and I have enjoyed your contribution. Can only hope for such from others, full articulate discussions and not insults’. Thanks again.

  3. # SKELETON supporting this nonsense shows that you are refusing to think!!The 500 years you are refering to is not applicable in this case and these guys’s claims that they belong to Barotse state is just total nonsense!They sound like hired,paid hooligans who are mouth pieces of some dreamer somewhere.They are actually complicating the case further and they will end up in jail for a long time.If you think you have a state then publish the map so that you show us the boundaries of Barotseland country.Mind you the barotse land extends in Namibia and a part of Angola!If you are serious about this imaginery state you should also approach the Namibian government to give you that part of Namibia that is in Barotseland.You should ask what happened to Bishop Muyongo of Nambia!!Dreamer!!

    • It is not nonsense. What is nonsensical is your rabid rant. Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland signed an Agreement. And Kaunda abrogated it. Hence the problem today. Name calling and insults wont make it go away.

    • Be informed that Angola and Namibia did not sign the Barotseland Agreement 1964. Your lack of knowledge over this issue says it all. It’s Northern Rhodesia, which has over the years, been changing its name, West Nyasa, West Luangwa, Northeast Rhodesia and now Zambia. Barotseland divorced Zambia on 11-08-11 and sealed with the BNC 2012 Resolutions.
      King George adjudicated the borders of Angola and Barotseland, hence that straight line bordering the above mentioned two nations. No one can tell or teach us our own historical events, we know our history as Barotzich.
      Best to keep quiet if you know nothing about Barotseland. Go to Barotseland.info or Barotsepost.com and learn historical facts and not your assumptions.

    • Nonsense is you because you are failing to think logically. You reasoning is based on tribal prejudice which cannot take you anywhere.

    • @What a life!: I would rather call you: What a liar! Three nations were signatories to the Barotseland Agreement. One of those three nations was Barotseland. Unfortunately for retarded brains like yours, this is rocket science. It’s well beyond your scope of understanding.

  4. Iwe Legal Adviser,the UN and the British government wher these guys wntto go do not recognise Barotseland as a state!!You are just allucinating and there is nobody who is going to support you in this fruitless struggle.Those boys sound like they are mouth pieces of someone who is not brave enough to come out i the open because he or she know that this isssue is a non starter.Bishop Muyongo in the caprivi in Namibia tried to secceeed that part of Naminbia he failed and his group dispersed without achieving anything!!You will be making noise forever but you will not have Barotseland as a state.Those boys must realise that that the more they talk of Barotseland as a state the more the case gets complicated and they will be jailed while you the supporters will still be free!!Stop dreaming man!

    • well said man. These people are making innocent young men suffer for nothing tangible. Why cant the guys behind this come in the open and face the law than the way they are doing it….putting innocent young men in deep trouble. Really they are cowards and hallucinating ….shame on them.

      Peace and prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • @What A Life, please use English! And stop foaming at your mouth. Why are you overly exercised if you think I am hallucinating? Learn to control your rabid temper. Shouting won’t make you convince me. What I need are legal and logical arguments and not noise. If this subject is beyond your station it is better you just zip it. This is not an issue for cadres. Know your station!

    • @What a life!!: Had the case been as simple as you are putting it, Zambia would not have wasted time tinkering and toying with this matter this long. Zambia’s brightest minds are baffled by it. Certainly, that’s not how you see it. Not because you are smart and intelligent. To the contrary, it’s because you are mentally sick. Had you the brain of even a seven year old, I would have urged you to read the Roger Chongwe Commission Report on this issue. Unfortunately, you are brainless.

  5. “Zambia has its own judicial systems and … that Zambians and [Barotseland national(s)] can appear in any court as long as the offence has been committed in Zambia….” Thus these guys will end up being jailed paZed and by the time they come out there will still be no Barotse land. Then the process will start start all over again….

    • @Kano nga ebo: Clearly, you are worse than one lost in a storm in the middle of a forest. You need to get your directions right.

  6. Sometimes that is why I miss KK. He would not have put up with this nonsense. Enough is enough. We have more important issues to deal with as a nation and this, fortunately, is not one of them.

    • Yes, KK did put up with it. Of all who have handled this matter, KK is the most deplorable. Is is his record or his evil heart that you are admiring. He killed too many people and tolerated no opposition. He drove Zambia’s economy into the ground.

      Not only did he cheat and lie on the Barotseland Agreement issue, he also pocketed all the funds he found in the Bank of Barotseland Treasury. If such is your hero, then, I certainly cannot be envious of you. You are a child of satan.

  7. There’s too much ignorance being displayed here by some bloggers. Otherwise the whole PF government needs to be sent to grammar school and learn the ABCs of human rights.

    You cannot detain people and deny them trial while claiming to be a civilized society. Even a government of baboons can do a far much better job. Complaints against Zambia’s human rights record have already been registered by global international observers. What more do you want.

    Such display of massive ignorance on the subject matter only tends to compromise the government’s position. Much as the world is bigger than Russia, it is a lot bigger than Zambia. You cannot continue violating human rights with impunity. The civilized world compels you to comply with international laws.

    • @amukwelyanisa

      Unfortunately my friend, you will die, so will your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren, until the moon and the sun merge, your village of Barotseland will never be a nation on its own, but will remain a VILLAGE of mother Zambia. If you don’t agree, phone me!

  8. Going through these comments one tends to notice the different levels of intelligence between PF cadres and what I presume are Lozi bloggers. The gulf in both substance and language is very huge. PF cadres are just channelling the shallowness of their leader. Guys, honestly, go back to school! You are embarrassing yourselves.

    • Now all zambians opposed to your lunacy are PF cadres, right? And why are presuming too much Mr. Intelligent one? NOT all Lozis have been hoodwinked or taken in by your deadend political escapades. This you can be sure of—not even the Litunga himself supports your nonsense and your methods of dealing with this issue.

      Your encourage others to go back to school yet yourself have said nothing of any substance to justify your claim to any form of good education. Simply knowing/learning how to insult and disparage people you disagree with in the ‘Queen’s language’ is neither a sign of intelligence nor good education my man. Think about it!!!

  9. What a waste of time, energy and youth! If these guys live to be 95 or a 100 yrs old, they will look back and see nothing worth talking about as their achievements. Only wasted years in prison for a DREAM which will never be reality!

    I just wonder who would aquarius on behalf of the British since they are also signatory to the BA64. I think Britain and the UN are simply too busy dealing with real world problems than waste their time on “manufactured” ones. Not even the BA64 itself gives authority to any other judicial system other than Zambian courts to sit in judgement on these matters.

    Good luck guys, but I think it will take more than just “nostalgic cravings” to convince anyone, especially Zambians, to give up even an inch of this beautiful country. Good try though!

    • You must be a prayer warrior. Otherwise, the world heard similar kind of skepticism when Eretria wanted to secede from Ethiopia. It couldn’t happen, the skeptic said. But it did.

      Sudan was, for a long time, Africa’s largest country. Today we have two Sudans. Miniscule Crimea is less than one tenth the size of Barotseland. Their referendum to secede from Ukraine is in the headlines this week.

      Should Barotseland remain part of Zambia, it will not be because Zambia is too tough to allow such a thing to happen; nor will it be because it just can’t happen. The fact is, it can happen. The better attitude is to find a peaceful way to resolve outstanding issues between Barotseland and Zambia. Merely to insist that it can’t happen is not a working strategy.

    • Did I miss this: “…who would aquarius on behalf of the British…” Are you a believer in astrology?

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