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Women for Change Executive Director commends Sata for replacing Masebo with a fellow woman

General News Women for Change Executive Director commends Sata for replacing Masebo with a...

 Jean Kapata

Women for Change Executive Director Emily Sikazwe has commended republican president Michael Sata for replacing former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo with a fellow woman Jean Kapata.

Speaking in an interview Ms Sikazwe said women were worried that the president would appoint a man to replace Ms Masebo but are happy that another woman will take up her position.

“Our worry as a movement was that women were being pushed out of government and that they will be a male Tourism minister so we are glade that madam Masebo has been replaced by a fellow woman and this is important for gender equality.” She said.

She further expressed confidence that the newly appointed minister will perform her duties to the president’s expectations and bring pride to the women across the country as she has always done in the past.

And Ms Sikazwe has advised Ms Kapata to avoid what she termed as the ” patriarchal hand that pushes women out of positions of decision making” by making them do things they shouldn’t be doing.

She urged Ms Kapata to ensure that she avoids undue influence from men who would want to push her towards doing things which are undesirable to the appointing authority.

“All I can say is avoid the patriarchal hand that makes you do what you shouldn’t be doing.” Ms Sikazwe said.

President Sata today elevated Ms Kapata who was serving as Community Development Deputy Minister to full cabinet ministerial position to take up the position left by former minister Sylvia Masebo who was fired recently.

Ms Sikazwe has since congratulated Ms Kapata for being appointed Tourism and Arts Minister.


  1. That’s my Jean. She is a real nurse with serious future. For all those men who think you can mess her up, I can warn you that you are wrong. Congratulation mama Jean

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